Thursday 30 November 2017

About the current nonsense going on in Johor

I have been receiving this kind of comments over the past few days,

Cik Annie,

Tak nak ulas ke sikit kes RM 12 juta tu, Amir Shariffudin kata dia yang jadi bagman bawa duit. Surat dari SPRM pon jelas panggil Amir ke pejabat SPRM.

Dear Annie, take a look at this ...
-- the best part is on page 53-54. Guide sedikit how are we going to defend UMNO ;)

I believe those are from Johorean readers of this blog.

Well, this is the earliest story on the mentioned issue;

Rep ejected from Johor assembly over graft claims

 against MB

And this is among the latest one on it;

The peculiar case of Johor MB’s bribery allegation

What I think of all these?

Well, I'm actually tired of them.

I'm not going to say Khaled himself is corrupt, but the truth is, I had detected a lot of hanky panky in my home state ever since Khaled took over as menteri besar after the last general election in 2013.

Too many crooks, big and small, were running up and down the state since then.

I had written about them numerous time back then.

This is a sample of such postings and the most read about corruption in Johor in this blog;

Those who have read this blog since those days should know that I really care for my home state and wanted the abuses to stop.

Back then, many people including those in Kota Iskandar accused me of making up those stories.

Most others just ignored me when I wrote about all that.

Now that all kind of nonsense are surfacing in Johor, I think I rather stay quiet and let others write about them.

I think I had done my part and now it's time for all those accomplished journalists, bloggers and writers to do theirs.

Now, I just want to sit on the sideline and watch as the drama unfolds.

See lah later, maybe if I'm in the mood and it's really necessary, I'll write something about it.

Somehow, all these remind me of those last days when I was part of the team defending Johor during the last general election in 2013.

Made me feel a bit nostalgic....


  1. It's OK.

    In Malaysia, anything can happen.

    Najis al-Songlap kisses the ass of the most anti-Muslim US President in history.

    Najis al-Songlap kisses the ass of Saudi Arabia, world's leading exporter of terrorism, and new friend of Israel.

    Najis al-Songlap tries to frame his political rivals with a kangaroo RCI while 7 countries have solid forensic evidence that he is among the biggest klepocrats in history.

    In comparison, Khaled is nothing!

    1. Ya....but the kangaroo rci fooling nobody lah. Just making people more angry that all the losses from 1mdb covered up...

  2. Annie,

    You have a funny sense of humour. You are talking about corruption, wow!

    Can you please just tell your readers here, is receiving donations for UMNO a form of corruption?

    1. Everything... including religion... boils down to money.
      And since UMNO-Najib is regarded as the last bastion of Bangsa, Agama & Negara, nobody cares whether its donation or corruption.
      Who gives a damn to what the infidels thinks about the Bangsa, Agama & Negara and its image.

    2. funny thing.....that pinklips crook can EASILY sue wsj, ny times, SR, etc etc etc (i think more than 100 papers reported it.)

      Just show the money trail from your saudi donor...swift code etc.

      BUT - there isn't one.

      The money trail is to bonds from the fake aabar deal...and najis knows at least 5 countries have the real forensic this no-teloq Bugis worrier will NEVER sue.

    3. Student Christine Jiaxin Lee hit the headlines last year for splurging $4.6 million after Westpac accidentally gave her an unlimited overdraft.
      The 21-year-old from Rhodes, in Sydney, spent the eye-watering sum on designer handbags, jewellery and clothes from luxury brands like Hermes, Cartier, Chanel and Dior.
      She reportedly splurged $220,000 at the Christian Dior store in Sydney in a single day.
      Between July 2014 and April 2015, Lee allegedly overdrew on numerous occasions, totalling $4,653,333.02.
      The bank noticed the monumental error in April 2015 and demanded she account for the missing money – she claimed she thought the money was from her parents.
      Lee was intercepted by federal police at Sydney airport when she tried to board a flight to Malaysia.

      case f*****g dropped, so... horray?

    4. Meme makcik berayukur kepada UMNO

    5. 10:59


  3. ADAKAH Menteri Kabinet Ismail Sabri Yaakob memperdaya Dewan Rakyat tentang berapa banyak yang dibelanjakan agensi kerajaan yang sepatutnya membantu orang Melayu dalam kes bayaran kepada syarikat palsu AS$2?

    Itulah adalah persoalan dilemparkan organisasi bukan kerajaan cawangan Australia susulan laporan Mara Inc membayar AS$41.4 juta (RM138 juta) untuk pegangan dalam sebuah syarikat palsu, Thrushcross Land Holdings Ltd pada 28 Ogos 2012.

    Mara Inc membeli Thrushcross kerana ia dilaporkan pemilik bangunan 12 tingkat, UniLodge di 746, Swanston Street, Melbourne. Tetapi ketika transaksi itu dilakukan, Thrushcross sebenarnya tidak memiliki hartanah itu, lapor portal berita Malaysiakini.

    Pengambil alihan UniLodge oleh Mara Inc menerusi Thrushcross menjadi tanda tanya apabila ia sebenarnya boleh membeli bangunan itu terus daripada pemilik sebenar- HRSV- dengan harga yang jauh lebih rendah.

    Sebaliknya, Ismail Sabri memberitahu Parlimen pada Oktober 2015 yang Mara Inc membayar AS$64.4 juta untuk membeli kepentingan dalam Thrushcross- perbezaan harga sebanyak AS$22.6 juta.

    1. Berapa banyak ini macam kes lagi ada da ! Yang dah ada ni pun dah cukup kusut kita semua nak memikir nya.

      Menjadi satu kebiasaan pelaburan yang sangat besar didahului dengan a thoroughly done due diligence studies. Jadi sekarang kita semua ni nak tanya lagi. Satu bayaran dibuat oleh 1mdb, diperakukan oleh shahrol azral halmi sejumlah US$1,000,000,000 BUKAN kepada syarikat petro saudi-1mdb jv (seperti dalam perjanjian usahasama), tetapi kepada goodstar limited. PENGURUSI lembaga penasihat 1mdb, menurut artikel syarikat seharus juga mengambil tanggungjawab menyelesaikan kemelut ini. Ini syarikat milik Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia. Ini salah bayar sekali. Lepas tu ada berkali-kali lagi. Malaysia ni kena kencing aje jadi nya.
      Lepas satu ada lagi satu ada lagi satu ada lagi satu ada lagi
      Bila nak habis ??
      Orang Melayu ni kena disedarkan orang Malaysia dah kena samun. Yang menyamun ni orang orang pangkat tinggi. Orang melayu jugak. Orang melayu yang pandai dan suka akal-akal kan orang Melayu. Ini jenis melayu SIAL.
      melayu pijak melayu
      Ini lah dia macam nya
      Melayu akhir zaman kut ???

    2. Betapa tak berkatnya hidup seorang pemimpin apabila setiap hari dan waktu di sumpah seranah oleh rakyat yg marah...

      Bayangkan kalu dh berjuta2 org , malah berbilion2 manusia seluruh dunia menyumpah seranah dan memandang HINA Pemimpin yg di persepsikan sbg RASUAH BESAR oleh pertubuhan berkaitan anti-rasuah sedunia...

      Hidup pasti celaka seumur hidup, dan tiada keberkatan... bersama dgn mereka yg BERSUBAHAT DLM KABINET 1MDB, SRC, FELDA, YAPEIM, MARA dan banyak lagi.


  4. Just stay quite ,let the voters do the changing . So much happening in Johor .

    1. I really hope so...time for us to be sensible and STOP ALL THE CORRUPTION.

      Whoever started it, Najib (oppps, Rosmah i mean) regime has been the most excessive in all ways.

  5. Wait this coming Monday.What Khalid Nordin has to say about the allegations.
    Prof Kangkung

  6. Annie if you care for johor, why are you defending corrupted Barua Nasional & NOT toppling them???

    1. What and allow the opposition to take over and see Johor lag behind as the slowest growing state just like Penang after it was taken over by the opposition? And allow an opposition that is willing to waste RM300m on an unfinished study with no results? I would rather take my chances with BN.

    2. hee hee, I am sure Penang people & Selangor people would love to have mage-corruption back in their states with Umno & their cinapek thanks

  7. Nonesence Annie ?

    Can you remember how long we have had this nonsence in our everyday lives ?
    We now live with these nonsence.
    It was lively when didn't have to live with nonesence.

    Politics in Malaysia has never been this sickening like today.

    Ya ya ya
    Blame it on the Mahathir's sins of the past

    Good luck

  8. Annie,

    //I really care for my home state and wanted the abuses to stop//

    I, for one, know that when it comes to Johor, you do not hold back.

    I think it was your article about protecting a Ramsar wetland (forgotten which one) which made me realise that you were a bit more than just another a pro-UMNO blogger.

    // I think I rather stay quiet and let others write about them.//

    I think that is a wise move.

    Knowing how you write, you could possibly say something which will upset certain parties and get yourself into trouble.


  9. RD.@ 30 November 2017 at 22:39,

    //Everything... including religion... boils down to money.//

    And that, my dear RD, is 100% correct.


  10. The so-called RCI findings....everyone i talk to doesn't believe it, saying all wayang kulit and say WHAT ABOUT 1MDB?

    as usual, najib and his sycophants thought it was a brilliant idea to demonise Tun M, but it has only backfired because it's so obvious to everyone who the real cowardly thief is.

    najib should address our CURRENT PROBLEMS, not those decades years ago or make empty promises for the future like TN50.

    1. Anonymous1 December 2017 at 13:15

      You are 100% right la. All my friend & colleage now MORE angry about jibros becos of RCI.....dunno which umno prostitute thought it's good idea to 'frame' tun & anwar b4 pr14....but wateva la.....this is BACKFIRE on their face!!!

  11. Annie, kepala bapak MO1 no ball to whack but macai kecik khaled got ball to whack!!! Where is your conscious, kepala or kecik you whack lah???