Tuesday 21 May 2019

Fate of DAP collaborators

Apparently, this is the Education Minister's big sin,

Jangan salahkan kuota matrikulasi jika pasaran 

kerja masih tidak adil kepada Bumiputera, kata Maszlee

Now they are clamouring for him to be sacked.

Especially so among DAP people.

It got so bad to a point that

Kit Siang warns of campaign 

to portray DAP as out to get Maszlee

Well, no need to warn people like that la Kit Siang.

If it's true, then it's true, okay.

Doesn't really matter to me.

Maszlee is quite dumb to be a minister anyway.

He should know that in Malaysia Baru he shouldn't be trying to protect the rights of Malays, bumiputera and Islam.

You do that, then you will kena from your DAP masters.

They are the ones in power now.

But of course the DAP people who whacked Maszlee were not so bright either.

They don't understand that although they are in power, they shouldn't flaunt their power around such as by whacking a Malay minister, even if the guy is from a small party in Pakatan coalition.

That's because it's the Malays who actually gave DAP its power during GE14.

Yup, it's not the Indians and Chinese who made it happened for DAP despite their all out support for the party.

It's the Malays, who out of sympathy sided with Dr Mahathir and his followers in Pribumi Bersatu, which is Maszlee's party.

As I previously wrote, many Pakatan people, such as those who whacked Maszlee think that GE14 is their victory over the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera. They wanted to change everything such as the matriculation programme to favour themselves.

They don't realise that the more they do such things, the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera will become more aware of how insidious the Pakatan's agenda really is and that their own in the coalition are actually just stooges with no real say as of their interests.

But Kit Siang, being a veteran politician that he is, realise the whole situation and knows that Pakatan may not survive such stupidity, thus his statement which tries to distance DAP from the whacking of Maszlee.

But it doesn't matter, this sort of things will continue under the Pakatan government.

It will reach a point where they will want a rewrite of the country's constitution.

That's part of their Malaysian Malaysia ideology.

They talk about equality but in actual fact they want the supremacy of their race because they have the advantage in all fields over the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera.

I have never been against the vernacular schools but if they sincerely want to get rid of the bumiputera's special rights as enshrine in the constitution, then they must be ready to get rid of those schools too, among others.

But they will never want to give up what are theirs, don't they?

All they want is for the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera to be stripped of whatever little advantage that they have.

At the moment, with the Pakatan government in power, they are getting what they want.

As could be seen over the past one year of their rule, the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera in their coalition are proven to be mere stooges.

They just agree with anything dictated upon them and be whacked if they talk too much such as in the case of Maszlee.

They can't do much for their own people, okay.

That's why I declined when some of my friends asked me to continue the struggle from within Pribumi Bersatu or Amanah.

For me, at the moment, those friends of mine are just mere collaborators of DAP.

They are helping those who are out to subjugate the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera.

I'm quite sure, once they have outlived their usefulness, they will be discarded by their DAP masters...just like Maszlee.

I don't want to be one of those.


  1. True Annie. Enough is enough. I had voted for PH in the last two PRU elections after being hoodwinked line and sinker by the opposition Goebbel like propaganda .

    Now I had become PH most ardent critic and all PH spin I will respond in my whatsapp group.The mood is changing for sure.

  2. As much as I want to agree with what you said, I think Maszlee deserved to be whacked. His statement does indeed carry racial undertone. Comparing matriculation quota with something which is remotely unrelated such as job market. It ain’t got nothing to do with it.

    A year into the job, I found his performance as edu minister is mediocre at best. Not much happening accept school-going children shoes’ colour. No progress. Matriculation has became a big headache. PTPTN continues to become a pain in the arse. Next year probably skull cap for Muslim pupils.

    In May 2020, we gonna have a new PM. There’ll be cabinet reshuffle. Exodus of PKR top leaders will join the government as new minted ministers/deputy ministers. This guy will be replaced for sure. Probably someone with calibre or smarty arse in the name of Wong Chen.

    1. When that rear admiral fella gets to become PM, I'm very sure, DAP will the opportunity to squeeze his balls to their whims and fancy.
      Who knows, they might have other crystal-clear videos of him, recorded in hotel across Hong Kong and Singapore.

  3. annie kipiDAP your loathing + hatred, the world will pass you (or melayu) by sigh

  4. "You do that, then you will kena from your DAP masters."

    He he he...

    Maybe, Jho Low's master was DAP too. Exploiting the Malay's psyche of getting quick and easy-money, Cina-DAP might have send Jho Low as an agent to implode UMNO from within... its kepala-bapak President's wife.
    Najib was still DPM when TIA was coined, then morphed into 1MDB, almost immediately after becoming PM, 2009.

    "It's the Malays, who out of sympathy sided with Dr Mahathir and his followers in Pribumi Bersatu, which is Maszlee's party."

    Its not Malays' sympathy for Dr.M alone that PH won GE14.

    The anger seeing those conniving kleptocrats colluding with Cina-Kapir-Jho Low and his Arab buddies, headed by Najib & Rosmah, thieving and ruining Malay/Muslim institution such as FELDA, Tabung Haji, MARA, PNB, Yapiem, was the reason that drives most of the Malays like me to the point where I even blindly gave my vote to that Al-Juburi's Party.
    Of-course it would make it more difficult for me if it was DAP, contesting in my constituent.

    To me, the worse sin that Najib had done in his attempt to cloud 1MDB's thieving was sponsoring thousand of Imams for the Haj... using Rakyat's hutang-money!!!

    Its a complete disgrace to Bangsa, Agama & Negara.

    1. Saudara RD,

      You need not to worry.

      Even if Tun M step down, according to DSAI, he can still play a role.

      Tun M is not got to retire to some beach at Pacific Ocean with Tun Siti Hasmah.

      He is still the President of Parti Bersatu.

      According to DSAI, there will a role for him.

      Maybe, it is like Singapore kind of arrangement. Tun M can be the minister mentor like Lee Kuan Yew. Who knows.

      Bottom line is that, Tun M will play a major role. There are other component parties in Pakatan like DAP, Bersatu dan Amanah to ensure DSAI in in check.

      So, not too worry too much.

    2. RD.. u ade financial background atau dak? Takpe, blogger ni huraikn topic2 per yr quotes atas (Malay/Muslim institution such as FELDA, Tabung Haji, MARA, PNB, Yapiem), sapa tak pass SPM pun mudah paham;


      Topic2 lain byk dia bagi penjelasan. Blogger ni jemput boboy Saddiq debate entah dia lari sembunyi masuk gua mana, senyap aje.

      u kena la campoq2 dgn mrk yg ade setipiket tulin, klo dgq dari Guan Eng, Saddiq, Mat Sabu etc entah2 mrk sendiri tak faham bab2 ekonomi.

      Haiyaaaa ini la yg dkatakan gomen ineptocracy.. dah 1 tahun kelupoq memanjang.Bila agaknya sesama pemimpin PH bole "BERSATU"?????

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Anon 20:54.

      "According to DSAI, there will a role for him."

      Ehmm... You must be very close to him.

    4. Sama seperti Pak Lah dan Tingkat 4, sebaik saja menjadi PM, lantik diri-sendiri, pegang Kementerian KeWANGan.

      Benda sebegini pun sudah nampak pelik, tak patut dan mencurigakan.

      Tak perlu ada financial background untuk faham.

    5. PN. Lemak,

      Itu Setipiket Bossku yang hilang, dah jumpa belum.?

      Macamana Setipiket boleh hilang?

    6. Anon 22:22

      You dh visit fb Najib ke? Rasanya ade tunjuk.

      Tst tst RD.
      Klo hang takde latar belakang financial/acctg atau Economics, macam mana nak faham keadaan sebenar kewangan sesabuah syarikat?

      Takat nak dgq boboy Saddiq, Guan Eng atau Mat Sabu bebel atas pentas tau tau Balance sheet pun depa taktau nak analyse. Issshhh payah2.

      Apapun, klo tak faham masuk blog Azmi arshad tanya2 apa yg tak faham...

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

    7. Ehmm... Azmi Arshad... dah lebih dua tahun dia block aku dalan FB. Bila aku tanya sesuatu mengenai 1MDB atau Jho Low, dia asyik dok kata... aku tertinggal bas la, tertinggal keretapi dan sebagainya.

      Cuba hang tanya dia... berapa juta keuntungan Reach Energy Bhd. telah jana kepada TH yang bertahun² labur lebih 100 juta untuk beli saham syarikat ex-CFO ini?

      Kalau Azmi Arshad berjaya jana berBillion-Billion keuntungan untuk TH, baru boleh kita yakin & percaya dengan "latar belakang financial/acctg atau Economics" dia.

      Harap Maklum.

  5. A friend lamented when Malaysia can forge ahead as one nation without racial issues cropping up now and then.
    I simply quipped, _ when “Dong Jiao Zong” start corresponding in JAWI !!!

  6. bumi quotas / discounts in school, uni, workplace. civil service 100%, GLC bosses 100% bumi. royalty all bumis, all but one MB bumi.

    but yeah, DAP runs the show.

  7. Thankfully emirates do not practised bangsa bahasa & agama, you dont hv to be arab or arabic speaking to join them right so this is the answer that emirates is so much successful than mas...

  8. Annie,

    Race again?

    How come there is so many racial issues in your blog?

    Can we say that everything, I mean everything is about race?

    I do not think so. America is the most powerful country but they got so many races. They even got a black president.

    You cannot think just about race. There are other things like honesty instead of thievery. Competent instead of incompetence.

    Sure, they ask about matriculation.

    What? MCA did not ask about this?

    Just recently MIC says something about Matriculation. Of course you do not want say anything.

    Which races who do not ask for education?. They all want education.

    What is wrong with education for everybody.?

    If there is not enough place, just increase the placement of the matriculation. What is so hard.?

    DAP will ask, MIC will ask, MCA will ask.

    Not only DAP only.

    Pakatan got 3 majority malay parties. If the education minister say that Malay will be prioritise for matriculation. So DAP going to say what?

    But, you going to expect MCA, MIC, Gerakan , PBS, DAP stay quite about education?

    Come on la.

    1. You cannot compare America or even Canada with Malaysia.

      In the late 16th century, the British, French, Spaniard and the Dutch launched a major colonization programme that almost decimated the Red-Indians, robbed their land and called it America.

      While on their way to their new found land, they transit in Africa to either snatch or buy slaves from kidnappers. That's where that Black President came from... and he's half-black, by the way.

      That's what the Malays are afraid of... be like the Red-Indians who today live in reservation.
      More so, when the Malays think of what happen to Tumasek... as a matter of fact, they lose it to the Chinese in 1965... about a 100 years after it was sold-off to the British by someone they revered, the custodian of their Islamic faith.

    2. Mr. RD,

      Actually, the Portuguese came for us in 1511.

      Alfonso De Albuqurque attacked Malacca for the wooden throne.

      He did not came with dragons but ships.

      Malacca falls because of the "Si Kotol" fler who open the gate to let the Portuguese enter.

      I do not know how much they paid Si Kitol. Maybe not very much. Cash is King, those days you know.

      Because of Si Kital, Malaysia was colonized for more than 400 hundred years.

      Mind you, Si Kitol is not from DAP party. He is 100% pure Malay.

      If you refer to history, it can teach is great many things on who is the real culprit.

    3. Through history, I guess Mainland Chinese leaders have more wisdom. They leased Hong Kong for a hundred years to the British until it is fully developed as a commercial & trading hub, while Malay leaders sold off Tumasek... selagi ada bulan dan bintang.

    4. Mr. Anon 21:08

      I'm not talking about Melaka, the Portuguese or Si Kitol in 1511. That was 508 years ago.

      Its about Tumasek, which is just roughly 150 years since it was sold to the British by the Temenggong.
      Unfortunately, 54 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman might have no choice but to eject it from the Federation. As a matter of fact, we lost it to the Cinakui.

      Anyway, treason committed by Si Kitol did not caused Melaka to be owned by the Portuguese forever... or... selagi ada bulan & bintang.

      About 2 years ago, the Gomen under BN, have gazetted that 'Malacca' in English, must be written as Melaka.

      Kata Prof. Jangan la nak tunjuk keras kepala sehingga engkar perintah Kerajaan, walaupun dari BN.

    5. To Annie, everything is about race and religion. The same old dumgok ideology. That's why this country is in such a shambles. Because of dummies like annie...sigh

  9. "It will reach a point where they will want a rewrite of the country's constitution." Really, Annie. Seriously. It is your insidious propaganda that's really worrying me, because you are supposed to be neutral. Tsk...tsk...tsk.

    1. Annie neutral? She's a freaking dumbno dumbass!

  10. fr collaborator(s) in dumbo...arahan dari hq, sekarang pastikan setiap posting kami tumpukan kpd dap & kalau boleh gunakan kreativiti utk kaitkan dgn issue bangsa & agama...well done annie dumbo will reward you with dedak :)

  11. Saudari Cik Annie,

    Bagi sayalah, kita kena tengok perkara ini secara objektif.

    Matrikulasi, STPM ini adalah satu cara masuk universiti.

    Bagi saya, matrikulasi ini adalah "overated sangat".

    Zaman sekarang, ada cara lain masuk universiti.

    Salah satu adalah guna Diploma.

    Banding Diploma dengan Matrikulasi, Sijil Diploma masih laku, boleh digunakan untuk kerja. Sijil Matrikulasi laku apa?

    Keduanya, orang yang Diploma kurang stress sangat berbanding dengan mereka yang ada sijil saja, kalo apa-apa pun terjadi masa buat ijazah, mereka masih ada diploma. Orang yang ada diploma boleh masuk mana-mana universiti dan boleh buat part time untuk degree.

    Zaman sekarang ini pun banyak ada IPTS, universiti swasta yang baik-baik walaupun memang agak mahal. Tapi kalau ada Diploma, hanya perlu 2 tahun boleh setel ijazah.

    Pokok pangkalnya, adalah untuk masuk universiti.

    Kalo Dr. Mazlee guna otaknya, dia boleh selesaikan perkara ini.

    Bagi saya, isu ini boleh setel.

    Yang susah nak setel, isu PTPTN. Macamana nak biayai pelajar-pelajar zaman sekarang dengan kos univerisit yang semakin meningkat.

  12. all these senseless bangsa bahasa + agama mcm pagar makan padi right sigh

  13. Go to hell for me to sign the blooody shit petition on Mazlee. So what is wrong with his policy...DAMN u DAP...I would sign if there is petition on LGE..talk cork...mulut bau TAIK

  14. apparently maszlee is educated but he is not a learned person, better not to utter stupidfool Bullshit Nasional mcm dumbo bossku or annie, kerana mulut badan binasa wakakaka