Saturday 18 May 2019

Stop mollycoddling PTPTN loan defaulters

This is the latest dumb ass statement by Anwar in his bid to be popular for the build up to him taking over the premiership from Dr Mahathir next year (which I don't think will ever happen).

Give PTPTN borrowers time to settle 

loans before introducing travel ban


"I am will support the people's will, and I feel that the public will disagree with any harsh actions, especially for those who have yet to get a job. 
"They took a loan, buy they do not have any work yet. 
"Why do we want to burden them, that is my view," said the Port Dickson MP. 

Fuck you lah Anwar. If the loan defaulters don't have a job, why the hell they should worry about being banned from travelling overseas.

One year since Pakatan took over Putrajaya and there's no sign that PTPTN is doing any better in collecting payment. In fact it's getting worse.

And those stupid shits at The Star didn't even bother to get the title of their story right. It's not "introducing" la assholes, it's "reintroduce".

Why the fuck they didn't mention in the story that the travel ban was lifted by the Pakatan government because it's part of their manifesto?

What a bunch of bootlickers.

This is the kind of spins they resorted to.

Now that Pakatan people are in charge, they don't know what to do about the PTPTN's problems with the loan defaulters.

The defaulters don't want to pay their student loans, others have to suffer for it.

I'm talking about the tax payers and younger batch of students who need to borrow money from PTPTN.

If PTPTN closes down, then what?

Still want to mollycoddle the loan defaulters?

Last time, when PTPTN had a working way to handle the problem, the Pakatan assholes did exactly that.

Two promises that they made to win votes;
- Only those earning RM4,000 and above should start paying their loans
- Lifting the travel ban on the loan defaulters

They made such a hue and cry over it.

Now we know what happened.

In fact, back then they even campaigned and talked like this;

Stupid irresponsible assholes.

Demand la for free education some more.

Now that PTPTN is struggling to survive, I don't care if they make a U-turn on this nonsense.

More than half of the PTPTN borrowers are not paying back their loan, okay. 

That's billions of ringgit meant for younger students gone.

Go and get them la.

The money is for the younger generation of students. Get that into their heads.

If Pakatan leaders like Anwar still want to play politics on this, then I hope the people know that's all that they care about.


PTPTN’s 10 ideas to improve 

repayment rate

I say, just do the whole bloody thing.

As long as the younger generation is not deprived of the money for education, I don't care what PTPTN wants to do to the loan defaulters.

Seriously, I'm tired of their whining.

You borrow, you pay, okay. One way or another. It's as simple as that.

And Pakatan leaders, stop being such irresponsible dick heads like Anwar.

You all made so many U-turns in the past, one more would not hurt. Do it again for this one.

At least this one will really do good for especially Malaysia's younger generation.

If you all are so scared of losing the votes of the loan defaulters, then ban them from voting too until they start paying what they owe PTPTN.

I don't mind that.

I just want the money back for the younger students to borrow to go to university.

As for Anwar, his cheap trick of trying to be popular on this issue really convince me that he's not fit to be the next PM.

Let Dr Mahathir continues as the PM as long as he wants.

I'm sure he can just steam roll over everything and squeeze the PTPTN loan defaulters to make them pay what they owe.


  1. Annie,

    During the period of Ramadhan, you have take care of nasty swearing words. I mean, do you really need to use those nasty words.?

    This PTPTN issue revolve on the issue of economy, the behavior of the defaulters and so forth.

    As you know, it is not a quick fix.

    As long as the economy is down, then you have to expect defaulters.

    We then should also ask, why is our economy is not so good.?

    If our economy is good or ok, then we can blame the bad behavior of defaulters.

    Travelling ban is not the answer because, how are Malaysian can work in Singapore if there is a travelling ban? There are hundred thousand Malaysian works in Singapore daily as there cannot find a good paying jobs in Malaysia.

    Some of Malaysian even travel to Australia to find work.

    It is not an easy answer.

    If you have any bright ideas, then maybe you should put forward.

    We should also ask how come there are plenty of Jobs in Singapore and Australia.

    Maybe because there do not have corruption, Kleptocracy, that is why their economy is in better shape. I am just saying.

    I heard they are due to come up with some solution for this PTPTN thing by June or July, this year.

    So, lets wait for that outcome before we jump the gun.

    1. I agree on PH leaders being dick heads (with bird brain). Cheers PH.

    2. We should ask jow come there are plenty of jobs in S'pore & Australia..

      Answer: Msians are doing the jobs shun by locals, i.e. the kind of jobs that foreign workers here are doing. The only diff is they earn higher due to fx.

    3. Hundred thousand working at factories in Spore. Here do not have factories? How come?

      Why is the fx so great in Australia and Spore.

      Maybe, they do not have Kleptocracy and Corruption.

      Actually, their corruption level is low according to statistics.

  2. I am with U Annie. Loan must be paid, starting with study loan. If u starts your life by defaulting your study loan, u will ends up being a failure. Orang tua-tua kata, alah bisa jadi biasa. I have seen older generation who refused to pay study loan from MARA, becomes a failure. Pada hal dia ada macam-macam degree tapi ada masalah, susah nak bayar hutang. The money that u loan is from the people. MARA loans taken from the taxes, PTPTN loan from EPF. Who is going to pay the rm56 billion EPF money taken for PTPTN loan....????
    Definately from tax payers. Rm56 billion is a lot of money that can be used to develop the country. U can even built ECRL!! but all are burnt for nothing. These young people ought to be taught to pay their loans. It starts with study loan, than car loan, personal loan, Tekon loan, later on housing loan. Tak cerita lagi, loans from friends and adik beradik dan saudara mara. Than loans from Ah Long, the lonely sharks becase u are black out from bank loans. Some ends up a bankrapsi. U becomes old without money and bergelumang dgn hutang. U are a dead failour. A burden to your family and children. Believe me, it all starts from study loan. Alah bisa tegal biasa.


    Azmin kata "Allah beri khazanah minyak mengalir bawah tanah" tst tst kesian students semua kena kencing.

    Petronas yg BN tubuhkan, bertahun2 telah menyumbang berbillion2 rgt. 10bulan aje PH perintah, RM80b dividen di cekau dr Petronas? Ewah ewah sakan betoi balun duit Petronas?

    Atok kata jumlah pinjaman trtunggak PTPTN RM39b... haiyaaa klo ikut Azmin duit dari Petronas kan lebih dari cukup?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. Kami berharap PTPTN ditukarkan menjadi biasiswa kerana anda pemimpin2 PH telah menJANJIkan penghapusan PTPTN sekiranya anda telah menjadi keajaan. Kini kami menagih janji manifesto tersebut! Janji juga merupakan suatu KONTRAK yang sah antara dua pihak.

    1. Btl tu hapuskan ptptn tukar kpd biasiswa jpa, mara, negeri mcm dulu dn yg dpt adala mereka yg dpt tmpt kt universiti awam makna mereka benar2 layak msuk universiti, bkn yg nk blajar kt universiti swasta,lulus b melayu d peringkat spm dh dpt sijil spm spm kolej swasta amik bdk2 yg sekadar dpt kredit dlm bm dn dua tiga subjek lg dh ble mohon msuk universiti dgn ambil jurusan yg ngarut, nk elak pekara ni ptptn kena hapuskan kembali semula mcm dulu

    2. Kawan,

      Yang tukang janji patut nya engkau dah boleh fikir dia boleh tunai ke tidak. Awak graduan university la.

      Priority kerajaan hari ni adalah isu-isu ekonomi dan penysuman semual govermment finances. Ini kalau belum selesai buat, mana datang nya hasil nak lupus pinjaman ptptn ? Cuba engkau pakai otak sikit.

    3. 22:19

      Anak aku BM dapat D. Aku masukkan dia U dulu. Dah 2 semester aku tanggung baru dapat loan. Sekarang dah setahun lebih dia bayar balik pinjaman walaupun dia dapat kerja di kedai tayar aje. Hutang kena bayar dan setidak-tidak nya kena ada niat nak bayar.

      Kakak dia aku jawab tuition fees setahun baru dapat loan. Dah grad tapi tak dapat kerja betul2 dan sekarang tak kerja. Hutang dah tinggal Rm395 aje. Kena ada niat nak bayar. Baru datang usaha tu. Berhenti meminta-minta.

  5. Anda menjanjikan pendidikan PERCUMA disemua peringkat sebelum PRU14. Anda kini telah menjadi kerajaan dan kami MENAGIH janji anda.

  6. Kami berharap duit Petronas boleh digunakan untuk melupuskan hutang2 PTPTN menjadi biasiswa. Hak untuk mendapatkan biasiswa untuk anak2 Bumiputra ada temaktub didalam perlembagaan.

    1. Masa Najib-UMNO/BN dulu pun, pasal apa tak guna duit Petronas untuk lupus hutang2 PTPTN.

      Beratus-ribu peminjam jujur dan berhati-mulia, seperti dituntut Islam dan sudah langsai hutang PTPTN, bagaimana?
      Kerajaan perlu bayar-balik ka?

      Jangan jadi bangang.

  7. Saya rasa kerajaan WAJIB menukar orang no.1 dalam PTPTN kerana gagal mengeluarkan satu idea bernas pun untuk menangani masalah ini. Anda dibayar gaji yang tinggi untuk memikirkan bagaimana untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini dan tidak terlalu beharap kepada rakyat untuk memberi idea2 bernas kepada anda!

    1. Bagi la idea, cadangan atau buah-fikiran, 'bagaimana untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini'.

      Orang-kuat sekeluarga di Yapiem juga dibayar gaji yang tinggi.

      Jangan hanya pandai complaint.

  8. Eloklah tukar sahaja PTPTN menjadi biasiswa. Keuntungan setengah tahun PETRONAS sudah dapat menyelesaikan masalah ini...

    1. Duit petronas hanya 30% utk capex dan opex tutup hospital,tutup sekolah dan jabatan kerajaan utk satu tahun. Bolih?

  9. Don't make HUTANG PTPTN as political milage. This is moral issue - perangai liat nak bayar hutang. Bayar hutang study loan is part of disiplin training in life. Ini duit orang ramai. U will suffer whole life if u refuse to pay. I have seen it among my generation. Masuk U, ambil MARA loan, enjoy duit beli motor, beli itu beli ini macam orang kaya. Bila kerja tak mahu bayar loan. Penjamin kena bayar. Masih mahu enjoy berbelanja. Kali ini,kad kredit pulak. Guna sampai 4-5 kad !!! Setiap tahun tukar kereta. Pergi melancung oversea. Buat personal loan from banks tapi penjamin juga yg kena bayar. Ada penjamin sampai kena declare bankrupsi. Nak elak bayar, tukar kerja. Kerja sana berhenti, kerja sini berhenti. Rolling stone, gathers no moss.Ada dua tiga degree pun tak guna. Orang mcm ni, ingat hidup boleh senang ke bila tua.....????
    Better teach these young people to put paying their study loan as priority in life. Don't make this as political issue. Kita merosakkan our young generation just to gain political milage. Just imagine, in 30-40 years what will happen to them. If they join politic, they ends up jadi Najib, Isa Samad, Zahid Komidi, KuNan to name a few. Langsung takda rasa bersalah, makan duit haram.

  10. Duit ptptn ada lah duit rakyak. Pembayar cukai.kerajaan ada lah trust holder saja.hutang masih hutang dan misti di jelaskan tanpa alasan.rakyak tak halalkan utk di lupus and kerajaan tak manpu utk tunai. So tanggungan masih lagi dgn parminjam.
    Next option. Tutup ptptn. Declared defaulted.tertiary Education is now own responsibility. Kerajaan hanya utk primary and secondary saja.

  11. PH thought they are smarter than previous mgmt. Serve you right those who owes ptptn voted for new govt expecting all those promises fulfilled. U guys been fool....deep shit stupid indeed.As for bro Anwar...that's his DNA...he loves to be popular rather than making stern statement. Mana pergi Nurul??? Mana pergi cork you guys...mulut you all bau TAIKKKKK....Damn!!!!

  12. Ok....those young people who feel cheated b'cos PH government is not able to fullfill the PTPTN manifesto, silakan undi BN pru15. You people are not worth saving. Tak payah nak ugut-ugut. Bukan semua orang undi PH kerana manifesto PTPTN. We vote for a better future and clean government. Period.

    1. You have my adulation, Cik Minah.

    2. Cik Minah ; I voted for PH because of PH 'janji bulan dan bintang' and also influenced by their continous lies.

      I cant stench any more bau hancing PH and will gladly voted out PH in the next election. I will also not vote any peliwat, any person who is corrupted and any person that selingkuh with someone wife. Let Malaysia be a better place once we kick those morally corrupt out for good.

    3. Anon 18.51,

      The stench of Kleptocracy is more far reaching to USA, and Europe and the whole world.

      Latest news, RM47 million worth of hermes handbag.

      How come handbags so expensive?

      Furthermore hundred of million of stolen money returned from USA and Singapore.

      I thought Malaysian voted out the previous govt because of corruption and Klepto?

    4. Anon 20:30 How much Malaysia had lost under incompetent PH government for the last 1 year. Stock market losses are already more than RM250B will already cover 1MDB losses many time over.

    5. Anon 23.12,

      Stock market volatile all the time, there are high and low.

      The total KLSE stock capital is about RM5 trillion. The stake holders are variable, some foreign, some locals.

      RM250 billion losses are lost by investors, foreign and local

      If there are RM40 billion losses by 1MDB, it is the losses by the rakyat Marhain of Malaysia.

      Is there any illegal thing that the PH government do?

      Why is all this bullshits to cover Kleptocracy?

      The billion losses in 1MDB will also effect the investor confidence in Malaysia and KLSE.

      Who is responsible by 1MDB, PH or BN?

    6. Anon 00:44

      Agree..stockmarket is volatile but KLSE was the worst performer that foreign investors were avoiding KLSE like lepers.

      250B losses were also suffered by rakyat and institutional investors resulting with lower dividend and disposable income for rakyat.Most foreigners had already reduced their stock holding before the election.

      250B losses did not include losses from Malaysian ringgit drop, reduced in commodity prices such as rubber and palm oil , impact in bond market with investors dumping Malaysia bond and reduced in FDI due to flip flop PH policies.If you add all these losses, the total losses may reach RM500B within one year under PH rule.

      1MDB assets in TRX and Bandar Malaysia will be sufficient to cover 1MDB losses and 1MDB losses will not make Malaysia bankrupt as per claim by PH.

      The big mistake I think done by PH was to abolish GST and to give 3 months free tax. Malaysia lost an annual income of RM40B from GST and for that 3 months free tax, Malaysia need another source to cover unpaid GST claim amounting to RM19B.No wonder, within 1 year, Malaysia need to sell Khazanah assets , forced Petronas to give higher dividend , increase in govt debts and PH govt need to stop many projects.

      Malaysia did not yet reach bankrupt stages because of several reasons:- 1) % debt/ GDP is still within manageable level 2) Our high savings in Unit Trust/EPF/KWAP 3)Low foreign debt.

      Thanks to former BN government for their good management (except for 1MDB fiasco).

    7. Prevailing circumstances
      If the KLSE is beariish
      How come the 1MDB TRX can be bullish ?


    8. Anon 07.22

      Yes, they have been saying this, the asset will cover the 1MDB losses.

      What asset? You mean the land.?

      Are you talking about the government land that had been bought by 1MDB earlier.?

      That is prime land belong to the rakyat.

      How much money did 1MDB bought the land?

      Is 1MDB bought the land at a fraction of the price?

    9. Not that many voted for PH because to get their borrowings annuled.For those who did serve them right.As for politicians who politicise any given issue of the day..thats the political animal in them..whichever party they belong to. Agree or not?
      Come GE15 the rakyat will just have to choose which govt they want from only 2 choices..PH or BN-PAS .The big pictures that matters will be the governance .. puritanical on so forth la. Even that is only for the discerning public. But if the majority of the rakyat or the rakyat who are the majority still wants to retain to their accustomed ways and thinking then tidak apa la.We go back to the ways of the last 60 years.Life will still go on what..tidak apa la..

  13. "You borrow, you pay, okay. One way or another. It's as simple as that.

    If you all are so scared of losing the votes of the loan defaulters, then ban them from voting too until they start paying what they owe PTPTN."

    I'm with you Annie, all the way.

    In the interest of the younger students, HUTANG MESTI diBAYAR. By hook or by crook, its the duty of the gomen to chase after loan defaulters.

    This misused-of-power cum liwat ex-convict, pardoned by The YDPA, cannot be trusted to save-guard our younger generation's future.
    No doubt, he's a chameleon who only opens his mouth to be popular.

    1. It is not as simple as that.

      The numbers shows 20 years ago, the degree holder salary is RM2000 and diploma RM1,500.

      Now the cost of living is many times over compared to 20 years ago.

      If the income per capita do not increase, then, next 20 years, the degree holder and diploma holder salary will remain at RM2,000 and RM1,500 in year 2040.

      This is no longer sustainable. That is also one of the reason why BN lost.

      Younger folks are at their neck already on the cost of living.

      The model used by the UK and Singapore is that the government universities are subsidize by the Government. Therefore the cost of tuition fee is reduced.

      The govt need to come up with a new model that is practical.

      I believe the total amount defaulted now is about RM20 billion.

      The Govt need to recover this amount or substantial portion of this amount.

      I do not think it is easy to say, you borrow you pay. Because the reality is,

      No job no pay and not enough money to pay.

      For those who got big salaries and do not pay, of course catch them.

    2. Masuk uni macam pelaburan.jika kita jangka pelaburan itu tidak menhasilkan atau tanpa kepandian. Jangan pinjam. Sama juga masuk uni jika kita jangka ke uni tak menghasilkan . Jangan pinjam. Ada ada vokesenal atau trade yg bolih memberi perkerjaan

    3. No matter how much u earn, it would never be enough. So, it depends on your priority. If paying debt is your first priority, sooner or later semua hutang akan habis dibayar. If u put your need above paying your debt, u will forever be in debt. I don't consider rm50 to rm100..00 paying the PTPTN per month as a big burden compared to paying rm250 to rm350..00 every month for sewa beli the lates hanphone gadget.

    4. Cik Minah,

      Betul ke RM50 ke Rm100.

      Bukan ke RM200 ke RM300?

      Biar betul?

      Diploma program dah berbelas ribu. Campur degree berbelas lagi. Total dah bepuluh ribu.

      Mana pulak bayor RM50 sebulan.

      Agaknya cik Minah salah kira tak?

      Kiralah betul-betul, kalo setakat RM50 itu, tak payahlah cerita panjang.

    5. Tu yg msuk uni swasta yg msuk ipta mmg tk mahal yuran dia, saya anak 4 org semua msuk ipta semua tk amik ptptn guna biasiswa papa mama

    6. Anon 22.38,

      Memang betul, kalo dulu IPTA murah.

      Sekrang ini Diploma UTM pun dah menjangkau RM20 ribu. Belum lagi ijazah.

      Multimedia Universiti, Diploma pun RM20 ribu lebih.

      Kalo IPTS, toksah cakaplah. Ada yang sampai RM30 ribu lebih, Diploma saja.

      Kalo setakat bayor PTPTN RM50, saya rasa tak de masalah. Tapi cerita sebenarnya, lebih dari itu.

      Saya tak tahu, kursus yang Cik Minah kata itu kursus apa pulak bayor RM50 saja PTPTN.

      Mungkin kursus menjahit agaknya.

  14. Agree. Hutang mesti bayar. Tak bayar mati mayat tergantung. Jangan main main dengan hutang. But PH use this to bait those yang hutang and giving hope to their parents...guarantors with sweet talking BULLSHIT promises...sudah dapat kuasa you do what u wish...nothing promising moving forward policy. All action talk only...sebab tu Allah kata jangan pandang rendah pendapat orang lain macam kita ni DEWA...tak buat PH recycle all previous govt initiatives to solve the issue...MUKA TAK MALU...

    1. pru u pangkahlah BN sice PH gagal penuhi manifestonya. Takda sapa halang u. This is a democratc country. I tetap pangkah PH b'cos I tak nak diperentah pemimpin KLEPTOKRASI. If u feel kerajaan KLEPTO BN much better, the pensil is in your hand. Goos luck!

    2. Anon 15:31 PH janji bulan dan bintang dan bila tak dapat tunaikan itu munafik namanya. Masa berjanji tak fikir pulak duit tak de, tapi PH jugak masa tu momokkan kerajaan bawah BN dah nak bankrap sebab hutang dah meningkat 1T. Sekarang padan muka, pembohongan dah makan diri.

  15. I think this PH minister has a way to hapuskan PTPTN (donno his name sori);

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Aisay Annie, putting aside your foul language ranting...lets look at it from a racial angle as in this country everything is about race & religion. From what race do the biggest defaulters come from.....drum roll, you dont have to be a rocket scientist to know the answer. How can the gomen take action against the tuan's of this country? No way hosay! The pendatang, the majority of whom have settled the hutang, will be screwed again. Ahhh..its great being a Malay muslim in this country.

    1. Salam..
      Sila tunjukkan statistik sbg. bukti??!!!

      Otherwise you just talking cock..

      Lu cautut Batu ke apa

  17. Adam Adli mana..?

  18. Pay what? Hutang no need pay.Its our right..My supreme leader taught me to be shameless..Maluapabossku after stealing billions.Our race don’t need to have morals.After owing PTPTN we should shout out loudly Maluapasiswaku..It’s being taught by our past leaders.We just follow...lollllllllll

  19. give us some footings so we pay back la. anuar is right...kita orang dok jual2 kueh ni sabar la. mmm ya...cikminah? no need ur slew of words to explain it...kih..kih...

    1. Cik fatin...dah baca apa Akhbar outsydthebox ramalkan untuk masa depan kita yg sentiasa dimanjakan ni.....???? Dia kata, we will end up jadi mcm negeri-negeri Arab atau Argentina. Semuanya negara pengeluar minyak. Nauzubillah.... harap taklah sebab kita Islam yg baik. Bacalah sebab I like komen-komen u.

    2. Fatin... if you don't mind me asking... what do you mean by 'some footing'?
      Wait until the loan-defaulters' pay-check or their income of 'jual2 kuih', hits RM4k?

      Anyway... in the first place, good footing begins with what one chose to study. Obviously, tough courses such as Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Medicine/Pharmacist etc., offers better job opportunities.

      It also depends on our parents. As a kid, if they decided to sent us to Sekolah Agama/Tahfiz/pondok, most probably our parents wanted us to become Ustad or Ustazah. In the mean time, they might also think, its good for the religion and getting 'pahala', in return... sebagai balasan?

      There are also Malay parents who chose to sent their child to Chinese School, hoping their child would have an advantage of acquiring a third language, beside Bahasa Melayu & English, when they reach working age.
      From what I read, Tamil School students are getting quite good at Mathematics. Maybe, it can also be an advantage for the Malays to sent their child to SRJKT. Who knows... when they grew-up, Ananda Krishnan's Maxis would welcome more Indian-speaking Malays into their fold. After-all, we Malays too, would treat Malay-speaking foreigners... except Zakir Naik... with awe.

      "anuar is right..."

      To people like me, who's already a young-adult during the early-reformasi days... circa 1998... he's crooked. No doubt about it.

    3. Seeking knowledge and learning for life Islam
      In the name of Allah , the Gracious , the Merciful
      Islam teaches us to be life-long leaners and to seek knowledge for as long as we reside on earth
      Not only is seeking knowledge a religious and moral obligation
      It is a continuous obligation

      Debt in Islam
      According to Tirmidhi ( 1078 )
      ' the soul of the believer is suspended because of his debt until it is paid off '
      So guys ptptn loan are rakyat's money
      There is a Chinese saying
      ' after crossing the bridge you pulled the planks '


    4. cikminah, rd,

      i was just to chill up. i wqa down. yaah,,,its no good. our youth unemployment rate keeps on rising, i think we r d highest among asean countries. n here…wat i can see around me, my friends r taking more effort for extra income in dis holy month. so it doesnt quite fit to d tone tat we r so pampered n no price in our dream. half of our lives gone for study, n d other half is to pay back for wat we’d gone throuh.

      yes…sure, there r some who doing well but still d not so lucky who need more attention. we need hands,,we need some grips from bigger economy, bigger participation n bigger workforce n bigger responsibility from d gov we chose.

      so to those who make d chase just be considerate. am very sure those within 4/5 yrs leaving study defaulted r pretty common. it happens everywhere even in america.

  20. Annie, Cik Minah, RD,

    We can now tell the quality of our university grads, can we not ? Perkara asas like nak berhutang mesti boleh bayar balik pun they cannot register, how la ?

    Tak apa la. Biar la they undi PAS pulak this time come PRU15. PAS dan ada bulan. MCA dah ada bintang.


    1. 1znon 0040,

      wow….its insulting me!

      in US…. trillions of dollar cant be collected from student loans defaulters. how can u say tat?

  21. Anon 00:40

    PH takde bulan dan bintang tapi janji bulan dan bintang.. apakan lagi DAP ade roket nak bawa semua pi sana..

    Last2 bagailan pungguk rindukan bulan jadinya. Aduuuh.

    Latest dok kelentong FDI highest in recorded history.. awatla sampai lagu ni kelentong memanjang?.

    Harga minyak janji RM1 lima kupang pun tak mampu turunkan, inikan minyak roket. Tembak naik atas pokok nyiok pun mampoih tak sampai, terbakaq hanguih pasai semua roket DAP buatan kertas dan kayu aje. Tanglong pun bole terbang lagi tinggi. Kekekeke

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. PNL

      Kelentong FDI highest in recorded history...Rupanya dikira syarikat GLC jual saham pada syarikat luar.