Tuesday 28 May 2019

They are desperate to win Adib inquest (updated)


It turns out that

Lawyer instructed to withdraw 
from Adib's inquest by AG

No wonder lah....never mind.


A friend was complaining to me last night about this,

Adib inquest: Court sets new 

date after lawyer withdraws

"Why did she quit when she was about to bring back that forensic and pathology expert who believed that Adib was assaulted?" my friend asked.


The lawyer’s withdrawal also rendered void her clients’ appointment of United Kingdom-based forensic and pathology consultant Dr. Shahrom Abd. Wahid as an expert witness. 

Shahrom was to have testified for a second time today after being recalled.
Apart from Adib’s family, Syazlin represented the Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Fire and Rescue Services Department.

How would I know why the lawyer quit, right?

But never mind, because I never really expect anything from the inquest since I suspected from the start that these sort of things will happen.

Well, let them do whatever they want as they are so desperate to win this one.

As for now I rather think that,

Allah will give justice to Adib and his loved ones

and I believe that,

Truth will prevail, one way or another

If you all bother to click on the links to those earlier posts of mine and read them, then you would probably understand better why I have so little faith in the inquest.

Anyway, why is the lawyer's withdrawal from the inquest is so significant? What had she done?

Lawyer Syazlin

Probably this;

Adib inquest: Lawyer grills doctor on probability report

causing this;

Adib inquest: Forensic expert feels humiliated in court

And that forensic expert is the one who insisted that Adib was not beaten to death.

I believe those who want the inquest to rule that Adib was not beaten to death must have felt the need to remove the lawyer....one way or another.

As for Dr Shahrom, who was supposed to testify again but now has been cancelled out because of the lawyer's withdrawal, this is what he said the first time at the inquest;

Fireman semi-conscious 

when pulled from EMRS van


Former senior forensic and pathology consultant at Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, 62, said this could have been because Adib was either shocked to be attacked or in extreme pain.
At the same time, Dr Shahrom said it was also possible that the firefighter was helpless to resist the person pulling him out.
“He may have been semi-conscious, either because he was in shock, or because he was in extreme pain due to his injuries.
“Maybe he was conscious when he was pulled, moving but not resisting aggressively. No reaction,” he said when testifying on the 27th day of the inquest.
He said this when questioned by Deputy Public Prosecutor Hamdan Hamzah, who is the conducting officer in the inquest, about the deceased's condition when he was being pulled out.
The 29th witness said Adib was probably dragged and that the evidence was in the back of the camouflage pants worn by the firefighter.
He said traces of dirt stuck on his pants would prove that the victim was dragged.
Dr Shahrom said he thoroughly checked Adib's camouflage pants and found evidence that the firefighter was indeed dragged.
“Look at the pants, there is dirt and traces of being dragged. The fabric is also fluffy and there are stitches which have come off,” he said.

Well, while you all are at it, maybe you all can read again this story about the forensic experts of the inquest,

Pakar forensik saksi inkues Adib buat 

laporan polis dakwa diugut saksi lain

Yup, they are trying everything possible to make sure the finding of the inquest favours them.

But, it doesn't matter, right? This is Malaysia Baru.


  1. Look like someone wanted the truth to be hidden. I was looking forward these two experts to argue in court and maybe the court hired few more including the famous Thai forensic expert Porttip in order to conclude when there are disputes between two expert.

    The Prof had 29 years experience against 5 years experience of the other junior forensic expert.

  2. Aisay Annie...there you go again letting your emotion cloud yr judgement. The private forensic guy did not do the post mortem and only relied on reports...compare this with the specialist from the GH, not one but two of them, who carried out the PM etc. Also Annie you have conveniently left out the role played by the hired Malay thugs who started the whole thing. Why have none of these chaps together with the people who paid them not been charged as yet! You Annie cannot accept that the Indians were falsely accused and that Adib sadly died by being run down by his own dept colleague.

    1. The Malay thugs as far that I know was hired by the Chinese towkay to reposess the land that was occupied by the temple.Things get heated after that . Can the Chinese towkay came forward and explain.They should be responsible too.

    2. The chinese towkay hired the thugs coz some indian temple folks refused to relocate after taking new land, money & given extension till after deepavali..but yeah, got it, its the firemen's fault. Next time they should just let everything burns and let all the thugs & gangsters fight it out.

  3. God will also give justice to who killed altantuya???

  4. Since 2 Malays experts have difference of opinions, hopefully government calls in the Thai forensic expert. Whatever her opinion is including that Adib was not beaten by the mobs should be accepted by the doubtful Malays, which includes you too, Annie.

  5. At all cost...it's Adib fault. After all the DAP does not care like what they fight for Bang Hock...all the best Tommy. Adib will see you up there when time comes. Sayonara...

    1. DAP only care the Chinese..For Beng Hock, his case was still highlighted by DAP even after several PRUs.

  6. Annie you should what the AG said today. Don't simply bantai.

  7. Penjelasan AG sangat memuaskan


    1. The AG should have rejected Syazlin before the trial and not after the trial had started and almost reaching completion. All government office as far that I know must engage AGC office for any legal advice and in case of any incompliance, this should have been highlighted by AGC office earlier.

      Hope Syazlin will continue as legal officer for Adib's family. Hopefully, we can find out the truths whatever it maybe.

  8. The lawyer was instructed to wthdraw becase she is facing conflicting interest - One, She represenvt Adib's family and two, she also represent the government ie kementerian perumahan dan bomba. She can choose to represent just one, not both. She can represent Adib's family and quit representing the housing ministry if she is fighting for justice for Afib. Of course she won't earn much fee but this is a big case. By representing Adib's family,she is worth millions in terms of publicity. Hayaaa...takkanlah a lawyer berfikiran sempit, tak nampak impact case ni to her credibility and her career. Banyak cara cari keadilan. Money is not the only thing to chase.

    1. I heard dia buat for freem

    2. My 2 sen view...Saya tak nampak ada any conflict of interest kat sini sebab scope of inquest nak cari causes yg menyebabkan kematian Adib dan ketiga tiga pihak yg diwakili Syazlin menuju kearah itu. Lain pulak kalau kes Adib Vs Bomba/Kerajaan Malaysia, yg ni memang ada conflict of interest dan seorang lawyer tak boleh mewakili kedua dua pihak.

      Lagipun yg ni adalah inkues bukan kes kat mahkamah, mungkin SOP tidak berapa ketat.Yg peliknya kenapa AGC bising sekarang dan tidak waktu permulaan atau sebelum.Bar council pun senyap dulu dan sekarang.

      Whatever, bila dah bising sekarang, mungkin orang akan beranggapan pulak sebab perjalanan inkues mungkin tidak berpihak pada kerajaan, itu sebab ditukar dipertengahan jalan. Ini perception sekarang, mungkin betul dan mungkin tidak.

  9. the AG’s explanation makes sense to the educated. Annie’s spew may work on the village idiots here.

    still, the AG needs to explain why DAP sent the firefighters in there.

    1. The inquest started in feb. Now is almost end of may. Care to explain why it took the ag 3 months to realise there might be conflict of interest? Ag just woken up is it?

    2. Then the so called educated must be foosl to be content with such last minute action.

      That is a gross incompetence from AG side. I seriously doubt wether he is truly serving the people now.

      U can deny that it stinks. The whole thing is.

      It seems like the gov policy is to let the injustice be to maintain racial harmony.

      But the malay never forgets.

    3. your comment at the end incapsulates exactly whats wrong with this country. if the AG is wrong, he is wrong according to the law & citizens of malaysia. Whats that got to do with Malays ?

      Because he is non malay, you have to throw in the racial angle to it?

      What thf is wrong with you malays ? Are you so insecure that every action is to offend malays ? Its bad enough that you have a right wing blogger like annie who believes DAP is taking over the world. Get over it, not everyhing is racial.

    4. Yup DAP is holy and non racial but yet not one Malay was elected to become a low rank committee member.

    5. Anon 00:00
      Did annie mention about DAP ???
      Clearly U are stupid Dapigs Cinapeks prepaid machais.

    6. @ronimza. eh bodoh. How long you want to depend on subsidies, discounts, quotas ? get out there & live in the real world. Only in malaysia, where majority race gets a leg up

    7. Wtf...why you always refer the village people as idiot?.. just because majority of them are malays so u label them all as idiot.. you god damn racist bastard

    8. @anony 05:20
      1) pls do yourself a favour & google up meaning of village idiot
      2) in that context, how else can u explain, despite various int’l agencies investigating Najib’s corruption, village idiots still support him. how dumb is that ?
      3) another village idiot narrative, which annie here continuously spew - malays are under siege. DAP is pulling Dr.M’s strings. DAP elected the AG. DAP is influencing the Adib investigation. DAP is responsible for floods, hurricanes, teen pregnancies.

  10. it's too obvious the malays community has made their conclusion. PH take care those chinese and indian as a malay we are actually a 3rd class citizen.

    1. It is obvious the ag & some in gov has made their conclusion, that is why they say the lawyer contradicts dpp's position. This is not a trial. Aren't they all suppose to follow the evidence wherever it leads?

  11. The lawyer should just stay and represents Adib's family. The decisions made by both the AGC and the lawyer are making Adib's family suffer. Now, they don't have a lawyer representing them. Kasihan....

  12. Aisay Annie.... U just lurve to split d country.... Us against them, Malays against Indians..... U never seek d truth. Yr mind is ardy made up.

  13. OK OK dont fight fight la. Only time, justice will definitely prevail.

    Tengok Telowong, banglo kolam renang.. they play play with the sea and water... suwei tau, tetiba puting2 beliong mula muncul dok keliling2 Tanjung.

    Now if they want to play play with a life and bomba? .. mrk2 yang benar2 niat jahat pasti suwei akan mendatangi diri mereka.

    Keluarga yang teraniaya, jangan henti buat solat hajat.. kepadaNya kita sama2 memohon.. InsyaAllah

    Alfatihah buat Arwah Adam.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Ehmm... "Alfatihah buat Arwah Adam."?

      PAS dulu pun pernah buat solat-hajat dalam Stadium, mohon Allah KO kan atau menjahanamkan UMNO.
      Nampaknya, 'hajat' PAS sudah termakbul pada PRU14.

      Yang pelik... bila UMNO dah lingkop, PAS boleh pi pelok-balik.
      Politik-Matang apanya... berpelok dengan penyamun yang sudah dicop seluruh dunia sebagai Kleptocray?

      Inilah yang buat orang-Kapir pandang-serong pada Agama Islam dan Melayu.

  14. RD

    ..Solat hajat adalah sembahyang sunat dalam amalan agama Islam. Seseorang atau sekumpulan umat Islam yang berhadapan dengan masalah dan hendakkan sesuatu digalakkan pohon kepada Allah . Antara cara terbaik mendapatkan pertolongan Allah adalah melalui solat hajat...

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Oooo... betul la apa saya tulis tu...

      "... sekumpulan umat Islam yang berhadapan dengan masalah dan hendakkan sesuatu digalakkan pohon kepada Allah".

      Dulu, semasa berpelok dengan DAP, PAS menghadapi masaalah untuk menjahanamkan UMNO... sebab tu depa solat-hajat dalam Stadium untuk mohon 'bantuan' Allah.

      Alhamdulilah... setahun yang lalu, Allah telah makbulkan hajat PAS.


  15. Something of interest on the above Adib's case.Testimony of Adib's colleague the EMRS driver that sit next to ADIB in the EMRS vehicle.


    Interesting extraction.
    “When the FRT vehicle reversed, it rammed into our vehicle and pushed us back.

    “I saw a group of people running towards us. Three of them, wearing motorcycle helmets, banged on my window and tried to open the door.

    “I held on to the steering wheel and tried to hold on to the door as it wasn’t locked.”

    He said the vehicle was being rocked from side to side by the rioters.
    Shahril: I didn’t notice (what happened to Adib). It was chaotic. I couldn’t see Adib when the van began to turn after being rammed by the FRT vehicle. The door was still shut.

    I saw him before the van was being pushed back, but 50 seconds later he was gone. When the vehicles first touched, he was still there but when the rioters attacked, I could not see him."

    Please also look at the damage to the EMRS vehicle.My opinion this was a minor damage as the front lamp and the front bumper of the EMRS vehicle was still intact.

    If the front lamp was not damaged by impact from FRT, is it possible that Adib can be seriously injured from the impact??. Also, is it possible that Adib could possibly exit the EMRS vehicle himself knowingly hostile crowds were outside. Naturally, I think he will hold on to his side door like his colleague.It does not make sense to me he exited the vehicle himself.

  16. dumbo bossku shud sack shafee who himself is in deep shit, likely shafee will save himself rather than dumbo bossku wakakaka

    1. 00:19

      Najib over a yr no longer PM, just ordinary wakil rakyat.. tapi telah berjaya mencuri hatimu kan kan?

      Now people oredi moving and watching PH leaders la.. itu AG bukan lakyat Malaysia sja sdg peghati .. satu dunia Indian population saja pun lebih 1.3 billion olang tau.

      ..nanti pelabur2 asing pun takut mau mali la.. kelam kabut, elok sja mrk cari pi labur dalam negara yg lebih stable.. haiyaaa pilih2 ikut suka hati macam mau beli muruku la.. Lucu

      PM pi jepang lok celita pasai GOLD.. jaman2 maha firaun pun guna GOLD, lunia jaman sikalang into crypto.. haiyaaa.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Hang ni... Anglophile betol la ... aka pemuja MatSalleh. Kata nak mempertahankan Melayu & Islam, tapi lebih minat dan berkiblatkan Omputih... sama dengan Pak-Pak Lebai PAS yang suka bergaya dengan kereta-mewah buatan Kapir Omputih dari jenama buatan Bangsa & Agama sendiri.

      "... lunia jaman sikalang into crypto.. haiyaaa"

      Terlalu percaya dengan idea matawang ciptaan MatSalleh yang kelabu-asap yang terdedak kepada banyak manipulasi dan spekulasi.
      Ianya lebih-kurang sama dengan skim-Pak Man-Telo... perserta yang terawal mampu jadi jutawan kerana dapat untung paling banyak.

      Sama macam Khalid Samad. Hang nak ikut gelagat dia kot?


      Yang diatas tu... published, pada 6 July. 2018
      Yang dibawah ni...pada Jan. 2019 pulak.


      Orang dah beli, pas tu, tak pasti pulak dah... dari segi 'legality'.

      Untuk pengetahuan hang, tidak ada Negara didunia ini yang guna Crytocurrency dalam urusan perniagaan/perdagangan mereka.

      Gesaan Dr.M, guna emas sebagai sandaran nilai perdagangan kerana ia agak stabil... tidak seperti nilai USD yang boleh dimanipulasi demi kepentingan Negara-Negara-Kaya, terutamanya Amerika.

      Prof. jenis apa la... hang nih. Patut la orang asyik dok perlekeh ja... Professor-Professor kita... orang Melayu.

      Hentikanlah guna gelaran Prof.. Buat cemar atau jatuh martabat dan emej profession tu ja.

  17. it shud be SHOCK APA BOSSKU bet dumbo bossku was more SHIOK than SHOCK (after so easily songlap so much billions fr rakyat) :(

  18. history repeating itself - in dumbo already team A vs team B sigh