Saturday 11 May 2019

Unity, the key to power

While the Malay-based Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah as well as PKR were struggling to keep their act together after GE14, DAP appeared to be as strong as ever.

The party is still supreme as far as their support base among the Chinese community is concerned.


DAP retains Sandakan

I was not surprised at all.

Well, that's good for DAP.

And good for the Chinese community too for being united under a single political banner that is DAP.

It was said that at least 95 per cent of Chinese supported DAP or its interests under Pakatan Harapan during GE14.

They still are, I believe.

Unity is indeed the key to power.

DAP is now, to a certain extent or another, in control of Penang, Perak, Selangor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

DAP has the most number of seats among parties of the ruling Pakatan Harapan in those states.

It also has quite a lot of exco members there.

In parliament, it has the second most number of seats and many of its leaders hold crucial Cabinet posts.

Yup, all that thanks to the unity of the Chinese community.

Honestly, I admire them for it.

Indeed, the interests of Chinese community now seem more secured than ever under the Pakatan Harapan government.

Their political unity has earned them good dividend. There's no doubt about that.

Other communities should learn from them, actually.

Once you all are united, it's easier to get what you want.

And don't worry about being accused of racism.

The Chinese community are united under DAP and they were not accused of being racists, okay.

Nothing wrong about being united as it's good for the community.

Errr....okay, those are my thoughts for this boring Saturday night.

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  1. When the whole Chinese community united and threw their support to DAP, it is called a fight against kleptocrat or a vote for new Malaysia. When the Malays try to get their act together and unite under Umno and Pas cooperation, they accused the Malays of playing politics of race and religion. Nga Kor Ming even equated this type of cooperation as Talibanism. The Chinese could unite and their unity were feted and celebrated but when the Malays trying to the same, all sort of prejudices and accusations coming their way.

  2. Unity And Racists Has Similarly When Malays Were United Umno The Chinese Called Us Racists. I Never Heard This Words RACISTS Being Used Except After Anwar Being Sacked From Umno Only After That The Chinese Began And Dare To Used The Words Racists

  3. DAP adalah masa hadapan Malaysia
    Sayangi Malaysia Ku

  4. You see, the Malays can learn a lot from their Chinese counterparts. You can have as many political parties as you want, but when it comes to election, choose just ONE. The Chinese are shrewd and practical when it comes to fighting and preserving their interest, whereas the Malays only looking for immediate reward and self glory; at the expense of their size and strength being chipped away little by little.

    When it comes to attitude and value, these two people are world apart. You give 1 million to Chinese man and Malay each. Watch what do they do with the money. The Chinese will use the money to invest and start a business. Their wealth multiplies. The Malay on the other hand will spend it all on a brand new Ferrari. Put on sunglasses and drive around the town to show off. After a while he realizes he got no money for expensive maintainance and spare parts! Later on, even got not money to eat...

    1. Anon 06:30

      .. the Malay on the other hand will spend it all..

      You talking about yourself ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. What is UNITY.....?
    It is power. All the races in Malaysia certainly should unite to gain power but must it be only under the banner of UMNO and PAS....?
    Can't they unite under the banner of Bersatu or Amanah and than togather with PKR and Dap, fight against BN & Pas...?

    1. Anon 07:03

      Kesian.. KATAK2 yg lompat aritu what happened? 13/222 apahal pula BN+PAS yg kena join them??

      .. smartfon 6bulan pun can be considered obselete, inikan pula manusia. Klo ada leaders macam Vitalik Buterin dlm Bersatu lain celita la,

      ...ini tahap 94yr old and boboy Saddiq.. campoq pula LKS, LGE, Aney jelutong, Anwar bla bla...tak sedaq ke? negala Malaysia makin hari makin berundur kbelakang?.

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

  6. You are right Annie, Chinese are now are in power because they are united race under DAP. So why can't we copy them and be a united race under BERSATU or AMANAH......???????
    Or, U want us MALAY to unite under UMNO & PAS ke??....hehehe
    On my part Annie, I would rather unite under BERSATU or Amanah.
    At least I know, under their banner, they are fighting for our right and not for the right of the royalties or Penyangaks, to control the country's wealth. So Annie, for once I agree with U..... let us Malays unite together for the future of our generation under HARAPAN!!!!!!
    HIDUP HARAPAN........!!!!

  7. Den also not surprised at all. That's how they all bokorjo. You know what, time orang kito lamo dulu takut telan ubek and masih miskin pakai cawat, bangso diorang dah lamo fikir pasal untung nasib kehidupan keturunan... masokini dan maso dopan. Diorang asik pikir pasal untong yo...dan rugi tu diaorang sombah to'kong mintak dijauhkan. Diaorang tahu, balo can happen bilo-bilo maso. When come problems,they always gather around berbincang bilo ado time makan bosa sambil-sambil main judi.
    Tapi cubo ekao tengok kek perangai orang kito, time konduri baru la nak nampak muko. Bilo bersuo,kalau orang tu muko biru...haram si muko hijau nak bermesro.
    La nie,lamo dulu dalam bab perkaro sunat pun bertokak. Solat tarawih buek lapan rakaat saban tahun jadi isu. Nak tergolak tu, bilo datang pak arab berjanggut toba, baco surah panjang dalam sembahyang ramai pulak cabut lari!
    Hmm..lotih den, jangan sembang lobih la...itu la perangai bangso kito.
    Nak cerito pasal politik...'ado masyuk' - baru nak buek kojo. Itupun terkedik-kedik...!

  8. 1) In Selangor, PKR have more seat than DAP, pls check your facts. Before GE4, all states in Peninsular under BN control, UMNO have much more seats than MIC/MCA/Gerakan combined, of course you have no problem on this.
    2) DAP has at least 30% non chinese member. Any Malaysian can become a member, including you Annie. But can a non bumi like me join UMNO or PAS? Of course you don't care. Talk about racism.

  9. the 95% chinese give our vote to ph, a coalition of 4 party, not dap.

  10. Annie,

    The Malays have been talking about UNITY for quite some time, since the day they started to smell the possibility of UMNO being defeated in election.

    But they were not being serious about the idea of UNITY until their periuk nasi sudah berlubang after UMNO was defeated in PRU14.

    So they thought UNITY of Malays would bring back the glorious old days and a new periuk nasi.

    But, while UMNO berkecai, some Melayu continue to enjoy good life, with their periuk nasi in tact.

    Some other Melayu who did not get anything during UMNO bermaharajalela now get a new periuk nasi.

    So there must be some good reason for ALL Malays to come for UNITY.

    Under the leadership of someone who can ensure ALL Malays get a nice periuk nasi, masing-masing.

    And they thought Islam being a religion could bring UNITY.

    But Islam could not bring UNITY then, how would it bring UNITY now?

    So they create MONSTERS, they said that MONSTERS are coming to make Malays berkecai, and to make Islam berkecai.

    And that if Malays don't have UNITY, Malays berkecai, Islam berkecai.

    And the MONSTER biggest of them all is an entity called DAP.

    That's an entity duly registered under the Malaysian law, and so far KDN, PDRM, ROS, LHDN, SPRM, and KPDNKK (ie all the temenggong, pahlawan, syahbandar of the Malays) could not find enough reason to kacau.

    And Anti-Terrorism Squad could not be deployed to raid, arrest or to shoot their members, unlike some IS or Al Qaeda Sympathizers in Tanahairku.

    That's the case despite all the horror stories one heard about DAP, to the extent one thought that the ANTI-CHRIST has descended.

    So, try harder. Be more convincing. May be use Imam Mahdi. May be Imam Mahdi is going to come from Bangsa Melayu, and preparation work need to be done now, UNITY of Malays being the first.

    And that Imam Mahdi wants everyone to get a periuk nasi, masing-masing.

    1. the chinese ( even indians ) are united as all they want is to make $, send their kids to school, make more money. On a national level, the have a common agenda - equality - as every citizen of malaysia deserves.

      The Malays on the other hand are divided because they have UMNO - where greed, corruption, patronage politics prevail, and now when contracts are scarce, they are now defenders of the race & religion. PAS just wants to be a Brunei. Then you have PH malays, who are mostly urban, technocrats. All going down diff paths.

      Malays were not always divided. In the 60s-90s, there was UMNo and PAS was just noise. The division started, like all islamic countries, come from Saudi’s push on their ideology. The root of all evil thats the middle east is israel & saudi.

  11. Betul jugak, cakap Cik Minah dan Hj. Ketotol.

    Lebih baik orang Melayu bersatu demi mengembalikan rasa hormat (respect) dan kepercayaan (trust) orang-kapir kepada Bangsa & Agama kita.

    Saya bagi contoh, mengapa orang kapir pandangan-serong pada Bangsa & Agama kita.

    1. Kita terpekik terlolong mengenai dosa-pahala, jangan amalkan riba, mencuri, rasuah, menyeleweng wang... dalam kutbah Jumaat, Ceramah Agama, di TV/Radio... tiba-tiba, Party-Politik yang memperjuangkan Islam pula, membela, berbaik-baik dan berpelok dengan penyamun.

    2. Kita pekik 'HALAL' sana-sini tapi bila buat kenduri, 6 ka 8?, orang mati keracunan makan lauk ayam masak-merah.
    Lepas tu, kita dengar pula, ada yang mati makan laksa di Baling.
    Lebih malang lagi, demi pengajaran, tiada sesiapa dihukum menyebabkan kematian... tanpa-niat membunuh.

    3. Kita tidak beriman pada hantu & syaitan, sembah berhala dan keranat, tapi... hanya anak-anak orang-Melayu yang di'serang' hysteria secara berjemaah.

  12. We are united because we are no longer afraid of the monkeys.
    We have the money, the international trade network, logistics capability, technical knowledge (physics, IT and chemistry), and most of all, motherland and all her military might.
    Takut apa?
    Tomorrow is 50th anniversary of 513.
    Some day in the future, the blood debt will be paid in full.

    1. "Blood debt wil be paid in full ".
      Anon 12:12 , ada simpan dendam ke? U ada hasrat nak tebus hutang ke?
      Ini lah yang ada tersimpan dalam hati nurani setiap Cinapeks di Malaysia ni , olih itu Orang 2 Melayu Muslim,sentiasa lah beringat ,jangan terpedaya dengan kebaikan Cinapeks terutamanya Puak2 Dapigs.Hati mereka memang busuk.

    2. Anon 12:22

      Re "We are united because we are no longer afraid of the monkeys"

      What type of logic was that? Annie is trying to create fear in DAP to result in Malay Unity, and here you suggest that by losing fear would bring forth Unity.

      RE: 'motherland', '513', 'blood debt'

      Wow, you must be a worshiper of fear, bullying, subjugation through fear of bodily harm. Inherently you could be a violent person.

    3. Anon 12:22 is a bitter person, wants to migrate but alas! Not good enough for anywhere, kat 'motherland' pun kena reject. Nasib baik masih boleh hidup di tanah melayu ni, atas ehsan org melayu.

  13. Annie you are so wrong, $$$ is the key to power!!! What unity Bullshit Nasional you are spinning when dumbo bung cant rent a mob (9,700 voters) all is lost, when there is no dedak, the support BN dumbo stop :(

    1. 12:32 you are so right, unlike PH rallies who donot give me monies i prefer BN rallies who gave me monies but to BN no money no vote (no choice cause stupidfool BN gave jho low too much billions) :(

  14. Haiyaaa.

    Sama2 mereka pun kuat gaduh la. The only thing tht unites them is $$$$$$$$$$.

    Sanggup buang negala ibunda masing2 bertongkang sana sini satu dunia for their LORD $$$$$$$$$. Itu talak kaluuu, negala bankrup kaluu bertongkang negala lain la. Tak payah celita byk2.

    Dah buat billion2 mana mereka dok dalam negala ini lagi.. HONGKONG, AUSTRALIA, US, UK, South Africa pun ade juga tau.

    They unite for $$$$$$$. Menang aje cekau duit Petronas RM80b, jual asset2 Negara, teliang nak cekop tanah2.. haiyaaa $$$$$$$ fullstop. Dont be shy shy to admit.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Professor Nasi Lemak,

      Perihal 'sanggup buang negala ibunda masing2 bertongkang sana sini satu dunia for their LORD $$$$$$$$$'.

      Apa salahnya mereka berbuat begitu? Bukankah Surah Al Mulk Ayat 15 yang menyatakan:

      "Dialah yang menjadikan bumi bagi kamu mudah digunakan, maka berjalanlah merata-rata ceruk rantaunya, serta makanlah dari rezeki yang dikurniakan Allah; dan kepada Allah jualah (kamu) dibangkitkan hidup semula."

      Perihal '$$$$$$$$$'

      Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan simbol '$$$$$$$$$' itu, duit, wang atau segala kebaikan?

      Apakah salahnya orang lain nak bersatu atas dasar dapat manfaat atau kebaikan, samada dalam bentuk duit ataupun lain?

      Orang Melayu nak bersatu atas dasar / sebab apa? Sila terangkan kalau engkau bukan berdusta.



  15. DAP boilh ubah lea aa , Wa manyak syok maa aa , ini kali maa aa .

  16. duh bad example unite behind race & religion (or dumbo + pas bangsa & agama) when in mid east that muslim 'brotherhood' is infamously known for fighting & killing each other sigh

  17. Malu apa annie toksah kelentong unity you shud talk more abt the power of money or cari makan (jgn curi makan mcm dumbo) and there is even a rent a PAS dedak cartel sigh

  18. We Are All Being Conned By BN & PH The True Fact Is We As A Citizenb Gain Nothing Zero!! But Lifestyle Of PH Politicians Began To Change Eating Out In 5 Star Restaurant, Spending Holiday Oversea, Driving VIP Car And We As The Rakyat What The Fu_k Do We Get??

  19. Annie, selagi umno tak berubah selagi tu lah kita akan hidup dalam kerajaan pakatan. UMNO kena berubah untuk kembali berkuasa. Semuanya terletak pada UMNO sendiri.

    Tapi UMNO nak ke berubah? dalam keadaan dimana UMNO sudah hilang kuasa pun masih lagi ada watak watak yg menjengkelkan dibiarkan menonjol kehadapan. Lokman Adam misalnya telah diberikan kebebasan bergerak dan bercakap bagi pihak UMNO walaupun dari pandangan umum beliau adalah seorang yg tidak mempunyai logik dan kredibiliti

    Apabila Zahid Hamidi berkata bahawa beliau telah bersedia untuk kembali memimpin umno selepas berehat panjang adalah malapetaka bg parti umno. statement begitu tidak membantu umno untuk mendapatkan kembali sokongan rakyat.

    UMNO harus belajar berhenti memperbodohkan diri sendiri. buat masa ini saya gembira kerana sudah tidak kelihatan lagi manusia manusia yg memakai baju kemeja linen lengan pendek yg oversize yg begitu sinonim dengan orang orang umno. saya harap dengan kepimpinan umno yg baru ini, mereka dapat merubah dan membawa umno untuk kembali mendapat sokongan & kepercayaan rakyat.