Monday 27 November 2017

Ku Nan, the no-learner

So many people were angry with Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor this morning.

Even the normally cool Rocky seemed angry when he wrote this;

You are the reason why "orang marah Umno", Ku Nan


Even if he hadn't run down the 720,000 graduates that ITM/UiTM has churned out (and the 165,000 students currently chasing their papers in over 30 campuses throughout the country), Ku Nan was already that rotten apple in Umno. Residents from Datuk Keramat to Taman Tun Dr Ismail have been up in arms against his "projects" over the last couple of years. A week or so ago he finally felt he'd better meet the residents of TTDI who are fighting to save their Rimba Kiara but his address, to no one's surprise, did not go down so well (The day Ku Nan allegedly Lied to TTDI residents - The Mole, Nov 26).

Well, I never like Ku Nan from day one.

That's long before the Dr Mahathir-Najib war.

For me, the guy is a boor.

You can check this blog's archive to know what I think of Ku Nan.

I used to kena whacked by pro-Umno bloggers for criticising Ku Nan and several other Umno leaders who were equally boorish.

One very prominent and popular pro-Umno blogger even accused me of being a paid DAP cybertrooper or Pro-Tun blogger at one point because of that.

Well, I don't really care much what they think of me. So, I just don't give a shit lah.

Today, when all those ITM/UiTM people got riled up with Ku Nan because he called them "slow learners", I just shook my head.

"Now you know," I said to myself.

It's a mystery to me why the Umno people kept him as their secretary-general for so long...him and all the other boorish and shameless people at the highest level of the party.

As if there are no good people left in Umno.

Really, there are still many good ones who can replace those bad ones. But what to do, Umno still want to keep people like Ku Nan.

Never mind. Let's not waste our breath, okay.

I'm quite confident Ku Nan and the others like him will not be too much affected by what happened today.

Ku Nan will still be the Umno sec-gen and Federal Territories Minister after the ITM/UiTM people have cooled down.

He will still be the BN candidate for Putrajaya in the coming election.


And he's going to win, okay.

I'm willing to bet 50 sen on that.

You know lah....Malays can't be angry for too long one.

Marah sekejap je. Nanti okay lah tu.

And life goes on.



  1. Come on guys politics aside we are all human beings. We live to forget n forgive.

    Jho Low

  2. Jgn terpedaya dgn permainan geng songkok tinggi...

  3. What an arrogant prick this Kudis Nan!

    I hope Tun M will contest against him at Putrajaya and kick him hard.

    1. I like Ku Nan. He may appear gross but the man is a good umno operative. And if you look closely he is a spitting image of Col Muammar Gadafi which makes him more adorable.

    2. Gadafi ? Aiyoo...the poor man I'm sure is now turning in his grave to be so likened to that boor.

      I would be more agreeable to the many who had likened this boor to Jabba the that's a spitting image I swear, hahaha

    3. After Jabba the Hutt, who even comes close to this samseng operative?

    4. Hahahaha! Kunan kata ...

  4. quote,"Even the normally cool Rocky seemed angry when he wrote this".

    Rocky terasa sebab dia adalah alumni ITM, Annie.

  5. Annie why not you whack MO1 for selecting all these umno boors??? BTW UiTM = Umno ini Tindas Melayu selama lamanya wakakaka

  6. "You are the reason why "orang marah Umno", Ku Nan"

    Completely wrong.

    This Rockybru is ignoring the HIPPO in the room.

    Of course, he's quite blind to the wrongdoings of the First Songlap Couple?

    THEY are the reason why "orang marah Umno", NOT Ku Nan.

    1. 27 November 2017 at 15:28

      Not just them, actually there are quite a few infuriating ministers.

      But I agree....ku nan is not the worst of them.

  7. Ai yah he has been misquoted lar, he doesn't mean what he said, its all miscommunication. Dont believe me ? then wait for his explanation.

    Same old story always.

    The fact is, if those UITM graduate has any maruah.\ they will definitely crucify this idiot, otherwise, just wait for another insult lar.

  8. Ini betul betul stupid. Kepala bapak dia..

  9. Heard that his 'Tengku' is fake. Fake the fuck.

  10. Ku Nan is not the problem.

    UMNO is in terminal decline. Renewal does not come from within.

    Examples of future "change":

    Zahid takes over - a wannabe Idi Amin with very little calibre, but plenty of rhetoric. And what's bubbling under that? Ismail Sabri? Nazri? Other people so steeped in corruption that Jibby will look angelic in comparison?

    Look at the MTU now, how the foreheads are getting lower and the people dumber. People like Mat Maslan are perfectly acceptable now. It's evolution in reverse. In 3 more generations, they will be reduced to grunting rather than speech, and they'll raid KWSP directly for "rezeki", in daylight hours, carting off cash by the armful, carelessly dropping 50-ringgit bills as they run.

    It is possible to think of the Malays without UMNO. Selangor is doing very well. No matter how hard they try to pin dirt, nothing sticks.

    Therein the challenge; put together an alternative, and the disaffected grassroots will flock to it. Even in 2013, the combined Opposition Malay votes almost equalled those given to UMNO. The difference was a mere 110,000.

    If Najib's rating among the Malays is 31% in the last proper poll, I would say it's not over till the fat hippo sings. More so, if the disenchanted Umno grassroots and fence-sitter voters are given a solid alternative.

    But then Hadi Wang has turned to the Hippo Side.

    That makes much more difference than Ku Nan's stupidity.

  11. Well it is an insult.Some people just don't have it when it comes to public speaking.People like Anwar Ibrahim is a good orator.Unfortunately,Anwar cannot control his other head.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Shame on opposition
      What an insult

      Jho Low

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      Your homosexuality is surpassed only by your ability to bend over for your daily RM15 cybertrooper fee.

      We can confirm your higher head is 100% empty, while the lower hole is filled with dedak.

      Prof Sawi

    3. 27 November 2017 at 18:30, what does this topic have to do with Anwar?

    4. opposition ni tak de work life balance

      jho low

  12. The truth hurts. Face this fact and do something about it. Stop whining and crying. Ku Nan you dah MAN!!

  13. HAHAHAHA.........Kesian KUNanau.
    Susah payah si Nanau ni cuba menjelaskan MAKSUD SEBENAR UCAPAN BELIAU, tapi semakin buruk padahnya. Kesiannnn......
    Dia kata, sebenarnya, dia bukan nak insult graduan Uitm. Dia cuma nak beritahu, kalau takda Uitm, tak dapatlah orang-orang Melayu merasa dapat masuk U. UMNO buat Uitm untuk bolehkan Melayu bodoh dapat belajar tinggi. Kalau takda UITM terpaksa direndahkan grade untuk membolehkan mereka lain-lain pusat pengajian tinggi, termasuk di luar negara. Jadi, berterima kasihlah kepad umno, wahai Melayu bodoh!

  14. Yes Ku Nan.satu waktu tidak berapa lama dahulu,sy buat posting rumah 'Super Mewah' Ku Nan di Kemang,Jakarta Selatan,sebelum saya tahu rumah Super mewah tersebut milik beliau,hampir tiap hari saya akan lewati rumah tersebut untuk pulang ke rumah saya,dan supir saya kata rumah itu milik 'Petinggi Negara Malaysia'yg akhirnya saya tahu milik ku nan yg ditempati oleh anak gadis beliau Nadira yg nak jadi artis Indonesia tapi tak jadi jadi barangkali mau ikut jejak langkah ibunya yg satu ketika dulu terkenal sebagai artis.....Seorang wartawan senior Malaysia menemplak saya bila saya kata 'banyaknya duit ku nan',wartawan tersebut kata Ku Nan dah kaya raya sebelum jadi Menteri.Hmmmm...pulohan tahun dulu saya kenal beliau sebagai GM Putra Putri Motor di Kuantan,dan sesudah itu sy bertemu beliau di KL dan terakhir di Ibu Pejabat UMNO sewaktu beliau menjabat SUK UMNO.Bagi saya betul apa kata Ku Nan,yang beliau 'tak lah cerdik mana pun' belajar di ITM,apatah lagi berniaga secara professional.Dan ada 3 graduan UITM yang sedang bekerja dengan saya sekarang ini di Negara tempat saya bermastautin.Ketiga mereka pintar sebelum memasuki UITM,setelah tamat belajar dan UITM dan kini mereka adalah tenaga kerja yg membangunkan perniagaan sy diluar negara.Jadi Ku nan hanyalah 'bernasib baik'.To met him again I dont think so...Not at my level.Sorry Bro..

  15. Annie,

    //I'm quite confident Ku Nan and the others like him will not be too much affected by what happened today.//

    Yup, and you will be quite correct there.

    As others have pointed out, the usual excuses will be trotted out - "I was misquoted", "My words were taken out of context", "That was not what I meant", etc etc.

    Then the matter will be quietly swept under the carpet and they will all pretend it never happened.

    That's politics.


    1. In KuNan's own words;

      "Saya tak tahu ada di dalam majlis tersebut puak-puak yang nak mengambil kesempatan nak melaga-lagakan pihak UMNO atau saya dengan UiTM,” katanya kepada UMNO-Online.

      KUNAN tried to explain it all here;

      “Sebenarnya UiTM ditubuhkan oleh UMNO sendiri, hasrat ditubuhkan ialah nak memberi peluang khususnya anak bangsa atau orang Melayu untuk melanjutkan pelajaran mereka kerana kita sedar bahawa ada anak-anak Melayu yang kadang-kala mereka tidak mencapai tahap untuk masuk ke institusi pengajian tinggi, itu sebab UMNO tubuhkan UiTM.

      “Niat saya bukan hendak mengecilkan graduan-graduan UiTM itu sendiri tetapi untuk mengingatkan semula kepada penuntut-penuntut apa yang telah kerajaan lakukan dalam segi dasar ekonomi baru, dari segi sosio ekonomi, pelajaran dan pendidikan yang juga diberi penekanan; bahawa anak bangsa ini diberi pendidikan yang sebaik-baiknya.”

      “Saya tak faham apa yang mereka cuba lakukan (putar belit). Saya tidak ada niat selain daripada nak beri satu pemikiran yang berbeza sedikit, untuk matang supaya orang-orang Melayu disedarkan semula bahawa tanpa UMNO kita tidak akan capai apa yang kita ada pada hari ini.”............blah..balh...blah....

      Ku Nan said, he is not belittling the UiTm graduates as implied. Actually in that speech, he wanted to tell ALL MALAYS that we should be grateful to UMNO for providing us with Uitm since most of us are not qualified for higher learnigns.Hence that's why umno built Uitm.......hehehe.

      Are U all happy with Ku Nan's explaination or he is pouring more salt to the wound....???
      I mean, kita ingat he only refered to uitm graduates as slow learners, rupa-rupanya ditujukan kepada SEMUA MELAYU in general!!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Carian di Wiki;

    "Early life Ku Nan"
    Born in Malacca, Malaysia, Adnan obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Mara Technology Institute (Malay: Institut Teknologi Mara, ITM), which is now known as Universiti Teknologi MARA (Malay: Universiti Teknologi Mara, UiTM), and a BBA from the University of Southern California.

    HAHAHA....rupanya Adnan bin Mansor ni lulusan ITM. Maknanya,
    he is one of those 'SLOW LEARNER'. Amik subjek pun cuma 'Businbess Admi" je. Sib baik bukan Sijil seketari ..hehehe.


    1. A very good observation.

      Prof Sawi

  17. According to Top University's blog
    World ranking for UITM stands at 701+
    Back then in the 60s Malaysia's form five School Certificates are issued by the University Of Cambridge UK


    1. The head of UITM response:

      "We don't care about rankings".

  18. What good came out from Umnoman? They made it with "CABLE" Without it "KAPUT"

  19. The problem with all these umno leaders is that diorang ingat duit kerajaan tu duit umno. They want us to be grateful for returning back the crumbs after they took our money in the first place!

    1. Correct.

      Like Najib wants us to be grateful for MRT!

    2. Kenapa komen dalam ni byk yg tak berapa cerdik.UiTM graduates jugak ke?
      Btw my wife is an ITM graduate.My son studied in UiTM before getting his ACCA from Dublin Business School.Ku Nan is living in the past
      Prof Kangkung


  20. Am not a fan of dis rowdy looking politician. While taking his words as a kind of offensive to most of us esp. to those so hard up in getting there…i also hving these thingy qtions.

    wat if d intake was not on merits? Wat if d evident of competitiveness was not tat good? Wat if d students really wallowed in their mediocre comfort not to put in much effort as uitm were built-up just for them? How were uitm grads on private sectors? Among peer groups of higher learning where were uitm?

    I know d ans can get us a bad taste in our mouths.

    1. I work in oil & gas industry in private sector. I've worked with a few UiTM engineering graduates. I found that they were as good as and as hard working as other university graduates. The only down side was their English but they were able to improve their English over time.

    2. Agree.

      UITM can produce very good graduates.

      But, because it's a "factory", you can get 85% very mediocre ones also.

      They need to re-think the whole system to develop more critical thinking.

      But that's bad for the gomen.

  21. Pak Brahim Ali,matan Presideng KSITM tak de nk komeng ke?

  22. Ku Nan is correct. Give education to these Melayu for what? Should just send them to Saudi and work as construction workers.


    .....In June 2010, ACCA recognised UiTM’s Accountancy Faculty as a Platinum-approved learning provider. This recognition makes UiTM the first university in Malaysia to be certified capable of producing accountants of international standard. Platinum status is the highest award given by ACCA to a learning provider based on criteria such as the provision of facilities and infrastructure, teaching and learning techniques and achieving continuous excellent examination results. The main criterion is based on the achievement of excellence in the examination results where 75 per cent of courses offered have surpassed the world passing rates in each exam sittings i.e. June and December.