Monday 14 January 2019

Cameron Highlands, BN cannot, Pakatan can

This is a rather weird story by Bernama,

Wan Azizah admits PH chances 
in Cameron Highlands by-election slim

First this is in paragraph two, which more or less explains the headline;

The Deputy Prime Minister also said the by-election would be a tough fight as the opposition (BN) had fielded an Orang Asli person as its candidate.

Then there's this one in paragraph six, which made the story all confusing;

Asked about Manogaran winning the seat, Wan Azizah said his chances were good because of the change in government at the federal level. 

It's either Bernama was not sure what to write or Dr Wan Azizah was not sure what to say.

Slim and good chances are not the same, you know.

Mind you, Dr Wan Azizah is our DPM.

Well, the story also highlighted several other things about the ongoing campaign in Cameron Highlands,

Paragraph seven;

Asked if disciplinary action would be taken against PKR Senator Bob Manolan Mohd following claims that he allegedly threatened a group of Orang Asli village headmen in Cameron Highlands recently, Dr Wan Azizah who is also Chairman of the PKR Advisory Council said she had spoken to Bob Manolan about it and he said that was not what he meant.

- Hmmm, threatened only....lucky the Orang Asli headmen are not firemen.

Paragraph nine;

When asked to comment on photos of a woman wearing a PH t-shirt who was seen giving out money in Cameron Highlands, the Deputy Prime Minister urged the reporter concerned to check the authenticity of the photographs and the claims.

- Hmmmm, I agree. This is like the video of her husband last time. Need to check the authenticity. Maybe the woman giving money got bigger tummy.

Dr Wan Azizah also said this in the last paragraph,

“One of the outcomes of a positive mind is the ability to sieve through information. There is a lot of false information on the social media. We should learn from the May 13 incident and we do not want a repeat of it,” she said. 

I think she sounds quite a bit like an Umno leader before the GE14. Of course, if she's an Umno leader, she'll be accused of being a racist trying to scare people with May 13.

Anyway, this Cameron Highland by-election is interesting unlike the previous ones since Pakatan won the GE14.

The others were Pakatan seats, so no problem there for them.

As we all know, in a by-election, the incumbent usually wins. As far as I can remember, there were only three by-elections where the outcome didn't favour the incumbents; Lunas 2000, Kuala Terengganu 2009 and Teluk Intan 2014.

The Cameron Highlands by-election is also extra interesting because it came about when the BN guy who won it in GE14 was ruled to have bribed some Orang Asli to vote for him.

So, in a sense Pakatan was supposed to have an advantage there as they have been campaigning on the anti-corruption platform.

But of course now, there were allegations that Pakatan was doing the same thing when a photo of a Pakatan official giving money to some Orang Asli became viral the other day as pointed in the story above.

While Dr Wan Azizah had asked reporters to check on the authenticity of the photo, other had said Pakatan was just giving out "duit minyak" to campaign workers.

Duit minyak, duit kopi....whatever.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased that BN has decided to field an Orang Asli candidate who is not even a member of Umno or MIC or MCA (seriously, I'm not sure if MCA is still with BN).

Ramli Mohd Noor is a retired senior police officer with the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP); who is a local Orang Asli of Semai descent.

That must be quite a shock for some because many people thought all Orang Asli in this country are uneducated and backward because they were being oppressed by the previous BN government.

Well, I hope Ramli will win so that the Orang Asli community will have a voice of their own in Parliament.

I do wonder why Pakatan didn't field an Orang Asli candidate too, considering that the community is quite big in Cameron Highlands.

Nonetheless, I think BN shouldn't campaign too hard on the fact that they fielded an Orang Asli candidate, because Pakatan people may accuse them of being racists.

Then if Ramli actually wins, the Orang Asli community may ends up being accused of racism for voting one of their own.

We don't want our Orang Asli be labelled as racists, don't we?

Whatever it is, I think Pakatan still have the advantage to win.

The Cameron Highlands electorate breakdown are Malay 33.5%; Chinese 29.48%; Indian 14.91%; Orang Asli (Peninsular Malaysia) 21.56%; Bumiputera Sabah 0.12%; Bumiputera Sarawak 0.06%; Others 0.37%. 

Looking at that and back at the GE14 results, I think DAP's Manogaran probably already have up to  44.39 per cent of the votes in his bag already.

He just needs a bit more votes from the Malays and Orang Asli community to win.

Furthermore, Pakatan can give out "duit minyak" this time.

Yes, BN cannot, Pakatan can.


  1. Defenders of Anwar Realm14 January 2019 at 13:22

    This article is wrong on many parts.

    The first is it is morally wrong to cast aspersion on the incoming PM, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim by loose insinuations. I hope this blogger will be more respectful of someone many regard as the Nelson Mandela of Malaysia. Oh no , I forgot this blogger us racist so will hate Mandela and also Anwar.

    2. Wan Azizah was clearly asking the reporters to do their homework since now there is a MCMC report against the fakenews story. We dont want ppl to be caught by this law, which was enacted by PH, no? No,that is seditious - anti democratic laws are not anti democratic laws if they aren't passed by a BN parliament.

    3. You say that PH will have the advantage is not true. Ppl are very unhappy that Anwar is not PM. Protest vote will mean BN sure to win and hopefully get Dr Mahathir's notice

    Defenders of the Anwar Realm (DOTAR)

    1. Nelson Mandela didn't go to jail for abused of power and sodomizing someone!


    2. Nelson Mandela Msia??? Macam langit dgn bumi..

  2. Yes Annie.
    For Adib's sake, I hope UMNO candidate wins this coming by-election in Cameron Highland.
    During their election campaign, UMNO should use the 'Justice for Adib' banner. With Adib in mind, I'm very sure Malay voters would have reservation giving their votes to that Indian candidate of PH, from DAP sum-more.

    Maybe 'Adib' is also the reason, MIC gave-up the seat to UMNO so easily.

    1. Sorry RD, there is no Umno candidate in this Cameron Highlands by-election.

    2. Well.... surely its with UMNO's 'blessing' that the orang-asal candidate stood a chance to contest, taking advantage of the notably big community's presence in Cameron Highland.

      Whatever it was, I'm already fed-up with PH, especially those aligned with the ex-convict's camp. They seems to be worst than UMNO when it comes to threatening people who don't support them. Nepotism and cronyism at its worst too.

    3. You don't get it do u, it's never UMNo, already mentioned million times still wanna insist that there must be umno somewhere, orang melayu and orang asal will say about u lots, ...bodoh tak terajar, bingai tahap gaban...go find out the meaning...

      Say what, you are now fed up?! Now u fed up?!, after stupidly putting this bunch of tossers and wankers as the leaders and now all the Rakyat esp the lower income level are suffering daily ,now wanna say u fed up....bloody freaking horse manure dangling balls bulls time make sure you are not this stupid to vote for dangling balls old cockerels and putting everybody into problems....bloody waster paper basket!

    4. To know why I'm fed-up with PH (except Dr.M and Anthony Loke), especially the Rear Admiral, please read...

      ... you moron.

    5. RD
      Why orang asal as opposition's choice of candidate for CH's campaign
      Thinking that this peace loving community are ignorant of the 1mdb scandal


    6. if ph perform poorly, mahathir is the one that r accountable, or at least the major part since he is the pm. this is common sense, which r quite lacking among mahathir fanboy.

    7. From a shanty town to prestined hill resort today
      Did TM did badly for 22years


  3. PH managed to reduce the gas price below / around RM2.00
    Imagine the saving for transporting vegetables and fruits from Cameron Highland
    So, does it matter who is the candidate
    Will you still reciprorate the same grocery store that charged you more
    Going up CH. you have to floor your car's accelerator


    1. Fadzireen

      Candidates should by all means be a local candidate. Klo pakai puppet terjun parachute macam Dyana sofia tu, payah tau..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. PH byk yg golongan bandar so always perasan mereka yang teramat cerdik pandai2 belaka, konon.

    In early 2000 pun dh ade sorang Jakun in JPM, a Phd holder.. a Prof.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. 1. A threat by PKR. Clean.

    2. Giving money handouts by DAP. Still clean.

    3. So ?

  6. Wan Azizah is a fucking idiot.

    - DAP supporter

    1. lge is a no ball fucking idiot, a liar as well.

      - malaysian.

  7. why no rallying cry at cameron for bangsa & agama fr dumbos???

  8. Even though I'm not pro-BN or pro-UMNO, in this case, I'd like to see Ramli Mohd Noor win so that it gives the "children" in charge of the "kindergarten" a shock.

    These guys are too busy politicking and squabbling over relatively trivial issues, when they should be working to strengthen the economy and reduce the cost of living burden on us ordinary Malaysians.

    I have articulated my thoughts in my two blog posts below.



    I also agree with Syed Akbar Ali on why people are fed up with Pakatan Harapan and all the childish politicking which is going on.

  9. Anonymous14 January 2019 at 20:50 wrote:-

    "....after stupidly putting this bunch of tossers and wankers as the leaders and now all the Rakyat esp the lower income level are suffering daily"

    Pakatan Harapan state and federal governments, and local councils under the state government are great at burdening the rakyat.

    1. Ban free single-use plastic bags to carry purchases home, supposedly to protect the environment, whilst almost everything else we buy comes wrapped in plastic, has a plastic container,comes in a plastic bottle and so forth.

    2. Ban smoking in eateries, with heavy penalities for infringement. I casually asked a mamak restaurant in my neighbourhood as to how thw ban has affected business and was told that business had dropped by 30% to 40% after the ban.

    3. A friend and long time resident of Petaling Jaya told me last Sunday that there are deeper potholes in roads in Petaling Jaya following Pakatan's win of government in Selangor state and I and other neighbours have noticed that road conditions in Petaling Jaya have got worse under a Pakatan state government and as far as I know, this person is not a BN supporter either.

    4. Visit the Petaling Jaya New Town Centre (PJ State) and see bicycle lanes which nobody uses, bicycle locking stations which nobody uses, useless decorations and so forth which have been installed under the Pakatan state government.

    5. Massive high-rise developements in Petaling Jaya have continued throughout the over 10 years since Pakatan captured Selangor state, such as in Section 13, Section 52, along Jalan Utara, in Damansara Utama (Uptown) and so forth and I except that once these buildings are fully occupied, the traffic congestion in central Petaling Jaya will be hell.

    6. A friend who owns an apartment in Petaling Jaya told me that his quit rent had been increased eight times since he moved in about seven years ago. He supposed that's why monstrous high-rise developments are allowed to continue unabated.

    However, to be fair, some of the good facilities provided in Petaling Jaya under a Pakatan state government of Selangor are the PJ Free Bus, the water rebate and covered walkways along some road pavements.

  10. Annie,

    Tolong jangan bagi Najib pergi Cameron Highlands. Muka tak malu dah curi duit menyusahkan semua dgn hutang bertimbun2.

    Jika tidak sia-sia saja letak calon orang asli.

    Ini nasihat dari saya yang mengundi PH.

  11. The chinese votes 99 percent will go to DAP.Indian votes will be most likely go to DAP too.The combined votes of Malays and orang Asli will give victory to the BN candidate only IF all the Malays and orang Asli voters vote for BN candidate.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. dumbos (+ pas) wont vote for a non dumbo orang asli OK

  12. Kalau asal dah orang Malaysia perangài sama saja...semua mata duitan...tukaq kerajaan pun perangai sama saja. Orang kampung kata salin baju ja...2x5..5x2...pi mai pi mai tang tu..Nak menang bagi duit..sapa tak mau duit?? Ini sudah lumrah politik Malaysia. Malaysia Baru haprakkkk...ikan kembung pun gelak...harga tak turun turun....boleh jalan dahhh

  13. azmin shud ask H2O to perform a reunion of MO1 & jho low wakakaka

  14. when come to cameron by election why dumbo2 (incl annie) no whacking indians mcm seafield tple, 1st degree dumbo hypocrites ptui

  15. Annie,

    Apa ni umno tak buat report polis LGE bagi duit kat sekolah & universiti cina swasta..,.ini buat duit punya.

    1. LGE nak tolong bangsa dia apa salahnya. Biasa lah tu.

    2. La aaa anon 21:22

      Masakan you taktau Sek Cina kan lambang bangsa cina dMalaysia.

      Kena la upgrade to be on par with the chinese schools in Mainland China and Taiwan... negara2 ibunda mereka satni ketinggalan pula nak bersaing dengan bangsa2 sedara mara mereka sendiri..

      Klo standard sini tak sebaya payah pula anak2 cucu2 nak balik cari peluang pekerjaan kat China and Taiwan.. lagi2 klo tak tau baca/tulis dalam bahasa Kebangsaan PRC, kan payah?? Nak hafal 1000 perkataan Mandarin bole patah jari tangan2, kena dok praktis siang malam. Kira pun lain tau, eeek erk sun sirk uuuk liuk cik pak cio sirk! payah tau.

      Berhubung dengan sedara mara atau buat bisnes sesama mereka tulis dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia atau Bahasa Inggeris, banyak nanti akan blur..

      Dulu2 British dok lambak dana kat sek2 Cina, skrg klo tak PH, siapa lagi yang akan sanggup nak bagi berjuta2?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Ya la. Kat Sekolah Pondok Persendirian dan Pusat Tahfiz yang berdaftar pun dapat, tak adil la kalau Sekolah Persendirian Cina tak dapat.

    4. Tak adil ?
      Guna syllabus kebangsaan atau mainland?

  16. Bezanya antara Sekolah Persendirian Cina dengan Sekolah Tahfiz Persendirian:-

    - depa belajar 'ilmu' demi meningkatkan pengetahuan, kemajuan dan kekayaan didunia.
    - kita belajar 'ilmu' demi mendapatkan pahala, buat bekalan ke syurga, 'kekayaan' akhirat, alam baka atau untuk ke syurga.

    Oleh itu, jangan la bersikap iri-hati jika didunia ini, orang-kapir menguasai ekonomi dan maju dalam serba-serbi kehidupan.

    1. RD..

      ...- depa belajar 'ilmu' demi meningkatkan pengetahuan, kemajuan dan kekayaan didunia..

      Afterlife pun mereka perlu sediakan banyak hell bank notes pasai nak juga hidup mewah six feet under tau.

      Yang kena hantaq rumah mewah dengan swimming pool, yang terlepas tuduhan2 korupsi di dunia pula, silap2 underworld juga kena sll dok hantaq hakim2 dan lawyer2 .. banyak kena hantaq hell bank notes.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. ni cameron why BN & PAS tak nak rally ANTI ICERD??? answer oh BN takut ni cameron 70% PRO ICERD & they will vote PH to win wakakaka

  18. in KL with so many homeless people, dumbo2 & kutu2 stole govt land & built buildings on it sob