Friday 4 January 2019

Another tight DAP man

Seriously, I don't think men should wear tight clothing.

It affects their blood circulation, I believe.

For one thing, the oxygen-carrying blood may find it difficult to get to the brain, thus causing the man in tight clothing to become stupid and irrational.

Like the one in this case,

Really, Wong Tack needs to wear looser clothing....especially the pants.

For one thing, the impeded blood circulation clearly caused him to lose his mind quite a bit that he couldn't even acknowledge that those people he was scolding have a court order to clear the land.

This is very much like his anti-Lynas crusade of simply hantam to make people think he's a hero of some sort.

The guy also needs to know that such tight clothing is more for younger people. Old people like him shouldn't try too hard to look young with that kind of tight shirts and pants.

But then again, wearing tight clothing seems to be the trend among DAP men these days.

I wrote about this previously,

DAP tight style

See, Wong Tack have the same style and behaviour as this kurang ajar Malay DAP guy,

And Wong Tack's "I'm running the government today!!!" part is so typically DAPish.

These DAP men really need to loosen up a bit.


  1. Banyak tak paham erti YB pasai lama sangat dalam opposition, otak lambat sikit nak ubah.. sekarang kita kena address them as "Yang Bergaduh.

    Tapi biasa la. Rumah saya ade 20ekoq kucing. Kalau kucing jantan luaq sesat masuk rumah, kerja mereka nak bergaduh saja.

    Ada kala curi masuk senyap2 depa pancut kencing hancing satu rumah... nak mark territory la katakan.

    Nak tarik perhatian kena la ikut rentak fesyen terkini artis2 dan idol2, bukan senang nak dapat followers macam He jiong.. politikus dan katak2 kita kan byk suka berlakun.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. DAPigs semua perangai macam babi... Dari Lim Kit Sial sehingga ke anak Si Tokong, mereka main sondol jer.

  3. Dedicated follower of fashion - The Kinks


  4. I beg to differ. He looked quite okay actually in that dress. Though the clothes look fit but not overly tight like the one we saw in Melaka. He still look good though for people at his age. No pot belly and a head still full of hair. With these two assets still intact, he can rocks whatever clothes he fancies!

    There’s a lot of senior level high ranking officials dress like that la Annie. Especially in GLCs and MNCs. It implies status and power. They too are fashion conscious now and take a good care of their appearance. Metrosexual men at work..

    1. Tight pants don't actually constrict blood to the brain. Annie barking at the wrong tree, hehe. Tight turban is the real culprit...that's why those Pas Pis Pus gangs cannot think la...can't even read a proper financial statement...kata Tabung Haji OK during Bugis Pirate era, now revealed hilang sekurang-kurang 4 billion, haiyo !

    2. Anon 12:25

      Angka "4" popular skrg. Tambak 0 jadi "40 Katak".

      Kena la dok peghembang dana2 macam Tabung Haji, Petronas, PNB dan tabung2 lain bagi nampak kurang banyak2.. Nak cekau ongkos utk tempah crown2 bagi croak croak ribbit ribbit pakai mahal ooi. Nak harap usaha sendiri dah 7 bulan, satu projek masuk pun bohliau, elek.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Tight pants constrict their bollocks of their pathetic semen liquid from being ammased in their dangling balls hence will flow into their blood stream and remain as residue in their small brains...hence will result in them cakap macam taik kucing!

  5. Trying to show his power worr..while he himself doesn’t know where the boundaries are but firing others as though he is right.. what idiosyncrasy