Friday 25 January 2019

Whatever it is, we still need a good opposition

The Cameron Highlands by-election is tomorrow.

I'm betting on a BN's victory.

This is so because BN has till this moment not made any mistake during campaigning while Pakatan did so on several occasions.

For instance, there's the Lim Kit Siang's stupid offer of full citizenship to the Orang Asli community, his son's veiled threat that there may be no new development for Cameron Highlands if Pakatan fails to win and the over emphasis on wining non-Bumiputera votes as I highlighted in my last two posts.

I think such arrogance was not good for Pakatan.

Still, most of my friends, including the pro-BN ones said Pakatan will win.

One of them even believed that the Election Commission under Art Harun will make sure a Pakatan's victory.

This is so, he said because Art Harun is running EC on his own and can do as he pleases.

Well, I know la that Art Harun is more inclined to Pakatan, but I don't think he'll do such a not nice thing.

The guy also needs to take care of his reputation as a champion of these and those, isn't he?

Meanwhile, another friend, who used to be a staunch Umno supporter said he hopes BN will lose.

"Let Umno die. It's too corrupted to be salvaged," he said.

I was a bit surprised as he's not an Umno turncoat and was supporting BN all the way till its defeat in GE14. The guy is good and not involved in any hanky panky throughout his years with Umno.

But I understand my friend's frustration because he was part of the Umno machinery for a long time and saw how the party degenerated to what it is now.

I think he lost faith in Umno after the post-GE14 party election which results indicated that the party refused to change.

I didn't tell my friend to change his mind except asking him to be patient.

After all, we still need an opposition for our democracy to stay alive and Pakatan , as proven over the past eight months is not any better than BN in so many aspects.

And maybe Allah makes Umno and BN lost GE14 so that they could be reformed.

The signs were slow to come but they were there, especially after Zahid gave way to Mat Hassan to lead Umno.

How Umno and its BN friends conducted themselves while campaigning in Cameron Highlands is also a good sign.

If they can win the by-election, then I think there will be a good chance for them to turn the tide.

They may have learnt their lessons and be better for the future.

Well, maybe they could even win the next by-election in Semenyih.


  1. Annie, dont you know that SPR close certain voting booth at 1pm and others at 530pm? This time SPR really help Fed Gov to win.

  2. BN needs to win. An MP from orang asli community is loooooooonggggggg overdue...

  3. Your friend in UMNO lacks moral fibre.Despite knowing UMNO is run by corrupt people,he remains with the party.How is he going to answer to Allah for his blind loyalty?We should only be loyal to what is right.

    1. The problem with democracy is you have stupid posts like this to be published.

  4. InsyaAllah Annie...less DAP the better

    1. Sorry arsehole 20.40 Allah love DAP that was why they won in GE13 and GE14. Allah said less BN/PAS munafik the better. That was why BN/PAS pasangan zina lost. Do you agree or you go against Allah wish?


  5. Manyak ingat itu BN bolih menang ini kali maa aa .

    1. Wa pun ingat itu macam. BN mesti menang punya.

      Itu Adib punya pasal, Bulayu mesti tak kasi undi sama DAP punya calon. Lagi baik kasi undi sama lua olang Bebas.

  6. annie have you ever seen " a good opposition " with "a scooter head" as "BOSSKU"???
    not even in the remotest of africa, but of all place mesia????

    1. Anon 22.18
      Its a diversion to suppress one's guilt


    2. Hahah dahlah hijack fan Hafidz Syahrin punya idea ‘Bo55Ku’

  7. BN will win this by-election hands down. The rakyat are slowly waking up to PH hypocrisy. Before GE-14, they promised a lot. When they did win GE-14 and formed the fed government, they didn’t do what they promised to do. People are starting to realize that.

    When they have the power, they turned around do something else instead. Not what they have promised in the manifesto. When people ask why you don’t deliver what you promised, they have a cheek to put the blame to the previous government. With the power they have now to inflict change, to make a different, they still blame the previous government. What the hell...

    When they are in the opposition, they blame the government. When they are in the government, they still blame the government; not their government but the previous government. If you can’t deliver when you have the power, why you seek to be the government in the first place?

    They promised the rakyat that life would be better under them. What happened now under the PH sun is the total opposite. Rakyat’s life turned from bad to worst. In their short tenure, less than a year, they had inflicted a drastic change to the lifestyle of Malaysian people. Not change for the better but for the worst.

    Departments and agencies closed down with immediate effect with little regards to the fate of the workers. People lose their jobs. Aids to the poor, farmers, fishermen, commodity small holders are being cut. Commodities prices plummetted drastically and they ain’t got no clue what to do. No plan. No ideas.

    And then there are drastic bans in every thing. Never a fan to introduce change in phases. Plastic straw ban and smoking ban nationwide. In food stalls and restaurants. Even smoking zones for those who smoke are not allowed. The new government overly eager to make an impact. People’s rights and freedom are being curtailed. By the government who had promised the moon and the sky before.

    The thing is not all people living a stress-free life. Some of us, a lot of us actually, live a very stressful life. Smoking and drinking is a form for them to de-stress themselves. To calm themselves. To forget everything for a while; albeit very harmful to their health. But that is another story. If these stuff also being forbid by the government, which is inexperience and immature in their actions to date, what else they gonna do to tackle stress?

    They will most likely taking it out on their wives and their kids. Shouting, yelling to their wives, their loved ones. Taking out their anger to their families. Beating up their kids. Domestic violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse, divorce, family broken up, etc. The family will become the victim in their quest to de-stress themselves. To put their stress to bed. If they allow to smoke without unnecessary restriction, at least they only causing harm to themselves. Their health. Destroying themselves. Only their lives being put in harm way, not the family and love ones. They will be spared.

    And on another note, before this they promised young people whose salary below 4,000, they need not to pay PTPTN. When they won, they changed tune. Telling the youth with a straight and innocent face, to be more responsible finacially. Loans are meant to be paid, not written off. They even pouring scorn to them by telling ‘ if you can afford to pay car loan 600 a month, why not your study loan???

    They had promised to abolish tolled roads, but people still paying them now. There is no different between now and then. If abolishing is impossible, at least try to reduce the rate and make it cheaper to motorists. At least intra-city highways in the Klang valley so the cost of living can be reduced. But it has been 7 month. Nothing happened. Business as usual. If reducing toll rate is extremely difficult, what more to make it free.

  8. My uncle for the past 30 years is so contented and happy living in CM, so peaceful, tranquil and the beautiful weather up there.

    ....without fail pagi2 dgn wife berjalan kaki to the mosque for their Subuh prayers...

    Imagine suddenly unker Lim walking around with his dragon.. mana tau tetiba turned into Viseron abis kasi meletup bukit2 sana, agak2 keluarga macam ni nak pangkah Pakatan ke??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Apek DAP ingat dia orang saja ada otak...boleh jalan da...mulut bau busuk punya orang....

  10. With the might of being in the government I will not be surprised if DAP wins.I am more interested to know how many votes BN candidate will get.That is an indicator whether the cooperation between Pas and UMNO will survive the test of time.
    Prof Kangkung

  11. A good opposition, yes, but we cannot endorse BossKu in any way or form. 1MDB is unforgiveable and we cannot let that go until all the parties who committed them are behind bars.

    1. Anon 12:39

      Pelik juga ya, 60 tahun Merdeka, hanya scandal 1MDB aje ke? Hang balu mali luluk negala Malaysia ke?

      Baca la sejarah2 dan latar belakang pemimpin PH sikit.

      Sementara itu lajin2 buat lesearch pasai kaum kelabat famili sedala mala meleka juga ya.

      Lasuah2 ni satu jenis penyakit yg melekat masuk kdalah daging tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Poff Nasi Lembik,
      yang itu tak pelik 60 tahun merdeka hanya skandal 1MDB. beratus skandal cam skandal "banalo tanpa swimming pool aka "bad feng shui" jalan ping hon
      yang pelik ini

  12. I think KJ should come out and form his own party. That would be a proper opposition party.. But the problem is political funding.. He hasn't got anything substantial

  13. Professor Nasi Lemak (basi),

    Macam ni la..
    Memang tak ada siapa pun cakap dulu tak pernah ada scandal. Tapi scandal dulu-dulu tu dah ditangani. Kalau ada aduan, memang disiasat dan diambil tindakan. Kalau tak masuk mahkamah macam 1mdb, maksudnya apa ? Tak ada kes la, betul tak ? Atau kes tak dapat dibuktikan oleh pendakwa. Jadi mahkamah tolak kes dari dibicarakan dan buang masa mahkamah. Jadi yang dikatakan skandul dulu-dulu ni tinggal cakap- cakap sahaja.

    1mdb ni lain banyak dari apa jugak skandal dulu-dulu ni. Ia melibatkan badan undang-undang banyak negara luar dan jumlah yang maha besar. Skandal 1mdb ni skandal money laudering terbesar dalam sejarah dan diperincikan bukti money trail segala urusan kewangan syarikat dan individu yang dikaitkan dengan skandal ni oleh tidak lain dan tidak bukan FBI.

    Kalau profeasor nasi lemak (basi) masih beranggapan ini semua fitnah, suka hati la.

    Skandal 1mdb ni memalukan Malaysia di mata dunia, memudaratkan ekonomi Malaysia danengakibatkan keruntuhan BN. Skandal dulu-dulu tak bagi impak negative pada negara.

    Mahathir ni bukan malaikat. Mula-mula dulu rakyat Melayu pun ramai yang tak berkenan dengan Mahathir ni. Tapi dia berusaha keras sampai Malaysia ni disengani dunia dan dikagumi pertumbuhan nya. Emgkau ni tak hidup zaman tu kot, professor nasi lemak basi ?

    1. Haiyaaa 19:03

      Lu cakap solang2 atau syiok sendili?. Lagi mau bohong sama olang ke?

      Lu apa mau banyak celita lagi. CH kalah pasai semua olang sulah tatak picaya.

      ...Tapi dia berusaha keras sampai Malaysia ni disengani dunia.. syiok sendili kut?

      Professor Nasi Lemak


  14. Hai yaa ?, Wa cekap atak betut , Itu BN menang maa aa .

    DAP mau kasi manyak pikir maa aa , lakyat tau siapa mau pilih lea aa .

  15. Tahniah Annie ...
    Your prayer has been answered .

    With Tok Mat in the helm ...
    More good things are coming ...


  16. Talk easy la...politik malaysia very easy to read la! Just wait..untuk bulan-bulan yang mendatang, just imagine...MP's umno yang ado pun dah macam kepanasan, no projek, no masyuk..utang bank.. you do no laie..! Inikan pulak,'mp nobody' and baru nak meraso nikmat dunio. You all boleh agak la..just wait few months...when money not coming...this fella will turn green..yerus jadi katak..����

  17. Okay la. Nih kupasan kekalahan prk CM fm my 21yr old students;

    1. Banyak suka bohong
    2. Cakap berbelit2
    3. Janji kelentong memanjang
    4. Pemimpin minda moyang2
    5. Pemimpin yg muda2 macam anak itik asyik cium pontot toktua2
    6. Kepimpinan2 minda dh obselete.. not forward thinking
    7. Kuat rasis taktau bercampur dengan bangsa Agama lain
    8. Menteri2 blur. Ingatkan Menteri2 byk Cina dan India tapi investments dari Negara China dan India pun elek bohliau.
    9. Harga tak turun, naik aje
    10.Macam takde hala tuju ..
    11. Kuat fitnah mulut jahat
    12. Suka aib orang lain
    13. 9 bln performance elek bohliau
    14. Sikit2 nak saman
    15. Sombong dan ego gila2
    16. Perasan mrk sja baik
    17. Keturunan tak sedaq diri
    18. Tak takut Allah
    19. Cakap tak serupa bikin
    20. Bikin tak serupa cakap
    21. Muka2 macam penyangak

    Eehhh macam2 lagi.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. No 21 is the best! Tepat pada sasarannya!

  18. 01:38

    Gua tak syok sendili dan gua pun bukan cakap solang2.
    Gua cakap fakta. Kalau lu tak ada kebolehan kenal fakta dan cakap kosong, gua ingat lu pigi tempah nisan cepat2.

    BN menang Cameron Highland. Gua gembira. DAP tak boleh buang sifat (& bahasa bongkak), memang nanti akan kena singkir jugak. Gua dengar sidang media Tok Mat lepas BN menang. Ini macam baru boleh menang hati rakyat. Bukan macam ustad ponorogo, panglima bugis, tengku celup. Susunkata Tok Mat cermat dan tak menyengat sesiapa.