Sunday 26 May 2019

A good U-turn on China

Looks like

Pakatan government committed to stronger Malaysia-China ties


” I have always believed in the principle of ‘prosper thy neighbour’ and as China prospered, it has in turn prospered Malaysia as well,” he added.
On China’s Belt and Road initiative, the prime minister said Malaysia had taken the position of supporting it for the benefits were mutually shared and distributed and for Malaysia, it was a continuation of the ancient trade that started way back during the Malacca empire and trading between both countries had never diminished for centuries.
Good lah, like that.

However, I do remember all those previous talks about BN selling off the country to China.

Like as reported here,

Selling the country to China? 

Debate spills into Malaysia's election


Mahathir Mohamad, who heads an alliance hoping to oust Najib, has seized on popular disquiet about Chinese investment pouring into Malaysia and turned it into an election issue.
Najib, he says, is selling Malaysia out to China.
This could matter for Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and for Malaysia’s economy because Mahathir, who was the country’s prime minister for more than two decades, has vowed to reconsider Chinese contracts if the opposition wins on May 9.
“Coming in here, buying land, developing luxurious towns, is not beneficial for us,” the 92-year-old former leader said of China’s investments in a recent interview with Reuters. “Quite definitely, we will review.”
Najib has repeatedly shrugged off Mahathir’s barbs on China, saying that allowing foreign direct investment does not amount to selling the country’s sovereignty.
Those are after and before GE14.

Anything goes, I guess.

Janji menang pilihanraya.

But really, I don't like people who think it's okay to lie.

Today says something, tomorrow says another thing. That's bad.

Well, what's done is done.

Now we have this Pakatan government because we believe what its leaders said and voted for them.

Just bear with it lah....the lies, U-turns, incompetence, stupidity, racism, etc.

As far as the Pakatan government's intention to maintain good relations with China, I actually support this U-turn.

It's good for the country.

About the previous selling the country to China lie, that's just their tactic to win votes.

That one you all decide in the next general election.

If you all still okay being led by liars, then vote for them again lah.

But if you prefer honest people to manage this country, change the government.

That's later, okay.

For now lets support things which is good for the country....even if its a U-turn decision.

Okay, enough of politics.

I'm actually bored today.

Such a boring Sunday.

To entertain myself, here's one of my favourite videos of how I believe paradise should be....

....and that's in China. Very tough and talented lady, that one.



  1. I do hope the Prime Minister and PH government should ask for forgiveness from the rakyat for lying, misled the rakyat and promising a lot of things but delivering little.

    I cant wait for this DAP led government to be kicked out for good in the next PRU.

  2. Watched all the vidoes. Beautiful house. Macam duduk di Syurga. Cannot believe, it is in China. Kalau dapat tempat secantik itu, I don'mind kerja keras.

  3. Ade hikmah sebalik kekalahan BN.. syukur byk2 dunia dapat saksi akhirnya apa niat2 DAP yang sebenarnya...

    Katak2 puru dalam BN dgn sendiri lompat keluaq.

    Kepandaian mereka merusumkan ekonomi Negara hanya dalam tempuh 1 tahun.. hmmm USD dh 4.19 sikalang.. and so on

    Tapi yg tetap dalam ingatan, pesanan dan doa Allahyarham Datuk Fadzil Noor suatu ketika dahulu supaya Tun Mahathir Mohamed dipanjangkan umur dimakbulkan Allah...

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. memang betul prof, ada hikmah sebalik kekalahan BN selain dapat saksi niat2 DAP yang sebenarnya, kita semua juga dapat tahu siapa kah penyamun penyamun harta negara yang sebenarnya.

      satu persatu pencuri sedang dihadapkan ke mahkamah untuk diadili dengan undang2 negara.

      harap negara kita akan mempunyai pemimpin yang berintigriti selepas PRU 15 nanti selepas PH dinyahkan oleh para pengundi2.

    2. Nak sedapkan hati-sendiri boleh la.

      Zahid Hamidi pun dapat 'lailatulkadar'... katanya.

      Kalau UMNO/BN menang PRU14... tak dapat la kot.

  4. I fully support Pakatan's commitment to a stronger Malaysia-China ties, on the condition that, among its coalition members, there is no 'Party-to-Party' political-relation with The Communist Party of China... like what MCA was known to have had.

    Please don't forget... before GE14, ISMA and PERKASA have even questioned the need for MCA to send its cadres for training with the China's Communist Party in Beijing.
    Worst still, during MCA's GE14-campaign, they even took the advantage of using President Xi Jinping's portrait on its billboard as if they're politically connected to their motherland.

    "As far as the Pakatan government's intention to maintain good relations with China, I actually support this U-turn."

    'U-turn' is when you said you want to do something or you don't want to... but later on, what you actually did, was totally the opposite.

    In the case of ECRL and Bandar Malaysia/TRX... it wasn't Dr. M or Kit Siang's brainchild. It originated from that scumbag who's hutang-Negara, as PM cum Finance Minister, was already keliling-pinggang. At that time, interest on debt alone, was RM30 Billion/year.

    Here's the reason why I think it cannot be abandoned:-

    - money have been spend, including hutang, pajak-gadai/mortgage to foreign-Banks.

    - TUDM camps (except its runway or air-strip) have been moved to Sendayan or somewhere. (TUDM's replacement base have no air-strip?)

    - acquisition of orang-kampung's land, some including gomen's land, mountains and forest have been cleared for track alignment. (Balak dah ambil dulu kot?) Wildlife have also been affected.

    - make-shift industrial complex/plants, with industrial cement and steel processing capabilities have been constructed along the alignment, most have started work.

    ... everything will be wasted if the ECRL is cancel, not to mention the amount of penalty, gomen have to pay to Cina-Komunis Construction Company.

    Anyway... I would prefer Malaysia be closer to China and Russia, rather than with US and the West. After-all, the West have been known as colonial-master and until today, their presence are felt in every corners of the World. Just look at those >500 Military Bases... from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, right up to the Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and Marshal Islands in the Pacific.
    That's why I don't mind China building its Military outpost in South China Sea.

    "It's good for the country."

    Of-course its good for the country, when... after re-negotiation with Communist China... the project can provide jobs and business opportunities for Malaysians.
    Unlike Najib and Cina-Jho Low's time... when payment and everything else, including manpower are procured from Mainland China.

    1. Saudara RD,

      Your comment,

      "... everything will be wasted if the ECRL is cancel, not to mention the amount of penalty, gomen have to pay to Cina-Komunis Construction Company."

      To be exact, the amount of penalty is RM22 billion.

      So, the original cost is RM65.5 billion.

      So, our thanks to Tun Daim, now is RM44 billion

      So, if we decide "not" to continue, we still have to pay RM22 billion penalty.

      It is not Pakatan Harapan Politicians or Bossku that have to pay RM22 billion if cancelled but "The rakyat marhain of Malaysia"

      Now Annie said that Pakatan U turn about BN contract. She left out the part where Tun Daim reduce the cost RM21 billion and the penalty that the "rakya" have to pay to cancel it.

    2. Thank You Anon 21:51.

      I'm really not good at numbers.

      Furthermore its just on paper, more often than not, just to impress people. Hence can't be trusted, especially when its only an estimated cost. The actual numbers can only be known after the whole project is open for business. But still, it can be manipulated.

      Anyway, 'cook the books' is an idiom used in accounting to make people feel good about corporate or government's spending.

      Hence when Deloitte declared...'can no longer be relied upon'... on its 1MDB's 2013 & 2014 Audited Financial statement (both, a year late), 2 weeks after DOJ's filing in 2015, we already knew some books have been cooked to pull wool over our eyes.

  5. I guess the renegotiation of the ECRL project was also a u-turn? Forest City also u-turn Please look at developments in their proper perspective. What about Bukit Chagar? Another u-turn too? Lots more to come.

    Let us wait and see. Don't be too quick to make your own misguided and biased assumptions.

    1. Long list of Uturn; BR1M rebrand BSH, ecrl, MRT, Bandar Malaysia, Proton takeove by Geely dulu kutuk macam macam, sekarang puji..Bukit Kiara development, Lynas, MCKIP...Next coming will be HSR and GST etc..

      By Uturn, indirectly they agree what was BN doing was correct except 1MDB.

      ..Hopeless government.Instead of jilat balik ludah should eat their own shit.

    2. so wats wrong with u turn? u may cross double white or double yellow if d turning can be made safely. n i think dis particular turn is to clean ur ass from stink.

  6. Heard another U turn is coming.GST... This government is a really a joke.LGE should resign if this happened.

  7. Annie,

    There is another blog, "Kluangdiamond" refers to your blog and wrote the title "Use your brain".

    I think he meant you are not using your brain.

    Maybe because of the puasa, the lacking of carbohidrate and protein, maybe effecting your cognitive thinking capabilities.

    Looking at your title, it is rather odd.

    Tun M never said that we are going to be unfriendly with China.

    For your info, Tun M was our fourth PM for 22 years and never been all those year our policies were unfriendly with China.

    For your info also, Tun M also did not built multiple of Forest Cities in KL, Selangor, Kedah and etc...

  8. Whatever it is, I have no regret. Nak kata U-turn, u-turnlah. long as the u-turns benifit us the rakyat, not, Najib, Rosmah, Jhlow, China-Prc and the kronies. We pay, they pocketed everything. Under PH gomen, perjanjian tidak berat sebelah. No more Chinese control all. So I am happy the gomen buat u-turn. Kenapa nak mintak maaf..?In the first place, we never ask for it. We inherited the burden from the previous gomen. Ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak. Ada banyak choice ke, Annie....????

    1. cikminah

      ..We inherited the burden from the previous gomen...

      Huraikan sikit burden apabenda ni? PH cekau duit Petronas blum sampai satu tahun RM80b lajuuuu aje? Wonder process mencekau duit Petronas telah melalui proper procedure atau main amik ikut suka aje??

      Dh la cikminah. Be more professional wth yr postings la. Jgn koman sgt asyik pokpekpokpek memanjang macam Saddiq dan menteri2 yg pakai fake setipiket... Cuba tengok CPAEW ni;

      PH dh ketaq tgk tindak balas China dgn US bab Huawei. Eksyen sgt mula2, nah tak impot kelapa sawit terus beli dgn Indonesia sebagai amaran lembut.. klo PH tak faham bahasa mmg bahalol la otak mereka.

      Najib pi sana dapat sambutan luar biasa.. PH tak berani antaq Guan Eng Jelutong dan Kok ya? Terpaksa hantaq toktua Daim kepit briefcase terbang pi mai pi mai.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Profesori. Kau bagi link ka CFO yang company rugi cerita pasal economy sapa nak baca.Bertahun2 CFO ni keluarkan bukti2 la konon semua pasal 1MDB fitnah. Skerang fitnah semua dah jadi bukti dalam mahkamah. Amacam cerita?

  9. BODOH SOMBONG ..that's how I see PH now...

    1. Bodoh sombong is how you see the malays and annie. After all the evidence of corruption, stealing ( including DoJ, who Annie believes is influence by DAP ), they still think they are better off with Najib, UmNO, PAS

  10. Bodoh and Sombong . Thats the proper accronym. Bodoh for songlapping billions of ringgit but failed to cover your tracks. Bodoh is for creating billions of dollars when the hutang is unable to pay. Bodoh is for telling numerous lies and denying when he is in power but now kantoi to exlain those lies when exposed when lost power. Bodoh is denying to not even know Jo Low when a photograph of him in the Yacht with his whole family with the plump. A picture is worth a thousand words.Bodoh will do what Bodoh does best , typical character. And above all Sombong is a person who will not accept no wrong doing. He needs a reflections from way back till now all his statements of his denials, then maybe the true meaning of his nick " Apa Malu Boss Ku" will get to his head and those recalcitrants followers.

  11. U so bahalul Cik M...we picked those buggars to lead the country on what they promise to deliver. Of course the law will decide Najib fate but DAMN...PH cheated and have the guts to claim credit for recycle projects by previous govt. Go tell LGE and Azmin that they are not brilliant after all..Cakap saja pandai buat kerja substandard...low class...

    1. PH did not steal any money.

      US already returned stolen money to Malaysia and Singapore as well.

      Deloitte have been raided by Police and they had stated that 1MDB statements cannot be relied upon.

      So, those who sided with BN bahalul or sided PH Bahalul?

  12. maybe china will say once bitten twice shy

  13. Cik Minah another bodoh sombong PH yang kecot telog to accept the true that PH is full of shit .

  14. Hahaha.....the truth always hurt. So now the trend is cikminah
    bashing. Suka hat koranglsh. Ada aku kisah.....

  15. terima kasih bahlulkan org dlm blog Annie yg tak bahlul. mesti dulu masa sekolah ramai org panggil dia bahlul, tu pasal hobi dia suka bahlulkan org. Dulu bos yg tak berapa bahlu suka cakap "apa ke bangang". La ni ada pulak cai cai suka bahlul kan org lain. Terima kasih En.Bahlul!!

  16. Annie, I am wondering when did Tun M lied about relationship with China. What Tun M said is he will review the projects with China as he suspected there is elementp of corruption and that is what he did. As for you stating that you voted PH. I think here you are lying.

  17. a good u turn by bossku, dia dah biasakan diri makan nasi (takde lagi quinoa) kerana nanti di sungai buloh resort biasanya nasi sama kari mungkin ada kangkong + lobak dibekalkan oleh dumbo hidup bossku wakakaka

  18. Theres a diff btw selling the country and doing bussiness.

    I thought u would know the diff

  19. Sorry la...artikel sokong jho low macam ni tak boleh diterima.

    The one who made stupid deals with china wasn't Tun M. It was Jho Low's buddy Najib.

  20. Prof. Nasi Lemak.

    Laa... 'dapat sambutan luar biasa' pun, Prof boleh heran ka?
    Orang yang sudah terkenal seanterio-dunia sebagai Kleptocracy, memang la... macam semut orang kerumun untuk memeras apa saja darinya.

    Orang pun sudah tahu dia terdesak dengan hutang keliling-pinggang, masa tu la nak picik-telor dia supaya menurut kemahuan sesiapa yang menawarkan sesuatu kesempatan, baik dari segi menaikkan image, popularity atau pun project yang dapat menutup lobang yang telah dikorek melalui 1MDB.

    Orang terdesak macam Najib inilah yang beri peluang pemimjam-wang-haram aka Along, cari-makan.

    Negara China yang banyak duit, memang suka sangat la... orang terdesak macam Najib ni.

    Amerika... tak payah cakap la.
    Terganga mulut Trump bila Najib kata, 'mahu memajukan ekonomi Amerika', sambil berjanji nak beli berpuloh-puloh model Boeing 737 Max-8 yang hari ini, di grounded seluruh dunia.
    Terkejut-beruk CEO MatSalleh-German MAS ketika itu... terus letak jawatan.

    Cuba bayangkan keadaan MAS yang hari ini... ada ura-ura mahu di'jual' kerana 'bisness' tak tentu-hala. Kerajaan pun tidak mampu lagi menanggung beban operasinya.

    Singapura pun sama... Depa suka sangat la pemimpin Melayu-Malaysia yang boleh di 'kilas-tangan' demi kepentingan depa. Sekurang-kurangnya, dapat la beli-pasir dengan harga lebih-murah, daripada beli dari Negara yang lebih jauh untuk menambak-laut sehingga kesempandan perairan Malaysia. Bertambah sempit lagi la, Selat Tebrau.

    Ingat tak dulu, Najib kata di simpan RM 2 Biliyon ka apa, di Singapura untuk mengelak kerenah birokrasi Bank Negara?

    Tak pelik ka?... kenyataan sedemikian keluar dari mulu PM yang juga Menteri KeWANGan.

    Last-last, duit tu bertukar jadi 'Unit'... unit kepala-bu**h apa pun... sampai hari ini, tidak ada sesiapa yang tahu.

    Ehmm... Dr.M dan Cina-DAP saja yang kuat-tipu. BossKu... mana pernah tipu Rakyat yang beliau sayangi.

  21. i used to wonder how a criminal can suddenly be a bossku. reading the comments, yup I see it now. one even called himself prof.

    just wow.