Thursday 3 January 2019

New Year's good and bad news

There were some good and bad news at the turn of new year.

Good news first.

I think this is good.

Now PH says no agreement on Dr Mahathir

 as PM for only two years

I'm always in favour of Dr Mahathir staying on as PM till at least end of this term.

That way there would be less disruptions.

After all, Pakatan won the GE14 purely because of the handsome old man.

I shudder at the thought of Dr Mahathir leaving mid-term and handing over power to Anwar.

As Dr Mahathir said,

Really, for this one, I hope Dr Mahathir will break his promise for the good of the country.

Of course Anwar then tried to spin around by saying

Give Dr Mahathir space to lead government for duration agreed upon

Seriously, I think Anwar is getting more desperate.

He can sense that the mood on the ground is getting more favourable for the younger Azmin to take over from Dr Mahathir.

Well, if he thinks he is good enough to lead the country, just wait for his turn when the term ends and he can lead Pakatan into the next general election.

Let's see if Anwar can be PM without Dr Mahathir opening the road for him.

Personally, I don't think so.

Another good news was told to me by a friend yesterday.

What I previously described as

Probable new dawn for Malaysian journalism

 is finally starting after much delay.

My friend told me that Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor who was several months ago appointed as the editorial boss of Media Prima, the biggest news organisation in the country has finally got his own team in action to clean up the place.

Hopefully they will really practice true journalism and regain the credibility of newspapers such as NST, BH and Harian Metro as well as TV stations such as TV3.

And I also hope they could immediately get rid of the scheming backstabbing ampu bodek kings and queens who turned the place into such a pigsty over the past years.

Also heard the scumbags had tried to frustrate Mus when he tried to bring about the changes. Well Mus, they did that to you back then, now don't let them do it again.

Well, whatever it is, I hope  Mus and his people must always remember

Anyway, there were also some bad news,

This is one which people should take notice,

A bad start to 2019 

for some former SPAD staff


This is because the Transport Ministry had failed to relocate all 967 of them following the agency’s decommissioning last Monday, which means that minister Anthony Loke had failed to keep his promise.

And they said Anthony Loke is one of the better new ministers.

What happened la Mr Loke?

You don't care about your promise to ensure their job because most of them look like this, is it?

The same way your DAP colleague Yeo Bee Yin doesn't care about Lynas workers losing their job because most of them look like this?

That, despite the review committee she appointed saying Lynas is safe.

I really hope friends of Loke and Yeo in Pribumi Bersatu will look into the plight of the former SPAD
staff and Lynas workers.

After all, their president TS Muhyiddin Yassin that day said

Malay power, status of Islam intact under Pakatan Harapan

So, hopefully they could really do something to avoid people such as the former SPAD staff and Lynas workers from suffering because the DAP ministers don't care about them.

Hopefully they were not just talking to make themselves sound good.

Let 2019 not be a year of retrenchment of Malays.....and other Malaysians.


  1. What happened to the promise of firing half of the Civil Serpents? Please don't u-turn.

  2. Take time, take time, everything cannot be done immediately. There are costs to consider by maintaining people and put them on the right job too. Not an easy thing to do, easy to find fault, tok tok tok, write, write, write. You go and run gomen and see.

  3. pas was right in wishing derita new year 2019, BN made 800 million missing from EPF sob

    1. I wonder if u know what u read in English! Or is that the Chinese newspaper that u r reading from? EPF lost 800m? Hang in bodohkah apakah?!

  4. Am very surprised why u are so suspicious of Anwar? Maybe yr a millenial and did not have the opportunity to watch TV3 in the late 90s and be mesmerized by Anwar's arabic twang.

    1. Yes, I was 'mesmerized' by Karpal Singh's proclamation in Parliament 1997... "Kita ada seorang peliwat sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri".

      If you don't believe me, please check Parliament hansard, circa Nov 1997.

      Yes, it was because of his 'arabic twang' that the Al-Juburi moniker came about, in Parliament too. Coined by Mat Sabu, the current Minister of Defense. Of-course Mat Sabu was with PAS, back then.
      Please take note... how long PAS & DAP had been working together to smear and topple the BN/UMNO government.

      Imagine also, what would have become to Bangsa Melayu, Agama-Melayu and the Intitusi Raja-Raja, had DAP/PAS/PKR alliance been successful in toppling BN/UMNO, much earlier than GE14.

      With a lot of skeleton in the closet or baggage that the Rear Admiral had with him back then, how do think he could safeguard or protect the Malays... when there're chairs flying around, every-time his own Party held election?
      Or... can you rely on Haji Hadi?

      Therefore, Annie was correct... "After all, Pakatan won the GE14 purely because of the handsome old man."

      The Malays were more confident with Dr.M at the helm with DAP as part of the government. Only Dr.M had the calibre and gumption to put things right and just for multiracial Malaysia.

    2. But he still has the Arabic twang. Much nicer than the sometimes posh English accent of Najib. But nobody can beat Najib when he does his UMNO speak routine - full of bad words and basically speaking like a comedian

  5. Because of skin colour...If your skin happen to be fair and your eyes mata sepet, you will be taken care and if you are brownie, you had to follow normal process and may be given lower priorities.

    Kesian orang Melayu, bumi bertuah dah jadi milik orang.

    1. pahaal bro...? aku pun melayu. xlah rasa nak nangis pulak. mangla koje sukar dpt la ni. 1st yr. kluar aku gle2 cari koje. habuk pun x dpt. adala swasta nak bayar seribu gitu. rasa xbbloi aku try beli-jual atah talian. xmodal pun. mula2 dpt ciput tapi skang dah dkat 2tahun aku dah ada kedai sdiri s dah. baru2 nu sme nak bantu lebih 100 ribu lak. alhamdulillah..

      sori le saja nak cite tadak sebab melayu nak rasa hina dina gitu. through us.... we can do anything...almost all things. its God who gives us strength. if we r living with faith nothing impossible. tats islam!

    2. Anon 02:24

      ...Kesian orang Melayu, bumi bertuah dah jadi milik orang...

      Mengeluh nampaknya? Tanah Air ini dh berkurun lamanya puak2 mengoyan dok nak jadikan milik mereka.. bukan skrg aje. Ni puak2 baru dok mengoyan nak jadikan Malaysia baru pulak.. yang nak tukaq hidup baru tu depa, bukan kita orang Melayu.. kekekeke

      Lama2 depa cemuih dan calooo la macam Portugis, Belanda, British, Jepun dan Komunis. Mai la sapa pun.

      Croak croak ribbit ribbit semua apa kabar? Banyak properties canggih2 kat Forest City.. tak pakat2 pi beli sorang sebiji untuk anak2, cucu2 dan sedara mara ke? Tak payah sorok2 malu2 ya..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. mmm…sound like my food chain song back in school. uknow tat who eats whom…wat eats u…wat eats me? n d katak gets all d blames for calling rain while d snake gets an innocence scape for eating d frog as it is its ultimate food. good laughing at d end thou. am afraid, tun also takes on his guilelessness to eat off dsai. many who give d worming tat d sacrifice is for nation.....bullshit!

  7. one head of state was duly rehab with marriage but why most social media not supportive???