Friday 14 July 2017

Malaysia must not join Arab states against Qatar

Being neutral is  better than going headlong blindly into a fight.

This is so, especially, when we are not sure what the fight is really all about or when it doesn't even concerned us.

I know, some of you all find this unacceptable and want us to take sides and fight no matter what.

You are with us or against us, they said.

Honestly, that's tiring.

Really guys, it's okay to be neutral and chill out when we need to do that.

That's my stand in the Najib-Dr Mahathir fight.

I prefer that than getting a bloodied nose for stupidly fighting just because that's what the crowd are doing.

Malaysia itself tends to be neutral most of the time.

During the Cold War, even though we were closer to the West, we still maintain friendly relations with the Eastern bloc of that time.

In fact, Malaysia is one of the more active members of the Non-Aligned Movement, which promotes world peace. Being non- aligned, means we do not take sides, especially of the big powers, in their fights. We instead took in the facts of such conflicts and be objective about it.

This philosophy is the hallmark of Malaysia's foreign policy since back then.

That's how we as a small country survive at world stage all these while.

That's why I was quite concerned when told by my sources today that there were people at the highest level of the government who wanted our country to take sides in the dispute between Qatar and a few other Arab countries.

Seriously, why the hell do we need to get mixed up in that Arab quarrel.

I really thought we were all doing well on the matter when the Foreign Ministry issued this statement on June 29,

Malaysia shares deep and abiding relations with all countries involved in the difficulties surrounding Qatar and some Arab countries which began on 5 June 2017. Our relations are across the whole sphere of human activity – particularly cultural, religion, economic and people-to-people. For this reason, these difficulties are a matter of deep concern for the Government and people of Malaysia.

Referring to the Media Statement made by Datuk Sri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail on 27 June 2017 on the matter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia would like to emphasise that Malaysia has been in constant contact with all the countries involved since the beginning of these difficulties. YAB Prime Minister and YB Foreign Minister have been communicating with their counterparts across the Muslim world since that time, in order to apprise each other of the latest developments as well as to find a resolution to these difficulties. During these contacts, Malaysia has emphasised its neutrality. At the same time, we have offered to play any constructive role that the parties involved feel is required. This offer and concern have been well received and appreciated.

At the same time however, the involved countries have expressed their hope for other countries and international organisations to provide the countries involved the opportunity to resolve these difficulties through their own regional framework, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as well as the mediation efforts of the Emir of Kuwait. Malaysia and other countries outside the GCC respects their wishes. Consequently, we will support all efforts by the GCC and the Emir of Kuwait.

At the same time, we will continue our policy of neutrality. But it is a policy of “active neutrality”, our offer to play a constructive role still stands – we will continue our contacts with all parties concerned, and we will continue to urge them to take all necessary steps to de-escalate tensions.

Malaysia hopes for a speedy and amicable solution to these difficulties – it can only be a boon to the Muslim world as a whole. At the same time, we remain committed to combatting and confronting terrorism and extremism, and support all efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region.

I was told that the people who wanted us to take sides in the dispute wanted Malaysia to be with the other Arab states going against Qatar.

The other Arab states accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, among others, and have since last month placed the tiny but rich Gulf state in isolation.

That was a bit weird to me because Qatar appeared to be more progressive and modern compared to those other Arab states.

Notwithstanding all that, it made me wondered what were the motives of those people in the government who wanted us to also join those other Arabs in isolating Qatar.

Personal vested interests, maybe?

Hopefully not so.

Anyway, I was told that Qatar has about RM50 billion in investments in Malaysia.

Those who wanted us to go against that country should think what would happen if Qatar pull out those investments.

Then there are those Malaysians who now work in Qatar. How about them if we want to boycott that country?

And, really, what is it again the purpose of us to even consider taking sides in that Arab quarrel?

I hope PM DS Najib Razak will not listen to those people.

Let's be friends with all those Arab countries and try help them settle the dispute instead of ourselves joining in the fight.

Let us be smart about this, okay.


  1. "Notwithstanding all that, it made we wondered what are the motives of those people in the government who wanted us to also join those other Arabs in isolating Qatar.

    Personal vested interests, maybe?

    Hopefully not so."

    This is pure Saudi dirty tactics.

    They want al-Jazeera shut down.

    They are afraid that their rich royal family will be held to account by the people.

    Same with the other countries who pakat with them.

    Saudi is the biggest exporter of the Wahabbi virus to the world.

    THEY are the cause of terrorism.

  2. Annie. My sister and her family are in Qatar. You could say that I have a vested interest in Qatar well- being. But the fact whether she is there or not will not make any difference to how I feel about the situation. They are fools who break up silaturraheem. As a Qatari said. She couldn't digest the fact that suddenly those neighbours speaking the same language same belief same look are suddenly their enemies.

    Ni seumpama gaduh adik beradik. Sooner or later mereka baik semula. Then kita yang ingin sangat berpihak-pihak ni jadi apa lepas mereka berbaik?

    Siapalah agaknya yang termakan budi sangat yang mencadangkan supaya kita menyebelahi mereka yang boikot Qatar. Alahai.

    1. Wahhabism and their original master the "Takfir" Sheikh Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah have been scandalizing Muslim communities all over the world for hundreds of years. The scourge has finally resulted in the hellish ISIS lunacy that parades as religion ... audzubillahi minash shaitanir rajim! The hanbali-wahhabi chauvinism tears and destroys Goodwill and Harmony everywhere it takes root (with the dirty Saudi petrodollars)


  3. "Let us be smart about this"

    Manyak susah mau cekap kita punya pimpinan sikalang maa aa ,kalau lulu-lulu punya pimpin mungkin tatak laku lea aa .

    Skalang punya susah mau cekap maa aa .

  4. By all means send all the monkeys there to fight whatever war. The more die there the better.

    1. Most of the time all rather most leader's miss use the word "loyal", how can you find someone doing the wrong thing and yet loyal to him ? Ridiculous, no wonder so corrupted.

  5. Annie,

    100% agree that Malaysia should stay the hell out of this Saudi-Qatar feud.

    Saudi wants nothing more than to bully Qatar and force Qatar to acknowledge Saudi as the leader and master of the Gulf states. It is really as simple as that.

    I have seen that simpering faggot-like Saudi Foreign Minister speaking and his tone and demeanor is so condescending and patronising towards Qatar.

    His false concern for the well-being of Qataris is laughable.

    Arabs are quarrelsome people. They can't help it.

    And they have exported that anger throughout the world in the form of Wahabist ideology.

    Just ask anybody who knows how life was in Malaysia prior to 1970 and they will tell you that the Malays were some of the nicest people about - fashionable, artistic, sociable, always great to have around.

    Don't just blindly believe me - go ask for yourself.

    Ask any Chinese, ask any Indian, ask anybody from that era :)

    And then, along came the Wahabi-infected Muslims, selling their message of hate and anger.

    Bit by bit, the Malays were infected by Wahabist ideology and we all know the situation today.

    //That was a bit weird to me because Qatar appeared to be more progressive and modern compared to those other Arab states.//

    Yupe, and the very fact that a specific demand was made to shut down Al-Jezera points to sheer jealousy.

    Al-Jezera is respected by its international peers, whereas not a single Saudi news agency is considered to be a credible source of news.

    And where Sunni Qatar seems to be trying to unify the Muslim world by holding out the hand of friendship to Shia Iran, Saudi seems determined to maintain the centuries-old enmity and hatred between Sunni and Shia.

    Maybe keeping Muslims divided between Sunni and Shia is good for Saudi.

    And in the midst of all this, Malaysia has claimed neutrality.

    To me, the language used by Malaysia seems more like that neutrality is biased slightly towards Saudi.

    Maybe it is my own biasness being a factor because I know where Malaysia's sentiments really lie - with Saudi.

    Hopefully, Malaysia will truly stay neutral and stay the hell out of the Middle East - even if it means no more "donations" from "brotherly" Arab nations :)


    1. Good analysis Gladiator

      Prof Kangkung

    2. You have nailed it, Gladiator....these Arabs are truly quarrelsome people and it's a pity that their vast stash of petrodollar have gone to their heads, enabling them to be bullycocks and worse, spreading their intractable brand of belief, thus causing all unimaginable griefs and sufferings to millions.

      With the importance of oil diminishing rapidly now, maybe we could all sigh some relief in anticipation of an end to their bully meddling and mischief.

  6. The Saudis can buy over any corrupt 3rd world leader like Najib.

    See the "King Salman PEACE Centre" they are doing?

    Ha ha!

    A Saudi-based organisation involved in a soon-to-be-launched “centre for peace” hosted by the Malaysian government is part of a decades-old apparatus by Riyadh to promote its brand of Islam as well as extremist ideologies.

    The Muslim World League (MWL), an organisation heavily funded by Riyadh over the decades and which carries out activites to promote the Saudi regime’s Islamic image abroad, is said to be among those involved in the King Salman Centre for International Peace (KSCIP).

    Prime Minister Najib Razak recently said that the centre, borne out of talks between Malaysian and Saudi officials, will have a permanent building on a 16ha site in Putrajaya.

    Details about the centre’s specific role are vague as is its need for such a vast space that roughly equals more than a dozen Olympic football fields.

    It is understood that the centre is also associated with Negeri Sembilan-based Islamic Science University of Malaysia (Usim) in Nilai, which welcomed the establishment of KSCIP on its campus.

    A statement by Usim, issued in the wake of the visit by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Abdulaziz to Malaysia last March, said KSCIP was jointly established by the defence ministries of both countries as well as MWL, popularly known in the Arab world as Rabitah al-Alam al-Islami.

    But MWL has a history of promoting Wahhabism, or Salafism as its proponents prefer to call it. Wahhabism emerged in the 1800s in the Arabian peninsula, and embraced by the Saud family to establish present-day Saudi Arabia.

    The controversial strand of Islam is based on a literal interpretation of the Islamic texts, and has been closely linked to many of its more militant offshoots including the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and more recently the Islamic State (IS), from which the Saudi rulers have taken pains to distance themselves.

    Great. Just what we need!

    1. itulah pasal

      dah menganut pun agama arab

      jadilah arab

      ada jugak yg melayu takkan tiru arab raya sehari dua, melayu beraya sebulan, kekadang sampai pertengahan zulkaedah pun masih ada rumah terbuka pun pening paler nengok!

    2. Setuju ngan Anon 14:43.
      Saya pun naik menyampah dengan pe'el Melayu yang Raya sebulan nih. Budak-budak pun dah terikut-ikut. Selagi tak habis bulan Syawal, mereka akan bertandang kerumah orang yang mereka tak kenal... Assalamualaikum, kami datang nak beraya. Langsung tak ada perasan malu... bila diberi duit-raya mereka terus kerumah sebelah.
      Yang jelas... beraya sebulan ini amat membazir dan menyemarakkan sifat meminta-minta atau rasuah dikalangan kanak-kanak.

    3. To anon 1443
      Kenapa perlu ikut Arab?we are culturally more advance than the Arabs.Not only culturally but in almost every other aspect.Tehcnology,knowledge,economically we are superior compared to them.
      Negara arab ni bernasib baik sebab Allah kurniakan minyak.Itu aja.Tapi bear in mind sooner or later they will run out of oil.Masa tu kita tengoklah apa pak Arab ni nak buat

      Prof Kangkung

  7. More on MWL.....

    In 2001, just a month after the 9/11 attacks, Newsweek reported that MWL and its charity affiliate, International Islamic Relief Organization, were used by Osama bin Laden – the Saudi-born militant who was killed by US Special Forces in 2011 – to finance his operations.

    The magazine reported that the organisations were left off the list of groups sanctioned by Washington “in order to avoid embarrassing” the Saudi regime, considered the US’s strongest proxies in the Middle East.

    More recently, following a spate of terrorist attacks in Britain, a report named MWL as being involved in Islamic extremism.

    The report, “Foreign Funded Extremism in the U.K.”, released early this month by conservative think tank Henry Jackson Society, named MWL and its sister organisation World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY).

    Among others, the report said WAMY “has had a long history of involvement with the promotion of violent Islamist extremism and the distribution of hateful literature” in Britain.

    “Equally, MWL has had officials and member organisations linked with both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban,” the report added.

    As long as Bibirpink can fool the kampung folks, he will try.


      But the Saudis had other problems to worry about. Kuwait, far from cutting relations with Qatar, is now acting as a peacemaker between Qatar and the Saudis and Emiratis. The emirate of Dubai is quite close to Iran, has tens of thousands of Iranian expatriates, and is hardly following Abu Dhabi’s example of anti-Qatari wrath.

      Oman was even staging joint naval manoeuvres with Iran a couple of months ago. Pakistan long ago declined to send its army to help the Saudis in Yemen, because the Saudis asked for only Sunni and no Shia soldiers; the Pakistani army was understandably outraged to realise that Saudi Arabia was trying to sectarianise its military personnel. Pakistan’s former army commander, General Raheel Sharif, is rumoured to be on the brink of resigning as head of the Saudi-sponsored Muslim alliance to fight “terror”.

      A Saudi military force in Qatar would allow Riyadh to gobble up all the liquid gas in the emirate. But surely the peace-loving “anti-terror” Saudis — let’s forget the head-chopping for a moment — would never contemplate such a fate for an Arab brother (?)

  8. we should not get involved but what do you think would happen if the saudis decide to tell the whole world no they did not donate to the chosen one

    we have unwittingly exposed ourselves to manipulations

    such a person would face the wall in the house of saud itself

    1. GOOD POINT.

      I think that's the whole reason Jibbi have to kow-tow to saudi & china.

      a) know I lied, please lah don't expose me

      b) China....I need money to plug all the 1MDB losses, please accept this under table but make sure I also get kickback (as in East Coast Railway)...

      Jibbi is a highly compromised leader.

    2. Hmmmmm, ya Najib tu 'anugerah tuhan' konon, ken?

      Saya bukannya ahli ugamawan. Tetapi saya cuba banyakkan membaca dan bertanya kepada yang mungkin lebih mengetahui.

      Bila ketikanya PM menjadi pengantaraan dari Allah untuk hambanya ???

      Adakah anda membuat andaian Najib sudah setaraf dengan nabi?

      Kalau itulah maksudnya ... anda pergilah bertaubat cepat2.

    3. Jibby Razak is today a global clown with blood on his hands. The joke is on us - the ordinary joe Malaysian.

    4. Epic intrigues of the Najibian kind:
      Case studies in white-collar crime & the political-economy of a nation swindled to its knees.

  9. Annie,

    In the Star 2 today, page 20 Movies, Davin Arul reviewed "War For The Planet of the Apes", said these:

    "And how easily, if a challenge to our imagined superiority arises from a species considered to be inferior, we so readily drop a few rungs down the evolutionary ladder to meet it and beat it into submission (or oblivion)."

    Is Malaysia going down that path?

  10. Pelik betul akal pendedak
    Adakah agama mengikut diaorang punya kehendak
    Di dunia boleh cakap la apa yang korang nak
    Kebenaran depan mata pun korang tak nampak..

    Tiada halangan untuk sesiapa berdoa
    Baik besar, kecil, muda dan yang tua
    Tapi hanya hati yang bersih doa diterima Allah jua
    Kalau dari hasil syubhah tak pasti, lebih baik ditolak semua..

    Kalo beribadah kerana Allah
    Tentu yang terbaik kita nak serah
    Lebih baik usaha sendiri dalam ibadah
    Inilah cara yang lagi baik, percayalah..

    Itulah kesan pemimpin kleptokrat
    Membersihkan perbuatan dengan tajaan ibadat
    Adakah dia fikir Allah tak tahu apa yang diperbuat?
    Bertaubatlah kamu risau nanti tak sempat.

    1. To anon 1531
      Baik pesanan utk bertaubat tu.pesanan yg patut ditujukan kepada semua orang.Najib,Anwar,Mahathir dan kita semua.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Najib bertaubat
      Anwar bertaubat
      Mahathir bertaubat
      Kita bertaubat

      Kita vote opposition

    3. Bubar parlimen 6 bulan lalu ke...atau 6 bulan akan datang ke..

      Kami memang takkan undi bn lagi.

      Cukup2lah tu.

      Ada ke patut pemimpin2 bn yang ada skrg ni berpakat ramai2 membela pengkhianat pokjib, rosie & jho low...

  11. When it comes to Malaysia's stand on Qatar, I don't think Malaysia really have any other choice. When the Saudi surprisingly went along with 2.6 billion donation story without a shred of evidence to back it up, I know they're now have Malaysia by the collar. We are now SA and China's poodle for god sake. Unable to chart our independent cause and stand.

    This is all because of one man whose desperation had eroded the prestige and dignity of the country. During Mahathir's time, together with Turkey we are very much respected. We are known as an example of modern Muslim nations which became the envy of other Muslim countries.

    One country stand out though in this. One country that is so jealous of our achievements and independent streak had resulted their head of state had never came and visited Malaysia throughout Mahathir's 22 years long tenure. They can't stand us. They only came after Mahathir had left the scene. Their last visit was last year when they visited this region as part of their efforts to raise support for the IPOs of their state-own energy's company.

    1. When I watch what macai speak, debate and what they do
      It made me painfully realize just how important education is

      It's absolutely painful

    2. Malaysia and Malaysians are always highly regarded by the Saudis.
      My personal experience while performing the Hajj in 2007 shows that we Malaysians are respected.
      In Nabawi Mosque while people were shoving and pushing to be in Raudhah (a small area in Nabawi Mosque in Madinah), Malaysians get preferential treatment.The Suadi policemen upon seeing us will ask us.'Malaysia?'.when we confirm to them that we are Malaysiana they will do their utmost effort to protect us against other pilgrims from other countries who are physically superior compared to us.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Yeah, I affirm your experience prof. The twenty years of Mahathir rule made us excellent in the eyes of everyone, Muslim and non Muslim likewise.

    4. "The twenty years of Mahathir rule made us excellent in the eyes of everyone, Muslim and non Muslim likewise."

      The 7 years of Najis rule have made us conmen and thieves in the eyes of everyone, Muslim and non Muslim likewise.

    5. I went for my umrah in 2013 and the saudis still respect us.Nothing to do with who the Prime Minister of Malaysia is.In fact they don't care much about our politics.

      Prof Kangkung

    6. Sure thing pros ... even good vegetables take some time to rot

  12. Saudi puts Qatar ROYAL FAMILY on "terror list!"

    JEDDAH: Fifty-nine Individuals, including members of the Qatari royal family and controversial Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf Qaradawi, as well as 12 Qatari entities have been listed on a new terror list announced in a Saudi, Emirati, Bahraini and Egyptian joint-statement.

    According to the statement — which was carried by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) — the list comes as a result of "the continuous and ongoing violations of the authorities in Doha of Qatar’s commitments and obligations, enshrined in agreements to which it is a signatory, have necessitated The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain to act to update their respective lists of designated terrorist organizations and individuals".

    As a result of these violations, 59 individuals and 12 entities have been designated by each of the four countries as part of their unified and ongoing commitment to combatting terrorism, drying up the sources of its funding, countering extremist ideology and the tools of its dissemination and promotion.

    Proof that the Saudis are crazed tyrants.

  13. I do not know what in the world is happening with Saudi Arabia

    Even watching YouTube video, the Arab motivation and political area are extremely twisted to understand

    I pray that they'll meet a resolution to this entire conflict

  14. Anonymous @ 16 July 2017 at 17:16,

    //Saudi puts Qatar ROYAL FAMILY on "terror list!"//

    Bloody hell!! I thought this was a joke until I googled for it.


    1. Not, it's true.

      Funny thing is, their so-called "terror list" has no names linked to ISIS or AQ, simply because most of these links will lead back to Saudi Arabia itself.

      Shame on the smaller Gulf nations for being aligned with this bully.

      Not just bully, hypocrites also.

  15. Undilah UMNO
    Baru rezeki saya bertambah, kenyang perut saya yang handsome ni

    Rakyat felda dan tabung haji jangan marah, fikir positiv. Saya berparti kat newyork, sekarang berhajat berparti kat ladang kelapa sawit

    Jho low

  16. I see many comments that are completely anti-Saudi. Many of the points have merit, but to let Qatar off the hook completely with these comments is not correct. Qatar is directly responsible for billions of dollars going to the likes of ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and similar terrorist groups through their willingness, no their eagerness to pay the "ransoms" for kidnapped westerners and Qatari royalty. This is money that is used to directly arm those who have perpetrated the most despicable acts, including throwing gays off of rooves, bombing pop singer concerts, and training terrorists to rampage through tourist towns from Sharm el-Sheikh to Manchester. Qatari money is directly or indirectly behind these attacks.

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    How do you stop terrorist funding? Eliminating one sponsor at a time.

    Qatar needs to stop their donations and to stop their royal family from supporting the terrorists.

    Then we can worry about the next supporter.

    1. Wino,

      //Qatar is directly responsible for billions of dollars going to the likes of ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and similar terrorist groups//

      I suspect that it is not so much that the Qataris are doing the funding.

      I suspect that it is the Qatari banking system which was used to move the funds about.

      It would be interesting to see where the funds originate from.

      At the moment, I only have information from Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, etc that Qatar is funding terrorists.

      I am sorry but I consider Saudi, UAE, Bahrain as low-quality sources of info because of their current animosity towards Qatar.

      //their eagerness to pay the "ransoms" for kidnapped westerners and Qatari royalty.//

      That would be referring to the falconing party which was detained by Yemeni tribesmen?

      If so, that is not really terrorism but plain simple banditry.

      //and training terrorists to rampage through tourist towns from Sharm el-Sheikh to Manchester.//

      I cannot comment on Sharm el-Sheik but I looked up the Manchester bombing.

      Surprise, surprise, surprise, I found that Bahrain is claiming that there are links between Qatar and Libya, where the bomber's family comes from.

      And even MORE surprising was that Al-Jazeera points to a Libyan link.

      The very fact that Qatari Al-Jazeera reports on the Libyan connection to the Manchester bombing suggest that Qatar does not seem very concerned about any Qatar-Libyan link.

      And that is independence in news reporting for you too, BTW.

      //How do you stop terrorist funding? Eliminating one sponsor at a time.//

      I suggest we start with the BIGGEST terrorist sponsor of all - Saudi Arabia.

      No good going after the little fish when Saudi will just keep spawning new terror groups.

      There are countless small to medium Islamist organisations around the world being sponsored by Saudi.

      These small to medium Islamists organisations spew out hatred and intolerance in countries from the US, to the UK, throughout Europe, all the way thru Asia and SE Asia, down to Australia and NZ.

      Yes, all funded by Saudi.

      //Qatar needs to stop their donations and to stop their royal family from supporting the terrorists.//

      I fully agree that if Qatar is funding terrorists, they should be stopped.

      But can we stop the Saudis first?

      The Saudis are the biggest funders and they are the most influential in the Muslim world at many more levels than the Qataris.


    2. "Qatar is directly responsible for billions of dollars going to the likes of ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and similar terrorist groups through their willingness, no their eagerness to pay the "ransoms" for kidnapped westerners and Qatari royalty. "

      Hmmmmm, false equivalence bro.

      You are comparing kidnap money to the billions Saudi has deliberately exported to promote hate?

      Look up the many sources on this.

      Saudi knows that they are festering terrorism, and they don't care.

      They are FAR, FAR, more dangerous than Qatar.

      There is NO comparison.


    3. are you?

      Please dig deep into history.

      Must not forget this famous phrase by this father and son clown.

      "If you're not with're againts me!

      Isn't that terrorising enough! Could that obviously can be called mother af all terror!

      Since that...whatever happend to the Arab nation is history.

      One by one crumbling down from the so called Arab spring movements

      That was during at the height of the internet crazy mania.Sadly the arabs had been tempted by it and they had paid a very very costly priced.

      Anyway simply had this feeling deep in me...the Holy Kaabah is their ultimate darkest hidden agenda and yet again the arabs especially the saudis are being taken a ride!!!

      Yet again and again....

      The Equalizer.

    4. The Equalizer,

      // are you?//

      Fine thanks :)

      //Please dig deep into history.//

      Which particular direction and how far back?

      My own interests include the Big Bang and what was going on before the Big Bang :)

      //"If you're not with're againts me!//

      That would be George Bush Snr and George Bush Jnr.

      I think it was Jnr who uttered those words, not Snr.

      //Isn't that terrorising enough!//

      To be honest, if that is terror, I'd rather live under an American system of "terrorism", even a Trump version.

      //Since that...whatever happend to the Arab nation is history.//

      In every case, the Arab spring was indicative of the desires of the people against oppressive regimes who had grown fat off the miseries of the people.

      Many of those people have been kept uneducated, poor, religiously subservient and fearful of their governments for years.

      My view is that the Arab Spring was hijacked by Islamist elements which then drove the people's uprising into sheer brutal violence.

      //the Holy Kaabah is their ultimate darkest hidden agenda//

      The only people I know of who want to bulldoze the Kaaba is the Islamic State.

      I was shocked initially until I realised that they did have a point - from an Islamic perspective!

      The Kaaba had become an object of worship to Muslims.

      I am not sure who else might be interested in bulldozing the Kaaba.

      //yet again the arabs especially the saudis are being taken a ride!!!//

      Again, I am not sure who might want to, or even who could, take the Saudis for a ride.

      Self-esteem is something which is not in short supply with Saudis - they are immensely wealthy by the grace of Allah, they are the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, they are the Chosen Ones, you know.

      I think it is more a case of the Saudis taking others for a ride.

      Many Muslims seem to think that the sun shines out of Saudi arse.

      We know that many Muslims in Malaysia will go thru extraordinary ends to ape Saudi customs and dress.

      And then there are those who are trying to go back even further back in time in their efforts to be good Arabs!!

      BTW, you will note that I use "Saudis" and "Arabs" interchangeably because that pleases the Saudis :)

      Perversely, the only good Arabs we usually encountered tend to all be in Muslim-minority kafir countries like the US, the UK and Europe where they are highly respected as doctors, scientists, writers, etc.

      I wonder why that is :)


  17. Like MO1 betting on Dr M beating Ku Li, bet on the right horse...

  18. Arabs are a quarrelsome people, let them alone to fight each other