Thursday 16 May 2019

Getting away with murder, among other things

Saw this story by national news agency Bernama and I said to myself, "These people are really trying to get away with everything."

Elderly couple convicted of causing 
maid's death seek review of jail sentence

excerpts 1 ;

Lawyer Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram submitted before the Federal Court five-man bench that the wrong provision was applied by the Federal Court earlier bench to convict and sentence Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

excerpt 2 ;

Fong, 63, a former wiring consultant and Teoh, 61, a housewife were initially convicted and sentenced to death by the High Court for the murder of Isti Komariah, 26, at a house in Jalan SS 2/6, Sea Park in Petaling Jaya, Selangor between May 14, 2010, and June 5, 2011.

The Court of Appeal had upheld the High Court decision.

Last year, the Federal Court five-man bench amended their charge to culpable homicide not amounting to murder under section 304 (a) and sentenced them to 20 years jail, to run from the date they were remanded on June 5, 2011.

The Bernama story described them as "elderly couple" and didn't mention how the maid had died.

This was the story back then;

Couple to hang for maid's murder

excerpts ;

Justice Datuk Noor Azian Shaari, in her judgement, said the victim died of starvation as a result of the couple's failure to provide her food and medical treatment.
The judge also noted that the victim's weight had deteriorated to 26kg at the time of her death, from 46kg when she first started working for the couple.

Yes, they actually starved the maid to death, among other things.

That's pure evil to me.

There's nothing more deliberate than starving someone to death. To watch the person die slowly and agonisingly like that over such a long period. 

Quite sadistic.

I think the Federal Court had been very nice to save them from being executed for their crime.

But now they basically want to be freed as soon as possible.

Well, it's rare for the bench of Federal Court to overturn the decision of a previous one. In fact, I always thought that once the Federal Court, which is the highest court of the land has decided on a case, it's final.

But maybe the couple's lawyer knows something as he seems quite confident with what he is doing.

Maybe they will get what they want.

Maybe the Federal Court bench of Malaysia Baru is not the same as that of Malaysia Lama.


Hey, the people who supposed to be taking care of our justice system have been making quite a number of surprising decision since the current government took over Putrajaya.

Quite a lot of people got their case dropped, okay.

Nothing is impossible these days.

Anyway, in case anyone think that I'm being cruel towards the couple who starved the maid to death, please imagine how would you feel if the person that they starved and abused to death was your own loved one.

Seriously, if they had done that to my loved one, I would like to kill them myself....of course if the laws allow me.


  1. quote, 'how you feel if the person that they starved and abused to death is your own loved one ?.

    Yaa lor rr !!!!!.

  2. Some people are making big bucks of current legal systems...Hidup Malaysia Baru ku....Land of Bolehland...hahahaha

  3. ‘Maybe the Federal Court bench of Malaysia Baru is not the same as that of Malaysia Lama.’

    here u go again annie. a wrong is a wrong, u just have to bring partisan politics into it. same bollocks again & again

  4. Ini tebiat apa ni boleh sampai hati tak kasi maid makan boleh sampai mati ? Kuching yang buat banyak kacau pun gua tak sampai hati tak kasi bila dia mintak makan. Burung hinggap kat tembok pun gua kasi makan tiap2 pagi. Kalau gua lupa, bini gua tak lupa.

    Kasi duduk kerusi karan la pembunuh ni.

  5. Annie,

    Your statement,

    ‘Maybe the Federal Court bench of Malaysia Baru is not the same as that of Malaysia Lama.’

    How about Kleptocracy?. Maybe the Malaysia lama want to get away with it.

    How about that?

    Actually, reading your story, they did not get away with it right? I mean they go to prison for 20 years.

    Not 20 weeks or 20 month, but 20 years.

    So, that also means that they will be free man at the age of 83 and wife 81.

    So old already. Maybe they will not survive the sentance.

    I think Malaysia Baru judgement is acceptable,.

  6. Atok hensem acapkali ado borposan: "Rules of Law!"
    No matter what case - kes kocik ko...kes bosar...orang kocik ko, orang bosar...once you commit crimes,you kono dakwo! In other words, you tak buleh lari. If you got money, you pasang la loyar, to fight for your rights. There's so many level of courts.
    'Nobody considered guilty atau bersalah selagi mahkamah tak jatuh hokom!' Malaysia 'lama' also used to canang that kind of palsafah (bilo kono batang sendiri la!).
    You all ingat tak laie that makcik MP - Nancy Shukri claimed our kerajaan 'lamo' bayar cumo Rm 1000 kek loyar 'Spek too colors'Sapiee...just to handle that profile tinggi punyo case dulu?
    Gilo ko apo? Tapi who are you, to argue...when other people try to mock your justice system?
    Maso got power..golak la ramai-ramai, assuming orang lain sumo bodo-bodo belako. Tapi jangan lupo pado hokom karma (kato kawan den kaki rock dulu)...ado maso, you atas, ado maso you bawah...! Kalau tak sodar diri, siksoan 'dunio' pasti datang!
    Bilo hilang kuaso...meroyan panjang la ikut undang-undangnyo!

  7. To 0101
    Kleptocracy? Where?

  8. Bagi mereka pilihan. Since old oredi, set them free but must exchange their freedom dgn nyawa anak atau cucu mereka yg same age wth the deceased maid..

    Mesti heart attack terus dua2 mati on the spot.. Will solve problem keturunan dua ekoq binatang ni.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. As they say, let the law take its course.
    That 2 ex UTK who blew up an innocent beautiful girl to pieces, still living happily ever after.And worse still , the real people responsible are still living life of luxury. How come?

  10. Annie you ni kena suap ke?????