Tuesday 25 July 2017

GE14 may not even be this year after all

Saw this story yesterday,

Pakatan plans rally against Putrajaya in October 

and today DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said,

Opposition can hold gathering if conditions fulfilled

This looks like the date of the general election will not be around that time as much speculated previously.

Many thought GE14 will be held not long after the Sea Games in September.

The reason was said because of the probable feel good factor of the event and the advantage BN has over the currently incoherent opposition pact.

Maybe the opposition parties had found out that PM DS Najib Razak will not call for the poll so early from its deadline in August next year.

That's why I think they want to have the gathering in mid-October instead of September as earlier planned.

I don't think the opposition parties would want such a gathering to be too near an election date as they logically hope to build a groundswell on it.

They probably welcomed the election being pushed back till its deadline so that they have time to consolidate their pact and support as well as repair all the cracks in their coalition.

I expect Malaysian politics to get even more hectic after the gathering.

The opposition would likely go all out campaigning after that, all the way to the general election.

It's also becoming quite apparent that BN also needs more time to prepare for the polls.

Feedbacks indicated that a lot more needed to be done on the ground if the coalition wants its machinery to be fully operational.

Compared to the same period prior to the last general election in 2013, what had been done so far was much less than back then.

Yes, there were a lot of noises going back and forth between the two opposing sides, particularly in cyberspace, but the real works on the ground have been relatively slow.

Even DAP, arguably the hardest working party doesn't seems the same as itself in the run up to the last general election.

Maybe it's fatigue.

Actually, if I'm to have a wish on this, I rather they have the election early so that we can after that go on with our lives.

Now, if they don't have it in October after the Sea Games, I doubt they are even going to have it this year.

And if it's stretched till it's final deadline, we'll have to suffer another whole year of nonsense and stupid statements by obnoxious politicians and their followers from both sides as it is now.

Such a drag, isn't it?  

Well, I have been postponing my next trip to Japan several times because of this.

My Japanese friend who kept asking me to visit him in Tokyo is probably fed up with me by now.

See lah. If the general election is really not going to be after the Sea Games, I'll go there for an autumn visit.

Mount Fuji from the bank of Lake Kawaguci in autumn

Will try to find out more because I need to be really sure so that I can book my tickets and lodging early. Otherwise it's going to be too expensive.

Okay, that's about it.

Need to close shop now. There's only another person in my office now. Others had went home rather early today.



  1. "GE14 may not even be this year after all"
    Dan besar kemungkinan tiada pilihanraya lansong disebabkan huruhara Yang sengaja dirancang Dan negara Akan ditadbir secara mageran

  2. Annie,

    Nobody really knows when the elections will be held except for Najib Razak and a couple of his closest Ministers, eg Zahid Hamidi, Hishammuddin Hussein.

    It is not by accident that H2O was brought even closer into the PMO.

    But we can all guess, right?

    My guess is that Najib Razak will go full term.

    Say what you like about Najib Razak, but I think he is quite responsible in that sense - a politician has certain obligations to the people and a full term government is one of those responsibilities.

    There are other reasons why a full term is Najib Razak's preferred options.

    Firstly, pending legal actions.

    Actions by the US DoJ do not look like getting any better, the Scorpene case has just re-surfaced (pun intended), Swizterland is ratcheting up the pressure. etc etc.

    And we are still not sure what Abu Dhabi is going to do with that playboy Khadem Al Qubaisi - no news on what is happening to him after his arrest.

    Secondly, financial considerations.

    I do not know what the financial situation is with UMNO, but that kind friendly Saudi prince is now dead, Singapore has clamped down on money movements, the US is now on the outlook for unusual transactions, the UK has just had a heads-up via that tabling of the 1MDB motion, and horror of horrors, the Swiss banking system is not playing nice anymore.

    To make matters worse, everybody's favourite party boy, Jho Low, may have difficulties helping out his UMNO friends due to his own problems.

    Of cos, there is nothing to stop a HUMUNGOUS money transaction coming in direct from the British Virgin Islands to "somebody's" bank accounts via Bank Negara.

    But this will probably take some delicate negotiations with the Governor of Bank Negara - he doesn't work for Najib Razak, remember?

    //They probably welcomed the election being pushed back till its deadline so that they have time to consolidate their pact and support as well as repair all the cracks in their coalition.//

    There is not really very much the Opposition can do except being a passenger on Najib's bus. :)

    Yes, the Opposition can consolidate, repair cracks, etc all they like but these are tasks for which no amount of time is sufficient.

    Of cos, if I was reading RPK, he would probably say that the more time the Opposition gets, the more likely they will implode from all the internal squabbling.

    //Feedbacks indicated that a lot more needed to be done on the ground if the coalition wants its machinery to be fully operational.//

    I have no idea what the BN coalition needs to do nor what the Opposition coalition needs to do in getting ready for the elections because I simply do not get involved with any of their efforts.

    Nupe, I leave them to their own devices and just observe their antics as they go public with whatever they were planning.

    From past discussions with MCA and DAP people, and personal observations, it is the MCA people in my kampung who are usually the most organised with almost military-like precision and timing.

    DAP just seems very reactive, you know, when some thing happens, DAP reacts.

    But I wouldn't underestimate such a reactive approach because DAP "killed" MCA in my kampung last time.

    Maybe it is just my kampung, maybe DAP was faking reactive, I dunno.

    //And if it's stretched till it's final deadline, we'll have to suffer another whole year of nonsense and stupid statements//

    Well, it does look like you will have to suffer the nonsense and stupid statements.

    Just count yourself lucky you don't live in Penang or you'll have to put up with your "favourite" punch bag, LGE :)

    Hey, I am gonna go out and smash a Poke Gym near my place.

    It got taken over about 2 hours ago so I thought I'd be nice and leave them there for a while so they could pick up some Poke Coins.

    No more Mr Nice Guy :)



  3. Atak itu pilihan laya ka ,atau tatak pilihan laya ka ,ini hilup kena kasi telus maa aa .

    Sikalang sutak atak manyak susah ,itu kalau pilihan laya latang apa bolih janji itu hilup bolih lagi senang lea aa , Wa manyak sangsi maa aa , miskin punya olang tetap miskin lor rr , Bulayu punya olang tetap kena kasi ketepi lia olang punya peluntukan olih itu luit punya kuasa maa aa .

    Wa lama sutak redha maa aa ,ini Malaysia manyak susah mau kasi ubah lea aa .

    Atak luit semua bolih kasi ubah maa aa .

    1. Lakyat sendili, jual lumah bina atas cuci-najis punya tempat (kumbahan). Leasehold ka, freehold ka... talak cakap.

      Sama lakyat-asing, kasi jual lumah, bina atas tanah tambak laut, bikin Pulau cantik-cantik, jual freehold punya lo.

      Lagi mahu cakap... Lakyat diDahulukan. Kan ne ne, butut lo.

  4. Annie,

    This GE, is NAJIB's fight for PERSONAL survival.

    If NAJIB stays in power, there's a better chance for him to avoid being accountable for 1MDB and other issues.

    But how long must NAJIB stays in power to survive? That's a question for UMNO to answer.

    UMNO, not the Rakyat, determines NAJIB's survival.

    Like how UMNO members used to poke fun on Partai KeADILan, UMNO is also a Partai which the sole purpose is for the survival of one person, only.

    So Annie, it does not matter whether GE is this year or the next. This is not where 'cari makan' is so easy that the GE must be delayed so that the Rakyat could concentrate to cari makan. GE must be delayed because NAJIB is not ready to face the Rakyat.

    NAJIB is not ready to face the Rakyat because UMNO is not ready to face the Rakyat.

    When UMNO is ready to face the Rakyat, NAJIB will call for GE.

    So ask NAJIB the greatest president of UMNO of all times dulu kini dan selamanya: IS UMNO READY?

    1. "So ask NAJIB the greatest president of UMNO of all times dulu kini dan selamanya: IS UMNO READY?"

      Must songlap from all GLC to feed more $$$$$$ to his KBU and crumbs for voters.


  5. Ada pihak sudah risau, lagi cepat PRU lagi cepat Sg.Buluh resort melambai-lambai..MRT direct ke Sg.Buluh pun dah ready.(aiseyman! salah taktik daaa, buat untuk Bang Non tapi orang lain yg kena) Masa Raya esok-esok boleh buat "open-prison" + tambang MRT half..ha.ha..ha..Thanks :-)

    1. Najib will win the GE14.no doubt about it.
      Prof kangkung

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      Yes, you must maintain both your mediocrity and your dedak supply. Remain in the gutter.

    3. BN is going down, there is joy all around, it felt so right!!! And MOI planned to imprison himself - for him either last MRT to Sungai Buloh or last MRT to Kajang!!! LOL

    4. Team kepit

  6. Anyone has read Tun M latest blog?


    Tun admitted he knew the content of the laporan2 by Bank Negara, AG and MACC to Apandi regarding 1MDB.

    That's why Tun had the guts to say Apandi's lying about 1MDB fiasco.


    How will the Thief's bloggers respond to Tun M latest allegation?

    I am waiting for Rocky Bru's response with baited breathe.

    1. I think you should address Rocky at his blog instead of mine. Thank you.

    2. Do you mean bated breath?
      Prof kangkung

    3. No point 'addressing' Rocky, or for that matter, any pro Umno blogs like MToday if you are not one of their gang.....sure kena deleted one...hehehe. Unlike you Annie, they cannot tahan any viewpoints or criticism not aligned to them, turncoat as they may have been. If they changed coat from white to black, then they expect their choir to turn like them, singing the same tune as them. Otherwise, no deal la...any 'unfriendly' postings will be rejected. Got it ?

  7. It is all about when BN will be taken off life support and let it die. This is what this election amounts too and nothing else . The life support system for BN is patronage with money and the treasury is running nearly dry . China's economy is in for hard landing if lucky but more of a crash . Panic will be everywhere and sell offs every where. The turmoil it is going to cause to Malaysia will make 1997 very pale in compression

    Like there say not good to have all your eggs in a basket with a broken handles as it may fall anytime

  8. I agree with Mr.Rahman, 25 July 2017 at 22:46.

    The only justification to render GE14 postponed is when there is a threat to public safety such as civil unrest in the wake of May 13, 1969. Therefore, Pakatan should not hold any rally, especially very close to GE13's deadline in August, next year. Jamal Jamban could seize the opportunity to create commotion.

    Of-course there're other excuses which could come handy. Daesh threat of suicide bombing or kidnapping of big-mouth religious people by human-traffickers with Siamese connection can also be used to render GE14, postponed indefinitely. After-all, Najib had taken over Agong decree to declare state-wide emergency with the new amended NSC.

  9. UMNO hooligan

  10. Petrol price up 6 Sen for RON 95 and all rush to petrol station to top RM worth of RON 95 with a saving of RM 1.20 at the pump but how much did it really cause you

    RM 1.50 to drive to the station
    RM1.50 to drive back home from the station

    Long queue at the pumps , waited 1/2 hr and assuming your wages are RM 6,000 month divide by 4 weeks divide by 5 days then divide by 8 daily working hours = RM 67.5 per hour divide into 1/2 hour = RM 33.75

    Total spend to save RM 1.20 is RM 36.75

    It can be more if the kids say buy me something or the wife wants you to buy something

    Is it really worth rising to the pumps every Wednesday night when prices of RON 95 goes up and it will be crazier come August 01 the prices will be adjusted daily and will you waste 1/2 to 1 hour running to the pumps daily Monday to Sunday day out day in

    1. I like the way you sum up your calculation!


  11. Check whether Mr & Mrs MO1 are jetting to japan this autumn then may Annie tumpang for GE14 BN team building meh LOL

  12. Kos RM40.8 juta pesawat, bukti Najib buat kerja kata Jamal

    Jho low

  13. Sayang macai ketat-ketat

    Jho Low