Wednesday 30 November 2022

Guan Eng could be K-drama star too

 It looks like the calls for Zaid Hamidi to be included in Anwar's unity Cabinet is gaining traction.

As I put it in my last post, many Chinese who used to whack the Umno president of being an evil corrupted crook have repented.

They even see him as handsome as a K-pop idol now.

Today, Tian Chua also joined the chorus of wanting Zahid to join the Cabinet.

Several Umno leaders have already openly said they wanted Zahid to be the DPM.


I don't care even if Zahid becomes the PM.

It's not going to affect my life by much.

After all, the guy has saved Malaysia from Pas' Islamic conservatism that day.

It's only right for Anwar and like minded Malaysians to reward him with their trust.

I think those in Pakatan who are still against Zahid are those who are suffering from pre-GE15 Umno whacking hang over.

Guys, just lick back that spit of yours and accept the reality of this unity government.

Many Umno people are forcing themselves to do the same too, okay.

Do it for the sake of the country.

We are facing a global recession and for that we need this unity government to work.

If it collapses, we all are going to suffer.

Swallow your pride, at least until the recession is over.

On the plus side, if Zahid becomes DPM, you all can have Guan Eng and Syed Sadiq in the Cabinet too.

Those two also have court cases, remember?

One thing I know is that Zahid and Guan Eng actually loves one another very much since way back then.

Remember this?

See, those two can work together.

Their court cases?

Anwar already said "one is innocent until proven guilty".

Proven guilty also can be pardoned what.

All those fiery accusations before the election are just political talks lah.

Anyway, if you all make the effort to edit Guan Eng's picture like they did to Zahid's picture, that once handsomest Chinese guy in Malaysia could look like a K-drama star too.

I think he would look like Park Yoonchun of the Rooftop Prince fame.



  1. Que sera sera .....all the best Malaysia....
    Nasi sudah jadi bubur. Dah makan and dah jadi taik dah....proud to be Malaysian which such leaders???...Indoneasian kat sini pun hairan.. orang Malaysia sanggup agungkan pemimpin2 LIDAH BERCABANG...MACAM BIAWAK HIDUP YANG HIDUP DUA ALAM....BIAWAK YANG SUKA MAKAN BANGKAI!!!!

  2. What will happen if the umno guy appointed as dpm doesn't win the umno presidency?

    1. Correct.

      If H2O & Penyu win, then they will pull out of PH-BN gomen and form a gomen with PN.

  3. "On the plus side, if Zahid becomes DPM, you all can have Guan Eng and Syed Sadiq in the Cabinet too.

    Those two also have court cases, remember?"

    EVERYONE with a court case needs to step aside.

    Clear your name first.

    How embarrassing if you have to resign from cabinet AFTERWARDS.

    Really messy.

    And them what about the appeals process?

    Say Gone End is found guilty, then can he remain in cabinet while he appeals?

    It can take years.

    The whole process is time-consuming.

    I hope Bang Non isn't as stupid as this....

  4. a pricipled party that is very flexible. head i win tail you lose, helen say one. i start to understand.

  5. Annie, pls make yourself clear that this is not a unity government. PH should not mislead the rakyat whatsoever.

    1. Who cares? Dah ajak, PN x nak, habis citer la, Khalas.

    2. zahit harmeeddd mentioned only misled voters on PRU 15 champge periods. maklum lah 14 days of bing. post PRU NO ANWAR NO DAP. cancelled
      similar tokong lge NO UMNO NO PENYAMUN after PRU not relevant

  6. Unknown30 November 2022 at 12:55
    boi video akan sebelah video for season "kabor" yang di re-hi D semula kat X-hamester ke! tanya je jangan marah

  7. Unknown 30 Nov 2022 2022 at 20.25
    These two morons ZH n GE makan taik...mulut busuk...perut penuh nanah..sebab suka Main Belakang.. tanduk saja belum keluar.....

  8. Cik Annie

    Gapo associate dia dgn Kdrama.. Roof Top Prince drama fantasy cakap Korean pla depa paham ke?

    Cdrama ni lebih lamai Msians akan paham. Pilih nak sesuaikn dgn watak yg mana satu. Best crita ni.. holds the record for being the highest rated drama. Harap2 takde yang terasa pedas ya bjla tengok drama ni;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Annie, no worries about the upcoming global recession as we have a 007 Bond like PM, he is capable of fixing everything. That, of course, includes, set free all court cluster and most importantly, a royal pardon for bossku. Let them all get together again. The more the merrier.

  10. Naming the government a unity gomen while it is not tells that PH is trying its best to save face and avoid humiliation from being called a minority. The name itself is totally wrong from the start let alone getting down to work, especially be ready to face the recession that Annie worries most.

  11. Aisay is abt choices. We have PH- BN - Borneo Blok...a multi racial party with some corrupt blokes or PN -UMNO discards...a Muslim gp wh seems corrupt free.
    You choose

  12. For stability sake appoint both young man muda and Zahid.Kill 2 birds with one stone.Forget LGE.

  13. "We are facing a global recession and for that we need this unity government to work.
    If it collapses, we all are going to suffer.
    Swallow your pride, at least until the recession is over. "

    I am really questioning this recession that everyone is talking about. The klcc mall is as busy as ever, almost as if covid has never happened. The hiways are always jammed everytime we have a 3d wknd. There is also an article recently about how some of the homeless in kl prefer to stay jobless since they can easily get by with all the freebies given on a regular basis.


  14. Anon 1 Dec 2022 at 11.03
    Spot on. Agreed on your observations. Will allow new PM to announce his lineup first. Hope Mat Sabu jadi Menteri Sunber Manusia. Dia pandai bagi kerja...Union pun suka dia
    Otherwise que sera sera....Mee Maggi senang dimasak sedap di makan...hahahaha

    1. Election of Speaker first on agenda for Dewan sitting
      tak lama lagi ada bapok tua joint "ais min" cari kerja baru

    2. bank negara governess and past finace that hansome zafrul said malaya will not be in recession 2023.
      kebal and kalis. malaya economy is "telfon" of the world

  15. Annie - your blogging captain quite pandai I must say......

  16. Anon 1Dec22 @ 12:29

    Sblum majlis ANGKAT SUMPAH SIMPAN RAHSIA, mohon bakal Menteri dn lain2 dberi kursus apa erti SUMPAH SIMPAN RAHSIA.

    Fm 2018 experience dulu seram juga ya.. ada bekas Menteri dgn megahnya berbuih mulut hebah kat satu dunia hal2 kapal selam dan helikopter kepunyaan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia???... Mohon jgn sesekali lantik jenis2 mulut hebiaq mcam ni jadi Menteri.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Professor Nasi Lemak
      rahsia apa?
      satu dunia tahu berapa biji LCS malaya ada. itu scopene duduk mana SG/INDO/THAI/INDIA pun tahu.
      awk sje kata rahsia. cuba baca memo ex ketua "pengadil" Tommi Tomas.

  17. Apa cerita Permatang Pauh????...awat depa tolak anak dia...kesian sungguh...itulah walaupun Pak menang tapi kalau orang kampung sendiri tolak anak dia layak ka Pak dia jadi ketua??? pikir pikir la...tahun depan tak balik raya kampong la.. raya kat Bandar Tun Razak...hehehehe

    1. MP pra-matang pauh akui tak sangka menang gan kempen ceramah tabor fitnah bohong. akui tak tau jaga kawasan suruh bapak nurul
      to he will look after the constituency’s needs, Fawwaz told reporters yesterday.

    2. warga baling apa khabar!
      dah dapat MP baru. Jangan pi cari MP waktu malam masa banjir, nanti
      dia takde "dalil" tak nampak sebab gelap. Ex MP legam dah pi
      enjoy rumah baru Penang.
      kalau cari MP baling siang hari boleh dalil "kabur" tak nampak.

  18. Anon 1Dec22 @ 22:04

    Bukan sekadar olang kampung dia sendiri yg tolak.. lamai lain tau.

    PN, BN, GPS, GRS saja pun dah kot leghah 9juta olang - dekat 100% Bumiputra!!!

    GE15 results, 15,521,736 olang.. Cara kasaq2 cuba congak pengundi Bumiputras dlm PH mungkin kot leghah 1.8j votes aje! Tu sbb kalo nak buat kerajaan perpaduan mau tak mau kena juga jemput masuk PN atau BN+GPS+GRS klo tidak jongkang jongket senget sebelah.

    Tambun menang sebab situ lamai olang suka makan pamelo esp musim2 perayaan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak