Sunday 13 January 2019

Malaysian Malaysia colonialism

Met an old friend for tea the other day.

The guy occasionally invited me for lunch or tea just to chit chat.

It turned out that he was not very well and just  had an appointment with a doctor before meeting me.

Despite him being very much older than me, it was the first time I saw him being less healthy than myself.

If he had told me about his condition, I would have declined his invitation so that he could rest.

Still, it was pleasant seeing him.

As usual, we talked about current issues and politics.

He was quite unhappy with the way the current government handles itself.

By the way, my friend was considered to be one of the best young ministers in Dr Mahathir's Cabinet in the 90s.

So, he knows quite a lot about the difference between the administration at that time and the current one, even though they were led by the same man.

"These days, everyone wants to talk. Some ministers talked so much that they ended up talking about other ministers' portfolio....even the junior deputy ministers talked as if they were ministers themselves. And they don't care about things such as the secrecy policy," he said.

I asked him about this one,

Fuziah lauds gov't decision in ordering
 Lynas to remove waste


The Kuantan member of Parliament said she was informed of the decision reached at a Cabinet meeting today following suggestions from the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change.

"I'm quite sure Dr Mahathir would have been very angry about that. Who is this woman to tell the world that she knew about what were discussed by the Cabinet. Back then during my time in the Cabinet, Dr Mahathir was very strict about the confidentiality of the Cabinet meetings," my friend said.

I was actually wondering why it was Fuziah of PKR and not the DAP minister Yeo Bee Yin who made that claim to the public.

Is it because Yeo needed Fuziah to handle the Lynas workers who are mostly Malays?

Yes, the Lynas workers whom Yeo had refused to meet.

I did imagine if the workers are mostly not Malays, maybe Yeo would not be so sombong.

Maybe she would not even be too eager to shut down the Lynas plant after the review committee that she herself appointed had said that it doesn't pose any danger.

I also asked my friend what does he think about the way things are ever since Pakatan took over the government.

"We are undergoing a new phase of colonialism. This is a Malaysian Malaysia colonialism," he said.

 Malaysian Malaysia 

My friend argued that supporters of the ideology which primary aim is to deny the special rights of bumiputera as enshrined in the constitution are now poised to reshape the country.

"They are very smart and are now in control of the country's finances and communication. They will slowly but surely shape things as according to their wishes," he said.

My friend added that the process of shaming the bumiputera for what were their rights have already began.

"They want us to be ashamed to claim our rights.

'They want us to give up everything that are ours in the name of racial equality but they would not let go of theirs such as the vernacular schools.

"They can call us all sorts of things but we can't say the same about them,. If we do, then we are racists. That's the way things are now ," he said.

In a way, I think my friend was right.

Nowadays, it seems okay to openly describe the Malays as lazy or by any other negative character.

But if you try to point out that a Malay Muslim fireman was murdered because of his race and religion, then you are bound to be branded as a racist....even by people you thought are your friends.

After all, Malays are supposed to be meek and accept anything said about them with a smile.

Well I did try my best to be that, actually.

When someone shouted at me the other day, calling me a racist and other not so nice things, I just smiled and pretended to be okay.

Well, that's better than me beating up a fireman to death, like what some other people did, isn't it?

Whatever it is, I don't think the Malays and other bumiputera should complain too much about all these because they are also responsible in choosing the current government.

So, maybe this Malaysian Malaysia colonialism is not so bad.

This country was colonised by the white men for hundreds of years before this and the Malays and other bumiputera survived it by being farmers, labourers and such.

Probably they will be okay being like that again.

After all, they were said to be lazy and all the other negative stuff.

Not the right material to be lawyers, doctors, prime minister and such.

Well, that what was said lah.

Maybe after a few hundred years there will be another Merdeka and they can have another go at having their dignity again.

Who knows, maybe the weather changed by then, causing the Malays not to be lazy anymore.

That's provided Malaysia is still around lah.

For instance, maybe they need to change the name of the country. The Malay part may sounds too racist.


  1. Dear Annie, I am impress by your recent article particularly on malaysian malaysia. I do agree 100 percent with your friend that thereis an agenda to discredit bumiputra particularly malay. To achieve this they even resort to using a borrowed to kill meaning using malay/muslim to condemn malays and your friend said they wanted to take every thing from us but they refuse to give up vernacular school.On top of that they want us to recognise uec.

    1. aiya! one day more people with uec than local uni! so how no reconize. i heard some srjk cina, the chinese students like minority something as low as 10%. is it true


  2. Malay has nothing to be worried about, they had the sultan and Agong whom they claimed as their guardian of the land ,that they called theirs .

    Malay are supposed to be tolerance and acceptance ,that should be cherished ,never mind if they are being colonised again .

  3. Should not have taken 60 years. But better late than never. BTW, the Malays don't own this land. The monkeys (australopithecus) do coz they came first. In other words, you can't lose what you don't own in the first place.

  4. I hate to break the news but Malaysia is not being colonized by Malaysian Malaysia. The system of Govt right now is all about 0 corruption. That is the big difference compared to the previous Govt. Btw, this blog never ever condemned Jho Low and Najib and always made excuses for 1MDB pretending it never existed. Now you are trying to paint a picture that there is an agenda against Bumiputeras but are silent when billions of RM were stolen. So if the call for UEC to be given due accreditation, which was rejected by the Govt is evidence of colonization, then what about the billions stolen by Jho Low and his buddies. So we change colonization by Jho Low and Najib to be replaced by colonization by Malaysian Malaysia, of which there has been 0 change to the constituion. So if you are always using a racial lens and see everything from a race point of view is it wrong to be called a racist? Your blog is still popular by the way and this comment is offered as a rebuttal to the narrative.

    1. 0 corruption?!!!! Hahaha....have u heard about Cameron Highlands these past hour? Have u read what happened in Penang with Macc cases? Selective reading is it?
      Jolow is Chinese just like u...go teach him lesson he went to Wharton u know?
      Face it lah....Chinese don't have inner values, if they can cheat they will do so with no shame....
      I think when Atok mentioned that Malay are lazy he probably was referring to those Malays in Pakatan lah, those Malays who agree with him....maybe people like mahyudin, rais yatim, rina maybe even Syed siregerar...oh wait he is half lazy cos he is half Arab Hadhramaut of Muar, so only half lazy lah kot....

    2. I think RM 20 paid to campaign volunteers is not the same as RM billions stolen from Govt coffers. But if you feel its the same then there is no point to discuss. If you make an issue on Jho Low's race, why silent abt Najib, Apandi, Khalid Abu Bakar and the entire UMNO leadership.
      That is why the racial analogy is rubbish. Jho Low was a crook who happened to be Chinese. Najib & his gang were co-conspirators and beneficiaries who happened to be Malay. Tun Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz and folk like Mat Sabu were ppl who fought against corruption who happened to be Malay. DAP also fought against corruption and the leadership ppl like Anthony Loke happened to be Chinese. That is why a racial analogy fails. One were multiracial crooks, the other were multiracial corruption fighters. The idea there is a racial agenda is rubbish, the only agenda is to clean Malaysia from corruption, regardless of the racial bacground of those accused. Even in Tengku Adnan case, the accuseds are multiracial. UMNO is now lucky they have got rid of the junk, the new leadership is pretty ok.

    3. ...The system of Govt right now is all about 0 corruption. That is the big difference compared to the previous Govt...

      Joke of the century..

      hmmm apa kabar 40 croak croak ribbit ribbit semua? Sunyi sepi aje?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. You cant blame the Malays for not standing up against the Malaysian Malaysia gang because the other side can be equally destructive to the well being of the Malays themselves.Whichever way they choose,they are going to be the losers.

  6. "They can call us all sorts of things but we can't say the same about them,. If we do, then we are racists. That's the way things are now ," he said.

    Ini kan start zaman Budak2 Tingkat 4 dulu, dah lupa? Remember Tun M jadi penaung Perkasa because according to him nobody is speaking up for the Malays. It’s too late now. Zaman dah berubah. The world has moved on.



    LFL said sedition act against those insulting royals akin to mob rule. Whereas causing riots in the streets charge with religious sentiment, torching cars, attacking passerby, attacking firemen who trying to put out the fire, even causing death to one of them when they tried to flee after being attacked by the angry mobs. This is all called ‘freedom in democratic society’ according to the same group of people.

    The Malays are indeed living in new dawn of Malaysia. Malaysian Malaysia subjugation..

  8. I have said so many times before and I will say it again.Malays will dominate by the virtue of being the majority race in this country.Mind you,at the rate we Malays are breeding,the nonMalays will be outnumbered by a very large margin.
    The fall of BN is a blessing in disguise.I have never voted other parties in my entire life except UMNO but this time around Pas will get 5 votes from my family.
    Without Mahathir Bersatu will be gone and the Malays will return back to UMNO just like Semangat46.
    Prof Kangkung

  9. Old Malaysia used to be colonized by "the silly". Silly statements such as all the excuses by the dedakfied used to be the daily news. It is not surprising that there are those who used to be on dedak which are now very unhappy because the gravy train has derailed. Every isseue make into race religous...
    New Malaysia: Media statement very balanced. Govt gets whacked in papers, its normal. Scale of corruption is clearly evident. Old Malaysia RM 2.5 billion ppl say its old news, yawn, blah . New Malaysia, pay youth RM 20 for a day's work, everybody jump up and down ! Corruption! Polis please arrest..
    So glad that Najib is no longer PM.

  10. must be a silly wanker, you really are! 1MDB is in court now, just wait for that Hindu publuc prosecutor to fight out with the mamak lawyer lah, then see lah who wins..what lah no result yet, all you Pakatan wankers and liars already spewing smelly shit words saying Najib is guilty...wait for the courtlah idiot. And don't recycle and regurgitate 1 MDB until the verdict comes out ok, stupid fella.

    Plus as I have said and it's factual, Chinese do not have inner values , they are devoid of any spiritualism hence they are by default scheming and always looking for profitability in everything. You yourself have proven this by saying aiyah rm20 also want to bising, hello baloney, 20kah,20000, 260000 or 2.6 billion, it's the principal that matters....get that first in your kernel before u start chanting the purification of your Pakatan and stop worshiping either money or your Pakatan leaders. Grow a spine for a start!

  11. Anon 1323
    Pls lah stop pontifying. Who is the one most famous for the saying " Cash is king?". Which is the party synonymous with money politics. DAP ? PKR? No, the answer is UMNO but the issues is not the Malays are corrupt, but UMNO is corrupt and slaved itself to be the defender of Jho Low.
    Those who cannot accept this fact launch into racial arguments talking about spiritualism.
    Just remember UMNO. Money. UMNO. Dedak. UMNO. Jho Low. UMNO. Billion dollar jewelry. UMNO.
    As for me, i prefer Um Yes.

    1. Well RPK said Pakatan will be spending about Rm100m for this CH by election. I think he knows what he's talking. He is I'm sure 1 million light years more knowledgeable about Malaysia politics compared to a silly twat like u

      For the past 2 days all the Pakatan frenly smelly newspaper like msiakini, Malay mail, fmt, Malaysia insight etc has non stop talking about that Singh woman and her stupid antics of giving out money to the so called volunteers.
      Bersih, without anyone seeking their ridiculous opinion suddenly said it's ok if petrol money...poodah lah bersih my ass!

      The kayu reput old man of dap already said they actually pay as this is their actual spending

      Mcmc underthat Bhai fella now wants to investigate who actually spread that foto.

      The stupidity of answering round and round just to justify what that Singh fella woman did was just mind boggling.

      Living a life under Pakatan in Malaysia can make one go cuckoo!

      And me having to reply to a tosser like you itself shows how crazy one can spiral down to under Pakatan.

      Oh yeah Atok denies Pakatan paying any money!

      What pandikutty episode!

    2. Well said la 1555

  12. I will not argue with sore losers of the GE14. All the can see with the current government is all so faulty and has flaws in every move it has made.

    1. Ayo yo.Can't you give better argument than this?
      Prof Kangkung