Friday 21 July 2017

KJ, this boy wants to see you (updated)

(Note: Updates at the bottom of original post)


I hope Regina Lee, who is the press secretary of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin will read this post and show it to her boss for further action.

I don't think KJ himself read my insignificant anonymous blog.

Regina, if you don't show this post to KJ, I'm going to tell people again that Guan Eng is your fan, okay.

Actually, I received this via Wassap just now from my best friend who is a mother of a boy with autism and she requested for me to highlight it,

KJ said he cares for kids with autism.

You can read about it at this previous post,

Redha and a little story about KJ

Hopefully KJ will make the effort to see the boy.

Better than playing polo lah.


Apparently, KJ has responded just now on this matter.

Someone forwarded me this,



  1. Annie you are an angel, I believe KJ will take the time to meet him provided he got the message.

    Let us all pray he does get the message.

  2. Annie,

    You have been an absolute champion for autism in Malaysia and I, for one, feel that you deserve a pat on the back for your advocacy.

    Sorry I can't organise a datukship for you but given time and opportunity, I am sure a nenekship can just about be guaranteed.

    Without looking at the update, I was pretty sure KJ would have said "yes" to the request.

    This is publicity and, more importantly, goodwill which money simply cannot buy.

    Hopefully, you will be present during the meeting and you will be able to get some feedback from KJ as to what he plans to do to improve resourcing and services for autistic people in Malaysia.

    More relevant to KJ's portfolio, some forms of sports are said to be very beneficial to autistics.

    So, it may require close co-operation between the Health Ministry and KJ's ministry to explore, develop and implement programs which will help integrate autistics into every day society.

    I know that the meeting between KJ and this young man took the efforts of several people, but it was nice to read it here first - in your blog :)

    Well done all, and that includes KJ himself for taking the time and effort.