Friday 3 November 2017

Possible Pakatan Johor MB candidates

These are suggestions from my last post as who among Pakatan leaders who should become Johor menteri besar if the opposition coalition captures the state;

Tidak ada yang menarik kalau pi mai pi mai umno jugak..

Tukar angin, Salahuddin Ayub.

I think Syed Saddiq will be the next Johor MB.


I think Khalid Samad is quite a good candidate.

He got vast experience in an MP for Shah Alam. His experience in Selangor will benefit greatly in Johor.

Selangor is doing quite good. Now is the richest state in Malaysia.

So, they are Salahuddin Ayub, Syed Saddiq and Khalid Samad.

I know Salahuddin quite well.

Nice and sensible guy. He lost to Jazlan in the fight for the Pulai parliament seat and lost also to Dr Zaini for the Nusajaya state seat in 2013. At that time he was a Pas vice-president. I believe he was supposed to be the Johor MB had Pakatan Rakyat won the state that year. DAP people like him. His mother is a Chinese, like Jazlan and me. I don't mind so much if he becomes Johor MB.

I don't think Syed Saddiq should be made Johor MB.

He's too young and immature. He also talks too much and too loudly. Too excitable too. Most of the time, he doesn't make sense to me. The boy needs to learn more instead of just talking. It would be very irresponsible of Pakatan if it makes him the Johor MB. Well, if they still give Syed Saddiq the job, I'll renounce my right to be a member of Bangsa Johor forever. It's that stupid, okay. Maybe I'll join Bangsa Batam after that. By the way, the truth is that Syed Saddiq is not really handsome anyway. My father with his flat Jawa nose is more handsome. Really.

I only met Khalid Samad a few times.

Nice guy and quite smooth like his brother Shahrir. However, I don't think I'm qualified to comment much more than that about him because I don't really have much opinion about the guy. Just another politician to me. As for the Johor MB job, I don't think he is the best candidate as he's been away from Johor for quite awhile. It may also be too late for him to set up base in the state now. I'm quite sure he can't even beat Shahrir if they are to have their brothers' fight in JB.

So, of the three proposed, my choice would be Salahuddin Ayub.

But I doubt that Pakatan will make him the Johor MB.

If I have to bet, I'll put my money on TS Muhyiddin Yassin, instead.

Yes, if Pakatan wins Johor, it doesn't mean the coalition can win Putrajaya.

If that's the scenario, than Muhyidin should be the best candidate for Pakatan to run Johor.

After all, he was the Johor MB for nine years once.

Need to be bared in mind that Johor is a very Umno state, and for that the Pakatan leadership there should be from the ex-Umno Pribumi.

But please not Syed Saddiq, okay.....urghhh....scary la that one.

What ever it is, in order to have a Pakatan Johor menteri besar, the opposition coalition needs to win that state first.

Can they?

For that one I'll do another post later.

I'm too sleepy now.

Almost 3am.

I think I'll have another cigarette now, brush my teeth and go to sleep.

Good night guys.


  1. Aiit... Ingatkan, dah berhenti hisap rokok!

  2. All Pakatan candidates are so much better than BN candidates as BN candidates likely to be tainted by MO1, corruption, donation, songlap & dedak (eg shahrir samad, others)...

    1. REMEMBER a VOTE for them is a liscense for THEM to do what THEY wish or wanted.Don't cry babies for what we choose.SO VOTE WISELY,AND NEVER BE A FOOL ALWAYS/FOREVER.

  3. 'Claire Brown will subpoena all those people (from Malaysia). Will they have the cojones to attend Court in London?

    Because if they do, it will cause them even more embarrassment?

    Akhir kalam :

    Hello kekawan UMNO, dengar baik-baik.

    You are going into a general election soon.

    Imagine this Court case in London discussing 1MDB, Altantuya, Kevin Morais murder, Nasharuddin Mat Isa's bungalow house etc etc all over again and openly in public.

    Perfect timing.

    More and more dirt will be washed up.

    So for you the timing of this court case will be disaster.

    Nasharuddin Mat Isa's bungalow house, his luxury cars and new wives is a shocker already.

    Cannot wait for this Claire Brown case to start.'

    1. No lah, no need.......

      ......she should follow the example of RPK and try to change all the articles to a different name.......

      Raja Pelacur chose "Julian Khoo" as his fake name, not understanding how the internet works.

      Too late, RPK.....

      What a coward and loser.

      At least SR has been backed up 100% so far by evidence.....and that's bad news for First Klepet, Jho and Riza.

    2. @ Anonymous3 November 2017 at 16:03

      Don;t worry lah bro.....his raisins already shrunk after attacking Pandi.

      Now he's bleating this:

      "Hence I regret any grief that he may have suffered due to the negative perception on the office of the Attorney-General."

      I think RPK is too old for major transplant surgery, but he needs these items very badly:

      a) Testes

      b) Spine

      c) Morality

      They are all missing!

  4. Seriously, you brush your teeth?

  5. Berita menyedihkan apabila negarawan negara yang selama ini dikurniakan khidmat pengawal peribadi dari pasukan gerak khas (UTK), telah ditarik balik perkhidmatan ini oleh para pencuri yang berjiwa kecil.

    Tidak pernah dalam sejarah tanahair apabila bekas Perdana Menteri tidak dibenarkan lagi untuk mendapat khidmat ini.

    Sebelum ini tidak pernah ada Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang membatalkan keistimewaan ini kepada Perdana Menteri yang terdahulu darinya.

    Sesungguhnya, Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-6 ini berjiwa jelek dan mempunyai perangai yang memualkan.

    Tiada sifat-sifat ‘gentleman’ apabila bertemu seteru, menggunakan apa saja kuasa yang ada untuk membalas dendam. Setiap perbuatan, ada kesannya.

    Dan kesannya wajib dipikul oleh orang yang mengeluarkan arahan.


    1. Atak kuasa mesti mau tunjuk itu kuasa maa aa , apa macam mau tau kalau tatak kasi tunjuk maa aa.

    2. Itu Nacheep mimang sarah gunak itu kuasa manyak teloq oooooo.......

      ......manyak jahat punyak olang, sama itu bini padak aye gemok......macam won ton dumpling bunya pandan.......sibab soolah makan manyaaaaaaaaaak wang lakyat, o!

  6. Annie,

    //What ever it is, in order to have a Pakatan Johor menteri besar, the opposition coalition needs to win that state first.//

    I, for one, certainly hope that no Pakatan supporter would involved himself/herself in this idle speculation of who might be Johor MB.

    I would rather consider the question - can Pakatan win Johor?

    In my mind, the answer is "Yes" BUT it is not guaranteed, so maybe that answer should be "possibly yes" :)

    UMNO Johor is not going to just lie down on the ground and allow Pakatan to walk over them, OK?

    Also, don't forget that PAS Johor knows it has zero chance of winning in Johor, so it will do everything in its power to help UMNO Johor win.

    Of cos, PAS will be repeating its de facto act of assisting UMNO all over Malaysia during GE14.

    This way, if UMNO retains Putrajaya, PAS can collect on favours owed to it, regardless of whether UMNO wins or loses Johor.


    1. "Of cos, PAS will be repeating its de facto act of assisting UMNO all over Malaysia during GE14."

      Ya.....and they keep denying it.


      These semi-umno ular-maks cannot be trusted.......


  7. quote' I'll renounce my right to be a member of Bangsa Johor'

    Itu Bangsa Johor apa macam maa aa , Wa manyak ingat cuma atak Bangsa Malaysia maa aa.

    Sikaang atak lagi satu bangsa eaa aa !.

    Pening maa aa .

  8. I dont think Pakatan will win Johore in GE14.

    Pakatan may win more Johore state seats, but not enough to win with a simple majority.

  9. stay off the ciggies if you wanna go to sleep, try a Havana, not suppose to drag them but if you do it'll knock you out like a light till dawn

    before a pakatan MB takes his seat, first you'll see a cow jumping over the moon but I'm usually wrong with my frosted crystal ball, like the time I predicted harimau would win the world cup

  10. I am suggesting that you cut out the middleman.

  11. Choose the pakatan mb wisely and any pakatan members as a whole is totally better than any UMNO mb
    I don’t need swearing and name calling to make that clear

    You’re choosing UMNO to govern Johor means giving najib more unnecessary power to Johor

    1. I would trust the Sultan of Johor & TMJ to look after the state far better than any slimy Umno politician.

  12. Mimpi ke apa Pakatan nak menang di Johor. Come on guys/gals. Be realistic. Dengan Pas on their side pun diaorg tak boleh menang pada PRU13 dulu, sekarang jangan haraplah nak menang

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kantoi,

      Your drug problems continue with "diaorg".

      Please refund your RM15 cyber-typist fee for today back to the PMO.

      Ko mmg tipu dorang.

      Prof Sawi

  13. Anonymous 09:39 asked... "Seriously, you brush your teeth?"

    Now... what Annie did, brushing her teeth before going to bed... except of-course, 'have another cigarette' before that... was correct. In-fact, that's what we must be teaching our young, right from the kinder-garden.
    Definitely, not the way our young kids used to be taught by humming... bangun pagi berus gigi. To me, the only logical explanation those 'educationist' came-up with the idea of teaching our children, 'bangun pagi berus gigi', was because they themselves have the problem of mulut-busuk, after waking up in the morning.

    The reason why we brush our teeth is to get rid of all food crumbs, especially in-between our teeth since its the main culprit that cause tooth decay and bad-breath. By right, we should teach our children to brush their teeth after each meal. In a way, that will prevent or restrain them from eating junk food, in-between meals.

    If we already brushed our teeth before going to bed, our mouth will be fresh in the morning. Therefore no need brush again, unless of-course, if we already have rotten teeth/molars.

  14. I prefer BN to win Johor and retain power in GE14.

    Look at all the help that Najib has given to Indians....

    Habibur (RPK's puppet master & pimp)

    Ali Hamsap

    Irwan Serigatal

    Azeez Baling

    Zambry Kadir

    and many more.

    This is a fact....

    ......all these Indians have profited much more from being Najib's personal thieves, than the MIC could ever have done for them.

    MIC kalah.

    Hope Najib will win so these thosai-eating criminals will continue to prosper.




  15. Annie,

    The Malays should be proud to have Syed Saddiq amongst their younger generations. To reject an offer of RM 5 million for betrayal is an act of utmost courage and righteousness. You 'urghhh' him what for? Was it because, like you said, what he did didn't make sense to you? How low do you want the Malays to go?

    To harbour any hope in the younger Malays, first of all they must have good virtues, morally incorruptible, ready to sacrifice for the wellbeing of the country. There should be more youngsters like Syed Saddiq.

    But of course nobody expects Syed Saddiq to be the next Johore MB. His name was mentioned may be because you want to smear him possibly for turning down an offer from some people you know?

    But if you hate Khaled Nordin, possibly for succeeding Ghani Osman, then you should promote someone more likely to replace him, like these fine gentlemen:

    A. Mat Maslan, indeed he shook the hand of Tuanku,

    B. Mat Bashah, for being very intelligent and liked by most Kedah football fans,

    C. Adham Baba, said that before PRU14 it would be announced that this guy would be new MB,

    D. Nurdin Basirun, Gabenor Kepulauan Riau (Batam included), so that Annie can stay Kluang and becomes Bangsa Batam in the same time,

    E. Alfred Dunhill of London, the guy whose name was printed on your pack of cigarettes.


    1. I smoke Marlboro Light, okay.

    2. "A. Mat Maslan, indeed he shook the hand of Tuanku,

      B. Mat Bashah, for being very intelligent and liked by most Kedah football fans,"

      HA HA HA!

      Excellent sarcasm!

  16. Keep on dreaming la pakatan for MB post. Lps PRU 14 ada parti yg bungkus

  17. Need to euthanize that mad dog RPK from toppling dumno house of cards or let it be since dumno is destined to be toppled by whoever...and lots of dumno blogger2 & macai2 (incl annie?) will be laid off wink wink wink...

    1. The mad dog already makan its own poo-poo after Pandi threatened to sue....

      Really a no-teloq weasel.

  18. I think Superman should be the new MB. After all, Iskandar will be welcoming 2 million new pendatangs from Motherland in the next 10 years.

    Before you start being racist about my suggestion, please note that you are welcome to keep Kelantan, Trengganu, Kemah and Perlis. We don't want it.

  19. I agree with one of the commentators,

    Syed Saddiq has plus and minus.

    We have to credit to him, he cannot be bought with RM5 million.

    There are a lot of politician that switch side with that kind of money.

    Secondly, he is very young but he got balls. I cannot see nowadays, our young have that level of courage.

    1. Got balls but too emo.....

      ....give him another 7-10 years.

      Baru matang sket.


  20. People's are getting bored with the whole situation ,just wish for a change that can change their burden of daily life .

  21. I'm singing Wind of Change already...

  22. What change...
    With all the hu ha and bola tanggung given by PH side,how do you aspect PH to succeed at GE 14..
    As Urbanites we were branded as anti establishment,indeed yes,but slowly these feelings slowly diminished..
    Pse PH,pse stop using TDM as spokeman.The more he opened his mouth,the more harm done.This goes to Syed Siddiq...his credibility had vanished.Somebody in DAP should advise him. win in Johor,without PAS...sorry
    PKR..had no grassroot mrmbers.Good e.g.during last demo there were no PKR flags around as nobody to pacak.Too many warlords in PKR..
    Parti Bersatu...even branches not exist,recently members reported to ROS of party problem.
    PAN...No need to mention,either to be heard,not to be seen or the either eay round...
    Be realistic and make your own assessement..

  23. Oops spelling mistakes..
    members and way..