Friday 10 May 2019

A year of Pakatan rule

I was at Tune Hotel in Danga Bay, JB exactly a year ago tonight.

It was my base for the last two general elections.

I like the place because of its convenience, relatively low price and strategic location.

As I observed the BN losses that night, I felt sadness, especially the fall of my home state Johor. Back in 2013, I gave my best for its defense.

I did expect it though.

BN was doing so badly that I believe it actually lost the election even a year earlier than that.

It was not that Pakatan was any good. Instead, it was BN which totally screwed up the whole campaign from the very start.

I blamed Najib and his team for their failure to lead, especially the shabby way they handled the communication aspect of the campaign.

In Johor, Khaled Nordin's team didn't even do the basics. I had actually been bitching about it since he took over in 2013. Please look at the archive of this blog since back then if you don't believe me.

However, amid my sadness, I also felt a sense of relief.

Honestly, I was glad as the defeat also meant that BN, in particular Umno may clean up their act.

They can get rid off the garbage and parasites.

Also, from the early days of their victory, I could sense that things are not going to be easy for the Pakatan people.

I gave the early warning just a day after GE14 when I heard about

Osman Sapian being the leading Johor MB candidate

Recently, they kicked him out and things have not yet settled in Johor ever since.

In fact, I think the current MB Dr Sahruddin is going to be even worse than Osman.

He can't even lead his own party in Johor as the leadership in KL had put his rival, that Mazlan guy whom he sacked from his exco, as state Pribumi Bersatu chairman.

It was that messed up in Johor now.

Well, there were of course all those Pakatan's broken election promises and other screwed ups.

Don't want to repeat them like a broken record.

Pakatan leaders were asking for more time, which I think was rather silly.

After all they still have four more years before the next general election.

For me, it's easy - perform or get kicked out.

And they better get on with it right away.

Talked so much before the election as if they know everything and now everyone knows that they were just bullshitting.

People are indeed getting angry. Especially the Malays.

They know now that Pakatan lied about a lot of things before GE14.

I saw their anger when I was on the ground for the recent Semenyih and Rantau by-elections.

Then there's the trouble of some Pakatan people who just don't get it.

They really believe that the result of GE14 was a victory of the non-Malays over the Malays and bumiputera, especially the Muslims among them.

They became so arrogant.

They wanted all those nonsense such as ICERD and Rome Statute.

Then they went on to undermine everything that's Malay and bumiputera such as disturbing the civil service.

So many people lost their jobs because of that, with more to come.

They just don't care because those people are not "their people".

I will always remember how they campaigned in Rantau. This is one of them;

And they accuse Umno of being racist.

Then there were all those statements about Malays being lazy, stupid, don't know how to handle money and the latest that of using the back door in education.

Were all that necessary?

Are Malays as a race that bad?

Malays basically run this country for 60 years and it did develop quite well. I believe life is better here than in China and India all those years. Still is, I believe.

My friend from Japan yesterday asked me about the situation in Malaysia.

I told him that if the general election was held today, I think Pakatan would lose.


The BN cooperation with Pas is for real.

Bear in mind that there are 101 parliamentary constituencies in Peninsular with over 60 per cent Malay voters.  Another 18 have more than 50 per cent Malay voters. It takes 112 seats in Parliament to form the government.

A friend who now supports Pakatan said BN, Pas and their other allies would not be able to sustain the momentum all the way to next general election four years from now.

However, I reminded him that those were the same words of Najib's people about Dr Mahathir's effort to topple their boss back then.

They continued to be arrogant and now paying for it....along with the rest of the country.

So far, there's no indication that Pakatan is able to stop the momentum from further snowballing.

And another thing was that, the next general election may not even be four years from now.

A year from now we may most likely have another round of that tiresome Dr Mahathir versus Anwar fight.

When that happens, anything goes, okay.

Remember this,


  1. If situation is getting worse for MB Dr Sahruddin with no control over party in Johor, excos turning back at him, what more with wrath from party leaders, the only way out is seek audience from the Sultan and seek approval to dissolve state assembly. The Sultan will be very glad!

    1. Which country's constitution are you referring to. Timbuktu? Sailang Land? Or Darul Syok Sendiri?

    2. Okla Annie buat senang cerita.
      Tiba PRU 15 atau sebelum nya ..BN-UMNO-PAS dengan restu istana, kembali jadi kerajaan.
      "Cerita ni kalo tak terbongkar dalam pemerintahan PH memang la takde wayang. Yang dapat tanah akan terus buat duit.Kerajaan buat projek kena keluar belanja tinggi dari duit rakyat.Itu lah jalan cerita nya kalo takde wayang."...Anon
      "For the record, I'm against anyone taking anything belonging to the ordinary people."... Annie
      Jadi? Apa cerita Annie?

  2. I couldnt agree more!


  3. Annie,

    Kali ni aku setuju 100% pandangan kau, Umno and Pas just go for it and do it right guys

  4. Annie,

    How about the misdeeds of BN government, all that do not count?

    Now Najib is in court and some of the current BN MP are being charged. That do not count also?

    The real problem is not only about racism.

    BN loses in GE14 not only because of Najib but also because of economy.

    The fact is that, the income of Diploma and Degree holders do not change more than 20 years while the cost of living raised many times over.

    So, let say that UMNO and PAS win GE15.

    Are we going to live happily ever after.?

    The problem is still there. Things are not like it was in 80’s or 90’s.

    So, bottom line is. It will either be PH or BN to solve the economy.

    Otherwise the rakyat will suffer.

    You can talk all you want about racism and all that but that will not solve the problem.

    There are instances where malay folks adopt chinese from birth. They brought up the child in Malay community and gave them sambal belacan. The chinese baby grow become what?

    So these talks about racism and all that is just to get support , people are aware of these strategy. The rakyat are also much wiser than before and are more concern with real issue rather than all those bullshits.

  5. One year already berlalu, BN kalah...sob!sob! Ramai menangis tersodu-sodu. Macam-macam tangisan keluar, seriau meracau kito dongar! Pado sapo hondak mengadu, the bugis warrior dah asyik berkampung kek court selalu. Banyok juta-juta cerito...yang keluar, harap-harap sumuo tu tipu!!! Tipu!!! Tak betapo nak percayo, tapi itu 'reality'nyo!
    Itu la akibat bila hilang 'power'...Ultraman meroyan, sini 'fire' ,sana 'fire'...anak raksasa totap bergolak tawa!
    Aduishhy...apo la den merepek nie...bolum seminggu laie berpuaso dah macam-macam tak keruan.
    Oh! Bang Mat Hasan, ari tu monang bosar...kenapo sonyap yo,tak ado apo-apo impak...yang kito Umno boleh move on berkopak!

  6. All you writer and commentators are really so dumb2. Just because you know some English, you think you can write for pleasure. If PH is voted out, like you say if election is held now, you are tokking stupid with suggesting who will be the next best alternative gomen. Umno-Pas? Gay Anway-Pkr? There are no discernible alternative in view. Any of the aforementioned baddies will turn the nation to hell and dump it into an abysmal sink hole, rotten to kingdom come. You expect a quick fix for 60 years of dirt, dirt, dirt? At least PH is building a foundation in the 1st year amidst great obstacles and mass/mess of criticisms by all who think they know best. Let PH carry on and support its endeavours, you nincompoops!

    1. " 60 years of dirt " !
      Are U insane ?

    2. Hear hear!!!!! TEPUUUK!!!!! At last someone talking some sense.

  7. Helloo Annie..... U feel if Johor is back under BN'S wing, everything will be back to normal....???????
    Hidup orang Johor akan lebih senangkah....?????
    Bangsa yang takda semangat survival akan terus merungut no matter who rules the country. Of course the Sultan and his sons would be happy terlepas daripada jerangkap samar.....hahahaha. Bolehlah dia sambung semula semua projek land grabbing. But, how about us the rakyat, can we survive under this condition....????
    Senaraikanlah 365 cadangan like that lecturer who listed all the PH governmen failures. Failures are easy to list. Just google, u can get a lot of info from all the pro-umno bloggers. I think that's what the stupid lecturer did because all his lists sounds femiliar to me...hehehe. U people tak perasan ke....???
    Even if Johor falls under BN government, remember Kerajaan pusat masih di Puterajaya. Tengok Terengganu, Kelantan dan Perlis. Pemimpin-pemimpinnya datang ke Puterajaya mengemis belas kasihan. Adakah rakyat Pahang hidup di bawah BN lebih makmur.......??????
    Think...think and think before u write to smash the government and to suggest that Johore would be much better under BN. As Anon 8.05 above states, "At least PH is building a foundation in the 1st year amidst great obstacles and mass/mess of criticisms by all who think they know best."
    What would BN do if they get Johor back to their fold.....????
    Writelah about this Annie, beri satu senari panjang baru boleh orang terima. Takat mengutuk, lidah tak bertulang.......puiii!!


    1. Manyak setuju sama Che Minah punya cekap , Che Minah you cekap manyak betut , Wa pikir pon itu macam maa aa .

      Cina tatak kisah punya ,siapa-siapa pelintah maa aa , apa-apa pon bolih kasi bayar punya, busat bayar busat ,kechik bayar kechik maa aa . Apa-apa pon pasti bolih untung punya .

  8. Anon 08:05

    Bulan posa.. meleleh ayak mata baca tulisan mu. Johore bertahun2 relax aje, peaceful, tranquil and prosperous, Alhamdulillah.

    Mai PH naik satu kapai tapi nakhoda berlambak, awat kalut lagu ni terhegeh2 sangat???

    Nu.. Langkawi Penang puting beliung ribut banjir asyik melanda, jgn bawa bad fungsui ribut2 mai Johore bole tak?

    Nak decide pilih sorang ketua pun kelam kabut? Malunya! Awat koman sgt gomen Eleptocracy PH ni, habaq mai sat??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Bukan je Johor, seluruh Malaysia relax je sebelum Bosskurrr menyamun duit kita. Bermula dgn kapal selam Scorpian. Org tua-tua kata, sedikit-sedikit, lelama naik sedap dan terus samun membukit. Buat pulak perniagan buluh kasap untuk cuci duit yg di samun. Allah maha mengetahui, nasib baik rhahsia ni terdedah. Kalau tak, lingkup kita jadi mcm Greek. Najib dah curik berbillion, bolehlah lari duduk luar begara. Kita
      .....? Icnilah hasilnya. Apo nak dikato....

  9. You can blame PH for poor anticipation + timeliness in resolving those shits (1 eg bukit chagar land grab) but can you blame PH for shits deposited over the decades by BN 😠
    Worst will be when annie & Barua Nasional are seeking PH to resign letting a BN comeback choking (or killing) the nation with more & more BN shits sigh 😢
    Anyway time will tell hidup PH 😍

    1. Anon 12:46

      Kesian.. 1 tahun dh tercunggap2 nyawa2 ikan .. wonder can hidup or not?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. nasi lemak, immediately after GE14 BN meroyan PH govt will last 1 year, FYI now half dead zombie BN will be fully buried next GE15 want to bet wakakaka

    3. wakakaka 22:31

      Voters decided to choose "half dead zombie BN" in CHighlands, Semenyih and Rantau.. anih plak kan? MUAHAHA HAHA

      Sandakan if they vote for another female "Saddiq", will increasea an additional useless kaki mak anggok in their pocket.. neway, just hope her body tissues lebih kental dari cewok Muar.

      OK lah. Bzzzz Nak pi jual nasi lemak kat pasar2 ramadan ni. Meanwhile baca jgn tak baca doksah dok mengoyan memanjang;

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. “Malays basically run this country for 60 years and it did develop quite well. I believe life is better here than in China and India all those years. Still is, I believe.”

    China just took 30 years to overtake us and now is a superpower.
    We started off better off then Singapore,Hong Kong,Taiwan and Korea over 40 years ago and now they all overtaken us.We are now close to or already lost to Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam and the rest in ASEAN.Yet you dare say have done well for 60 years.Unfortunately criteria of success is not base on handicap in the real world.

  11. so annie, what exactly is wrong with icerd & rome statute ?

  12. China has aircraft carrier and Malaysia has a blogger called Annie.
    And you fucking monkeys get angry when we call you stupid?

  13. wow so smart dumbos kill with borrowed knives (royals + pas) whilst royals now face all the firings dumbos so elegantly silent next to suffer is PAS sigh

  14. Annie i say next election on 2023 want to bet :)

  15. Annie,

    Could it be that Pakatan won Johor state with almost two-thirds seats in the state assembly because of Muhyiddin, a Johorean is in Pribumi Bersatu, so sizeable number of Johoreans, especially Malays who would have voted UMNO or some other BN party, instead voted Pribumi Bersatu or any other Pakatan?

    From the results of the May 2018 Johor state elections, Pribumi Besatu won 15.58% of the vote and secured 8 seats, whilst Amanah won 10.16% of the vote and did a bit better by securing 9 seats. PKR came out the lowest amongst Pakatan parties with 8.34% of the vote and secured 5 seats.

    That's amongst ethnic Malay-based Pakatan parties, whilst the largely Chinese-based DAP came out tops with 22.64% of the votes and 14 seats, though some pro-Pakatan Malays quite probably voted DAP where the party stood.

    However, amongst Malay-based parties, 25.67% of the vote and 17 seats.

    Despite getting 10.52% of the vote, the Chinese-based MCA won no seats, whilst despite getting 3.09% of the vote, the Indian-based MIC won 2 seats and the Islamic-based PAS got 2.91% o fthe vote and won 1 seat, whilst the largely Chinese-based Gerakan fared the worst, with 1.09% o fthe vote and no seats.

    Sure, besides Muhyiddin being in Pribumy Bersatu, issues such as the high cost of living under the previous BN government, plus issues such as 1MDB and Najib may have also been a factor driving voters to Pakatan but now tha there is growing disenchantment with the performance of Pakatan, especially in the economic sphere, with prices of goods still high or even rising, as well as ethnically sensitive issues such as ICERD, the Rome Statute and the spat between Mahathir and the Johor Palace, if the Malay vote were to swing back towards an UMNO/BN minus Najib, as we have witnessed in the last three by-elections, would Johor fall back to UMNO/BN?

    After all, the outcomes of elections are often very much a numbers game, where voters vote for a variety of reasons whether pragmatic, emotional, irrational or otherwise.

    Also, its oftentimes been said, that if Najib had stepped down as UMNO head and as prime minister before GE14, BN may have won the elections, since Najib was regarded, rightly or wrongly as the "hot potato" within the BN and UMNO.

    Also, I expect that the ultimate court verdicts in the ongoing trials of Najib will have a bearing on public, especially Malay sentiments towards him, UMNO and the BN, and if the court does not find him guilty of any of the charges, it could well boost UMNO's and BN's chances of a comeback in GE15.

    What do you think?

    1. NO,NO,NO.....Not Mahyiddin's factor. It is API DALAM SEKAM FACTOR. If Tun M steps down and the new PM starts kissing hands again, than we Johorian know, there is no future for us. Tak payah turun mengundi. Habis cerita.

    2. Hahahaha cikminah.Jangan sebut kuat2 sangat sampai capslock. Nanti ada yang terkejut sampai melatar yang bukan2.
      Tak payah nak cari sana sini tengok je budak Budin tu.
      Annie & rakan2 pulak sejak menjak ni kerja dah jadi senang..

  16. You must be joking Annie.
    To me it does not matter of BN and PAS rule as long as old corrupt BN are gone or charged. Future will be BN and PH alternatiing. No more 60 years

  17. only dumbo bossku songlap, wonder other dumbos are so holy + donot songlap sigh

  18. Annie, don't fret too much. GE 15 will be in 2023. And uhh, that klepto and his gang of thieves will be in Sungai Buloh Hilton before GE 15. You can be sure of that.
    Maybe it's high time you ignore BeeEnd the rest of your life.

    1. Hmmm anon 20:09

      .. Eh??? KATAK2 yg lama kan excitedly dok nunggu ciuman, apa dah jadi kat depa tu semua?

      ..masih meleleh ayaq lioq nunggu KATAK2 lain ke? Isssh kan dari dulu dah habaq, 13/222 payah, sekadar melalak bole la.

      Congratulations Sandakan. Dah ramal awal2 lagi, akan dapat sekoq cewet anggok2.

      Issssh harap2 cewet yg ni tak melelong juga. Manatau satni promote Malaysians tiap hari hirup sesudu sup birds nest?

      Takpe. Tak lama lagi bole pakai kereta terbang masuk gua Gomantong.. kan senang nak kutip sarang2.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. PH did what BN failed to do that is to get rid of kleptomaniacs.

    If really those good MPs from umno/pas want to help the rakyat, join Bersatu and fight from inside. You'll never win from outside.

  20. If general was held today Pakatan would lose...I say if general election was held today i think people and i for one would think twice or three times before voting B end!!

  21. Why should I vote for BN IF GE were held today?

    BN is leaderless and a failure in the Parliament as the opposition.

    Give PH a couple of years to turn around the country's economy. Forget about PH's election promises which had been proven to be not feasible. If PH knew they had some chances to win GE14, they would not have dared to put up majority of the election promises.

    Give Tun a break. Let he and his cabinet members to continue to nurse a sickly Malaysia, after being able to shock Malaysia out of it comatose condition.