Saturday 4 November 2017

Will Apandi accepts RPK's sort of an apology?

Saw this by RPK just now,

The visit by police officers from Bukit Aman

It looks as if it was drafted with an assistance of a lawyer...or maybe a political operative.

The most interesting part of the article is at the fifth paragraph ;


Since I first wrote those three articles many new documents have come in, which throws fresh light on what had earlier been assumed. I pointed this out to the police plus to the fact that even more documents are coming in by the day, which I promised to send to Bukit Aman. And I pointed out to the police that from these new evidences a picture is emerging that the Attorney-General is a victim of name-dropping and it appears he may be innocent after all. Hence I regret any grief that he may have suffered due to the negative perception on the office of the Attorney-General.

It sounds almost like an apology to AG Apandi Ali.

Well, it's up for Apandi to decide whether that satisfies him or he still need to sue RPK "till kingdom come" as he promised.

If I'm Apandi, I would not accept just that as it would be pathetic for me to do so.

The article was not even titled "Apandi, I'm sorry for slandering you. Someone in KL made me do it".

I would then proceed to demand nothing less than a front page apology on all major newspapers in Malaysia and UK by not only RPK but more importantly the people who instructed him to write the offending articles.

On top of that I would also demand RPK to admit that he has no credibility whatsoever,  the way some pro-opposition NGOs forced NST to publish a terribly embarassing half page apology on its page 3 back in November 2013. You can read it at this link

Malaysia's Oldest Newspaper Is Sorry For Baseless Article

Otherwise, I'll proceed to sue RPK and gang and make them pay me tonnes of pound sterling and gold bars too.

Hey, they simply hantam me what.

But that's me. Apandi may be different.

My guess is that those people behind RPK had told him to really do something to get out of the mess because their gang had bitten more than what they can chew this time.

After all, Apandi had vowed to go all the way to clear his name from the smear that RPK wrote about him, and I don't blame the AG for that as the allegations in those articles were extremely serious.

Click on these links to read them,

 Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 1 and Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 2

The allegations basically described Apandi as a corrupt stooge and in cahoot with criminals.

Well, RPK's allegations were always extremely serious.

Remember the statutory declaration which among others claimed that DS Rosmah Mansor personally supervised the murder of Mongolian girl Altantuya? That one was really crazy.

That one was when RPK was pro-Pakatan, by the way.

For other samples of RPK's extremely serious allegations, please click on this link,

The others attacked in those articles had just ignored them or rather suffered in silence, but Apandi turned out to be totally different from the rest.

He lashed back with furious that guy in Pulp Fiction.

Let's see whether he is now willing to go all the way to fry RPK and the gang....or accept that sort of apology at paragraph 5 of RPK's article a pussy cat.

Oh, I actually laughed when I read this part of the article;

In response to the questions from the police as to what motivated me and what was my agenda for writing those articles, I told them my motivation and agenda is to make sure that the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan does not come to power. More importantly, I want to see my home state, Selangor, taken back from the hands of the DAP Chinese and the return of a Malay-Muslim government.

I was like, hey, what that got anything to do with accusing the Attorney-General of Malaysia of being a corrupt stooge and in cahoot with criminals.

Well, whatever lah.

As I previously wrote, it's up for PM Najib to keep or throw out those jokers in his circle who instructed RPK to attack Apandi. After all, its not the first time they did these character assassinations nonsense which made Najib himself looks bad.

Cakap banyak pun tak guna.


  1. tangan ghaib is topmost fucker. O la la. Beware

  2. Hi Annie,

    If you laughed at that part of RPK's article (wanting to get rid of DAP-led govt in Selangor etc), while I myself, had laughed at your piece, just a moment before that:

    "Pussy cat and pic of that cute cat".


  3. that paragraph about dap led harapan being anti Islam and taking back Selangor from the Chinese is just to assure the other faction that they can still count on him to spin and keep the cheques coming and that he is not playing both sides

    the fact that the ag threatened to reopen the 1mdb files immediately after rpk's allegations just proof they have much to hide and once again show the type of a person rpk really is....he doesn't care if there's race or religious conflict or riot as long as he gets paid for his articles

    1. Agreed.

      The only prostitute in the world without STDs is RPK.

      Because the STD bacteria don't want to get infected by him : )

      The saddest thing is, he is now pimping his hideously fat and inarticulate daughter to BN as well, as 'blogger tambahan'.

      What's the limit to human greed?

      Seemingly, nothing.

    2. "The saddest thing is, he is now pimping his hideously fat and inarticulate daughter to BN as well, as 'blogger tambahan'.

      Hmmmmmmm.......her presentation style really suck lah.........and cannot pronounce words clearly (I thot makcik nih UK mali?)

      I dunno......for fat woman, the "HUMOR" style is much more adibah noor. Comel giler. This fat rpk girl seems very sombong type......LIGHTEN UP LAH, GIRL !!!!

      Even KJ saying that Bn should use humor to reach out to next gen...

    3. 'More importantly, I want to see my home state, Selangor, taken back from the hands of the DAP Chinese and the return of a Malay-Muslim government.'


      Same old tired game of "divide & rule".

      Get some new material.

      It's quite sad watching this old aged hooker trying to find a higher justification for his whoring. It's like watching Najib talking about 'demi rakyat', and knowing he stole money directly from KWAP pensioners.

      Amazing hypocrisy.

  4. Jangan gelak Annie.Memang itu niat sebenar RPK sokong Najib.Sebab dia nak balas dendam pada DAP dan Anwar.

    1. Niat $$$$$ebenar RPK...kah kah kah.

      Grow up lah.

      It's not even to protect his criminal son, as some people think - that the theft case was dropped & fixed in exchange for RPK 'jual bontot' to BN.

      It's actually just pure greed.

      Remember this guy was an undischarged bankrupt when he ran away from Malaysia.

      How he's driving fancy cars like PAS leaders do.

    2. Betul kawan...motif rpk disebabkan dendam peribadi.Duit jatuh no 2.Tak caye tanya annie.Annie menulis kerana nama ke duit ke or semata mata demi kepuasan peribadi...heh

  5. If you read the tone of his articles starting from AG Part 3 onwards inluding the one that you mentioned here, you can’t help but notice he has totally changed course. He’s doing the Husni Hanadzlah here. 180 degree turning.

    It looks like someone is squeezing his small balls..

  6. Hi annie,
    First i wonder why AG did't ask the source of RPK the same way as RD from JPM questioning SR articles.

    Second, Let take a look at the chronology:

    1. RPK wrote articles about AG.
    2. AG threaten to sue him if not offet apology in short time.
    3. AG give a hint that possibility to re-open 1MDB investigation.
    4. RPK apology.

    Is it the "sue" or "1MDB re-open investigation" that did the trick?

    Pirate bugis ball is all over the place. Its not threatening to u Annie?

    1. Correct.

      Umno internal power struggle.

      The old concubines (RPK and Pandi) are just proxies.

  7. RPK sekadar pecacai, tak ada duit tak ada kuasa.

    Cium tangan memadai, tak perlu minta maaf.

  8. I have hangout with Pete since my secondary sch days nd many years after...

    u know, handsome nd macho looking dude he was then.. simply envy him..

    If only I could tell, the Chinese chics he bonked behind Mari.. back..!!!
    U guys will go crazy, so would his soulmate.. hehehe...

    but I wouldn't do that..

    one thing I will say, don't put to much thoughts to what he says or writes.. since sch days, hes always been, i know all nd that's the truth.. damnnn he's got plenty of truth all the time, hahaha...

  9. Compare that non-apology (and the lame attempt to curry favour the powers-that-be with that DAP/PH/Selangor story) with his full-fledged apology to SR editor last year, since taken down, but archived here:

    The non-apology also indirectly admits he is just a tool of some intrigue.

    It is time everyone stop treating him as some sort of oracle, and lump him as one of those purveyor of fake news.

    1. "Julian Khoo".......hee hee hee.

      What an idiot.

      Stupid old man actually thought the ruse would work.

      Time to get with modern technology lah, RPK.....

  10. Apandi dare not fry RPK & its gang cause apandi wife in deep shit for writing unofficially to MOH, abuse of power meh!!! Let all hell break loose in BN or dumno siber world terbaik!!!

  11. Dunia sebenar BN tak pandai majulah negara macam spore tapi dunia maya BN pandai gaduh2. Pigi mampuslah BN...

    1. Prof alien and prof kangkung
      Anon 18:58 always “cukup kurang ajar”
      Do something about it

      Jho Low

  12. Blame it on MO1 for cash is not enuf therefore BN cyber fighting each other for whatever crumbs pitiful BN LMAO


    There are 3 macai whores.

    RPK, Pandi, and Misai Gatal MACC (who was recommended by Pandi as a good barua.)

    These whores have a normal relationship with clients:

    You pay me, I assume any position you want.

    If you want to doggystyle RPK, (yuk!), he will turn his saggy white butt in your direction.

    Want to tutup 1MDB case? The other ladies can do that for you. Takde hal.

    So the client, Pinklips & Hippo, need to keep Umno warlords in line. No problem, the pimp says that Misai Gatal MACC can "investigate" their corruption.

    But ALL Umno warlords are corrupt. You think Annuar Musa stealing RM100 million is a big deal? Kacang putih bro, compared to Pinklips & Hippo. But they can keep "file" on him. Hence the MACC is now just a weapon of Umno factions.

    So some people are feeling the heat.


    The position of A-G is very critical.

    Remember that Pandi was jammed in place in 24 hours to quickly sweep the 1MDB/SRC charges under the carpet.

    A new A-G can nail Pinklips & Hippo in about 72 hours.

    Remember this:

    Pandi BLOCKED all MLA (legal qssistance) from overseas.

    The Swiss A-G told him point blank:

    “I have evidence that 800 million was stolen from SRC International by - you know lah.”

    Which credit card did Pinklips & Hippo use for their songlap spree?

    SRC International.

    Add the DOJ and Singapore, and every piece of the jigsaw is there to put Pinklips & Hippo in jail for about 20 years.

    See the stakes?

    RPK is nothing. A retard catering for other retards.

    But A-G and MACC heads?

    Ahhhhhh, that’s very different.

    They hold the keys to the kingdom.

    That’s why other “clients” want different hookers to replace both of them.

    Who are these other “clients”?

    Jeng jeng jeng!

    1. Who are these other “clients”?

      Zahid kut.......

      .....if you notice, Zahid now got makeover from two years ago.......

      No more pointing with finger in people face, less biadap, less samseng, more control, more 'statesman'.......i think he hire image consultant.

      BUT BUT BUT.........if this Jawa don't move fast, then he can forget to become pm lah......cannot happen.

      Of course Pokjib will trust H2O more to keep all his secrets - 1mdb, src, all the murders - under wrap.

      Zahid......if he become pm......gonna expose everything so that najib clan cannot make 'comeback'.........

    2. Nice work of fiction.I suggest you turn it into a least you can get some royalties (assuming there are enough stupid people to buy your novel)
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Anonymous 5 November 2017 at 07:27,

      Why not turn it into a movie?

      You must have seen that very Islamic film, Wolf of Wall Street? Right? I'm sure you downloaded it to see the dirty bits, hmmmmmm? Don't be shy, all right?

      Made with money stolen from Malaysians.

      The new movie can be called "1MDB: Legend of the Whores" starring all the main "actors" in this saga.

      Jho Low can steal another $500 million for Hippo Boi Boi.

      Problem solved!

    4. Pros Kantoi,

      The only fiction is that you have anything between your ears except yesterday's dedak.

      Prof Sawi

  14. Cuba bayangkan......if rpk is on 1mdb money trail????

    'The volcanic explosion resulting from Claire Rewcastle Brown's reply (defense) filed at the London High Court against Hadi Awang's libel suit has not finished erupting yet. The volcanic fallout is yet to reach its full impact.

    PAS is already choking on all the smoke and ash. 
    Some PAS people are bound to die from all the suffocation. 

    The ordinary PAS member (the ordinary lembu, kambing and itek) is suffering intense embarrasment. They will be left to shoulder all the dust and debris that will now be impossible to wash away.

    PAS has instantly become a huge liability to anyone, including Pakatan Harapan and of course to UMNO / BN, especially as a potential coalition partner.

    The danger will be from inside PAS itself.  My bet is many PAS members will quietly turn against the party and sabotage PAS from within. 

    The party has gone absolutely quiet over Claire Rewcastle Brown's Court filing that PAS was paid RM200 million bribe money by MO1 which was distributed among the party's top leadership which they used to buy expensive cars, houses and marry new wives. 

    I am certain Parti Amanah will go to every village and town with all these revelations. Claire Rewcastle Brown's timing could not be more perfect.  

    This is becoming like The Nightmare on Elm Street for MO1 and gang. The longer they postpone the general elections, even more nightmares keep popping up.  They dont know what other scandalous revelations will explode tomorrow.

    The only way for PAS to survive  is if Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man takes over the party, kicks out Hadi Awang and the entire leadership of PAS and starts all over.  Or they can just die a natural death.

    MO1's RM200 million bribe has helped destroy whatever little credibility PAS had among its kaum DNA bahalol supporters.'

    So SR wrong laaaa.......200 mil, not 90 mil : P

    Lebai o lebai o lebai.......ishhhhh

    1. "Cuba bayangkan......if rpk is on 1mdb money trail????"

      Ha ha, I tell you i looking forward to see all the evidence comes out in court.......who got money from ambank slush fund control by Najis?

      shahrir samad & mat maslan better go UK (ulu kelang) and hide their face........kih kih kih

      And we will find out why Jakel got so many millions from src account........yum yum!

  15. Yea...its not strange snake attacks each other. It sometimes happens when too many snakes compete d same habitation.

    Look like d big nasty looking black one is to stand by its reputation. I like to see it swallows d other one whole. tat ur personality. A warning to other snakes as well.

    Tat wat am learning by d days I read politic. Politic is about killing n win.

    Tat intransigence n disregard make a 'llbe voter like me puke. So r my peers. We r not for a system failure. xnak daftar pun.

  16. Annie,

    //It looks as if it was drafted with an assistance of a lawyer...or maybe a political operative//

    Hm, dunno how one would recognise such a draft as I have very little legal or political experience.

    I thought that RPK wrote it himself because he does have the skills, experience and logical train of thought to write in such a manner.

    //it's up for PM Najib to keep or throw out those jokers in his circle who instructed RPK to attack Apandi. //


    Actually, I have a different theory for RPK attacking Apandi.

    The instructions to attack Apandi came from Parti Anak Syaitan.

    I suspect that Dzulkifli Ahmad of MACC has very strong links with PAS.

    PAS probably sees Dzulkifli as a good pious Muslim who has done nothing wrong or as RPK himself has said,

    "All they have is a photo of two people holding hands and they are trying to suggest that this person should be sent to jail for holding hands."

    I mean, so what if it was Dzulkifli in that picture? So what if Dzulkifli was holding hands with a woman? So what if that woman was married?

    So, PAS is using RPK to warn Apandi to leave good pious god-fearing Dzulkifli alone.

    Dzulkifli can be very very useful to PAS one day, you know :)


    1. This "pious god-fearing Dzulkifli" was known to give sermon for the Friday prayers or something. Don't know whether he had the 'tauliah' or credential from any religious body to do so.

    2. Hi Gladiator,

      Not sure about that. The first time Dzulkifli was ever really seen was during the infamous press conference with Apandi Ali where Apandi held up charts that were captured on zoom lens and basically showed that Najib's corruption was even WORSE than previously calculated.

      This Dzul was the Replacement Barua at MACC like Apandi was Replacement Barua at AGC.

      Job: Cover-up Najib's corruption and close the case.

      "PAS probably sees Dzulkifli as a good pious Muslim who has done nothing wrong"

      Yeah, I think Dzul is as pious as PAS, who are are pious as UMNO.

      They all sembah $$$$$$$$.

  17. Annie, other than exposed joget apandi you should also write about rpk exposing fgv & th songlap??? Media sohai dumno whacking each other wakakaka

  18. I don't get it, if they had wanted to protect zul or get the monkeys off his back they would be bending over backwards in front of dobi instead of jerking him on the back but I agree with you rpk is a pas operative and sympathizer, said so himself

    1. "said so himself" now RPK's words mean something?

      Ha ha.

      Umno beat the shit of out of his son, charged him, harassed him, and now he's on his knees in front of them with mouth open.

      You want to believe anything this scum says?

      Ha ha.

  19. Declare state of emergency
    Give me your gst and I care not if the price of foods increased and your wages stays the same

    Hisap *****t saya wahai rakyat bersyukur makan t**k

    Jho Low

    1. Jho,

      I heard for next round Boss will send you steal cash from EPF and channel to USA "investments", is that right?

      Maybe you can set up another Aabar, but use 3 "a"s - Aaabar?

      Songlap kow-kow, bro, your hippo mistress needs more pink diamonds!

  20. "'s up for PM Najib to keep or throw out those jokers in his circle who instructed RPK to attack Apandi. ..."
    Annie if this is true, I would say that RPK should snap out of being a political tool and have a mind of his own.

    Also, you should get a laugh reading the comments in his posting, you see the regulars (likely to be self planted commenters) parroting in a mindless fashion...

  21. 'Ketuanan Melayu, according to UKM Professor Noraini Othman, has connotations of enslavement, with a Malay master and servant relationship implied.

    The cabal that was set up in the 1970s by Abdul Razak has been transferred across from leader to leader since that time. Each prime minister inherited a complete network of loyalists to the Agenda Melayu. This has been their strength. However, cracks appeared in this political-cabal when Mahathir tried to make an argument with both his successors.

    In addition, the scandals of the present prime minister are beginning to test those loyal to the Agenda Melayu to the point where some may break away from the cabal and spill the beans. Hence the sackings, demotions, transfers and arrests of late.'

    That's the key to it.

    Geng Songlap infighting.

  22. If I'm not mistaken... after RPK swore that SD, implying that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed... the Cheras UMNO Chief, Dato Seri Syed Al-Habshee demanded that RPK's citizenship be revoked.

    Today, I guess Dato Sri Syed would be very glad that Pak Lah did not cave-in to his demand.

  23. RD,

    //Don't know whether he had the 'tauliah' or credential from any religious body to do so.//

    I don't think anybody from JAKIM would dare to ask if Dzulkifli Ahmad has the authority to give a sermon :)


  24. Anonymous @ 5 November 2017 at 15:10,

    //The first time Dzulkifli was ever really seen was during the infamous press conference with Apandi Ali//

    OK, but maybe he was there to represent PAS interests?

    //This Dzul was the Replacement Barua at MACC//

    It would make sense that Dzulkifli is appointed head of MACC if he is a covert PAS operative..

    Such an appointment would help reassure PAS that UMNO is serious about suppressing corruption.

    As a PAS operative, Dzulkifli could feed info back to PAS on what the exact state of various corruption investigations, including 1MDB.

    And maybe that is why Apandi and Dzulkifli are at war - Dzulkifli wants to investigate but Apandi doesn't want to.

    So, it is important to "kill" off Dzulkifli by exposing his affair with a married woman.

    Please note that I am just speculating, OK?

    //Job: Cover-up Najib's corruption and close the case.//

    Note that if we consider Dzulkifli to be a PAS operative, then, the cover-up would have to be from the Najib side.

    I mean, PAS people are good pious people, right? And they will never approve of anything illegal nor would PAS participate in a cover-up, right?

    And there is indeed a "cover-up" of sorts - Apandi has ruled that Najb is innocent, Bank Negara is denying access to its electornic records, 1MDB has declared no money is missing, etc.

    So, effectively, the case is closed because there is nothing for Dzulkifli to investigate.

    But Dzulkifli is a good pious Muslim and maybe he WANTS to investigate.

    So, Dzulkifli must be "killed" off.

    Hence, his affair with a married woman was exposed.

    Again, this is just idle speculation on my part :)

    //They all sembah $$$$$$$$.//

    Now, let's all sing along ...

    "Flying Lizzards - Money thats what I want 1979 - YouTube"

    The best things in life are free
    But you can give them to the birds and bees
    I want money
    That's what I want
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    That's what I want

    Your love is such a thrill
    But your love won't pay my bills
    I want money
    That's what I want
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    Money don't get everything it's true
    What it don't get, I can't use
    I want money
    That's what I want
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    I want money
    I want lots of money
    In fact, I want so much money
    Give me your money
    Just give me money


    1. Dzulkifli has repeatedly said he does NOT want to investigate 1MDB.

      He's never been near PAS in his life.

      Hardcore Umno.

      Pandi's attempt to set up "task force" for his macai's Bali Bonk was to clear him.

  25. ha..ha..ok now lets see d top snakes fight. How r we to match them….d experience big horse power anaconda to d venomous king of cobra? i think its fair. yea... d hissing sound about kepala bapak stuff must be a good warm up to a good hell of a fight. yaa.. lease them to kill each other. We just stay put n grin to see d winner.

  26. Saudi anti corruption purge, bila pak2 turut dumno nak turut saudi wakakaka

    1. MO1, sheikh jho low & 1mdb business JV partner who is prince turki petrosaudi was purged too in this saudi anti corruption purge so when is BN turn to purge dumnos, MO1 & their 1mdb pirates/macais??? Waiting till my neck getting longer like giraffe adoi...

  27. Looks like RPK has a new side kick in KTMOC?

    1. "Looks like RPK has a new side kick in KTMOC?"

      Aiyo, how many dirty old men does BN need, wakaka?