Tuesday 21 May 2019

A correction that Annie is glad to make

Okay, I got this one wrong,

Lynas can't be bothered with Pakatan's bullshit anymore


Lynas is not moving out of Malaysia

I got it wrong because this story, sourced from Reuters

Lynas plans new processing 

facility in the US

stated that


Lynas’ move into the United States follows ongoing regulatory issues at its processing plant in Malaysia. The southeast Asian nation has told Lynas to remove years of accumulated waste at the plant in order to have its license renewed.

That's why I assumed that they are moving their facilities out of this country to US.

But I'm glad that I was wrong on this one.

At least now I know that Lynas' about 1,000 local workers are not going to lose their jobs.

At least for now.

I really hope Lynas will eventually win and those workers can really keep their jobs for good.

It would also mean that Malaysia can remain as the biggest producer and supplier of rare earths products outside China.

With that our country can play an important role in ensuring an even balance of global power as rare earth products are crucial for the making of high-tech equipment.

Anyway, I was not the only one who got it wrong that day.

PKR's Fuziah Salleh issued this statement hours after the Reuters story,

Mandatory to settle waste problem 
despite relocating - Fuziah

She must had celebrated that day.

She even said


‘’They can leave Malaysia but must be responsible for their workers and their waste,’’ she said in a statement here today.

Well, I'm quite sure Lynas is a responsible entity. They are not giving up the fight just yet.

The ones who were being irresponsible are politicians like Fuziah who were willing to put people's livelihood and the country's interests at risk just to win some mileage based on lies and scientifically proven fallacies.


  1. Hey Annie,

    So, I read that the issue is narrowed down to the 450,000 tones of radioactive waste.

    So, what are we going to do with the waste?.

    This is not some political millege but the 450,000 tonnes is a real deal.

    1 tonnes is 1000kg. So total is 450,000,000 kg of waste.

    What is your idea about this 450,000,000 waste?

    Are we going to let in accumulate further or it should be disposed.?

    Yeo bee Yin said that Lynas must get rid of the waste before license renewed.

    Are you sure that those waste are safe? They did call local university professor and the lot to study and make recommendations.

    I hope there will be no one at Kuantan mutated by radiation into Xmen, Avangers or tenage mutant ninja.

    1. http://lifeofaannie.blogspot.com/2018/12/about-yeo-bee-yins-condescending-letter.html

  2. adoi dumbo2 kelentong replace maszlee with teo, since you donot like fuziah why not you start another kelentong replace fuziah with bee yin sigh

  3. Cik Annie
    I read yr earlier posting.. Sg Kim Kim kes aritu boboy Saddiq lawat siap pakai spacesuit.. this minister can borrow his suit la klo dia takut sgt nak visit Lynas plant.

    Or mayb suwei for her to visit kut? hmmm manatau seghiyau satni 1st born dia keluaq takde hidung mutated into Xmen macam 23:36 sebut2?

    Professor Nasi Lemak