Sunday 25 November 2018

Dec 8 rally, things they shouldn't do

So, it looks like

Heat remains although government

 not ratifying ICERD

Well, they are still going to hold the rally on Dec 8.

What to Malaysia Baru, got freedom of speech and expression.

Last time also got, that's why got Bersih and other rallies in KL.

At that time police did nothing other than monitor the protestors.

That was during the time of evil Umno regime, okay.

This time, because it's a more democratic Malaysia Baru, maybe the police can even join the protesters.

After all, most of them are Malays and Bumiputera and maybe they also want to express their opinion about ICERD.

Whatever it is, I hope the rally will be those Bersih rallies???

Hopefully those who participate wouldn't do these sort of things :

Or pose like this ;

Don't want controversies, okay.


  1. Everyone and everybody including the police must take stock of the situation. In this post GE14, the police should act on these hate and fear mongers inciting racial and religious hatred in the name of 'bangsa, agama dan negara'. The rule of law must and should be upheld.
    While there is freedom of speech in this New Malaysia, it doesn't means that there is freedom after speech. Police must act on these racial and religious bigotry speedily and efficiently. This coming December 8 demonstration shall be the test for the police.
    The concerning public, on their part as well, must also stay vigilant and brave in the wake of these latest events.

    1. My reaction:


      All these idiots did this how many times before?

      It's massive public masturbation to show the Malays that Umno loves them...enough to rob them : )

      Oh ya, Life Of Numberrrrrrrr One Bullshit, you also forgot this:

      "KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 16 — The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) had to take action against the mob outside Petaling Street this evening when they refused to budge and even resorted to shoving enforcers and pelting them with rocks, police explained today.

      Senior Asst Comm Roslan Abdul Wahid, deputy director of commercial crimes, operations and intelligence, told reporters that in a face-off with demonstrators who insisted on marching through the popular shopping hotspot also known as Chinatown, at least two police personnel were injured."

      You forgot ahhhhhhh, Annie?


      That's why, my friend, you are a Failed Umno Blogger.

      And that's why Umno is Failed Party.

      After all this shit, and with macai like you screaming every day on their behalf....

      ....BN total vote, 36%.

      Like I've said before, people are not stupid.

      Umno can masturbate all they want, people know they are desperate crooks who just want their dedak supply back.


    2. Ya I agree lah

      This bullshit only to distract public attention

      Hak Melayu pale otak hang

      Of course ameno rindu the good old days kan

      Can steal money from........


      Tabung Haji



      All because of ‘malay rights’?!?!

      D people r not stupid la

      They tried 5 years of this shit, jerit “hak melayu!!!!!!” N they still lose elections

      Malays not stupid la bro

    3. Anonymous25 November 2018 at 13:07

      Please also add to your list:

      a) BR1M funds - diverted by Pinklips Pirate to pay off the 1MDB stolen money debts

      b) Bank Negara. Looking forward with great interest to see how that plays out. Obvious inside job. That white-haired chap could be in a lot of trouble.

  2. Don't worry guys, I believe it would be peaceful, tho it will be very noisy,many venomous words will come out because it has been a relentless vengeful politics have been practised pass 6 months by u know who and geng,hence much steam need to be released but in the end it would be fact the pemuda Pas would even clean the streets after that....but be prepared for massive PAS supporters turn up...PH people should just stay at home and do bingeful Korean drama sitcom will be fine

    1. "...but be prepared for massive PAS supporters turn up..."

      Why, to show their support for corruption?

      Fun fact:

      Old President Umno = cases in 10 countries, 38 charges here

      New President Umno = 45 charges for stealing directly from a charity

      I guess Hadi Ah Wang wants to endorse this as "Islamic Values"?

      I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

      Such hypocrites.

    2. Bro

      Why pas want to demo?

      To show they love thieves?

      Hadi Ada Wang ask for 4 witnesses on Jibbi donations

      Now more than 40

      So what you say now Hadi?

      Pas is no 1 supporter of Ameno corruption

      Are they proud?


      "PAS has called on the Pakatan Harapan government not to ratify other United Nations treaties, including those that prohibit torture, protect migrant workers, and prevent forced disappearances of people.

      This comes days after the government has decided not to rafity the International Convention Eliminating Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

      PAS information chief Nasruddin Hassan pointed out that Putrajaya had previously promised to ratify six international human rights treaties, including the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment; and the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families."


      PAS are in favour of......


      exploiting migrant workers

      allowing forced disappearances of people

      Cantik lah tu.

      They are "Islamic"?

      Don't think so.

      These scholars should concentrate on more important matters......

      a) How to buy Porsche with custom number plate without Umno dedak?

      b) If a Bugis thief steals 4.5 billion USD, then he can have his hand cut off. However if a female hippopotamus is his co-accused, does the same law apply to animals?

      These are all deep questions.

      I hope the speakers can answer on 8th December.

  3. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, let umno & pas prove that they can conduct the peaceful rally that they once oppose.

    PH made a fundamental mistake by bringing up icerd at a time when trust in the new govn is low. There are so many more urgent & pressing issues to solve and yet ph govn chose to bring up icerd. The economy is slowing, cost of living is not reducing, stock market is in the doldrum, we have a pressing issue on stateless children, etc & yet ph chose to bring up icerd just when the lgbt noise had just died down. Ph ministers really don't know when to shut up.

    1. Bro

      You can spin all you like la

      People can see for themselves what shit the corrupt bn regime did 4 more than 60 years

      U worried about economic then ask jibbi al-songlap to return all the money he stole

      Plus the hundred of billions stole by his macai

      Get it back la bro

      Bole tak?

    2. Trust in the old government is high? Wake-up and smell it.

      "Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and civil servants who purported to have conspired with him are traitors if allegations they tampered with the 1MDB audit report are true, said Utusan Malaysia. 

      "If this really happened, this is an utmost betrayal of the trust given by the people to Najib and other civil servants," Utusan said in a piece under its editorial pen-name Awang Selamat today."

      Seems only the diehard dumbos like annie think defending these criminals is still the way to go.......yep, even UTUSAN has woken up!

      "Trust" yeah, sure....just Zahid, Hippo & Najib criminal charges are well over 100 now. If they think paying people to start riot will keep them out of jail......think again!!!


    3. Anon 13:12 & 14:55, go ahead, continue to bury your heads in the sand like bn supporters did.

    4. The crooks are throwing each other under the bus!

      "Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today declined to comment on the revelation that the original audit report on scandal-plagued fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had been tampered with and altered.

      Instead, he told reporters to direct their queries to Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is named in Auditor-General Tan Sri Madinah Mohamad as the person responsible for ordering parts of the reports to be removed and altered.

      “You should ask Datuk Seri Najib about it,” Zahid told reporters before abruptly ending the press conference."

      Cuci tangan big time.

      Guess Wak Jahid and Jibros will not share toothpaste in their cell in Sg Buloh....

  4. let them go ahead with this munafik celebration & see these anti icerd hypocrites demanding UN to eliminate racial discrimination of oppressed muslims, palestinians, rohingyas, etc ptui

    1. Ya why ameno n pispaspus no longer care for rohingya?

      Oh ya

      Political posture only

    2. 13:13
      donot want to sign icerd & want to fight racial discrimination of oppressed muslims of ayodhya all these dumbo & PAS hypocrites can go jahanam...

  5. "At that time police did nothing other than monitor the protestors. That was during the time of evil Umno regime, okay."

    You are spinning and failing, okay.

    There was a lot of brutality, okay.

    And you're being your usual hypocritical self.


    Wow, showing midriff?

    That should give the PasPisPus ostat2 some excitement in their spenda2.

    If you want to see more naked flash, Annie, go watch Wolf of Wall Street, Riza Aziz soft porn movie made with money stolen from us.

    Wanna post some screencaps, Annie?


    Too much aurat I guess, for a holy person like you?

    Hee hee hee.

    1. They should take giant led screens 4 the rally and show wolf of wall st to all the paid protesters la

      Tak kan rm50 and nasi lemak cukup yop

      Tambah free entertainment la

      After all Malaysians paid for riza movie kan

      Kih kih kih

    2. Anonymous25 November 2018 at 13:15

      "Tak kan rm50 and nasi lemak cukup yop"

      One of the saddest pieces of footage I saw from Jamal Jamban's so-called 16/9 (he also called it "May 13 Part 2, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......) was an old makcik who was interviewed about why she had come to KL for the rally.

      She said "I don't know. The bus came. They told me to get on it."

      When asked why she was supporting Jamal Jamban, her reply was:

      "I don't know. They told me to come, I came."

  6. Annie,

    Your bosses' distraction tactics are not working.

    This is still all coming out...

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Auditor-General Tan Sri Madinah Mohamad has confirmed that the content of the original audit report on scandal-plagued fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had been tampered with and altered.

    This comes amid reports that Datuk Seri Najib Razak wanted his involvement and fugitive broker Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, omitted from the report prepared by the-then auditor-general Tan Sri Ambrin Buang."

    Who is this guy "Najib"?

    Have you heard of him, Annie?

    Oh yeahhhhhhh.......

    He's the guy from the party that defends "Race & Religion" right?


    I guess all the rallies in the world won't make justice go away.


    How sad.

  7. Let them demo.
    After the demo is over then go after them one by one.
    You think Mahathir is stupid isit?

    1. Haiyaa
      Last time Tun, wifey,doty, Anwar, KitSiang semua2 gitu bersemangat turut berdemo... sorang pun tak kena lokap?

      Bagi la peluang orang lain pun nak juga berdemo. Tak kan only you people can berdemo?

      How many times?? Bershit2 la, Hindraf2 la ama apa aney tambi apek aso amoy abu siti mek, macam2 banners siap tempek2 gambaq Gandhi ka, Mandela la, Queen Eli la, Obama la..

      Relax la.. dulu bole pasai sekarang tak bole?

      Polis askar navy airforce bomba pun majoriy Malay Muslims.. surely they will know how to take good care of the situation.

      Lagi pun anak2 cucu kami tak dapat rasa macam mana nek moyang mak ayah kami berjuang untuk mendapat kemerdekaan.. kan buat gini agar mereka tak mudah lupa perjuangan toktua2 mereka la..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. Picture speak a thousand words

    Gambar baling kerusi pilihan pkr ada tak?

  9. the real racists are those who are intimidated by the malays uniting. in this rally even those who voted for PH will be there as well as some ngos...just look at the miserable LKS and pathethic that they had to mention May13 again and long more chinese gonna believe these DAP liars who are already millionaires and billionaires...wake up lah...

    1. When UMNO kleptocrats gonna declare harta ?

    2. Ya
      Notice this too.
      Protest for sake of protest by bringing out issues we voted BN out
      I don't think it will recede.

  10. Annie, pity your blog, the red bean are paid to really jaga you. Nak hidup i guess.

    1. Yup, I notice it too. Org komen lain dia pi twist lain. 2x5 dgn penyokong totok najib.

  11. Demo bersih menentang beberapa perkara yang difikirkan berlaku penipuan atau manipulasi terhadap proses pilihanraya dinegara ini. Kerajaan tidak memenuhi permintaan mereka lalu terjadilah tunjuk perasaan.

    Demo pas+umno utk menentang ratifikasi ICERD yg dipikirkan bertentangan dgn perlembagaan negara dan menyentuh hak keistimewaan org melayu. Kerajaan mendengar rungutan mereka lalu membatalkan ratifikasi tersebut.

    Boleh berfikir dan lihat sendiri Annie 2 fakta yg berbeza yang mana segelintir manusia yg malas berfikir atau sengaja tidak mahu berfikir cuba menjadikannya satu kes yg sama.

    1.Bersih tidak dapat apa yg dituntut lalu berdemo

    2.Pas+Umno dpt apa yg mereka tuntut tapi tetap mahu demo.

    Lalu ke persoalan berikutnya.
    Kalau sudah dpt apa yg dituntut, kenapa masih tetap berdemo?
    Mahu bermain politik murahan dgn mensensasikan isu bangsa dan agama?

    Sungguh singkat minda mereka dan seakan2 terdesak utk menimbulkan perasaan tidak aman dan huru hara.

    Jadi Annie sebenarnya menulis dari hati yg ikhlas ingin menyampaikan sesuatu yg benar atau pun menulis kerana ingin turust serta dalam propaganda murahan mempermainkan isu agama dan bangsa demi keuntungan politik?

    P/s: Annie, saya ada bakat x jadi journalis yg neutral?

    1. "Kalau sudah dpt apa yg dituntut, kenapa masih tetap berdemo? Mahu bermain politik murahan dgn mensensasikan isu bangsa dan agama?"

      Actually, no.

      The aim to create diversion from the fact that most top Umno leaders are going to be jailed by MACC.

      Then they will squeak "but we robbed - ummmmmmmm, defended the Malays!!!!!" as they are led to Bamboo River.

      Semua wayang.

  12. Why cant we have some fun in KL? We love to have some rally. Why Gov so afraid? Cant we go there an walk in downtown KL? If Bersih can do rally, why cant we? Afraid of our turn out is it? Afraid of of Malayan Union 2.0?

    1. oh you want rally ala bersih style then request to standby these 2 items:-
      1. FRU water cannons blessings
      2. tear gas - tanah tumpah airmata sia

    2. anon 16 58
      welcome you with open whole heart and arm
      no afraid, just make sure you turn up
      do not give unfanthomable excuse like less than 20 000
      becos pakatan not rectify icerd or "no free ice-krim"

  13. Najib arah sembunyikan kehadiran JHO low dalam mesyuarat - Utusan

  14. La, bila orang Melayu nak demo tau pulak bising cakap rasis. Last bershit mostly chinese bukan rasis ke?

    Last bershit BN as government, pakatan opposition. Now pakatan government and BN opposition. What comes around goes around.

    So instead of spewing hate if the Malays want to rally, just sit down fasten your seat belt and eat pop corn la.

    1. Work and earn money la...dont be lazy and protest kosong je.

    2. Pandai protest to divert attention from all the corruption cases.
      Everyday Utusan reveals Najib's dirty and corrupted ways in concealing 1MDB scandal

  15. Annie,

    //Well, they are still going to hold the rally on Dec 8//

    Of cos they are going to celebrate.

    They won, didn't they? :)

    //This time, because it's a more democratic Malaysia Baru, maybe the police can even join the protesters.//

    Hopefully PDRM will resist your suggestion and act professionally. :)

    //Whatever it is, I hope the rally will be peaceful//

    I am sure the rally will be peacefully as far as PAS supporters are concerned because they are highly disciplined.

    UMNO supporters?

    Hmmmm, can't say but I don't expect to see any problems there.

    //Or pose like this ;//

    I object most strenuously!!!

    Any female UMNO or PAS supporter who wishes to pose like that Bersih female should be allowed to :)

    I do not mind being "threaten" by such poses unless the female was someone like Rosmah Mansor or Shahrizat Jalil.


  16. annie are sure dumbos can rally???
    1. mcm bugis takde telor running to hide
    2. mcm jamal satu malam lockup dah sakit & lembik
    3. mcm lobakman dah hilang

  17. we should wellcome those umngok and pas piss pus and people who want to show anti icred with open arms. setup foods and drinks stores and mobile trucks. sure bad bisness
    how many "millions" will turn up?
    damd umno 3 juta ahli pas 1 juta ahli
    at least 1 millions turn up. good bisness for pasar seni vincinity mamak shop

  18. We should settle this once and for all.

  19. Bodoh punya protesters. Palestin pon sudah ratify ICERD.

    1. I suppose ICERD will hinder the progress of Bumi community.

      That's the perception, but actually every country can set its own rules within the framework.

      Hence Article 153 will be maintained.

      Completely unaffected.

      PASUMNO are pretending not to get that point.

      It's a very useful Article.

      Thanks to Article 153, all Malay families have 116.7 million in cash, in 26 different currencies, lying at home.

      Along with 567 luxury handbags, 12,000 pieces of jewellery, and 423 watches.

      Yes, everyone.

      Annie has all of these things, that's why she is anti-ICERD.

      After she gets to 600 handbags, she may consider.

  20. The gomen, cabinet or the PMO have officially declared, not to ratify ICERD. Therefore it would deem stupid to oppose something that had been iced.

    I think, if we could stop talking about the stupid anti-ICERD rally, it would die a natural death. Its already a non-issue except for those who benefit if those kleptocrats can escape the long arms of the law. The only remaining option is to return them to power through mob-rule.

  21. bukan budaya dumbo rally tapi budaya dumbo songlap $$$ muakakaka

    1. Pinklips Pirate is losing his mind...

      "Earlier today, auditor-general Madinah Mohamad confirmed that Najib had summoned her predecessor Ambrin Buang on Feb 22, 2016, and instructed certain parts of the report to be expunged.

      She added that Najib's private secretary Shukry Mohd Salleh had also instructed the mentions of businessperson Low Taek Jho, a central figure in the 1MDB scandal, to be removed."

      Now the Pirate is claiming he ordered things to be taken out, that people already knew.


      ....why bother removing them doh?

      No logic.

      Either way, if Jibros or private secretary can order an independent investigation to be tampered with, that is abuse of power.

      I see more charges coming up.

      Can rally sampai hari kiamat also, you and the other Umno crooks will not distract justice.

  22. Wow! Lots of commenter quoting utusan. Better go and buy their newspaper lah. Support sikit!

    1. If Utusan starts to report the truth, then people will buy la...

  23. Annie is a hypocrite and instigator.

    She herself will not say whether she supports or opposes ICERD.

    1. Very surprised Annie hasn't jumped on the temple riot as another opportunity for her to create some racial tension.

      These Umno bloggers are slacking...

      ...come on Annie, Race & Religion, baby, it's all you know how to play with : )

  24. Bershit dan Hindraf campoq berapa kali buat demo??

    Haiyaa kasi orang lain pulak merasa. Jangan greedy sangat..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Pokpek parrot,

      Makan dedak rasa macam mane ?