Saturday 3 December 2022

Is it Anwar's cabinet or wardrobe?

There have been a lot of moaning, bitching and gnashing of teeth after Anwar announced his Cabinet line-up last night.

Many were unhappy with Zahid's appointment as DPM and Anwar holding the finance portfolio for himself.

Some were unhappy that only one Indian becomes minister.

My auntie, who was a TKC girl was unhappy that Anwar put several of his MCKK juniors in the Cabinet. 

Ya, why did he put Zafrul there? The guy even lost in Kuala Selangor what.

Many more complaints lah.

Hey guys, stop it, okay.

We voted for this government. 

Even if you didn't vote for Pakatan, you were part of the democratic process to elect this Anwar's government.

Now you have to accept it.

Let it works for now.

After all, we need it to handle next year's global recession.

That's the priority.

Okay, if it screws up, then we can always whack it again.

I know, Pakatan supporters are the most disappointed of the lot because they didn't expect this kind of Cabinet line-up.

They expected it to be something like the one they had in 2018, but without Dr Mahathir and his boys.

This one looks a bit like Umno Cabinet 2.0 - an all powerful PM surrounded by mostly Malay loyalist ministers.

Well, let me share this message forwarded to me by a DAP friend in her effort to console herself;

I think this is a necessary line up for the time being. 

1. Firstly Zahid need to be TPM so he can control the rest of the backstabbers in UMNO. If he loses power he'll lose his UMNO presidency and this Unity gomen will bite the dust. The traitors and backstabbers like Hishamuddin and Ismail are waiting for Zahid to go. So putting him as DPM is a necessary evil. 

2. I think the deal with Zahid is Anwar won't interfere with his court case and if he's found guilty he'll have to resign or be replaced. His case plus appeals etc may take another 2-3 years and that buys enough time for Anwar to clean up a lot of shit and put the right people in place.

3. With all the racial nonsense brewing .... PAS & PN are kicking up, this lineup will shut them up. One Indian and 3 Chinese ministers can't take over the gomen nor destroy the Malays for sure. This again is necessary to quell the Malay/Muslim population from more dissention and no reason for them to listen to those towelheads spewing nonsense.

4. This buying time is crucial for Anwar to put things in place. Eventually some ministers will be replaced/removed and by those who can do the job.

5. The key positions that are of utmost importance are held by capable and trusted ppl ie. Finance & more monkey business😁

Right now it doesn't matter how many PKR or DAP ministers appointed. What's important is Anwar is in control😉

So, Pakatan people, you all feel better after reading that?

Be calm, okay.

Umno people, you all happy or not your president becomes DPM?

You even got Khaled Nordin back in his higher education portfolio during Najib's time.

Best kan.

Hope he'll not lose it like he lost Johor in 2018.


Meanwhile, a Perikatan friend seemed jovial this morning, probably because he now has a lot of ammunition to fire at his Pakatan and Barisan enemies.

The guy sent me this edited video of a Mat Sabu's cheramah;

Ha ha ha...very funny.


  1. Ini kabinet pakai kayu papan lapis. Sekejap saja. Kena air reput la...sekarang orang dah pakai stainless steel...kemas dan tahan lama..
    Orang kata Zafrul..walaupun kalah tapi PM kena paksa ambil...ada tangan dari kayangan...untung la jadi anak raja...dah la kaya...spenda pakai buang saja. Rakyat ada yang tak pakai spenda sebab tak ada duit nak beli...
    Tengok list kabinet budak lepas SPM pun gelak....tak pakai otak...
    And one more ...PH yang mintak Undi 18...and now budak hudak yang 18 and above gelak kat orang tua tua buat sarkas...macam berok makye

    1. What is difference between singapore and malaysia cabinet. One is wrangler and another is wooden spooner.


  2. Annie siapa Zafrol neh huh?Muhyiddin,Mael,Zahid dan skrg Anwar semua syiok kat dia.Rugi jer 1 jwtn menteri lepas kat dia.Bagi kat Puad Zarkashit kan best

  3. PN ? I am waiting for the composition of their cabinet. would be interesting to see one of their towel heads articulating points in parliamentary debates, without religion or race involved.

  4. PM is no simpleton, just a Machiavellian.

    1. Do you appoint a person to chief justice post is he or she has a court case.

  5. Yang menang diam kat luar. Sebaliknya, yg kalah dijemput masuk. "Musuh" sebelum PRU diberikan tempat melebihi rakan seperjuangan. Adil kah ? Bagi mereka, kerajaan PHBN dah hampir lengkap. Kini cuma tunggu seseorg dari penjara jer utk manghancurkan ngr. Hebat2, PM! Yg hebat! He is indeed our saviour who has come never too late.


    Spin... selagi boleh spin...

    Nak gelak pun ada tengok pemimpin2 ph ni cakap belit2 nak tegakkan benang yg basah.

    Men Kom dah berbunyi tapi Men Ekon dok senyap lagi. TPM1 biasaler, tak classy .. main ugut2 & nyorok belakang nama Agong.

    Gobind sorang saja yg classy dah ada integriti. Salute!

  7. "1. Firstly Zahid need to be TPM so he can control the rest of the backstabbers in UMNO. If he loses power he'll lose his UMNO presidency and this Unity gomen will bite the dust. The traitors and backstabbers like Hishamuddin and Ismail are waiting for Zahid to go. So putting him as DPM is a necessary evil."

    Every PH macai is saying that.

    Do not agree, personally.

    Tok Mat was a better DPM choice.

    Umno isn't stupid enough to be the 3rd place & most junior Malay party in PN.

    Even H2O & Ismail could only muster 10 BN SDs for PN (3 from MIC/MCA).

    The majority of Umno's 27 MPs wouldn't, given a choice, support PPBM-PAS.

    Zahid is not the only BN “glue”.

    I still hope to see Tok Mat as DPM if Zahid goes down.

  8. What says Uncle Lim and Ramasamy?

  9. Last time I was embarrassed to have a kleptorat PM.

    Now I still feel embarrassed to have an ex convict PM and alledged kleptorat DPM.

  10. its a cabinet that might resemble bn in case anwar not sacked in 1998. lets see if mahathir make a right or wrong decision 24 years back.

    1. Anonymous3 December 2022 at 16:42
      Is it? wait till you discover how much "wrangler" like "turkey bath house" as much as gombak.
      hmmm, dont forget grand kid marriage in South Africa.

  11. Wokay. Wokay. Sikalang lamai sudah telima watikah pelantikan. Masing2 dgn penuh khusyuk telah melafazkan "SUMPAH TAAT SETIA dan SUMPAH SIMPAN RAHSIA".. Jangan dok lopong seronok main2 ya sebab gaji kamu pun dah mula..

    Moh kita nonton apa Qatar sebuah negara yg lamai sewel2 dsini akan gelar "TALIBAN" (sebab pakai abaya) serta BTS and Jung Kook tampil menganjurkan persembahan hebat dengan pesanan;

    ...."Our entire FIFA World Cup 2022™ Goal of the Century campaign is centered around changing the world for future generations. This goal can’t be achieved by one individual alone, but can be achieved if we all join our forces and unite"....

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. “Many were unhappy with Zahid's appointment as DPM and Anwar holding the finance portfolio for himself.”

    -The fact that Anwar appointed him as DPM shows deep friendship between the two goes beyond politics. It’s bromance. They both bonded more like a friend. Like a family. Anwar knows he could counts on Zahid in trouble and Zahid knows he could counts on Anwar in trouble though they now belong to different party. Zahid put his trust on Anwar this time after feeling of betrayal and backstabbing by the previous prime ministers.

    Anwar knows Zahid would never try to challenge him for PM post and he 100% can guaranteed that because he knows Zahid so well. Very well indeed which goes back when they were in the same Wawasan team in Umno. They both have known each other for decades ever since the two were buddies in Umno youth back in the early 90s. The kind of trust which where absent in previous 2 prime ministers tenure which left DPM post vacant because of deep suspicion of No 2.

    Previous 2 PM before Anwar were wary and anxious of ambitious former No 2 PKR guy in cabinebt which made them forgo the appointment of DPM. No 1 have a deep mistrust to No 2 which made the No 1 always on the look out most of the time thinking he could be usurped any time. The mistrust run so deep to the extent the PM had never allowed anyone to replace him in any public and official duty.

    Between Bang Non and Wak Jahid, it is like an old friend that you have known since childhood. Somebody who would showp up to you when you’re in trouble. In fact Anwar trusted Zahid more than he trusted Rafizi. That’s probably one of the reasons why Anwar keeps the finance portfolio to himself. He already has an experience with Rafizi. The way Rafizi conducts himself when he becomes No 2 in the party made him suspicious. Freely questioning his party’s decisions in public. Undermine his authority and credibility. With Zahid he knows he won’t face much problems compared to Rafizi.

    1. It is karma. He did the same thing to his no2 what tdm did to him when he was no2.

  13. “Ya, why did he put Zafrul there? The guy even lost in Kuala Selangor what.”

    -I would rather have people who have experience and can do the job well than people who won but never really had a proper job before cabinet appointment. I would rather have people with public office experience than people who won acseat but his previous job is a private school teacher with 3 wives and 19 kids.

    Before this he/she were an activist, volunteerist, freelence this and that, that’s not a proper job. What is more worrying is that some of key cabinet appointments such as education and health are given to first term MP with no public office experience. This would undermine public confidence in the new government. There’s a lot in PKR and DAP who won their seats who are qualified. Why PM doesn’t pick them? First term MP should be appointed as deputy first and foremost to learn the rope of the job before being appointed as full minister next term.

    Before this in previous administration you had a highly capable minister who did an extremely and phenomenal job at health ministry. The guy who took a plunge into the job when the country in knee deep health crisis, turned it to manageable situation, overseeing and managing it steadily until the country slowly out of pandemic with massive vaccine rollout drive. Among the world’s fastest rollout.

    Then he oversaw the recovery phase which made the country opening up sooner than previously thought or expected. Borders and economy then reopened, other countries took noticed and follow suit. Slowly people got back to their normal life again. People could leave their homes and go to work, making money, going to the movies, seeing friends, celebrating festivities, meeting friends over lunch and dinner, life returning back to normal. Face mask off and already a thing of the past.

    But how did Malaysian people returning the favour to the minister? By booting out from office!..He’s now jobless. Unemployed. With so so much talent, knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over the years, he’s now jobless and unemployed. What a waste. After doing so much to Malaysian people he’s now out of job. That is how Malaysians treated him. That’s how Malaysians returned the favour. That’s how Malaysians say thank you to him. I’m ashamed.

    People now would rather voted for nobody but shared common ideogy abd agenda rather than voted for people who ticked all the boxes but belonged to the wrong side field. All of services and sacrifices rendered are nothing. It’s a like a dotted young daughter who left home leaving her parents behind galloping with her new boyfriend who she only go to know 3 days ago.

    1. The tagline was 1 vote for KJ = I vote for Zahid, but turns out 1 vote for PH, u get Zahid for free.

      What is more revolting is that now the ph leaders are bending over backwards trying to justify why it was ok for them to lie and break their promises (again!).

      I have my doubts as well at the choice of the education & health ministers. I pray they will prove me wrong.


    Manusia lidah bercabang! Dia runtuhkan 3 kjaan tak apa pulak, orang nak komen pun tak boleh langsung.

    Kjaan baru ni maksum ke, tak boleh kritik macam kjaan najib dulu?


    1. first menyerang kerajaan baru
      kemudian minta cibisan makan ayam PAS wants equal allocations for all elected reps

    2. #ularpatuh2x

    3. Unknown4 December 2022 at 08:32
      #anjingsuber-shit SG hidup lagi

  15. Dok tgh suspense ni.

    Bila agaknya harga ayam dan teloq nak turun??

    Aiseyman kacang buncis RM15/kg, bila nak turun satu ikat RM1 nih??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. lui SG udah turun! 1SH 3.24rm

  16. ah-kisah-di-belakang-tabir-terbentuknya-kerajaan

    Ada sesiapa lagi yg x percaya ph & bn dah runding sebelum ge15 lagi? Ni hah, confession tulus ikhlas!

    Diorang wayang jer masa berkempen. Tipu penyokong & pengundi hidup2. Ada lagi ke yg percaya Zahid bukan nak kuburkan KJ? Munafik.

    Tapi kita kasi tepukan atas permainan yg hebat.

  17. Langkah Main Belakang ayam pun terkejut...tak jadi nak bertelur...hahahaha

  18. Anon 5 Dec 22 @ 02:29

    ...lui SG udah turun! 1SH 3.24rm...

    Alahai. Nasi lemak sebiji teloq satu bungkus harga Sgd1 pun sampai!! Sgd sen sen aje.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. Suspense juga bila harga2 sayoq nak turun?

    Harga tomato d Sarawak dan Sabah RM10/kg!!!.. Kelantan RM3/kg. Banyak beza tu! Pasai apa jadi lagu ni?

    Takpe. Katanya delegasi dr Turkiye nak mai bulan ni. Bole la Anwar dan MatSabu beres semua2 urusan import dari Turkiye..variety tomato dari sana special2 betoi.

    Murah2 sja sana tau. Harga ladang sekadar RM0.35 sekilo (tak sampai Sgd10cent).. klo hantaq naik kapalterbang pun mesti harga bole jual sekilo RM3 (tak sampai Sgd1) aje.

    Sama2 kita dengan penuh HARAPAN berdoa PH akan tunaikan janji2 mereka. DAP doksah tetiba diam2 tau.. kan dulu kempen hayun tangan sana sini (macam kungfu) kata nak bantu rakyat? Walk the talk.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. itu ari abahkow kato dia "belanja lui you sendiri" rm 600 billions baik hati tolong you rakyat malaya bertahan pandemik kobid, ini ari dia cerita betul hanya rm 85 billion lui bajet kerjaan tepuk attap. lain lain abahkow "go dutch"
      Muhyiddin denies stealing RM600b in Covid-19 fund during PM stint, tells PH and Umno to 'act like govt' instead of pointing fingers

    2. Unknown5 December 2022 at 11:27
      Pakatoon akan tunaikan janji2 mereka. ha! ha! ha! mereka kapi kan. apa pedaduli.
      janji lui masuk poket.
      dah lah "boi" pasal lui boleh jadi pemborong "kek wa" di SG

  20. I was jubilant when ph was able to form a goverment in 2018 and again in 2020. I felt ashamed of my joyed after looking at appointment of court cluster and election losers to cabinet post. As if spitting the voters face. There is no truism in what were said prior to election.The manifesto is worth a sheet of paper for derriere cleaning. Reformasi is lip catch phrase but not in thier heart. They will pay for it.


    1. Last time they blame Atok for not fulfilling their manifesto. This time?

    2. This time? The answer is, they have anwar in the helm this time. Anwar is the last samurai, the hero, the saviour, the godsend, the tin kosong, the cheat, the hypocrite, the sodom***, the king of traitor, the A-Z.....Even though his gomen fails to fulfil its manifesto in the end, they will forgive and ignore because nothing is more satisfying than making their dream PM anwar. Just that. Get that whole lots of shit from him and his buddy klepto DPM1 ??? And more to come...

  21. Anonymous 5 Dec 2022 at 15.30

    Spot on. Agreed with u.. .these sort of species should be dumped into the ravine...put shame to our Under 18 voters who voted their choices with high expectation of good governance. These boys n girls will not trust these leaders anymore....setting BAD EXAMPLE TO OUR SOCIETY.....ESPECIALLY TO OUR YOUNG GENERATIONS

  22. The whole country was hit by PH-BN poops. Inviting the klepto and losers into the Cabinet makes me feel so embarrassed that I couldn't bear while talking politics to my foreign friends. Only 20% salary cut to appease us?

    1. hole cointry!
      lol! lol! looooooo!
      lebai aje kot, menang gan wang #ekor
      dlm 5 ari, jon kerajaan, tutup kedai 4D

    2. dengar cerita kedai nombor 4Dee akan tambah di kedah
      PAS menang PRN. kan negeri maju di jajah PAS.

  23. Bekas Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Salahuddin pada 2018 dengan JAYANYA dapat mengurangkan harga sebanyak 2 sen. (Sgd 0.0062). Alamak payahnya nak congak)!

    Agak2 esok harga teloq akan turun berapa? Kot leghah sen sen atau kupang kupang?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. mat sabu tak simpan rahsia!!!!! kata nya carik carik telor terdapat tiga bapok lapok telor saiz puyu aje.
      macam mane bisness "kek wa" ah boi kat SG.
      adoi! SG jatuh 2 duit lagi

    2. "Hari ini perdana menteri (Anwar) kutip angka itu. Aku kata saja bukan betul, perbelanjaan sebenarnya RM530 bilion. Ia bukan duit fizikal, tetapi berbentuk program. Ada moratorium bank termasuk dalam angka itu, pengeluaran KWSP (Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja) termasuk angka itu.

  24. Aiyoyo! Rome wasn't built in a day