Thursday 8 November 2018

Lynas - it's turning into a McGregor-Khabib fight

The struggle over Lynas is really becoming like that McGregor-Khabib fight.

Click on this link if you don't know what I'm talking about,

UFC 229

For starters, one side was trash talking while the other tried to keep calm.

You know la all the accusations they threw at Lynas.

Same like McGregor insulting Khabib and calling him names before their fight.

All the while Khabib kept his cool and said things will be settled in the octagon.

The victor would be the one with the better punches, kicks, grappling techniques and wrestling prowess.

Just like Lynas, things should be by right decided based on facts and evidence.

Not by all the bullshit meant to rile sentiments as what happened over the issue.

Then there's the UFC with its boss Dana White who was clearly siding with McGreagor.

They did everything possible to ensure a McGreagor's victory, including letting the notorious Irishman went crazy to promote the fight.

The UFC didn't seem to care even if innocent people get hurt as what happened when McGreagor and his crew attacked the bus Khabib was on in Brooklyn.

Same like when they tried to impose that crazy Fuziah Salleh and dubious Wong Tack on the Lynas review committee.

At that time they didn't seem to care about being fair even to the Lynas employees, who are 97 per cent Malaysians.

They didn't seem to care if those people lose their job and face hardship to support their families.

Now, with the Lynas public hearing just days away, they seemed to be doing it again.

In my previous post about Lynas,

About Lynas public hearing and

 self-proclaimed environmentalist

 I wrote that,


Public hearing of Lynas review

 on November 11

The venue however have been shifted from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in Gambang to Gambang Resort City.

Hopefully many people will turn up to hear what's really going on by listening to both sides of the story.

Those who wish to do so, please fill up the form at this link;
This will close at midnight Nov 9 (Friday).

Well, I was told yesterday that the venue has been shifted yet again.

Now it's going to be at the Sri Manja Boutique Hotel in Indra Mahkota.

I do wonder why they are doing this.

Why are they making it difficult for the public to attend the hearing?

I wonder why don't they just have a very open public hearing.

Let's say at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Convention Centre in downtown Kuantan where thousands could attend.

No need to fill in forms and such to be there.

Hey, after all, they said Kuantan folks are scared stiff of Lynas what. Surely they would come in droves.

Ya, why they need to do all that to make sure less people attend the supposedly public hearing?

Are they afraid the anti-Lynas people would be exposed as bullshitting all these while.

Just like that McGregor guy la. Ends up that all his trash talk was just bullshit.

I don't know lah, maybe their strategy will work.

Less people at the hearing, the easier they can kick the Lynas people around.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they were just being clumsy about arranging the hearing thus all the changes and bureaucracy. Maybe they will be fair.

For now Lynas, its workers and their dependants could only pray for the best.

Workers of Lynas Malaysia saying thanksgiving at the vicinity of the Kuantan High Court on Nov 17 2012, after the court rejected an injunction application to stop the company's operations.


  1. Annie,

    Answer lah honestly.....

    Which Umno crony has a financial stake in the Lynas project?

    Your obsession with it is 100% insincere, so there must be an udang galah di sebalik batu....

    Oh sorry yeah, you care about Malaysia and rule of law and good governance and the rakyat's welfare.


    1. Ada udang di sebalik kueh teow

    2. it's like the 'moron of manchester', raja putar kelentong......the worlds worst liar.......lecturing people piously on islam....alim konon....or the fat chinawoman last time (now closed down), telling the malays what to do. please lahhhhh.

      tell you 1 thing.........these bn bloggers are the most vile hypocritical scum on this earth.....

  2. "I do wonder why they are doing this. Why are they making it difficult for the public to attend the hearing?"


    You are so prihatin, you know, Annie?

    Really caring.

    So concerned.

    I also wasn't invited to the PAC hearing on 1MDB.

    I also wasn't invited to comment when the PAC report was amended unilaterally by Hasan Carimakan to clear Najib.

    I also wasn't invited to comment when the government used the OSA to block all info on 1MDB from the public.

    And that fucked 32 million of us, not just the poor folks in Kuantan.

    So......maybe you were less caring before May?

    I guess so lah.

    Hee hee hee.

    Try not to bullshit so much, okay?


  3. Since 97 percent of Lynas employees are Malaysian the authorities should not close down Lynas facilities. Just like the madrasah and sekolah tahfiz 100 percent are Malay muslims. Whether these schools breach securities endangering the lives of its students is another matter.

  4. Here, Annie, your chance to save Malaysia!

    "Today, Najib also asked if discounts offered by housing developers would be abolished with the introduction of FundMyHome.

    “After five years, house buyers will still need to go the bank and apply for a loan, and at the market price of the home then. If buyers still cannot afford the home and have to pay monthly instalments, what will happen to them? Will they be evicted from their homes?”

    He also warned that the price of property might not appreciate as hoped.

    “So who is this scheme meant to help? The people or developers?"

    Of course, DS Pokjib has no ulterior motive.

    Just like Annie, he is very neutral.

    So Annie, please investigate:

    a) What was the target for PR1MA homes?

    b) How many have been built?

    c) How much was allocated annually for PR1MA?

    d) Where did all the money go?

    Malaysia thanks you in advance, Annie : )

    1. i heard at least 2 billion a year budget for prima.....all gone.

      sure didnt go 2 building low-cost housing, can tell u that.

    2. Oh is it, but I thot I also heard that you were buggering 2 kambing at one go every 2 weeks of the month behind your house, correct ah?

    3. Anonymous8 November 2018 at 21:24

      Definitely wasn't behind a PR1MA house.

      For the simple reason....they don't exist because all the money was songlap-ed.

      Kih kih kih!

  5. Annie,

    If you want to whack PH for the right reasons, please look no further than the SHOCKINGLY INCOMPETENT internal polls of PKR.

    Really, a complete circus that is full of drama queens and insane badut2.

    The idea of doing e-voting is to make it EASIER.


    High-tech konon.

    How come in the USA, 50 million people can vote in the midterms on simple paper slips, and it's still more organised than PKR elections????

    What a joke.

    Really, and the internal backstabbing and fights in the media are just making a bad show even more embarrassing.

    It also underlines that Anwar's party is just a complete mess.

    Maybe if Azmin ever takes over PKR, there will be more discipline.

    But for now, sorry lah...


    Just tutup kedai, lah.

    You are embarrassing yourselves and the human race.

  6. Annie,

    //Less people at the hearing, the easier they can kick the Lynas people around.//

    As long as the media is there and giving a full report, I am fine with it.

    Also, I expect the review committee to publicly publish its findings - none of this OSA bullshit.

    Anything less then full open disclosure of the review committee's findings would make me suspicious.

    //For now Lynas, its workers and their dependants could only pray for the best.//

    Hmmm... how interesting.

    Praying that Science will be on their side. :)


  7. samurai bond to help settle 1mdb debts whilst najib & dumbos are happily shalalala sigh

  8. Ur writing reminds me of NOTHING TO HIDE stunt done by ur beloved najib on 5.6.2015...

  9. cerita you punya sifu la Annie..
    selupa... #fakenews
    SO1 maaaa...