Thursday 6 July 2017

Bahasa Malaysia and a bit on overcoming boredom

A friend who now lives in Vancouver sent me a Wassap message this morning to check whether I'm alright.

He was wondering why I have not been writing for a week.

The longest stretch previously when I didn't write was  when I spent 10 days in China several years ago due to the blog censorship there.

Well, I'm actually okay. Just that I don't have the mood to write about anything.

It was one of those lazy spells I have from time to time.

Everything seemed boring and not worth commenting.

My life too.

Maybe because it was Raya.

For today, I think I can comment a bit on this story,

No BM waiver for civil service jobs


According to him, there were only 23 doctors undergoing housemanship who were given the waiver (on the SPM BM pass requirement).
Eleven of them are Malays who are children of diplomats and went to medical schools abroad.
“I do not want it appear as though 300 or 3,000 people are affected,” he said.
Ahmad Zahid, who is also Home Minister, stressed that the Cabinet was very committed to defend Article 152 of the Federal Constitution (position of Bahasa Melayu as the national language) as was shown by the proactive step today.
Wished this has came earlier before all the noises in the cyberspace.

Another case of poor communication management, I think.

I'm not really a strong advocate for the advancement of the national language but in this case I believe the government must make it mandatory for those working for it to be adequately proficient in Bahasa Malaysia.

Otherwise it's like the US government hiring people who can't speak proper English or understand it.

Anyway, the Minister and officials who were involved in the issue should had made things clearer from the start.

Does this really need to go all the way into a Cabinet meeting? Isn't the policy on Bahasa Malaysia clear enough?

I think it's their fault that the whole thing became an issue.

Well, it's just too bad that they are not so intelligent.

Okay, moving on to the political's boring of late isn't it?

Still mostly the repeats of usual stuff.

I think if BN could really do their job well running the country and do so without irritating the people too much, they may most likely win the next general election.

It's all about doing the job without screwing up too much,actually.

And of course, if only Najib can get rid some of those stupid people around him.

But of course he would not do that.

I have been bitching about it long before the war with Dr Mahathir started and nothing happened.

The irritating faces are still there and flourishing.

What to do...I don't like them, but Najib feels otherwise.

So, nothing much could be done there.

Well, some of you all may say let's just vote them out.

I'm not going to dispute that. It's your right.

On that, I'm just concerned about seeing the country being governed by jokers from the opposition side such as Mat Sabu, Tian Chua, etc.

Are they any better than the jokers on the BN side?

Never mind.

For myself , I will decide that on the morning of the next general election.

If I'm happy with my life that morning, I will vote for BN, but if I'm unhappy, I may vote the opposition....or just sleep at home.

As simple as that.

No need to get a head ache to understand about 1MDB and other such complicated issues.

Okay, enough lah.

I'm feeling sleepy in this office.

This lap around Monaco with Aryton Senna helps to keep me awake,

The sound of that McLaren MP4/4 is truly awesome.

If only I could drive one of those....really, never mind.


  1. Negala Malaysia ,tatak perlu cekap / lulus, Bahasa Malaysia ,manyak pelik maa aa .

    Wa ,Cina sekolah pon mau cekap Bahasa Malaysia ,pasat Wa pikir Wa Malaysian first lor rr .

  2. it's not as though you don't know how umno/bn works... from now until the next election, they will create all sorts to give them the reasons to champion and defend agama, bangsa dan raja2

    1. The issue is blown out of proportion by the opposition to give the impression the nonbumis are being discriminated under the assumption that most of the affected students are nonbumis.
      As it turned out most of the doctors involved are bumis whos skipped SPM

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof K

      How do you know this? Is there data available ? Or are you doing a Dumno on us?

    3. who the hell cares if its anak Duta?

      Just because they are suspiciously rich doesn`t mean millions of poor student have to bow down to them

      honestly, fuck you

      anak bekas menteri pendidikan pun kenapa tak pergi sekolah kebangsaan?

      Kebulurlah dalam penjara

    4. Kenapalah geng pembangkang ni terlalu emosional.tak ada ke pembangkang yg cerdik?

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Kangkung hypocrite

      Bodoh tak boleh diajar

    6. Likewise kangkung man is not so genius after all

  3. BN will win.No doubt about it.My concern is whether Najib will be returned unopposed as the UMNO president in the party election.
    Najib has his weaknesses but overall he is better than Pak Lah.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. both are from umno, six of one half a dozen of the other, is there any good men in umno? at least pak lah do not waste rakyat's money as though it belongs to his father

    2. UMNO is better than Pak Lah is misleading

      Najib is not good for nation

    3. Hehe hee Sdr Kangkung Korup:

      Adekah tuan ragu komen laporan PAC tidak lengkap dan telah dipinda dari yg asal?

      Adekah tuan ragu desak najib
      dedahkan laporan ketua odit negara?

      Adekah tuan ragu ingatkan najib berdosa sorok fakta laporan odit dan pinda laporan PAC yg telah ditandatangan oleh ahli2 PAC?...

      Adekah tuan ragu tanye najib kemana hilang 28 billion...

      Adekah tuan ragu sertai pembangkang lai kebalai polis repot kehilangan wang 1mdb?...

      Adekah tuan suke sgt makan dedak?

      Hehehe......jgn jadi melayu tanpa otak ye...

    4. Why do we have to pay taxes so najib families can enjoy?

      On what right?

      Unthinking human beings is worse than an animal, it's also true in Islam
      It's clear what our grandchildren will become slave to najib corrupt machinery

    5. DAPigs go to hell

    6. Try harder than telling someone go to hell
      Try harder than bringing Bangla pencacai jadi pengundi

    7. Saya sanggup pergi neraka janji najib pergi penjara

  4. Annie,

    BM or not BM, that's the question.

    You have kinda taken the BM position so let me take the opposite position just for the hell of it.

    For me, I might as well make myself unpopular and back the re-introduction of English as an official language in Semananjung. :)

    BM has simply not served us well since it was forced down our throats on the pretext of nationalistic pride.

    It is time we admit that BM has not united us as a nation and BM has not served us well academically.

    In my opinion, those who continue to push the BM barrow are no different from those who insist on vernacular schools - they seek to divide us.

    The re-introduction of English as the official language of instruction into our school system will kill all those vernacular schools in one fell swoop.

    Even the sekolah agamas will face closures.

    Believe me, no parent in their right mind would want to send their children to a vernacular or religious school if English is re-introduced into schools as the official language of instruction.

    With English as a neutral language, owned by no one race, I think there will be many Malaysians will again start re-thinking their loyalties.

    As an example, Singaporeans think in terms of Singapore first - not whether if they are Malays, Chinese or Indians first.

    There is no need for me to point out how far ahead Singapore is ahead of Malaysia.

    The argument, that China, Korea, France, Germany, etc have seen progress within their societies despite using their own language, is a bit of a fallacy - English is used extensively in those countries in commerce and in their scientific endeavours.

    I have personally dealt with some people in China who were trying to involve me in the development of some space-age products.

    The main sales guy spoke next to zero English but I did get to speak to their R & D guys - every singe one of those guys spoke perfect English despite several of them not having left China - ever!!

    And those R & D guys were comfortable dealing with technical and academic journals which were exclusively written in English.

    I was unable to help them (which did not make them happy) but that did not stop those guys from, eventually, developing new world's best products which are now readily available on the open market.

    In Malaysia, I have been told that only two public institutions use English as their medium of instruction - the Malay College Kuala Kangsar, and some MARA-linked academy.

    Consider why this is.

    Also, as far as I know, English is an official language in Sarawak, i.e. you can walk into any Government department in Sarawak and use English exclusively without any problems.

    I know of a Sarawakian native who pointblank refuses to speak BM when he visits Semananjung.

    He looks just like a Malay and it is always amusing to see people trying to speak BM to him.

    He has mastered that blank look of puzzlement to a "T" and it is really quite funny.

    BTW, he is a BN voter, if you must know :)

    No, BM has simply not worked to unite us as a people.

    In fact, BM has not even made Malaysians smart enough to realise that BM has not united Malaysians!!

    It is time we girth our collective loins, and make the hard decisions needed to re-introduce the neutrally accepted English language back into the system.

    {Ducks for cover}




    1. Gladiator,

      Lu punya alasan itu selupa seperti itu Bulayu cekap ,'lengar guluh dilangit ,curah air ditempauan ' lea aa.

    2. Ha Ha!
      Engko ni klakarlah Lufang.

    3. lufang @ 7 July 2017 at 06:28,

      Sorry, I have never been interested in peribahasa - in virtually any language.

      I find it is usually used by people to seem cleverer than they really are.

      My apologies.


    4. Pergi mampus DAPigs

    5. Pergi mampus anon 20:35

    6. The most PRINCIPLED PM Najib talking and for someone who set-up an RCI on the forex losses which took place 30 years ago,when he should be setting-up an RCI on the 1 MDB,how did the financial scandals happen and who are the infamous individuals behind the scam,with names like Jho Low and Riza Aziz kept popping up and referred to by US DOJ

    7. Umno will fall not because of attack by opposition but because of massive theft

    8. of course la singapore rich. friend with the States you got the perks.

  5. "On that, I'm just concerned about seeing the country being governed by jokers from the opposition side such as Mat Sabu, Tian Chua, etc."
    Frankly, I don't mind if the country run by a joker rather than by present robber

    1. Worst if the jokers are also the robbers

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Out of your mind
      Najib is a robber, so then put him into jail


    3. yeah! like what is happening now!!

    4. It is very well proven and very well documented beyond reasonable doubt he is INDEED a robber. Money trails, bank receipts, transaction receipts and digital footprint can't simply be defeated or replaced by arguments such as 'Oh, there were just donations from Saudi royal..or 'I didn't aware there's money BY THE MILLIONS deposited into my bank account..' without giving shred of evidence of such claims.

    5. Kenapalah tiada orang cerdik pandai yang boleh explain kenapa 1mdb gagal, berhutang tak sudah

    6. Najib is such a joke, why did we have a joker as PM

  6. BM is just another tool of Melayu hegemony. But how 50 years from now? By then they would have sold another 50.1% to motherland, then they've got no choice but to use Mandarin.

    Too bad Cheng Ho didn't do what should have been done back in 15th century.

    1. DAPigs go to hell

    2. UMNO go to hell

      Rather penyamun go to hell

    3. Islamic Malay: perasuah jadilah perdana menteri

  7. Kena la perbanyakkan isu2 'bodoh' untuk disensasikan..last2 tak jadi pun..bagilah MO1 tidur nyenyak sekali sekala..dah lama tiur malam tak lena..dah tiba MASA UNTUK PEMAKAN DEDAK TERHORMAT PULAK KENA BALAS BUDI..peruntukan dah dapat (or on the way)..jangan ada perang olok2 sudah le...ha.ha..Menteri Komunikasi pun rajin buat posting..! Nampak benar takde keje..aduyai..sudah goyang ka? PRU tahun ni?

  8. Pfffffff bodoh tak boleh diajar

    DOJ bila nak saman!?
    Macai memang sebangsat bangsat babi

    Rakyat malaysia baghal boleh jilat lubang bontot jho low

  9. Daripada berjuang untuk melindungi Melayu, Umno sepertinya lebih prihatin melindungi satu individu sahaja hari ini

  10. DAPigs we do not want u here.

  11. I am in a state of confusion.should I call the opposition 'Pakatan Rakyat' or 'Pakatan Harapan'?
    Can somebody clarify me on this?
    Or should I call them'Rakyat Tak Berpakat' or should I call them 'Pakatan Tiada Harapan'?
    Please help me as I am very concerned about the standard of my Bahasa Malaysia(or is it Bahasa Melayu?).confuse.confuse

    1. The "pakatan tiada harapan" that you mentioned is very much better choice than your disgusting UMNO najib that always songlap duit rakyat sampai gemuk jadi babi

      Rata-rata prnyokong UMNO tends to be macai who got his fair share of songlap profit
      Orang sampah yang menjilat lubang bontot jho low and najib sebanyak mana mereka puas

    2. Anon 9:41 mereng

  12. Kangkang mengeletar dengan najib

    Anjing takut dengan masta MO1

  13. The BM issue should not be issue at all
    The failed BM need to repeat subject
    It should not be needing explaining at all
    UMNO's usual smoke and mirrors

    We still need to talk more about FGV recent news and PM's embezzlement

  14. Najib is unfortunately let the whole world know that he is not hero, instead a zero

  15. mosquitobrain

    when Najib is so desperate in his fight for political survival, we wonder whether he understands a single word of what we say! He is probably on high doses of tranquilliser.
    Study him giving his speeches.

  16. PM Najib aka MO1, you should very well know that when you pointed a finger at others, three others are pointing back at you!
    Have you ever ponder, asking yourself why your popularity is going down south for vacation? It would be very shameful and disturbing to list down all your scandals again and again.
    You've over-stayed. No more, no less! Thus it is not only Tun Dr Mahatir who has wanted you to step down.
    More than half of the mixed population in the nation also has no reservations for you.
    Your should be sensitive enough to feel the rakyat's pulses!

  17. Najib memang Ada masaalah Dari 1983 lagi

    Saman hari selasa

  18. Syok agaknya hidup zaman najib..hari2 makan kangkung..sebab kangkung hsrga sayur palung murah dizaman najib...lain2 jangan cakap le..melambung2 hargA..terbaru harga kerang pon dah naik 3 4x..terbaru harga kerang saja dah rm14..akhir era badawi..baru rm2 lebih ke..masuk je najib naik 3.5 naik lg 6 naik lg ke 8 yg terbaru raya.. Ada rm14 dan sesetengah tempat rm18... Barang2 lain sama le naik ringgit2 saja..bukan sen2 era zaman tun...mna x pernah pergi pasar mna tau harga paling zalim era najib ni...sedapnya kangkung zaman najib

  19. Annie. Let me share the meaning of this peribahasa used by a commentator who claimed that those using one are just trying to seem cleverer:

    "gird (up) (one's) loins"

    To summon up one's inner resources in preparation for action.

    American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin

    Hmmm. Wonder who's trying to sound cleverer here.

  20. Leadership is earned. Credit is earned. Respect is earned !! Here is one spinner going all out to brainwash people and DEMANDING that the people defend a person who has not earned leadership qualities or respect from the people!!
    Rakyats are educated and can think and make judgements for themselves so brainwashing them with all the wrong things and ideals will in the end destroy them instead!!

    Looks like the desperado UMNO leaders are fearful for their own fates and futures if their party loses!!!

  21. Anonymous @ 8 July 2017 at 23:01,

    //Hmmm. Wonder who's trying to sound cleverer here.//

    That would be you, right? :)