Friday 24 November 2017

Do the Chinese hate Dr Mahathir?

I read this Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's post just now,


and think that the handsome old man was quite sadden by the attitude of a group of youths that he met at a Pakatan Harapan's event.


2. They asked very intelligent questions but were a little disappointing because they were mainly about past alleged misdeeds of the BN Governments. There was hardly any reference to the present and the future. The main focus was on Ops Lalang.
3. On corruption the assumption seems to be that any new Government would do all the things that Najib has done and is doing as long as the systems remain the same. There seems to be a belief that if the system is right then everything will be fine.
4. Merely changing the Government would not result in the Prime Minister lose his great power and his corruption.
5. The implication seems to be that voting in the election would not resolve the problems facing the country. This being so voting would be an exercise in futility.
6. In other words let the present Government continue, let Najib be the Prime Minister. It reflects the aphorism “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t ”.

There were just three comments at the post when I read it.

These are two of them;


I am from your generation. And we suffered under your racist and bigoted Malaynising of Malaysia. My father could not advance in his career in government service because preference was given to the Malays and the policies of your UMNO-BN racist based political parties.
Look we are willing to give you a chance.
But your total disregard of others perspective of you and arrogance to think you don’t owe Malaysians a proper apology leads us to know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
The apology won’t change the past. But it will show us that the Mahathir we have now will fight for us.
From your tone, it does confirm you have your own agenda and getting the rakyat to back you is only the means to your ends.
Apologise from your heart and Malaysians will embrace you.
Otherwise, there is no reason to trust you if you can’t own up to the wrongs against Malaysians while you were in absolute power. We watched Malaysia spiral done the chasm of racism during your time. We lived it.
Now Najib has just taken over from you and just part of the regime you created over your 22 years.
Change if you truly want change and if you want us to change how we think of you.

Dave Copper

Ops Lalang, you can’t help but people will ask questions pertaining to the event when both you Tun, and LKS are sitting on stage.
Ops Lalang was the racial tensions you created to solidify your status and BN’s status.
But now that you are no longer in BN, you still try to create it via your proxy: Perkasa.
Recently the dumb-ass Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali threatened that his organization would “declare a war” if the government were to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).
He said over his dead body would anyone attempt to put other languages on the same level as the status of Bahasa Malaysia.
Wait a minute! Let’s rewind a bit, who said they want other languages to be on the same level as the status of Bahasa Malaysia? They only wanted UEC to be recognised, that’s all.
The Dumbass asserted: “We don’t want to see the status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture on the same level as that of other religions and cultures,”
Wait a minute! Let’s rewind again, who said the recognition of UEC is equivalent to putting the status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture on the same level as that of other religions and cultures.
UEC is about education, it has nothing to do with religions, status and culture.
Also, who the hell is Ibrahim to imply that status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture is above other religions and cultures?
UEC has already been recognized internationally by top-ranking institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong, University of Melbourne, Peking University and Kyoto University.
All of the above universities ranks higher than all of Malaysia’s universities, UEC is not on the same status as STPM, it is above it.
So, who the hell is Ibrahim? He is Tun’s protégé, sorry, but my vote is for BN.
If over his dead body was his wish, I wish him dead.

I can't help but to suspect that both commentators are Chinese.

Probably they are youths too.

They seemed quite unhappy with Dr Mahathir over what he did with race relations during his premiership and later on when he associated himself with Malay pressure group Perkasa.

I might be wrong but all these made me think that there are many who hate BN and Umno but also hate Dr Mahathir.

I actually met a very prominent anti-BN author recently and he said he can't accept Dr Mahathir as the opposition leader.

The guy is a middle aged Chinese.

Based on what Dr Mahathir wrote, it seemed that even the younger ones don't seem to really like him very much.

Bear in mind that the root cause of

Operation Lalang 

is Chinese education.

Dr Mahathir looks popular among the mostly Chinese students when he visited UTAR a few years ago

The Pribumi Bersatu youth wing may make up a huge bulk of the party's membership but those are Malays.

Their thinking is different from the young Chinese.

Bear in mind that Chinese youths were the driving force behind DAP's overwhelming victory in 2013.

If they are unhappy that Pakatan is led by Dr Mahathir, then I believe DAP may not do as well as 2013 this time around.

That will be very bad for Pakatan.

Maybe MCA's Liow Tiong Lai's rather funny insistence over the past weeks that the Chinese are beginning to return some of their support to BN is not so laughable anymore.

I think Pakatan leaders need to rethink their strategy if this is true. Without a more enthusiastic support from the Chinese community, they may be surprised by BN in areas where five years ago it's impossible for the ruling coalition to even touch.


  1. so apa kata buat pilihanraya cepat2...tak payah nak agak2 tunjuk pandai buat pilihanraya and get it done with...

  2. Annie,

    It's completely irrelevant whether the Chinese vote/don't vote for PPBM or Tun M.

    The Chinese have no bearing on results of PRU14.

    I can bet you that very few of them will leave their "beloved" DAP, because MCA (& MIC and Gelakan) are quite rightly seen as sticking their servile tongues up Umno's backside to extract whatever droppings leftovers can be extracted. These parties sold their dignity a long time ago.

    The flipside is, I don't think Ops Lalang has any bearing on elections, because...

    a) Najib's human rights record is far worse

    b) The "evidence" you quoted (2 comments!) is hardly conclusive. From what I see, your own blog has comments that are at least 90% anti-government, but that does not mean the opposition will win 90% votes. Blog comments are meaningless in the real world.

    Also, that "Dave Copper" guy is a MCA paid cybertrooper, I have seen him before in other blogs. The MCA has many, many cybertroopers, because the Cinabengs still want Umno contracts. The MCA is basically reduced to a business bureau for Ali-Baba.

    The Chinese have no bearing on results of PRU14.

    The only reason BN will hang on to power is...

    a) East Mal

    b) Gerrymandering of Pen Mal

    c) 3-way fights caused by Hadi "Wang", the 90-million dollar man.

    And that's it.

    The Chinese cannot affect these factors much due to decline in population and the gerrymandering of urban areas.

    1. "a) Najib's human rights record is far worse".......


      You campur together how many abuse he done under......

      a) sedition act

      b) POCA

      c) MCMC act

      d) SOSMA

      e) some criminal defamation laws

      .....all for POLITICAL PURPOSES.

      I can guarantee it's 100% worse than Dr M.

  3. I support Tun M.

    If he hadn't be tough on some of his national policies during his time as PM, Malaysia would have been in chaos due to racial clashes. He put his foot down firmly on racist provocateurs as he did on religious extremists.

    Malaysia needed a non-nonsense strong hard-nosed PM; not lembik one like Pak Lah or thievery Najib.

    1. I also support Tun M.

      Simple fact:

      If Dr M is PM< I estimate......80% of the current cabinet will lose their position within 2 weeks.

      You imagine Tun's tolerance for morons like mat maslan, noh omar, and the rest of the clowns.

      Najib policy different.....


      He say so himself.....

    2. Lembik like Pak Lah or thievery funny what you people keep on changing the label.You used to call Najib lembik.Now you realize he is not that lembik after all.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Kangkung is lembik after all and kangkang is worst. These 2 without Prof served you well. Anyway if you like the title Prof so much which you definately dont deserve I suggest Prof Dedak for being on the klepet side or Prof Buta for being penyokong Umgnok membabi buta.
      Well what say you?

    4. Anon 22:48

      No, he's not lembik lah. He is "HARD"-core criminal! LOL...

    5. Anonymous25 November 2017 at 00:22

      "Kangkung" refers to the vegetable promoted by Najib when the people were suffering. "Kangkang" to the position he assumes to receive his RM15 from PMO.

      Prof Sawi

    6. Umno dah meroyan kepanasan....biarkan sahaja dia melalut......dlm parlimen pun dah nampak kalah tapi ditipu undi 51/ dah goyang

    7. Dedication to Tun Dr. M, the "Goodness PM"

      I run from hate
      I run from prejudice
      I run from pessimists
      But I run too late
      I run my life
      Or is it running me
      Run from my past
      I run too fast
      Or too slow it seems
      When lies become the truth
      That's when I run to you .......

  4. Annie,

    Since the chinese can 'accepted' najib more than Tun M, so be it!!!..

    Since najib 'much better', then please stop complaining about
    1. UEC
    2. RUU 355
    3. Economy
    4. Being a second class citizen

    The chinese (wether they like it not which I never give a f**k) never been pragmatic as some people may suggest, they just being ...chinese!!!


    1. Racist HHK,
      What if I say you a stupid motherf**k*r ( whatever race you are whether you like it or not which i never give a f**k ) as all people said you are from your comment, they are just indeed racist.

    2. 😀😀😀😁 eat chilis?

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Let's not curse each other's race. Thank you.

    5. Chinese is not a god
      Ambil yang jernih buang yang keruh
      Some positive aspect of Chinese we learn from it but for negative aspect of Chinese we condemn them

    6. yang melibatkan pemimpin umnogok/Barang Naik sprm buat tak tau saja. sebelum heboh seluruh negara, tapi lepas sunyi senyap. kalau pemimpin pembangkang kes 30/40 tahun lalu pun dikorek. eloklah kuburkan umnogok/Barang Naik di pru 14, maka semua penyelewengan yang dilakukan oleh umnogok/Barang Naik boleh disiasat hingga keakar umbi.

  5. The division of malaysians by race is getting to be a thing of the past.

    'Divide & rule' is standard umgnok tactic for many years. So make races suspicious of each other. Way I see it there's only 2 category......

    a) Smart malaysians (x kira Malay / Chi / Indian / DLL)

    b) Not smart malaysians (x kira Malay / Chi / Indian / DLL)

    I read very interesting article on how govt. policy is deliberately to keep the malays stupid and mentally confined so they remain weak.

    Well any race can be mentally confined. Its up to us to see thru the tricks.

    A lot of malaysians (all races) are not stupid any more.

    Of course, there are those who support the gomen because they are addicted to dedak and corruption.....these are parasites.

  6. Annie,

    //quite sadden by the attitude of a group of youths that he met at a Pakatan Harapan's event.//

    I'll bet that those youths were Malays.

    I don't think those youths would be from the youth wings of PPBM, Amanah or PKR.

    If anything, I have a sneaky feeling they are UMNO plants.

    I mean, that is what I would do if I was UMNO.

    //These are two of them//

    As for niknik and Dave Cooper, yes, they are likely to be Chinese.

    But I don't think they are that young.

    And Dave Cooper has already stated his position - he is a BN voter.

    I am not so sure of niknik but for him to press Mahatir for an apology sounds suspicious.

    //I actually met a very prominent anti-BN author recently and he said he can't accept Dr Mahathir as the opposition leader//

    Well, as you said, he is an older guy.

    And being an author, he has probably been in the political game for quite a while and he probably cannot let go of his anti-BN views.

    If he changed his views on Mahatir, he would probably be laughed at.

    //If they are unhappy that Pakatan is led by Dr Mahathir, then I believe DAP may not do as well as 2013 this time around//

    As far as I know, the Chinese youth vote is solidly behind Pakatan or to be more precise, DAP.

    I doubt if the Chinese youth really care about Mahatir being Pakatan chairman.

    Most of them probably became political active/aware in the last 10 years or so AFTER he was gone.

    They might know who Mahatir is but like I said, I don't think they really care.

    To the Chinese youth, the cause of their suffering is Najib Razak, not Mahatir.

    It is almost as though Mahatir has been made halal thru his association with LKS :)

    In a way, I guess that one could say that most of the Chinese youth are no different to UMNO Youth or PAS youth or Amanah youth, etc - they are easily led by the appropriate authoritative figure.

    //the Chinese are beginning to return some of their support to BN//

    Come on, Annie.

    What did you really expect Liow Tiong Lai to say publicly?

    He has to smile and keep up the pretense as he climbs the steps to his execution, OK?

    He has already been warned to lift his game or MCA will lose Cabinet seats.

    He knows that the question is not how many seats MCA will win in GE14 but how many seats MCA will lose in GE14.

    //more enthusiastic support//

    Nupe, I don't think you will see any "enthusiastic support" from the Chinese community for GE14.

    There is always the danger that "more enthusiastic support" will provoke certain parties.

    The Chinese will go about their business quietly and when GE14 comes around, they will know who to vote for.


    1. "If anything, I have a sneaky feeling they are UMNO plants. I mean, that is what I would do if I was UMNO."

      You are 100% right.

      Remember the slippers thrown at Dr Mahathir by Umno-hired thugs?

      Or the antics of Jamal & Tinju in disrupting events.

      Umno can't answer intelligently, so of course lah...disrupt is the next best.

    2. Nanti macai2 babi pon bercakap mana ada bukti..kong kali kong klu semua agensi penguatkasaan kerje utk parti umno inila padahnye,yg slh pon blh jd betul..

  7. Apa lagi cina mahu?
    Kaum cina perlu faham dua prinsip asas..
    Asal usul mereka dan patuh pada Perlembagaan..
    Suka atau benci Mahathir adalah pilihan..

    Mereka perlu buat pilihan 100% kepada PH atau 100% kepada BN..
    Jika 50/50 mereka menjadi kuasa politik yang lemah..

  8. Well I voted opposition the last time but will vote BN in the coming elections. Voting for a change in government just for the sake of change is silly.
    Voting for the sake of change without thinking gets you outcomes like Trump and Brexit where the average person is not better off.

    The opposition has not proven that they can do a better job even in the states that they control. Penang income growth under DAP has actually lagged that of the average state and affordability of property in Penang is one of the worst in the country as DAP has allowed developers too much leeway for development. Let us not go into the CAT promises of the Penang Government. Selangor is not doing much better under PKR. The land deal with Eco World sounds fishy and the Kajang Move just shows the kind of people the Opposition are. I had hoped that the opposition would be more like the late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon who always gave constructive criticism rather than opposing for the sake of opposing.

    By the way, Human rights under Najib has not been worse than Dr M. Has anyone been detained without trial for 2 years under Najib? Freedom of press is definitely miles better than Dr M.

    Dr M's followed the US neo conservative policies of trickle down the wealth. Well that has been discredited. It enriched a few and little wealth has trickled down resulting in high inequality.

    Clearly BN is not perfect for sure and there is lots of room for improvement but at this point the opposition is not a viable alternative.

    1. Bro 23:32

      Change for the sake of change is silly. And this is absolutely correct and I think most of us here (who visit Annie) agree 100% unless you are a die hard UMNO/BN enthusiast like Professor Kangkung.

      Well, income growth is one aspect of society progression but not the only measure. For example, if your income stagnates what you do is to try being prudent at managing expenditures. I believe Guan Eng and Azmin are doing this.
      (I wish there has not been a Kajang Move and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim continues to be the Menteri Besar. He is an administrator and not much politician)

      Investments in states of Malaysia are preceded with the work of agencies of the Federal Government. And we all know what typically happen in Malaysia with Opposition run states. The psychology of foreign investment is that they don't like changing governments. They even taught this in colleges.

      So regressive growth
      When your income don't, manage your budget !
      Don't make unrealistic foolish budget even fresh business graduate (yang tak malas la) will ask you factual questions you will say "no comment"

      Bro, today, we don't find the like of Dr.Tan Chee Koon. The last Dr. is going and he will have to go...soon in future. Dr.DPM ? Apa doctor itu ?
      A great man once is great man for ever.

      Human rights.
      We expected this to begin right after Dr.Mahahir left office. It has been 14 years and look what progress we have made...wakakakaka...
      Pretty soon it would 22 years. After ! That would be in 2025 ?

      The inequality is producing today struggle and that is true.

      BN to improve ??
      They have told.
      And warned.
      They couldn't put the house in order. They failed. We did not see they tried.

      We do not expect a perfect government. In reality this topic invites argument. And today politics is just this..continued arguments.

      The goddamn problem with the Opposition is they are not cohesive. They must do more. The people are still not convinced of the alternative they offer.

      They have to fight the might of BN money too.

      Dr.Mahathir comes with his past baggage. Another problem. PPBM tengah kira le tu..tapi tak tau nanti boleh betanding PRU14 ke tidak. Kelakar, betul tak ?
      Only in Malaysia.

      Kita Tukar Juga Lah.

    2. Anon 23:32

      You seem to have a very selective memory lah kawan oi...

      'Has anyone been detained without trial for 2 years under Najib?'

      Far too many.


      Abuse of SOSMA

      Abuse of POCA

      Abuse of MCMC Act

      And many more.

      Mainly to detain people who were proved RIGHT about 1MDB.

      "Freedom of press is definitely miles better than Dr M."


      Ask these people:

      a) The Edge

      b) The Heat

      c) TMI (remember the editors in lock-up clothes?)

      d) M'kini

      e) The blogs and sites blocked for exposing govt corruption.

      Of course these were all lies, right?

      Tell your paymaster to sue the WSJ. Next Tuesday, kan?

      And why don't you tell the Swiss AG and DOJ that their findings are wrong? "The land deal with Eco World sounds fishy", pale otak hang. Kemonlahbro...kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata tak nampak. Try going thru the 138 pages of official evidence that your paymaster songlaped 4.5 billion thru 1MDB alone.

      "...enriched a few and little wealth has trickled down resulting in high inequality."

      Yep, my wife don't wear RM27 million pink diamond. Very unequal kan : )

      Eh kawan...try to be a more effective macai lah. You are not earning your daily cybertrooper 50 ringgit.


    3. ""Freedom of press is definitely miles better than Dr M."


      Ask these people:

      a) The Edge

      b) The Heat

      c) TMI (remember the editors in lock-up clothes?)

      d) M'kini

      e) The blogs and sites blocked for exposing govt corruption.

      Of course these were all lies, right?"

      Yes those are all true, and there is one big difference:

      Mahathir kept his promise not to censor the net, because that is in the Multimedia Act.

      When Najib started blocking online portals in fear after the truth about 1MDB came out, he broke that promise and the Guarantee.

    4. Hi,
      Which part of detention without trial don't you understand? Under the Sedition Act you still have a chance in court. As for POTA I have not heard of a single case of it being used yet. ISA was used by Dr M to lock up without trial about a 100 people during Ops Lalang. People were detained without trial for as much as 2 years. Karpal Singh with his brilliant legal mind used Habeas Corpus to declare his detention unlawful but was arrested again.

      Looking at the facts freedom of press is better under Najib. Malaysiakini, Edge etc are still operating despite being fervently pro opposition. Dr Mahathir shut down The Star, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Watan for five months. In my opinion, the publications at that time were far from extreme and could not be regarded as anti government. They were just bring up the issues that they thought were important. Yet they were closed down for 5 months.

      Dr M did not censor the net at that time because the net was not influential and only had a small user base not like it is now.

      The country and I are still waiting for the DOJ and the Swiss authorities to bring formal charges against PM Najib. There have been charges brought against people connected with 1MDB but not against PM Najib.

      It has been more than a year since the DOJ first mentioned 1MDB so until formal charges are brought forth against PM Najib you should refrain from bringing that up as I am sure you would agree you are innocent until proven guilty.

      I am not a paid cybertrooper and I know arguing on the net will go nowhere but I have had enough with the current opposition. They are hypocrites who only know how to oppose for the sake of opposing rather than coming up with constructive criticism in building up our country Malaysia.

      Again, we are sorely missing people like Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Koon in opposition. The quality of the current opposition and their supporters are sorely lacking as can be seen from their postings. They only know how to spread unverified allegations rather than contributing to the development of the country.

    5. What a stupid response.

      So Jibros have harassed & charged more than 200 people under Sedition Act on 100% political grounds, that's OK? Khairuddin & Chang, Maria Chin? Also OK?

      You tickle me, really.

    6. Oh damn
      You f***ing support najib the mega thief

    7. Beli komesin .. jual komesin .. rumh istana ,keta mewah ank bini joli sano,sini .. Rakyat miskin berpendapatan tingi .. apa susah ..

    8. A Malaysians with 3 seconds memory has appeared

  9. Well u cant 100% of the chinese to support tun m, but back in 99 GE the chinese hv proven they support bn under tun m, when the malay vote was split, bn lost trengganu where malay are majority but dap just won 10 parlimentary seat

  10. Hi Annie,

    Wishful thinking !

    But it is okay.Opinions are like arseholes,everyone has one.

    We're all in the same game;just different levels.Dealing with the same hell;just different devils.

    Say anything about the statesman, the tide will not change.

    Doesn't matter if he admits or otherwise.

    Nothing can douse his fury or popularity.

    He is gaining traction and if you notice,even palaces are roped into combat mode to try scare and snuff him out while authoritative ROS is inebriated with an overdose of syrup bandung to stall applications and approvals.These are symptoms of fear.

    If you recall,I wrote in your comments that he is like a pit bull terrier....once he bites he will never let go.That has been his hallmark since his stethoscope days.

    Say what you want about him.Stick up the primitive Forex findings on his face.Fault his grandchildren for all you want.Be it ISA,Anwar,Lalang or anything.Nothing will freeze him.
    And not to forget, he never ever stole anything from us and exercised cultured language with friends and foe.

    His disappointment with the youths of today is no fault of his. Reformasi uprising was the last of youth political consciousness.After that, it was and is about honey, money,power,position,projects and wholesome boot-licking.

    By the way,keep track of the current FIFA corruption trial. The once fortress like FIFA is shredded into pieces as loads and loads of dirt is exposed.Many face jail terms for money laundering too as DOJ casts its net on the 2013 arrests.The same fate awaits another plunderer who did money changing in US soil not so long ago.

    Time to listen to some mesmerising music.Yeah, this time it is 'Tinariwen -Live at Womad.'Never mind if you don't understand a single word. Check out the bassist - his bass strings are upside down !

    Rasta Rules.

  11. The chinese generally hate UMNO and its racist policy.However,Malay nationalism alonr cannot carry Malays to the level they intend to.With globalization etc we Malays have to accept meritocracy and only the best man wins.
    Have you observed lately under Najib not much emphasis on the word Bumiputera as compared to during Tun M's time.What does it show?IMHO it shows that Malays are slowly gaining the confidence to compete on equal ground against other races.Or probably the Malays have realized that they have to be the best in order to survive in this competitive world.
    As of Najib, people say Mahathir is his teacher but if you look at him carefully,he follows mostly his late father's book.Tun Razak was so soft and yet with a stroke of a pen he created the New Economic Policy which favours Malays.
    Tun Razak created Barisan Nasional by roping in the opposition parties ie Pas and Gerakan.That is what Najib is doing with Pas.I would not be surprise if DAP is invited to join BN if MCA does not perform well in the upcoming GE.That will put many of you the RBAs out of work.haha
    Prof Kangkung


    1. Kangkang,

      You, sadly, are stuck firmly in kangkungcracy, and supporting kleptocracy.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Sawi, chill lah, Prof Kangkung is the assigned toyol or some other makhluk sent to infest Annie site.....the Umno propaganda unit sends one toyol to every site....i see one crazy one called nek tempoyak everywhere last time....dakj blog toyol is called old friend.....last time the Annie blog toyol was called m zin.

      Cari makan maaaaaa....

    3. M Zin was quite a sad case of toyol-ism, I must say.

    4. UMNO scum imposed tax whenever possible

    5. Kita mesti dahulukan dan utamakan rakyat, dan Biro Kebajikan adalah pelopor kepada usaha kita berbudi dan mendekatkan parti kepada rakyat.

      Jho Low

  12. What’s puzzling is that the majority of the youth at that town hall session are not even born or still in their diapers when Ops Lalang took place. Yet they enthusiastically brought up Mahathir’s past deeds and highlighted all the dark episodes as if they were the victims.

    Most of them not even lived in Mahathir’s era or only lived at the tail-end of his long tenure but spoke animatically of his crass and authoritarian style as if they themselves bore the brunt and experienced the hardship. You kids please get real...

    It’s clear they dug up Mahathir’s past deeds out of natural dislike and racial bigotry. And it is understandable because they’re still young. They view everything from ‘us vs them’ POV with inflated racial lense.

    They are bitter of Mahathir’s past policies which denied their people lots of opportunities which of course is not true because lots of Chinese get filthy rich during his era.

    And this is understandable because they are still young and green. Everything has to confirm to their perspective and ideal. They are just kids which desperately need a lot of growing ups. Please excuse their naivity.

    1. "Yet they enthusiastically brought up Mahathir’s past deeds and highlighted all the dark episodes as if they were the victims."

      Yes, but someone made the point already - these were planted. During Mahathir's last session people were planted to ask about Memali.

      You think the 18-year-old with rape conviction who threw slippers at Mahathir after asking about Memali can remember 1985 events?

      He wasn't born yet.

      Same thing with Ops Lalang.

    2. difference from Tun & Pokjib.....Tun have the GUTS to face people.......the pendekar Bugis just runs away.....when the last time Pokjib face press conference? When he go overseas you think he berani to face wsj, cnn, bbc, and other media?

      Wat you think is the 1st question they will ask......?

      JENG JENG JENG!!!!!

  13. Just wondering, why did'nt the Chinese in UK, USA, Australia, Thailand and Philippines fight for Chinese education in those countries.
    They even speak English just like like any British, American and Australian did. They speak Thai and Tagalog as fluent as the locals did.
    After 60 years independent, we still use court interpreter for Chinese and Indian suspected criminals

    1. Simple explanation: Chinese feel they are the superior race over the Malays; so why bother learn and speak a language from an inferior race?

      But when in western countries they feel inferior to the orang putih and feel their own language inferior to the orang putih language.

    2. The Chinese came to this country during the colonial time. The British practiced a divide and rule policy thus the segregation of races. By the time the country gained independence the Chinese were already used to that policy and institutions such as the Chinese schools were already established. I think it's too much to expect them to change by then. That's the difference between the Chinese community here and those in other countries. Even our constitution recognises that.Furthermore, I don't think it's right to force people over these sorts of things.

    3. Well...if the government didn’t change the English medium schools to Malay then the Chinese schools would have died a natural death by now.Its all due to the effort of the government that the Chinese medium schools are thriving.Remember those days when all the non Malays send all their children to the English schools.

    4. Malaysia is the only country in the world where there are3 streams of education. National, Chinese and Tamil. Maybe 4 now with all the international schools sprouting up. The idea of just having one stream, Sekolah Kebangsaan, was to unite the various races together to build solidarity given it is a relatively young nation with a diverse group of people. For example, Malaysia is not like Japan which is homogeneous. So the idea was to give the people a common identity with national education, which is a good and noble idea. However, Malaysia is heterogeneous and with its various races each have different needs and that is why we had this compromise of vernacular schools. Singapore outlawed all vernacular schools and settled on the English Medium as the sole stream. LKY went as far as closing down Nantah in Singapore and deporting Chinese educationists from Singapore (On a side note it is an irony that we have a Chinese University (Xiamen University) in Malaysia and not Singapore). So the Chinese in Malaysia are fortunate that Chinese vernacular schools are available. Now I think it is fair to say that the national stream would be more attractive to the Chinese in Malaysia if they did not ‘Islamise’ the system. This initiative started when Anwar Ibrahim was made the Education Minister. While you can blame him for starting the ‘Islamisation’ process we cannot blame him anymore as it has been 20+ years now. So this has to be brought up with the current administration under PM Najib.
      Education is a complex issue. People assume that going to English will automatically make Malaysians more adept with science and technology. That is not a given. Japan, Korea and Taiwan don’t use English and they are very advanced in terms of science and technology. Philippines uses English and so far that has not helped advance in science and technology. The common thread for countries that are good in science and technology is the culture of excellence and the willingness to work hard. Now that type of culture is difficult to inculcate anywhere but should be our starting point if we want to improve in science and technology.
      There are other considerations when we want to change the language of instruction from Malay to English. Will it affect the national psyche? What will Malaysia stand for if we do not use Malay? Malay has been used in the Archipelago for centuries. Thailand still uses the Thai language even though to me it is not user friendly as they do not even use the alphabet making it difficult to shift to other languages. They do so because they are Thai. By contrast, Malay now uses the Alphabet (not the jawi as in the past) and makes it easier to learn English. So the decision to change the medium of instruction must be well thought through as it is a complex issue.

    5. When I use Bahasa Malaysia I feel lazy in whatever I do
      I don’t know why
      But when I speak English I feel sudden energy surge and it invigorates me

      Bahasa melayu itself is the problem. It is design for masses to be lethargic
      How can you trying to learn math and science while feeling lazy

      I believe phonology need to work my hypothesis

    6. Ops Lalang
      Is Chinese Education
      Appoving/legalising UEC (Unified Education Certificate)
      The guardians/operators of these Independent Chinese High School should first understand the defination of accreditation
      The criteria are:
      (1)apply to the relevant authority seeking accredition for their Chinese secondary schools
      (2)adhered to national curriculums
      (3)self realisation on compliance
      (4)final assessment a joint efforts between school and authority

      Brief history Malaysian education:
      (1)before/after independence
      (2)for a period one must passed the std six exam to gain promotion to form one
      (3)passed LCE(lower certificate examination)to gain promotion to form five
      (4)in form five one has to sit for the Senior Cambridge Certificate examination
      (5)if passed,one will receive a certificate issued by the Cambridge University UK
      (6)at the same time if one passes the subject on Bahasa Malaysia
      A Malaysian Certificate of Examination is issued
      (7)so in form five one will receive two certificates
      From here you can see the standard/quality /stringent of education back then

      On the subjects on mathematic/science in English you can save time on translation into Bahasa Malaysia
      Do you have the resources to translates all the books in a library

      On new discovery/invention it is the duty of the authority to fund it
      Do you see any allocation for these ventures in the 2018 budget?


  14. "Do the Chinese hate Dr Mahathir?"

    No, they saved him in 1999 from sure defeat in elections.

    "Do the Chinese hate Najib?"

    Not all. Urban ones do.

    There are many Chinese towkays who "own" Umno politicians. This is very beneficial to them because Umno politicians are easily corrupted and hence very profitable. Hence the Chinese BN parties have to play along with Umno's corruption because they are equally corrupt.

    The younger generation (all races, not just Chinese) don't love Najib but again that is in urban areas.

    Sooner or later the Malaysian public will be well-informed enough to see that BN has basically been sucking our blood dry for years, but that day may not have come yet.

  15. "Maybe MCA's Liow Tiong Lai's rather funny insistence over the past weeks that the Chinese are beginning to return some of their support to BN is not so laughable anymore."

    Me too thinks that the Chinese, especially ultras such as Shuzheng... 'are beginning to return some of their support to BN'.
    Thanks to MCA's OBOR promotion and Najib's over reliance on Mainland China's wealth to mitigate 1MDB's debt, I think many ultra-Chinese are anticipating the prospect influx of their brethren to swarm the Malays... by TN50. At that time ECRL and HSR should already be connected to Kunming.
    Even Shuzheng seems to have toned down his critics on Najib's 1MDB and Jho Low. As matter of fact, he once wrote... what's RM50 Billion when we can recover it in no time... or so to that effect.

    About that Dave Cooper you quote from Chedet's... I agree with Anon 21:18 who said that Davey 'is a MCA paid cybertrooper, since he always wrote his comments during working hours.
    He frequently brought up Ops-Lalang, maybe after Forex's RCI was done with and going nowhere to implicate Dr.M.

    In Dave Cooper's version of Ops-Lalang 1987 (2 weeks after Private Adams ran amok), he made-up a story that Dr.M instructed Anwar Ibrahim to post Malay Teachers in Chinese schools because there was a split in UMNO… Team A, Team B something.
    Davey assumed that the Education Minister wanted to kill Chinese School from the inside out.
    Then he suggested that Chinese’s unity, held mas-rallies in defiance to that decision, became a threat to Dr.M.
    So Dr.M used UMNO Youth to hold a counter-rally in TPCA Stadium, to strengthened his position as UMNO President and PM.

    During UMNO-Youth counter-rally, Dave Cooper said someone allegedly kissed the keris and wanted to soak it with Chinese blood.

    But when I told him, the guy who wanted to soak the keris with Chinese blood was Mohammad Najib Bin Razak, as many believed, Dave Cooper just kept quiet, until now.

    Therefore, Dave Cooper is a reflection of Najib's policy of preferring loyal but not smart people.

  16. My whole family and I support NO NAJIB & BN... our first choice is proven record... TUN M.

    1. Proven record of 22 years.

      Father of modern Malaysia, before No.5 and No. 6 ruined it.

      (Actually I blame No.6 the most.)

    2. 14:56,

      The "real" 6th PM of malaysia is a female, ya.....not a man!

    3. Aku tak puas hati dengan rosmah
      Why is she pm, why expensive travel, why jets

  17. Let me advise the Chinese who care to read my writing.It is about quantity.Quality comes second.The Chinese population is dwindling.Malays have not much in their mind.Thats why they keep on breeding like rabbits.
    With Pas and UMNO becoming buddies the chinese have less chance of ruling Malaysia except through proxy,through Malays that can be bought like Anwar Ibrahim.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. 18:14,

      Like someone above said, you are quite a waste of money as the paid 'toyol' here. Anwar has not been bought, yet your paymaster Najib has literally bought every single dedak-eating KBU with stolen public money. Try to get that through your tiny pea-sized brain.

    2. Anon 2225
      Thats all you can argue?i expect better argument from a RBA.
      Prof Kangkung

  18. Besyukur kepada UMNO is not a license to songlap gst, felda, tabung haji and 1mdb
    UMNO should bersyukur to rakyat Bukan rakyat bersyukur kepada UMNO

    Najib step down

  19. Najib MO1 love a chinese youth named jho low or a chinese youth named jho low love najib MO1 terbaik wakakaka

  20. Yesterday, I looked at some numbers:

    The market caps (total value) of the following cos:

    Maybank RM99b
    Sime Darby RM61b
    FGV RM6.6b

    Broadcom US115b (ceo cina from Penang)

    Tencent US597b (chairman Tencent Adv, SY Lau, from KL St John)

    Microsoft US642b
    Apple US898b (world's most valuable)

    Whilst the world turns and progresses, Malaysia practices self constrain and in fights. That's why even our largest companies are miniscule by world standard. Even though that need not be, because we have world class people.

  21. Saya sudah jadi multi millionaire kerana jasa baik UMNO
    Anda orang melayu felda bila lagi
    hengkau hade!!?

    Jho Low

  22. Salam Annie.its been quite some time I did not read your blog.Jika ada yang Tun Mahathir egois,mungkin pada mereka.Saya berumur 58tahun dan Tun 92 tahun,saya terlalu jarang bertemu Tun kerna tinggal diluar Negara.Yes,4days ago(Wedneday),saya terima panggilan daripada beliau(Tun Mahathir).hanya ini yang saya nak nyatakan:Tun sebut 4 kali 'Terima Kasih' pada saya dan jika saya pulang ke Malaysia,beliau undang saya for tea.Tiada apa yang saya berikan pada Tun,hanya saya katakan saya sanjung,hormati dan kasih pada Tun,tidak lebih dari itu.Zaman Tun jadi PM saya dah diluar negara.Jadi saya tidak tahu dimana Ego dan Sombong Tun.

    1. Salam
      Thanks for dropping by again. I wish I can get an invitation for tea from Dr Mahathir too. Take care.

    2. Thanks Annie for your prompt reply.Inshallah I dont mind to invite you too for tea with Tun,jika saya pulang ke Tanah air dan bertemu Tun.

    3. My grandmother said my mom is an egoist too, even though mom is the one who bring foods on the table
      But my grandmother think my unemployed drug addict uncle is a nice man and not an Egoist, eventhough he is the one who stole granma gold necklaces for cigarette

      Jangan jadi bangang macam nenek saya, ikut cakap sedap mulut tak ikut otak
      Bercakap guna bontot

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