Sunday 27 January 2019

The tide is really turning

I previously wrote

and it actually did yesterday.


BN crushes PH in Cameron Highlands

There's no other way to describe it.


The victory was exceptional as BN had won the parliament seat by an impressive 3,238-vote majority, which is a significant improvement compared to the just several hundred votes in the last two general elections in 2018 and 2013.
BN’s candidatee Ramli Mohd Noor, 61, who is a retired senior policeman became the the country’s first Orang Asli to become an MP, after taking 12,038 votes.
PH’s Manogaran Marimuthu only managed to garner 8,800 votes, while independent candidates Sallehudin Ab Talib received 314 votes and Wong Seng Yee (276 votes).
BN's majority increased by six folds from the one in GE14.

Why did this happen?

Simple. It's because of Pakatan's arrogance.

They lost their head after their GE14 victory.

They now think they can get away with anything and expect rakyat to swallow all their bullshit all the time.

Well, as now proven, they can't.

For why did I say so, please read my last few posts which are on the Cameron Highlands by-election.

Credit nonetheless goes to the BN leadership under Mat Hassan for a job well done.

That includes those of Umno, MIC and even MCA.

They did everything right this time.

And of course special credit to Pas, which support, without which, BN may not have achieved such a remarkable win.

I have a feeling this momentum will continue in the coming Semenyih by-election in March.

I'm saying that because reactions from Pakatan leaders to their loss still indicate that they are still big headed.

Yes, they are still arrogant despite the humiliating defeat.

Their candidate who has now lost in Cameron Highlands three times in a row even have the gall to claim that BN won because it played the race card.

Hello, why the hell did Kit Siang goes around campaigning accompanied by a lion dance troupe?

Read this,


“(But) Our main target now is to maintain the support of Chinese and Indians who make up the bulk of voter base,“ he said, taking cognisance that in the last general election, PH garnered only 10% of Malay votes and 10% of orang asli votes.

That's what their election director said.

Ya, that's how arrogant they were and now that they have lost the by-election, they are saying that other people are racists.

Really. I can see only bad stuff coming Pakatan's way after this.

I don't really like Pas, but this is a good one from another angle by Nik Abduh on why Pakatan will suffer;


  1. one swallow does not make a spring, wait for semenyih or rantau to confirm...BTW to the chinese spring is coming - Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  2. Tide forming - west coast vs east coast & west msia vs east msia wink

  3. It's a slap in their face ie PH. Bodoh sombong punya orang. They think they are great...but seems full of bullshit..served them right this time.

  4. Mat Hassan is the man.
    Make the lobakman shut up. Yes, we would like to see that. And tell the former president to take a good rest since he is expected to get busy with days in court in months to come. The angel pretending only MCA MP should shut up too.

    On serves them right. They have very little to show. They are just good at bickering. They have to unlearn their sick (opposition) attitude. They can blame the previous government all they want but given a chance, they can't govern. PH would be lucky if they can survive full term. I smell when Mahathir leaves, they will see the end. Good luck PH. Malaysia can't have half of half past type ministers.

  5. let see whether dumbo will replicate this success with an orang asli to replace kuli at gua musang next by election or GE15 wakakaka

    1. CM clearly opened up the rakyats eyes with these kind of results;

      1. Bumis 97%
      2. Cina 1%
      3. India 2%

      Dok habaq tak renti2 esp Pribumi with 12+1/222 .. terpaksa la cium KATAK2.

      Andaikan singa takde gigi, kuat mengaum aje performance elek bohliau. Jadi burung flaps wings satu dunia.. haiyaa burung jantan kan colorful, pandai nari2 nak otek their females kekekeke

      Yang sekok lagi bawa naga kot kot bole menjelma jadi Viseron... nak otek peghembang bukit2 dn gunung la... dah 9 bulan sebenda tak nampak bawa masuk.

      ...cekau dana dari mana bagi kat satu sekolah swasta cina sampai RM12m oooi???

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. I love reading malaysiakini comment section nowadays (the english version). All sort of derogatory remarks about the Malays are being said. I'm not angry. Not one bit.
    Behind all those remarks, sat a butt-hurt chinese/indian and that is just too hilarious to miss. Mr Bean could never pulled off a sketch as funny as those butt-hurt keyboard warrior.
    The Tun M factor is wearing thin on the Malays. Thinner than the rakyat's pocket after 9 month of PH rule. As of today, UBAH is slowly making an appearance again except this time, it's barrel is not pointing to UMNO.

  7. muka mat hassan cam muka lim kit sial. final days baru nampak. yang daripada "ber-shit 2" pun dah macam running dogs. belum lagi jadi "lap-dogs" like mic, mca. pada hal pun masih duit derma dari penyongkong PH. pi lah mintak dari "BO55KU".
    anyway annie tolong explain "how the heck JHO LO kharbarnya profit us70 million frro 1mdbee us5 billion bond issuances"

    1. Anon 03.23

      Look in the mirror la bro ...
      Dont you think you are as handsome as Lim Kit Sial ...?

      FYI ...Tok Mat was there almost everyday .

      As for Jho Lo usd70 mil profit ... no need to ask Annie ... yr DAPig good friend LGE seems to have all the detail . Go n ask him ...
      I'm sure he will not ask you to fly kite ...


  8. Hold your horses, Annie.

    All by-elections since GE14 have seen the incumbent party, whether Pakatan or the latest Barisan regain the seat.

    The only key difference in Cameron Highlands is that BN won with a much larger majority over Pakatan than it did in GE14, which is significant.

    If BN captures Semenyih from Pakatan in the upcoming by-election, then that will really be significant.

    1. Yes... during this by-election, when Pahang State government is already under BN, it would be of an advantage to the families of those Chinese and Indians farmers who're given TOL(Temporary Occupation License) for agriculture activities on state land, that Cameron Highland remain under BN.

      Therefore, its not only the Malays and Orang Asli votes that contributed to BN's 'exceptional victory'.


    2. IT.Scheiss
      ... If BN captures Semenyih from Pakatan in the upcoming by-election, then that will really be significant...

      CH results was a good wake up call..

      We often concerned PH supporters accusing BN of discriminating the Orang Asli... konon??

      BN letak rep fm tht community, nah 1% Cina and 2% Indian saja kasi their support to him.

      Pure concerned hypocrites. Puak2 kaki kelentong. Bikin tak serupa cakap. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. As long as there is no Indian candidate, Semenyih will be the best 'battle-front' to gauge Dr.M's and PH popularity.

    4. I mean... if BN or PH did not field an Indian candidate.


    I'm happy bn won even though I voted ph in ge14. Ph especially dap needed to be taught some lessons. Hope they learn fast.

    1. Anon 08:16

      DAP tak perlu lessons depa dah masak la. Skrg enjoying, cekau cekop apa yg dapat with full support fm people like you..

      DAP dont need lessons, kamu yang patut belajar... setidak2nya baca2 la sikit sejarah apa yg telah berlaku pada zaman2 British dulu..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof basi, how do you know I don't read history? I've even read munsyi abdullah's & prof al attas books.

      Just that I don't believe in being taksub to any particular political party & I believe that the only constancy in life is change. Change we must or we will be a dodo bird.

  10. I expect PH to fall in the next GE and LKS and his ego maniac son will be the greatest contributing factor for the reemergence of BN. I just hope UMNO don't allow MO1 to be the PM again.

  11. BN was dedak driven so PH shud be people or development driven simple...

  12. Anyway tahniah pada DAP kerana menang melawan calon bebas with a huge majority.

  13. BN guna sentimen rasis , kata DAP.

    Look yourself in the mirrror, friend. For years, your DAP leaders were harping that the Chinese were third class citizen and Malaysia were practising apartheid.


    No surprises. Status quo remains.


  15. People are not against the PH but they are against the arrogant DAP's .

    1. tebing tinggi

      you are absolutely spot on, but the stupid DAP leadership lead by the father and son idiots don't seems to realize. Najib has been setting so many traps for them and yet this ego maniac of father and son team seems to be unaware of it resulting in a big swing of malay votes back to BN.

      Come the next GE, PH will be destroyed and this stupid father and son team will be fully responsible. Najib seems to be using the right strategy to destroy PH.

    2. tebing tinggi

      Analisa pecahan undi PRK Cameron Highland;

      PH - 8,800
      Melayu - 8% - 704 undi
      Cina - 82% - 7216 undi
      India - 4% - 352 undi
      Lain2 - 6% (Orang Asal) - 528 undi

      Hmmmm 8%+6% = gambaran macam anak2 itik meneghu dok ikut bontot DAP.. nak kata ape except for quek quek quek aje la.

      Lempak bg makan croak croak baru bole bersuara kut?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Aiit... bagaimana dapat pecahan-terperinci undian mengikut kaum? Dari sumber SPR ka?

      Sepatutnya, undi itu RAHSIA. Oleh itu adalah mustahil sesiapa dapat beri pecahan-undi mengikut Bangsa atau keturunan, melainkan kotak-undi diasingkan mengikut Kaum.

      Yang pasti... selain dari faktor 'Arwah Adib' yang menyebabkan pengundi-Melayu/Islam tawar-hati terhadap calon India DAP... faktor pengundi yang diberi TOL (Temporary Occupation License) untuk pertanian, terutamanya kaum Cina & India, telah memberi kelebihan kepada BN.

      Maklumlah, kalah-menang, Negeri Pahang tetap dibawah BN. Makanya, adalah lebih menguntungkan, bagi pengusaha atau pemilik TOL.. atas tanah Kerajaan-Negeri... jika Parlimen Cameron Highlands, juga dikuasai BN.

      Ini bermakna analisa diatas mengarut. Silap-silap, boleh kena saman kerana mencipta 'data' yang boleh memburukkan persepsi Rakyat terhadap 'kerahsiaan peti-undi' yang dikelolakan SPR.

    4. RD baru celik mata ke? Aktip la sikit turun padang dn jaga warga tempatan 24/7, bukan setakat pi nunjuk muka pada hari2 kempen sja ya.

      Kalo pilih wakil2 JANGAN mai balun hantaq pakai parachute sja, pilih orang tempatan.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Hang tu... tutup mata, tak nampak yang aku sudah lama sokong BN di PRK Cameron Highlands.
      Bila tahu saja, PH letak calon India di PRK Cameron Highlands, terus aku tak dah sokong demi membela Arwah Adib.

      Disamping itu juga, ada banyak lagi sebab aku tak sokong DAP, terutamanya setelah terpengaruh dengan 'hasutan' posting Life of Annie.
      - poster tak guna langsung Bahasa Melayu.
      - Keling tu mulakan isu perkauman... 'Melayu tak beli kueh Orang Asli'. (Bila kalah, berani dia bidas BN, main isu perkauman)
      - Seperti hang kata... Kit Siang berkempen guna Tarian Singa yang langsung tidak ada kena-mengena dengan kepentingan semua kaum di Cameron Hinglands atau Malaysia.

    6. RD baghu soda dio kono kelentong kek kroni2 Turn M.
      DAPig lge kelentong Turn M kelentong Azmin kelentong ECRL .
      And ..
      DAPig/TakBersih kelentong AG kelentong Turn M kelentong YDPA ... tribunal kono kelentong...
      PRU 15 coming soon ...???


    7. Jangan jadi bangang Waghih. PRU15, 4 tahun lobeh, laie.

      Bila dokat (~1 tahun lagi) PRU15, PH akan:-

      - hapuskan semua tol.
      - minyak disubsidi... hargo turun sehingga RM1.40/seliter
      - barangan harian, termasuk beras akan disubsidi. Harga Beras akan kembali pada zaman sebelum Pak Lah naikkan harga dulu... RM18/10kg.
      - hutang PTPTN dihapuskan.
      - lupus Hutang peneroka.
      - bantuan keWANGan kepasa sekolah swasta Cina diberhentikan.

      Semasa berkempen PRU15 pula:

      - semua poster atau banner, guna Bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya. Sebiji bahasa Cina/India pun tiada. Tiada lagi tarian-singa.
      - bantuan keWANGan kepada Sekolah/Pusat Tahfiz ditambah supaya Melayu lebih jauh ketinggalan dalam semua bidang kemahiran technical/technologh, perubatan, Sains & Mathematic.

      Anak-anak Cina & India, bila mereka dewasa akan jadi doctor, enginneer, scientist, lawyer civil, akauntan.

      Manakala anak-anak Melayu, jadi lawyer Syariah , Ustaz atau Ustazah.

      Bila dekat PRU15 nanti:-

      - Bekas Banduan Salah-guna-kuasa dan bekas Banduan Liwat sudah jadi PM-8.
      - Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Azeez Baling, Isa Samad dan rakan-penyamun mereka yang lain sudah jadi penghuni Penjara Sg. Buloh.

      Harap Maklum.

    8. Rd ...den nak tambah laiee .
      Ekau terlupo ...

      LOPEH PRU 15 ...
      ●Sipeliwat akan kono Sodomy 3.
      ●Turn M n his billionaire kroni akan kono BNM RCI ... Sg Buloh.


  16. Kit Siang went around campaigning in CH with lion dance troupe on tow. I didn’t see Tok Mat Hassan campaigning accompanied with Malay silat or Malay dance. Ramli the candidate himself didn’t go around campaigning followed by orang asli folks singing and dancing showing off their culture.

    But still DAP accused BN of playing the race card. Who actually played the race card here????

    1. Look at the dumno scum bloggers.. look at papagomo calling for the extinction of Bangsa DAP and the posing like the bitch he is the next instant with Jibby and Hassan. Open your stupid fucking eyes and look. Look.

  17. A false dawn for BN, anyway a cameron warning to PH - black shoes, no smoking & juvenile curfew donot win election wink

  18. oh no BN cameron win triggered PH hornet nest, RBA & pakatoon sure come out now in full force attack on BN battling days after GE14 lull wakakaka

  19. Since the tide is really turning then annie shud advise mat hasan to stop court injunction & go ahead with rantau by election let the people decide

  20. PAKATAN supporter stop "derma" to BERSIH 2.0.
    like running dogs. let BERSIH 2.0 ask from BO55KU

  21. without PAS votes, BN wont never win so BN shud dedak PAS anor 90 million wakakaka

  22. I only wished that Najib wasn't involved in the campaign. Let Tok Mat lead the way and show a new and improved BN. It's time to put the Najib baggage far far away.

    If BN gets rid off all the excess baggage and starts over fresh, It's not impossible that they can make a comeback or at least become credible opposition.