Monday 24 July 2017

Appreciate the MRT

So many people have been writing about the MRT of late.

It is indeed good to have it, especially for those living in the Klang Valley.

KL finally joined other big cities of the world in having a proper modern public transport system.

I believe it will transform the city for the better as more people leave their cars at home and commute on the MRT.

I was not planning to write in more details about it as there were so many such articles already.

Anyway, I had first wrote about it with a bit of politics in this post in December last year,

MRT better than KLCC

Nonetheless, following complaints of vandalism and lack of etiquette among some commuters using our brand new MRT, as highlighted by the media and fellow bloggers, I would like to put a video here which I think can help us learn how people in another country go about on their train,

Notice how clean and quiet the trains and stations were.

No garbage and no people talking loudly irritating other commuters.

Everyone behaves even in the packed train.

The chikan is a myth, actually. Again, don't watch those disgusting Japanese porn, okay.

I've been on those Japanese trains, having once stayed near the Tokyo Station for a week.

They were as they are in the video.

Okay, and this is a comparison between commuters in Japan and those in India,

I think we should be more like the Japanese.

Pandang ke timur, okay.

Better, isn't it ?


  1. Annie, let me explain about the 'chikan train', its not a myth larrr!!..its a fantasy of sex which is the backdrop of the scene is the train with passengers (actors la of course)..since the american/european to boring to watch (boring as self proclaim prof kangkung comment).. the way I do watch a lot of japanese porn..curiosity most of the time ..hehehehe..


  2. Ini Malaysia maa aa ,apa-apa pon kasi jahanam maa aa . Ada pelatoran n undang-undang tapi semua olang tatak ikut ,ada pangkat punya olang n ada wang punya olang lagi tatak ikut maa aa .

    Lekat Malaysia ,lia olang suloh lembu belator maa aa .

  3. What worry me was that there were still pushing mostly by those who wanted to enter the train. Actually they should allow the passengers to alight. Something must be done to discipline them. Just like the Japanese. May be for the beginning station enforcement officers to discipline them. May be this will help. We have 1st world train service but 3rd world attitude passengers. I have had a bad experienced while travelling in the monorail. Could not alighted being pushed in by passengers from outside. There was a struggled at the train door. There were some foreigners witness it. The situation was just like in India as shown in your video. Please something must be done to improve the situation mostly during rush hours. Idois.

    1. There is a Malay proverb that says something like this 'seperti kera diberi bunga'(loosely translated as 'just like a monkey given a flower'.

      Prof Kangkung

  4. Annie,

    //The chikan is a myth, actually.//

    Well, one learns something new every day.

    Today's word is "chikan" :)

    //Again, don't watch those disgusting Japanese porn, okay.//

    Yes, mum, I promise I will not watch Japanese porn.

    Japanese porn is really lousy.

    They are really poorly made, they pixelate the interesting bits, the sounds they make are just so fake, and to cap it off, I have no idea what they are saying.

    Anyway, I prefer good ole American college porn - much much better production quality and I understand what is being said. :)

    //Okay, and this is a comparison between commuters in Japan and those in India,//

    It is a bit unfair to compare Japanese train users to Indian train users.

    Hmm.. or is it unfair? We are talking comparisons after all.

    Malaysian train users will NEVER EVER compare with Japanese train users.

    Most Malaysians, whether Malay, Chinese or Indian, have no concept of manners.

    I catch the KTM regularly from KL Sentral during evening rush hour and yes, it is often like a scene at an Indian train station.

    Sometimes, it becomes even worse when some genius decides that a rush hour train should only comprise of two carriages, which are usually already half-full.

    Nobody seems to care, courtesy is thrown into the dustbin, women fight just as hard as men to get into the carriage, the Banglas and the Nepalis give no quarter, etc.

    Usually, I just stand back and wait for the next train, but sometimes I get lucky and I am right in front of the train doors when they open, and I get pushed into the carriage from the crush behind me - before anybody can get off the train even!!!

    Why are Malaysians like this?

    I don't really know - a lack of education, perhaps?

    Can't be cos Malays, Chinese, Indians are all equally guilty.

    Competitive behaviour?

    Nah, if it was genuine ingrained competitive behaviour, Malaysia, as a country, would be turning out great sportsmen and successful businessmen by the hundreds.

    Nupe, I think that many Malaysians just don't have any manners despite all the religion and all the schooling.

    No sense of fair play, no sense of community responsibility, no sense of humanity towards another person, just plain selfish rude behaviour.

    And oh, yes, the MRT is a wonderfully built project, according to my friend who travelled on it before it was officially opened.


    1. Gladiator..just for your information, american and european has turn/copy the japanese porn as they presented the porn according the real needs of the viewer. That is why there is so called western chikan, bondage, fetish and so on.
      American and European are more concentrating on the banging of the actress where as japanese exploring the fantasy of each man/woman.

    2. Gladiator,
      Totally agreed to your points on the commuters. Perhaps it is the education system that has been messed up fo the last 40 years.

  5. Annie. India is a man's country. They might have had a woman PM. But that was a novelty. Malaysian males like to test the limit. Like "Let me do this. See if anybody complains'. Macam itu male yang bawa 'Dr Wan' atas train tu kan.

    I am an extensive commuter user and always aim for the Ladies Coach. My eperience shows that ladies tak ada masalah beratur elok-elok, and biar orang keluar dulu baru masuk. Yang muda always offer yang elderly tempat duduk. Masalahnya ... ramai jantan selamba badak masuk duduk dalam ladies coach tu. Unlimited. Melayu. Cina. India. Punjabi. Pakistani. Indonesians. Nepalese. Vietnamese etc etc etc. Baiklah mungkin some tak pandai baca. Tetapi symbol tu ada. Sebesar-besarnya. On top of that ada announcement for males to leave the ladies coach. Pun buat tak dengar je. Badak kan. Mana timbulnya simpulan bahasa tu 'pekak badak'.

    If they are near me. I would always ask them whether they realize that they are in the Ladies Coach. Nicely of course. Nanti kena tanduk badak susah juga.

    Itulah ceritanya. Otherwise I have no complain. As long as I stay in the Ladies Coach. And badak sesat be gone.

  6. BN masih belum berjaya menambat hati rakyat walau secanggih mana MRT yg ada. Yg naik MRT tu pun belum tentu undi BN. Usah dok bangga ada transport canggih sedangkan tahap education rakyat masih 3rd class. Lagi satu, Malaysia ni bukan sekadar Klang Valley je, negeri2 lain? Ke, dah kawtim dengan SPR ke pasal persempadanan semula? Nampak confident! :-)

  7. our culture hardly exercises "common sense" or the other word "guna akal". most of the actions blindly follow majority. it doesn't matter if the majority is doing the good or bad. main idea is stay in the flock..

    oh by the way, when watch japanese porn, turn down the volume. very irritating..

  8. Anonymous @ 25 July 2017 at 00:51,

    //India is a man's country//

    Any "man's country" that doesn't have also have room for a "woman's country" is a f#@king boring country.

    Look at Kelantan - more boring then bat shit as the saying goes.

    But then, I am told it takes a smart man to always make sure that the women are always having a good time laughing, singing, playing dress ups, etc.


    // If they are near me. I would always ask them whether they realize that they are in the Ladies Coach. Nicely//

    Hey was that you, with the very severe nikhab/hijab/ninja outfit/whatever who, very sternly but very nicely, told me "Ladies only coach" in perfect BBC English??

    You see, I had accidentally stepped into the ladies coach as I was rushing for the train one day.

    As the train took off, I stood there looking for a seat, not realising I was in the ladies coach - there were children sitting down so maybe that tricked my mind.

    Within abt 15 seconds, some lady standing next to me, totally enshrouded a la ninja style, look at me and said, in a very nice tone of voice, "Ladies only coach".

    Despite all that covering, it was easy to tell she was slim, nice eyes, very nice gentle voice, and, very likely, attractive.

    But, all that only registered later on, because my immediate instinct was, "Ooopps, sorry" and I headed off into the other coach.

    If it was, I wanna say "Hi" :)


  9. Annie,

    At the end of what you wrote, you suggested the country to 'LOOK EAST'.

    During Mahathir era, LOOK EAST means LEARNING FROM THE JAPANESE.

    If that's also what you meant, I would agree fully. But what should we learn from the Japanese first?

    Here's a joke: Some Melayu went into the jungle looking for Yamashita's treasure. They were digging near a site suspected to have such treasure buried. Everyday after Asr time the Japanese soldiers would appear in the shadows of the trees marching. Everyday without fail. The only way to stop them and to make them disappear was to play "KIMIGAYO" when they came, whenceforth they would stop marching until their national anthem ended.

    The Melayus were 'kagum' to say the least, in awe because even in death the Japanese would continue to respect and love their country.

    Malaysians should learn to live with HONOUR, like the Japanese. For a start, say no to NAJIB. and then,

    Say no to corruption
    Say no to dishonesty
    Say no to plundering of nation's wealth
    Say no to NAJIB.

  10. Anonymous @ 25 July 2017 at 14:10,

    //american and european has turn/copy the japanese porn as they presented the porn according the real needs of the viewer.//

    Damn!! You've put some time and effort into this, haven't you?

    Aaahh, the things we do for research in science and sociology....

    I shall bear your comments in mind the next time I watch American/European porn to see if my real viewing needs are met :)



  11. Anonymous @ 25 July 2017 at 18:31,

    //Malaysians should learn to live with HONOUR, like the Japanese.//

    Would it be possible for Malaysians to learn how to live with honour IF different Malaysians are treated differently by the government?

    Or maybe some Malaysians should be allowed to be more honourable than others? Pls don't ask me how this works :)