Sunday 4 November 2018

A good Saturday and a bit on Budget 2019

Drove north with my cousin yesterday to visit our uncle.

She's starting her week-long semester break.

Glad that I got someone to keep me company along the more than seven hours day trip.

Used to go alone, which was quite tiring.

Our uncle was having one of his better days yesterday.

We had lunch together and chit chatted.

He wanted to go home but we managed to persuade him to be patient and wait until he's fully recovered.

Hopefully, Allah will grant him good health again.

The drive back to KL was also uneventful.

Talking to my cousin helped me from getting sleepy.

We stopped near my workplace to do our laundry.

My cousin attended to it as I went to my gym nearby for my daily exercise.

Just half an hour on the treadmill and another half on elliptical trainer.

 elliptical trainer

After the laundry and exercise were done, we went for a fish and chip dinner.

That's my day yesterday.

Budget 2019?

Couldn't care less, actually. It's about the same as any BN's budget of previous years.

Well, of course there's some bullshit too.

This is an interesting take on it,

The budget that shows 

the country has money after all

Yup, all that talk about the country going bankrupt before GE14 are just bullshit.

Doesn't matter now.

Cheers guys.


  1. Annie,

    At least you put more effort into your exercise than into your blogging : )

    "Couldn't care less, actually. It's about the same as any BN's budget of previous years. Well, of course there's some bullshit too."

    Wow, profound fiscal analysis!

    Followed by a link to another Failed Umngok Macai blog.

    My honest question:

    When will the Failed Umngok Macai2 refund all the money they were paid, only to deliver 36% of popular vote to their kleptomasters?

    Very bad ROI.

    Numberrrrrrr One Bullshit.

    At they rate they are going, I think next PRU it will be 26%.

    Kipidap Annie, dongibab : )

  2. The fiscal deficit in 2018 was expected to rise to 3 7% due to previous government's expenditure commitment which was unbudgeted such as interest servicing cost of 1MDB amounting to RM1b. For the next 3 years, there will still be fiscal deficits expected at 3.4% in 2019, 3.0% in 2020 and 2.8% in 2021 albeit on a reducing trend.
    So despite that there are monies in the government coffers, they are not enough to pay off the total expenditures. The deficits are to be covered by borrowings. A fiscal deficit occurs when a government's total expenditures exceed the revenue that it generates excluding money from borrowings.
    However, some of these borrowings were taken by the previous government at high effective interest rate of 7%. To remedy this, the PH government sought Japanese Government's assistance in guaranteeing the 200 billion yen (RM7.4b) Samurai Bond at an indicative coupon rate of 0.65%. The proceeds will be used to retire some of the costly loans.
    Without this move, the government will not be able to service the old loans and may go bankrupt. When a country fails to pay its creditors on time, it is said to go into "default", the national equivalent of going bankrupt just like Greece in 2012.
    So the possibility of the country going bankrupt is real and not bullshit after all.

  3. Annie,

    Although you are Macai Paling Malas (but can never beat Ponygod lah : ), here's something you missed on purpose:

    Just to explain, your Pinklips Pirate and his fat macai Jho Low "pakat" with 2 crooked Arabs (one of whom was Riza Aziz's best friend) to transfer bond money to a fake company called Aabar (Tiruan).

    Sadly, Aabar (Real) was not impressed and asked Malaysia, "hey dude, where's the 6 billion USD you owe me?"

    This is WHY Pinklips Pirate needed to steal money from BR1M and Bank Negara.

    Gali lobang, tutup lobang, etc etc etc.

    Now at least we are going to take action to avoid this DOUBLE payment that Pinklips did to cover his backside after being caught.

    If all goes well, the 6 billion USD will come back to Malaysia.

    I'm sure that makes you very depressed, Annie, because nothing makes you happier than seeing Malaysians being cheated by crooked Umno : )

    1. Jibby al-Songlap living in denial.......

      PETALING JAYA: Former Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (pic, left) has hit out at critics who he claims base their opinions on news reports which are "inaccurate and naughty" (tidak tepat dan nakal).

      The former prime minister chided Barisan Nasional secretary-general Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz (pic, centre) and former Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamalluddin (pic, right), who both said that Barisan Nasional's defeat at the last elections was due to the 1MDB controversy, rather than any of Pakatan's so-called "lies" as previously claimed by Najib.

      Time to face the facts.

      In fact, the Kaki Pukul Indon, Wak Jahid, should stop his predecessor from making any statements at all.

      Jibros is killing Umno.


  5. Annie,

    //She's starting her week-long semester break.//

    That's the cousin studying in UiTM?

    How's she enjoying it?

    //He wanted to go home but we managed to persuade him to be patient and wait until he's fully recovered//

    Hm, that's that uncle who plays chess, right?

    He's in hospital?

    Most folks do not like staying in hospitals - lousy food, boring surrounds.

    //After the laundry and exercise were done, we went for a fish and chip dinner//

    Ain't that always the case.

    Burn it off and put it all back in :)

    I tend to get really hungry after a workout.

    //Couldn't care less, actually. It's about the same as any BN's budget of previous years.//

    I have no idea about previous BN budgets and I have no idea about this Pakatan budget.

    As usual, I am just leaving it to LGE to sort out whatever mess there is.

    At the end of the proverbial day, it is what the stock market says.

    If the market goes up next week, it's a great Budget.

    If the market tanks, it's a lousy Budget :)

    //Yup, all that talk about the country going bankrupt before GE14 are just bullshit//

    Well, "going bankrupt" and "being bankrupt" are two different things, OK?

    It's like being "totally fucked" and "pretty much fucked" :)

    I believe that if one considers the thieving, the kickbacks from overcharging, the secret deals made here and there, Malaysia, under UMNO/BN, would have gone bankrupt in the not-too-distant future.

    As far as I am concerned, the country owes RM1trillion and that simply can't be good.

    Actually, I am a bit concerned that LGE has announced such a large Budget but I will continue to have confidence in his ability to carry it thru.

    //Doesn't matter now//

    Nup, it doesn't matter now.

    We just gotta wait for a few years to see how this Pakatan govt runs the country.

    For me, I am quietly confident that things will improve based on what Pakatan has done in Selangor and Penang.


  6. Only KJ can save Umno......

    Khairy, who was the former youth and sports minister, replied: “You better pray I don’t become president of Umno.

    “First thing I’ll do is sack you for having the IQ of a carrot.”

    Khairy’s response was retweeted and “liked” by hundreds of users.

    Some said Lokman had it coming, while others questioned his mention of carrots.

    “Why you wanna diss the carrot YB, apa dosa lobak tu (what wrong did the carrot do?)” said Twitter user @anuarfariz.

    Meanwhile, @mohan_louis said although he did not believe in Umno’s political ideologies, he would sign up as a member “just to vote against that carrot too, if it was possible”.

    Another user said he had asked his friends in Umno what they should do to “save Umno”.

    “Their response was to get rid of Lokman first. The rest is history,” said @FatahHebat.

    Ha ha ha!

    Yes, I think Lokman is worse than Jamal Jamban.

    At least KJ's IQ is higher than Lobak Adam.....

    1. A few words used by KJ kill......hehehe
      He don't have to 'meroyan macam datang bulan'.
      Just use 'CARROT' to put Lokman down to the lowest level.
      HAHAHAHA... kesian Lokman, nak lawan lulusan OXFORD.

    2. "........YB, apa dosa lobak tu?"

      Kih kih kih....

  7. kesian annie!still in umno's dreamland...

  8. "NEWS

    Umno newspaper attacks Najib, blames his 'donation lie' for BN's defeat"

    Annie, now Utusan practice freedom of expression. See that's what even Najib's last line of defence crumbles. Komedi next?

  9. Lobakman with IQ of a carrot..hahaha

  10. Now UMNO newpapers Utusan Malaysia calls Najib a liar for lying about 1MDB scandal.

    Najib is increasingly isolated and Annie is not helping

    1. Annie can only focus on exercising nowadays.

  11. Anonymous @ 4 November 2018 at 21:26,

    //See that's what even Najib's last line of defence crumbles. Komedi next?//

    Hmmm, it would seem that UMNO is slowly backing off from supporting Najib, doesn't it?

    Najib is beginning to crack around the edges, eg now saying that he THOUGHT the RM2.6bil in his personal account was from a Saudi donor.

    But everybody remembers when Najib was soooo confident that it was from a Saudi donor, that he even took Zahid Hamidi to Saudi Arabia to meet the donor.

    And speaking of Zahid Hamidi, where the hell is he?

    He is doing a great job as "The Invisible Man" again, isn't he?

    I wonder if Zahid Hamidi realises that he is the President of UMNO.

    I think it is reasonable to say that UMNO is facing its most difficult period ever since its founding in 1946 and where is its President to provide the leadership to led the members out of the darkness?

    I dunno, your guess is as good as mine.

    For all we know, Zahid Hamidi is being busy destroying all the trails which lead to the billions upon billions owned by UMNO so that NOBODY but only he knows where the money is hidden.

    Zahid Hamidi aka The Invisible Man.

    A very appropriate nickname.


  12. utusan headline: apa lagi dumbo najib mau tipu wakakaka

    1. Batu Pahat Umno division chief Puad Zarkashi has urged Utusan Malaysia to apologise to former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak over its editorial accusing the latter of lying about the about the multi-billion ringgit “donation" in his personal bank account.

      In a comment piece carried by the paper today, Puad said if the Malay daily fails to do so, then Umno members should boycott it for jumping to conclusions in the matter.

      Sure signs of internal power struggle in Umgnok.

  13. UMNO will not recover from its downwards spiral.

  14. Anonymous @ 5 November 2018 at 07:53,

    //UMNO will not recover from its downwards spiral.//

    UMNO owns billions upon billions of cash and assets.

    The Moron from Manchester says that virtually all that money and assets are held under trustees, eg Najib, Zahid, etc.

    If UMNO goes under, who gets all that money?

    I don't think anybody know what money those trustees are holding, eg Naijb said that he was holding RM120mil(?) in cash but that money is not recorded anywhere in any books of account.

    In Najib's case, we only know the amount of money involved because it was seized in a raid.

    So, if UMNO goes under, any UMNO trustee, whom nobody really knows who they are, holding money and assets on behalf of UMNO, which nobody knows what is being held, is in a very very very fortuitous position :)

    "Who? Me? Holding billions in cash and assets for UMNO? No lah, not me." :)


  15. I read Joceline Tan's analysis in the Star a few weeks ago.In her article,she said Mahathir got irritated by Najib's facebook postings.Najib's posting have loyal followers with the average likes of 4k.
    I have watched a video of Tun Mahathir' speech.In the speech Mahathir said of possible he wants Najib to be jailed tomorrow.
    The request by Najib's lawyer the trial to be telecast live was shut down by the communication minister (The one who is partly responsible for the RM12 billion reduction of TM's market capitalization throuh his instruction for the broadband providers to reduce the price of th broadband without taking into consideration whether it is sustainable or not).
    Believe me,for common folks 1MDB mean nothing to them.They are more concerned whether the cost of living is getting better or worse during Najib's era and Mahathir's era
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      "Believe me,for common folks 1MDB mean nothing to them."

      And yet Nazri, KJ and Utusan disagree with you. It seems only your pink-lipped kleptocrat idol (and his dumbest macai) are atill living in an alternate reality.

      Prof Sawi

    2. In 1996, during TDM's era our GDP per capita growth was 10%
      Its beyond compare


  16. There were 2 things that interest me during the budget 2019:

    1) Putrajaya will no longer pay IPIC and Aabar.

    2) When Lim ended his 130-minutes speech with message for the 'crooks and their supporters'.

    "For the crooks who have stolen the people's money, return the money and be prepared to face justice.

    "Those who continue to support these crooks, apologise and resign from public office," he added and applauded from the MPs.

    He said, Malaysia is now "clean" again and urged those who have lost their way to return to the right path.
    Good riddance...

    1. PH and MSM believing their own Kool-Aid that Malaysia’s fiscal “problems” are caused by 1MDB. PH created the whole problem by abolishing GST blowing such a big hole in the budget they have to raid Petronas. Not a sustainable way to balance the budget. Ringgit still going south. People better wake up before the Ringgit becomes Zimbabwe dollar.

    2. Anon 08:22,

      We had been through the worst financial, economy and political crisis in the late 90's but we manage to survived. It somehow showed that our fundamentals weren't neither strong nor fully recovered as what been told by the MSM back then.

      We knew MSM that time was not free and entirely controlled by the previous regime. The sugar-coated, false news and manipulating facts & figures to blind the people especially the Malays. Pegging ringgit at 3.80 was a quick cure but not essentially charm for a long term period.

      Whats happening now is tip of the iceberg of what the previous gomen done long ago. Lesson learned.

      For almost a decade we allowed to be ruled by kleptocracy & group of thieves to plunder our national coffers and stole people's money. Ain't that cool?

      They were totally supported by the MSM, authorities and high level gomen servants. Even Annie said this nation never been fucked up albeit the national debt has mountain up into trillion. OMG!

      I shall give PH my full trust to prove their capabilities to carry out good governance and fight corruptions. Although, they may take sometime or few years, to put back our nation on the right track again.

      Malaysia once recognised as an Asian Tiger in the 90's.

      Tun M is now a changed man. He's doing his best to righting the wrongs. He should...because Allah will hold him accountable when the day comes.

      I strongly believe Tun M and Anwar seem to be the perfect combo to make this nation great again with the help of their great team consisting the Pakatan MPs and ministers.

  17. Annie,

    With even Utusan pulling their support for Pokjib, please ask Ponygod to call urgent summit of all his macai at Puchong IOI or BSC in order to set future dedak direction (dedakrection) for the whole team.

    Thank you.

  18. Prof Kangkung,

    //Najib's posting have loyal followers with the average likes of 4k.//

    Come on lah, you know that it is possible to buy "Like" clicks on a FB acct, don't you?

    //The request by Najib's lawyer the trial to be telecast live was shut down by the communication minister//

    Hmmm, I can see the "public interest" angle here but I don't think such a trial should be treated like some cheap daytime Malaysian soap opera for our viewing pleasure.

    //They are more concerned whether the cost of living is getting better or worse during Najib's era and Mahathir's era//


    You have not worked it out yet???

    Things are going to be tough in the Mahatir era.

    And it is all becos of Najib and what he did :)

    Sorry, Najib can try to fight it and claim what a wonderful job he had done, but he CANNOT win.

    It sucks being Najib Razak right now especially when Pakatan now has access to previously unavailable information like bank transactions and official records.

    I am pretty sure this strategy will be used all the way to GE15 :)


  19. Hi Annie,
    This is due Petronas special payment dividend to cover up the huge debt hole and Japanese government allocated Samurai bond with 0.65% interest to payback the mess created by 1MDB.
    Meanwhile Musa Aman being charged in court for will be Tengku Adnan and going down the list. 100 MACC officers will be added to handle the workload. Interesting times...

  20. I’m glad there’s no increase in personal income tax rate, in the Budget.