Friday 23 November 2018


It turns out that my ankle injury is worse than I expected.

Went for massage yesterday and my masseur told me it's actually quite bad.

She pressed a few spots and I thought she was trying to kill me. It was very painful.

The culprit was my working shoes. I did too much walking in it.

Should have just worn my running shoes even at work I guess.

I can still walk normally without hurting but have to refrain from my usual exercises.

Going to do just light ones until fully healed.

Anyway, I'm trying to take things easy now. It's almost end year.

Other than this blog, my only presence in social media is at Instagram.

But that one is just for my personal friends. Very few of them actually.

And the only famous people I'm following are MMA fighters Khabib Nurmagomedov of Russia and Rika Ishige of Thailand.

These two are my main inspirations to get fit again.

My masseur too. We go to the same gym.

Here is Khabib's latest Instagram post

Alhamdulillah. The guy is doing Umrah. He looks more humble than ever in front of Kaabah.

And this one from Rika's

Training session.....I miss mine.


Wait until I find something really interesting to comment.

At the moment, nothing new there.

By the way, this is a bit of WhatsApp conversation between me and my cousin last night,

Sya : Annie, I saje lh baca blog u n then baca lh the comments. i felt like my brain was losing cells as i proceed reading them :) I felt like these ppl dunno wat is an opinion.

Annie : Biasa lah tu. I lepaskan je comment2 tu. Freedom of expression.

Okay, I need to get ready for work now.

Cheers and ciao.


  1. Annie,

    I am not a doctor but IMHO, I dont think that a masseur is not the right person to consult over a sporting injury, with all due respect to your masseur.

    But I do not know exactly how you sustained that injury, eg did you roll your ankle or whether your work shoes have thrown your body geometry out of shape.

    //The guy is doing Umrah. He looks more humble than ever in front of Kaabah//

    Well, I guess circumambulating the Kaabah is a great time for a photo op :)

    We all know that religion can be very useful for promoting one's image.

    Muslims use it, Christians use it, Buddhists use it, Hindus use it, everybody uses religion to make themselves look good.

    //At the moment, nothing new there.//

    For me, the main item of interest is how Najib is slowly putting distance between himself and Jho Low.

    From a starting position where Jho Low had nothing whatsoever to do with 1MDB, it is now a professional relationship and under certain scenarios, Jho Low might be considered to be cheating 1MDB. :)

    Anyway, there is a long way to go before we see Najib in orange :)


    1. Well, you being an atheist always see the negative side of religion. Khabib is a MMA fighter and pictures of him doing umrah are not going to help him win fights or extra money the way such pictures can win elections for politicians. Khabib is not a fake, that I believe.

  2. tell your cousin there exist counter opinions sigh

    1. My cousin's opinion is that many counter opinions of comments in this blog are crap. Well, that's her opinion and she's entitled to it.

    2. and i say your cousin opinion is dumb...

    3. and i say my cousin thinks the same of yours...

    4. instead of parroting my opinion, pls construct your own opinion & donot put words in your cousin mouth OK...

  3. A holy man who beats up people for a living.

    A noble way to earn a living indeed!

    1. Ahhh...another McGregor@McChicken fan, I guess :)

    2. FYI Annie, I am definitely not a McGregor nor MMA fan.
      But i definitely think it's hypocritical to equate violence with holiness.
      Maybe you are an expert of being a hypocrite yourself.

  4. Annie,

    //Well, you being an atheist always see the negative side of religion//

    The postives I see are probably negatives to others.

    For me, religion is great if I want lotsa power and control over other peoples' lives.

    I would absolutely loooove to be worshipped by lotsa pretty girls who would satisfy my every whim. :)

    Religion is also a very good way of making free money.


    It's not all negative when I talk about religion :)

    //Khabib is a MMA fighter and pictures of him doing umrah are not going to help him win fights or extra money//

    But it brings in viewers, eg from the Muslim world, who will patronise pay-tv channels, buy MMA merchandise, etc etc.

    It's about marketability.

    And marketability equals money.

    //Khabib is not a fake, that I believe.//

    Well, he is a good fighter and appears to be a good Muslim.

    I just find it weird that a good Muslim would choose such a way to make a living.

    It is one thing to defend oneself from attacks, but to actively attack another person??

    I dunno.

    But then, I dont understand religion well enough and all the escape clauses inherent in religion.

    It's like saying that I am a good religious person and somehow, I am allowed to rape and kill as I please. :)


    1. Well, all negative as I said. Never mind.

    2. Gladiator, I think an atheist like you should just shut the fuck up about religion. Nobody included Annie is interested in your shallow views of religion.

  5. Could your ankle woes be caused by gout? Is it warm or painful even if you don't put pressure on it? Just sayin....get well soon.

  6. Anonymous @ 24 November 2018 at 23:03,

    //I think an atheist like you should just shut the fuck up about religion.//


    What religion do you follow which discourages discussion on religion?

    I can guess but I will let you tell me :)

    If I took your approach, I would say that becos you are not an atheist, you have no right to tell an atheist what to say or do :)

    Silly, isnt it?

    //Nobody included Annie is interested in your shallow views of religion.//

    Aiyah, speak for yourself lah.

    If Annie doesnt like what I say, she knows what to do, ok?

    If my views on religion are shallow, why dont you try share your beliefs with me, teach me and guide me, instead of just telling me to shut up?

    Is this how you practise your beliefs, telling people to shut up?

    What? You dont like your beliefs to be scrutinised by others?


    So, I just have to believe you if you tell me that your religion is good and fantastic? Despite you insulting me and telling me to shut up?

    OK lah.

    Tell me how fantastic your religion is and I will just agree with you without asking you any questions :)

    BTW, I am not always an atheist becos sometimes, I do have a religion, well, several religions, actually.

    One of the religions I believe in is The Church of The Flying Spagetthi Monster (May His Sauces always be yummy).

    His Noodliness has no problems accepting atheists like me into His Church.

    Now, THAT is what I call an awesome deity who makes no judgements.