Wednesday 15 May 2019

Alternatives to cigarettes

I'm cooking for sahur now.

Boiling some meat which seem to take ages.

So, rather than wasting time staring at the stove like stupid, I'm doing this update about myself.

No mood for politics so early in the morning.

Just want to tell you all that I'm switching from years of smoking Marlboro Light to this,

It's a heat-not-burn device.

There's an argument going on about it but I'm not interested to argue.

Just want to say that I'm more comfortable using this device than smoking normal cigarettes.

A journalist friend advised me the other day not to write too much about it in case people may accuse me of advertising the product. So, that's all I'm going to write about it. Anything more you all have to google lah.

Whatever it is, at least I'm now cutting down a lot on the habit.

By the way, for variety, I'm also using this now,

It's sort of like vape.

I feel that both devices are better than cigarettes as they seem less hazardous and not so addictive.

Hopefully the anti-smoking gang don't find all these too offensive. Relax la ya.

Maybe after using the devices for awhile I can quit the bad habit altogether.

See lah how.

Ok, I think I better get back to my cooking.



  1. Been using it for the last 6 months. Ciggies are no longer welcome in hotels nowadays especially in EU countries. No smell, no hassle of getting dress in layers especially during cold season and not to mention the 100 euros fine if get caught smoking inside your room. Can smoke inside the car without the need of winding down the window. Tried it everywhere except in flight. Used to smoked 30 sticks of Marlboro Black Menthol per day and now all conventional cigarettes taste suck.

    Sedago Mimpi

  2. Hey Annie,

    I have a suggestion,

    Why not you convert from Bee N to Pakatan?

    They have excellent smoking policies, increase tax and no smoking public areas, and so forth.

    I used to smoked cigarettes. Been doing that since 18 years old. They say will relieve stress and all those bullshits.

    I managed to get rid of it for completely.

    The best way to stop smoking is to get sick.

    I got bronchitis, lost my voice for a month. That is the best motivation to me and I did not take any cigarette for more than 5 years now.

    Now I am addicted to coffee instead. Starbucks Barista taught me the correct way to make black coffee. Using french press or pour over. I got a coffee grinder and all. Sometimes, during fasting, I think about coffee rather than food.

    So for me, caffeine replace nicotine.

    Now, my friends smoke cigarette in front of me like a locomotive, I am not even bothered.

    and no more chest ache waking up in the morning.

  3. Why quit something that has taken you so long to master it..!!

  4. Sahur buat apa susah2 rebus daging! Berjanggut baru boleh dapat makan.

    Rokok ni sebenarnya bukan ketagihan tapi tebiat buruk. Aku dah hisap rokok 40 tahun. Belum mau berhenti lagi. Tapi menteri cakap aku ikut. Tak mau kena fine. hahahaha. Kalau pagi2 belum hisap 4,5 batang with 1st cup of coffee, otak jam..tak boleh kerja.

    Apa2 alternative device, tak main. Rolling tobacco, the best.

  5. My 50+ yrs old brother in law smoke cig like a teenager, sometimes he smokes 2 packs a day. His family has the history of heart disease and diabetes. He had a mild stroke years ago. Despite all these, he's totally addicted to nicotine and wont stop smoking.

    Probably I should ask him to try your method to stop smoking, Annie. Thanks for bringing it up to our attention.

  6. You need someone flesh and blood and hot and kind and sweet and smart and handsome and rugged your life. That's all i wanna say today. All in one breath.


  7. Annie ! eaa aa ,ini balang mana mau lapat , sikalang itu lokok manyak mahat maa aa ,selupa itu laging maa aa lia punya halga . Wa manyak ingat kelajaan manyak galak itu seludup punya lokok ,itu pasat betut punya tatak mampu hisap lor rr.

  8. Been a smoker for the past 37 years. Tried Nanostix 4 months ago. Quit smoking cold turkey. Nuff said.

  9. Your choice!

  10. Bagus tu cik Annie

    Kita dok umah relax2 hari2 ikuti perkembangan terkini other leaders lagi best.. Depa2 ni perkenalkn projek2 futuristic for the benefit of THE WORLD,

    ...otak depa dgn pemimpin PH iisshhh jauh beza, macam bumi dan langit.

    Haiyaa.. Toktua2 dalam PH hari2 kerja dok kelahi dgn semua olang, kepit briefcase terbang sana sini apahal? Tengok apa Satoshi Nakamoto dok buat!

    Yang si boboy Saddiq mengoyan fanboying dgn KPop kesian sungguh dgn dia ni. Nak gaduh2 dgn TMJ pula apahal? Tengok apa Vitalik Buterin dok buat. Aduhhhhh

    Malu la sikit kat Satoshi Nakamoto dan Vitalik Buterin.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. hi annie, smoking has been your habit for so long. and suddenly you realize it's bad. although it gives you little joy but stinky and damaging.

    so you're looking for alternative. the one that available is e-cigarette. thou not perfect but you cling to it hopefully become better. or your old nicotine transforms