Wednesday 21 November 2018

An injured ankle and lesson for BN/Umno

Woke up early as usual these days but can't do the routine morning exercise.

I think I injured my left ankle a bit.

Felt slight pain when I moved it at a certain angle and I don't want to aggravate it.

Giving it a rest for today and hopefully it will be okay by tomorrow.

Just did some push-up, sit-up and stretching instead.

I have really been pushing myself the past three weeks.

Really need to cut weight and be healthy.

For now, any other things is secondary.

Have to admit that I have not been closely monitoring things as I used to be.

And I have not been commenting much either except for subjects that I'm really interested in.

I find it hard to be interested in all the stupidity.

There's the Pakatan people making all the stupid moves such as over the ICERD issue but only for the BN/Umno people making even more stupid moves of their own while trying to take advantage of it all.

Just look at the dick heads with no credibility who are trying to project themselves as Malay heroes by thrusting themselves to the forefront of the anti-ICERD movement.

These are the same fakes who fucked up BN's pre-GE14 campaign.

Hey stupid, people don't want to listen to you all la, You all will just turn off people. Please fade away.

I don't understand why the BN/Umno people never learn their lessons and continue to let those pricks become their front liners.

I heard they are giving some press conferences today.

It was like, what the fuck is this....are they going to quote the same shit heads in the stories again like before.

BN/Umno don't have better people with credibility to speak for them, is it?

The cause may be good but if it's headed and represented by shitty people....then it'll just become shit.

Plain and simple.

Is Tun Faisal still the comms head?

So stupid.

If this continues, BN/Umno will never be revived,

Anyway, why should I be bothered, right?

I better think about other exercising and be healthy.

I really need to get some dumbbells to exercise at home.
Don't like to do weight lifting at the gym because some guys would always like to come over and offer to show me the right technique of doing it.

Not that I don't appreciate it but it's kind of irritating after a while.

I'm sticking to doing just cardiovascular exercises at the gym.

Okay, it's past 7am.

I better do the necessary for the day.



  1. Annie,

    //I think I injured my left ankle a bit//

    Sorry to hear that but you are doing great by not letting it stop you from doing other exercise routines.

    //There's the Pakatan people making all the stupid moves such as over the ICERD issue but only for the BN/Umno people making even more stupid moves of their own while trying to take advantage of it all//


    As far as I am concerned, it is quite fun baiting UMNO and PAS ppl over this ICERD issue :)

    UMNO and PAS only really have two angles to this - race and religion.

    It must be embarrassing to only have race and religion as one's only defence but maybe embarrassment is not something UMNO or PAS understand :)

    //Don't like to do weight lifting at the gym because some guys would always like to come over and offer to show me the right technique of doing it//


    Gyms are a great pickup joint. You dunno meh? :)

    //I'm sticking to do just cardiovascular exercises at the gym//

    I guess it is safer then jogging around KL or PJ :)

    My kampung is a pretty safe place for ppl to walk and run around.

    In the early mornings and late evenings, there are lots of ppl walking and jogging around everywhere, even down near the river where it is normally quite remote and lonely.

    I should get back into the routine myself.

    I am feeling guilty as I read about your efforts.


  2. Annie,

    Here's the basic problem with Malaysia.

    It applies to both current gomen & opposition.

    The problem is this:

    Race Rhetoric always beats Real Policy.

    Same thing with ICERD.

    It is not a magic wand.

    It will not help poor Indian students with good grades to get a scholarship.

    It will not assist Malay students to get a better education if it is blocked.

    All this is just noise.

    People have been shrieking about Article 153 of the FC for decades.

    What did Article 153 achieve?

    A class of rich elitists who preyed on the public institutions of the Malays.

    Whose fault?

    Don't blame Article 153, blame those who misused it.

    Ditto with the current PH gomen.

    Stop sloganeering and start doing policy.

    Yes, FELDA folks have been horribly cheated (including by the same Pinklips Pirate who is now pretending to cry on their behalf.)

    So where is the solution?

    I don't hear the relevant ministry making any concrete plans.

    So what are you doing?

    Instead, we just hear noise.

    Beer promoter blablabla road signs blablabla ICERD blablabla Malays / Chinese / Indians under threat blablabla......

    All noise, no substance.

    That is why Malaysia is Numberrrrr One Bullshit Country : )

    1. Ditto. Too much noise, not enough real thots put into solving problems & formulating sustainable policies.

  3. Dear Cik Annie, how else do you think UMNO could stay relevant other than to pick-up issues close to the Malays hearts? Do you have any brilliant suggestions?

    Anyway even a bad publicity is a publicity indeed.... tho sometimes it does backfires.

  4. Hey Annie,

    You should exercise a lot.

    This is good for you.

    Why do you need to promoto BN and criticize Pakatan so much.?

    It is not very healthy for your cardio-vascular.

    After that, take some more holiday.

    Don't worry, Pakatan will take care of Malaysia.

  5. Anonymous @ 21 November 2018 at 14:52,

    //how else do you think UMNO could stay relevant other than to pick-up issues close to the Malays hearts?//


    If race and religion are the only issues close to the Malays' hearts, I think the Malays may have a bigger problem than they think.

    OK lah, so Malays are the tuans of Tanah Melayu and they can always pray for food and money to drop from the sky BUT what if the economy is fucked and no food or money drops from the sky?

    What then?

    Then, there is education and health.

    Tahfiz schools ain't gonna do too much in this modern world.

    Do Malays always want to be at the mercy of other nations which have progressed far far far beyond them in science and technology?

    And when the children are sick and stunted, praying for a cure ain't gonna be much help, you know.

    Despite all the barriers and obstacles put in the way of the Chinese and Indians, they have kept up with the times while Malays seem to keep sliding further and further back.

    This backward slide MUST STOP!!

    Mark my words, race and religion will only benefit a very very small handful of Malays.

    Believe me, the rest of Malays will be given just enough to keep them happy and quiet.

    BUT never mind, let's see what happens in our education system.

    If Maszlee Malik gets it right, more and more Malays will begin to get a REAL education.

    A well educated Malay who knows how to ask questions and can think will be a danger to the hate-mongers, the racists and the ulama.

    If I was UMNO or PAS, I would try my very best to get rid of Maszlee Malik.


    1. "Tahfiz schools ain't gonna do too much in this modern world."

      Wait lah....

      Soon PASUMNO gonna start Crooked University with courses in International Songlap, led by Professor Jibbi al-Curi.

      After all, Hadi Ah Wang is willing to marry the kaki pukul Indon with 45 corruption charges.

      So much for PAS Islamic values.......

    2. Kih kih kih

      Jibby al-Curi trying to frame Fei Low

      Playing innocent

      Podah la dei

      You wrote cheque for your own son almost 300k one shot ftom 1mdb account la dei

      Your anak tiri got 100 million from 1mdb to make wolf of wall st

      You’re going to jail for few hundred years la pendekar bogus

      And then.....

      Altantuya case coming

    3. Anonymous22 November 2018 at 14:11

      Not just that.

      There is still Scorpene, FELDA, solar panels, you name it. Your estimate that he's "going to jail for few hundred years" may not be very far off the mark.

      However in the specific case of Altantuya, I would be not surprised at all to learn that the order to kill was given by a female, rather than a male.

      I think Musa Safri should be given police protection, because he knows who gave him that order...

  6. Haaaa... kan bagus tulisan ni...
    realiti.. .

  7. Annie
    kan KJ sudah cakap.. realiti maaaa..

  8. myanmar will solidariti with hypocrites dumbo & pas by not ratifying icerd cause myanmar oppressing rohingya...

  9. Here something you can do for your country, start a petition to remove the idiot maszlee Malik. I am sure you will find a common ground with PH supporter on this one

  10. There are people working very hard to create a wedge between UMNO and Pas and believe me they are going to fail miserably.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. The only wedge being used is a crowbar to separate Zahid, who got stuck while liwatting Hadi.

      They are not in love with each other, they are only in love with money.

    2. The late Tok Guru Nik Aziz was a wise and well respected religious leader. He was very much against any co-operation between UMNO and PAS. In his own words, PAS should never be allowed to be tricked again by UMNO considering what UMNO did to PAS before by kicking PAS out when it achieved power.

    3. Anonymous22 November 2018 at 13:03

      One thing for sure:

      TGNA will never, ever allow PAS to come into contact with contaminated leaders like Zahid and Najib.

      Yet Hadi embraces their corruption......

    4. Anon 1303.
      Nobody is tricking anybody.You are scared of your own shadows
      Prof Kangkung

    5. We miss the revered and wise TGNA. Nowadays we have half past six professors like Kangkung and Nasi Dedak blurting out retarded non sensical views.

  11. Prof Kangkung,

    //There are people working very hard to create a wedge between UMNO and Pas and believe me they are going to fail miserably.//

    For sure they will fail miserably :)

    How could ANYBODY drive a wedge between two organizations which use race and religion as the basis of their existence?

    Racists do not give up their beliefs easily.

    Religous zealots do not give up their beliefs easily.

    So, drive a wedge between racist religious zealots??? Well... no chance lah :)

    The only person who can break a racist religious zealot is the racist religious zealot himself.

    Sometimes, after a while, something clicks over in his head and he goes, "What I am doing is fucking stupid and it's time to stop".

    And the racist religious zealot changes.

    Pls, pls, pls don't believe me, go look for yourself at the literature of ppl who have left cults on their very own.

    I concede that the literature usually applies to om putih, so maybe it works differently for our Asiatic minds :)

    I do know that many Malaysia dont seem to ask themselves too many questions.

    In fact, many Malaysians seem to prefer somebody else to give them the answers, even to questions not asked!!!!

    I guess it is so much easier to get an answer from somebody else, instead of trying to work out the answer yourself :)

    And then, there is the fact that "someone" insist that he has the right answer and only his answer is the correct answer!!

    Very hard to resist, you know.

    I mean, he is so humble abt his knowledge in the areas he is not allowed to know, but everywhere else he seems so confident in his responses, he is so knowledgable.

    So, his answer must be right. :)

    How can DAP, PKR, PPBM, Christians, Jews, George Soros, the CIA, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Carlsberg Beer drive a wedge between ppl who always have all the right answers??

    Cannot lah.


    1. "How could ANYBODY drive a wedge between two organizations which use race and religion as the basis of their existence?"

      They don't.

      All that binds PisPasPus and Umgnok together is lust for $$$$$$$$$$.

      Can you imagine the agony of the Umgnok warlords?

      Last time they were able to use any public funds as their personal piggy-khinzir bank.

      Now.....extreme dedak starvation.


  12. Yeah, Annie needs to exercise more vigorously. Bullshits aside, when she walks into a bowling alley, all the pins totter and topple down by themselves in earth-shakin' acknowledgement of her arrival.

    So, what's next? Icerd? Malaysia - formerly lauded as a modern and progressive multiracial Asian tiger. Alas, today she is just one of 14 countries which have not signed or ratified this particular United Nations treaty. As 197 other countries have already done so including 55 OIC read islamic countries, Malaysia can now be counted as an eminent member of an elite group which remains disdainful. The other eminent members include Myanmar, Brunei, North Korea, South Sudan, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and so on. What a composition, eh?!

    Pick one. Myanmar. It mistreats the Rohingyas. Yet those of us who support them against Myanmar are in the same club as Myanmar against the ideals of Icerd which would have protected them.

    Furthermore, have our own anti-Icerd riot groups forgotten how many Rohingyas were slain on Malaysian soil in a crime buried with their bones on unmarked graves to this day?

    So what's the bottom-line on why there is still resistance against racial discrimination here? The constitutional special position of our Malays consisting of individuals like politicians such as Hadi AllWang and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman? What exactly have they been done special for Malaysia? Have they done anything to help say Malay despatch riders see and orientate themselves more holistically to a plural world so as to succeed better in it thereby weaning themselves away from the crutch of race and religion?

    So what's the essential reason? It can't be political anymore because citizens are granted citizenship by birth independent of race. It must therefore be economic. Some disparity in income. But there are many non's who are poor too. And if they are citizens, they should be getting no less help.

    Hence, it seems the anti-Icerd groups are resisting Icerd because they demand to be given racial priority when it comes to dispensation of state aid. This therefore implies they have the right to disregard the equal status of the citizenship of those others not of their same race.

    Let's for argument sake say they have that right and scenario what it means. It means a pregnant citizen from a non-Malay race must ask a Malay citizen for permission to give birth on Malaysian soil in order to be granted automatic citizenship on jus soli. The permission is needed otherwise the non-Malay baby will grow up to compete for state aid on equal citizenship grounds.

    That's the bottom-line. But is it still the correct thing to uphold?

    It's all about some irrational fear. If the reason for objection is economic, namely some special affirmative policy of state aid, then define it as aid for all poor and needy. Which in the first place it was in fact so.

    Since most are our Malays, automatically they will get and not lose out. The difference now is that others who are also poor and needy must also get no less in amount and their numbers. And with both sides subject to funds and means being made available. Which can only come from a stronger and more progressive economy. Which in turn demands cooperation that treats all as equal Malaysians regardless of any special constitutional provisions.

    In other words, how does demanding our Malays to be racially favored help them for that matter other citizens to be economically better off?

    The paradox of that policy has outlived its mythical rationale.

    On Icerd, we may go the way of the Thai's. Sign the Icerd but ratify it only according to constitutional provisions.

    That would however be laughable for this modern, progressive, multiracial nation just recently sucked dry on account of and by our jaguh-kampung Malay supremacy.


    1. "Some disparity in income. But there are many non's who are poor too. And if they are citizens, they should be getting no less help."

      I think that is Waytha's point lah.

      A lot of poor Indians are worse off than any Malays.

      But zero access to a lot of affirmative programmes.

      That is quite unjust.

      We need to move on to needs-based society reform.

    2. Anon 11:11, I agree we need to move to needs based intervention but let us be guided by data instead of anecdotal evidence or sentiment.

      From Dr MAK's book, 2009 data of mean & median wealth (pg 121):

      Wealth (Bumi): Mean= RM179k , Median= RM132k;

      Wealth (Indians): Mean= Rm229K , Median= RM 180k

  13. Annie,
    Just 2-3 slices of lemon in hot water no sugar of cause for breakfast will see your waist shrink by about 2 inches in 6 months. Of cause that means no binging during lunch, dinner and suppers. 50% vegan diet absolutely necessary. 25% carborhydrates only. I'm living proof it works.

    Good luck.


  14. Now Najib is blaming Jho Low , auditors, bankers and practically everyone else other than himself for 1MDB scandal.
    Buat Bodoh pulak !

    1. JIBBY, 2015..........I never met Jho Low, Jho Low is not involved in 1MDB.

      JIBBY, 2018..........Jho Low did everything, I am not involved in 1MDB.


      ....funny watching a trapped rat trying to wriggle free.

  15. Prof Kangkung,

    //Nobody is tricking anybody.//

    You are right, no tricks between UNNO and PAS.

    It's UMNO going begging on its hands and knees to Parti Anak Syaitan for co-operation.

    It is quite obvious which partner is presenting his buntut to the other :)

    So, no tricks there.

    It is willing submission of UMNO to the will of The Mighty, The Revered, The Blasted ... eerr.. sorry... The Blessed Hadi Adawang :)

    //You are scared of your own shadows//


    A racist Malay is always talking about how DAP, the Chinese and the Christians are taking over.

    And then, there are the Jews and George Soros in the background plotting the downfall of the Malays and Islam.

    There are millions, maybe billions, of words written and spoken telling Malay Muslims to watch out for threats to Malays and Islam.

    So, I find it quite amusing that you are telling others that they are afraid of their own shadows :)