Monday 10 July 2017

Friends should always be friends

Went out just twice over the weekend.

To meet my cousin at her UiTM campus in Dengkil and to attend the wedding reception of a friend's daughter in Putrajaya.

My cousin had wanted to borrow some money while my friend, whom I have not met for quite a while surprised me when he invited me for his daughter's wedding.

About two years ago, he invited me to his other daughter's wedding but I didn't go because I was trying to avoid some people from the camp of PM DS Najib Razak that I despised as I knew they would be there.

By the way, my friend is one of Najib's senior aides. He is the one I featured in this previous post,

Memories of Pekan and the time Annie asked Najib for money

I wrote that post at a time when I almost stop blogging because of the Najib-Dr Mahathir war.

Honestly, I was surprised that my friend still invited me to attend the wedding this time because I had made it known that I'm no longer supporting Umno.

Well, to be more exact, I had made it known that I don't support any political parties anymore as I prefer to be a neutral observer. You all can read that at this other previous post of mine,

These days, I just write as I see things. If BN were wrong I would say that they were wrong, and if they were right, I would write that they were right. The same goes with the opposition.

Of course I got whacked by both sides in the comments section because of that. It all depends on which side each particular posting seems to favour.

I believe in freedom of expression, so I tried to publish all those comments. Only the extremely bad ones were spiked off.

Anyway, my friend was at the entrance of the hall when I arrived at the wedding reception.

I was pleasantly surprised when he did something upon seeing me which made me felt that our friendship was truly genuine.

It was very nice of him.

All those pro-Najib people who accused me of things such as being a paid DAP cybertrooper because of my postings which pointed out the bad things in BN and Umno would be shocked if they saw us at that moment.

Despite being a staunch Najib's supporter, my friend didn't seems to subscribe to the "either you are with us or against us" nonsense peddled by those who are over eager to show their support for the prime minister.

I believe my friend read this blog. He once told me he did so. So, he must know that I'm now politically neutral.

It was also nice to meet some other friends at the function, including those I know to be not supportive of the Najib's administration.

When I think about it, I felt that it was so unfortunate that so many people took politics too seriously that they discarded friends just because they were no longer in the same camp.

I can understand if they did that because they were directly fighting for different masters.

After all, some of the words they used were very coarse and hurtful.

But in cases of those who choose to be on the sideline like myself, I think that's not right.

It's only politics, after all.

Friends should always be friends, okay.

Here's a song on that, 


  1. Wa manyak kawan Bulayu ,UMNO punya ,ada yang manyak sokong Najib ada yang manyak malah punya maa aa .

    Wa juga manyak DAP punya kawan semua manyak sokong itu uncle Lim ,tapi kita semua kawan maa aa ,tatak galoh-galoh politik punya hat maa aa ,apa bikin ,itu politik bukan bolih kasi lebih makan maa aa . Kalau halaga balang naik semua olang beli sama lor rr ,menang punya ,kalah punya halaga tetap sama maa aa.

    Baik punya mesti manyak sokong punya maa aa ,tatak baik mesti kasi ubah maa aa .

    Sikalang UMNO punya olang manyak kacau lea aa ,Wa manyak ingat itu kepala mestu mau ubah maa aa .

    Ini kali ubah ,bolih ???.

  2. There is no such thing as politically neutral are either turning left or right.

    For myself and my family we are hardcore BN and UMNO supporters.Leaders come and go but the party should remain.I.used to support Tun M when he was our leader.Now I support Najib.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pardon me Kangkung, by the way you state it, you are a political animal with no qualms about abandoning moral principles!

    2. Anon 1851
      Mahathir ada moral principle ke.anwar ada moral principle ke.mat sabu ada moral principle ke.Kit Siang ada moral principle ke?kah kah kah.
      You really touched my funny bone

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Hey kangkung, dedak is animal feed. Can u please tell how is the taste.
      I dont know about the people u mentioned have principle or not but i am pretty sure you have none.

    4. Tak ada ke pembangkang yg pandai berhujjah?

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Prof.

      Kalau tak ada 1MDB-Jho Low, sudah tentu saya masih menyokong Najib and UMNO. Ketika Najib guna Razak Baginda dan Deepak Carpet dalam urusan Kerajaan, saya masih menyokong Najib & UMNO. Begitu juga Dr.M.

      Yang pasti... 1MDB adalah punca UMNO berpecah kepada Bersatu. Muhyiddin, Shafie Afdal dan Mukhriz, dipecat atau tersingkir, juga kerana scandal 1MDB.

    6. 1MDB mmg isu besar.Malangnya benda tu beyond the understanding of most people.

      Prof Kangkung

    7. Prof. you've turned into a vegetable.

    8. Anon 0101
      I expect better argument from you

      Prof Kangkung

    9. You can't debate with vegetables. They don't have rational minds.

  3. In Malaysia, the ground is so very fertile. People are angry. Rural or urban. It is now the opposition’s task to accentuate the anger to action by strategic narratives through strategic mediums that will inspire the voters to vote BN out.

    It is clear that Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak’s joint mismanagement over the last fourteen years and counting has led to what economists like Professor KS Jomo have called “piratisation”.

    How long can Malaysians tolerate the extent to which this country has been ransacked and pillaged? The financial bleeding has been non-stop since October 2002 when Dr Mahathir Mohamad left the government with a surplus budget.

    Of the 119 rural constituencies in Malaysia, almost all are semi-rural too. They are within two hours away from a boat, bus or train ride to a major city or centre. Indeed, 75% of the Malaysian economy is driven by the economies of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang alone.

    The workers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang may not have come across a party candidate from PPBM. They may not even have heard of Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, a top passionate debater, let alone myself.

    But they have heard of the power of the three Ms in the form of Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz! And all three of them have trudged through all 119 constituencies in Malaysia at one stage or another.

    And all three Ms have never dragged the name of Malaysia through the mud, as Najib and his cabinet did. Indeed, of the whole cabinet, only Ahmad Husni, the second finance minister, has had the conviction to resign.

    If the global electoral patterns are telling Malaysia anything, it is that those who have the courage – despite no party structures – will win.

    Indeed, of the three million members that are ostensibly in Umno, throughout the general election in 2008, and again in 2013, hardly more than 1.1 million Umno members cared to vote at all. That leaves 1.9 million Umno members free to vote for PPBM too.

    1. Anon 1747
      Very lopsided comments

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Very lopsided? which part? And your comments all these while are very balanced????

    3. 9 para arguments only get 3 words comment from so called Professor. I wonder how on earth you get your Professorship..throwing money at the university perhaps..

    4. What Anon 1747 wrote was true.
      The rot started with Pak Lah's 4th. floor administration through his SIL. Najib and Rosmah made us famous the world over with 1MDB.

    5. Aku lama muntah dah tengok kangkung

      Comment dia dari 2 tahun lepas sampai sekarang memang macam anjing tak cukup dedak

      Argue with kangkung is like argue with a madmen, you will never win

    6. Anon 0023
      Jgn mudah sgt give up.we argue based on facts not assumption

      Prof Kangkung

  4. Anonymous @ 10 July 2017 at 17:47,

    //They may not even have heard of Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, a top passionate debater, let alone myself.//

    Are you Rais Hussin?

    If not, please do the courtesy of attributing your cut-and-paste to Rais Hussin.

    For other readers, this cut-and-paste came from the full article at the following link


  5. Annie,

    //Friends should always be friends//


    Does this mean you are making up with she-whose-name-is-banned-from-this-blog?

    //So, he must know that I'm now politically neutral.//

    Oh, come now.

    I think you are only saying that to save yourself from uncomfortable situations where you might need to discuss politics, specifically UMNO politics.


    1. //Oh, come now.

      I think you are only saying that to save yourself from uncomfortable situations where you might need to discuss politics, specifically UMNO politics.//

      I think Annie has touched on UMNO politics quite a number of times without hesistance.
      You shoukd know as you follow her quite diligently.
      But maybe I'm wrong.
      Seems to me you and your flight simulator god is always right, as you have proclaimed so many times.

      There happy Gladiator?

  6. there is no such thing as political neutrality, it shows a lack of commitment to issues and policies that affects a nation, it reflects a person's hypocrisy

    be man enough to call a spade as such but we can be civil about it

    the Queen of England

    1. Hypocrisy to me is telling people the bad things done by my side as good and the good things done by the other side as bad. Thank you.

    2. Untuk play safe memang bagus dok tengah2..fikir long term :-)

    3. that would simply be called lying....

      The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.. that is hypocrisy

      Queen of England

    4. Being neutral in malaysia is not neutral at all

      As long as najib in power, the judge, police, the banks, the glc, tourism, immigration, sports will always be in favour to najib

      Just open your mind and think if the people of France in 1789 will ever initiated the French Revolution

      The "neutral" stance in France in 1789 is not neutral at all

      Vote opposition, its 1000 times better than penyamun najib

  7. Anonymous @ 11 July 2017 at 10:39,

    //there is no such thing as political neutrality//

    Yes, there is but it is not so common in Malaysia.

    In GE13, my sister voted for a BN MP and a Pakatan DUN.

    //it shows a lack of commitment to issues and policies that affects a nation//

    Well, that's the national interest covered.

    Now, how about your views on the state interest and local government interests?

    Personally, I am an advocate for local government elections :)

    //it reflects a person's hypocrisy//

    IMHO, I feel that Annie is quite fair in her treatment towards BN.

    If you have read her long enough, you will see that she does not hold back criticising UMNO people whom she disapproves of.

    In fact, this very article gives some hints of her previous run-ins with some UMNO people.

    The only Pakatan person she seems to absolutely detest and loathe is Lim Guan Eng, but then what's new? Even die-hard DAP people detest and loathe Lim Guan Eng. ;)


    I think LGE is a very capable administrator but a lousy people person.

    For example, I would trust LGE to run a char kway teow stall but I would never ever let him near the customers.

    Otherwise, I would have the best char kway teow in the world but no customers to eat it. That's LGE for you.

    Najib Razak?

    His char kway teow is close to inedible because he keeps all the see-hum, the tau gay, the eggs and the meat for himself and his friends

    BUT customers keep coming back because they love Najib as a person.

    Oops, I got carried away and am babbling off-topic now, sorry.


    1. Thanks Gladiator. We can only try our best to be what we believe we are. How people judge us by it doesn't really matter to me. For instance, I told people I'm a Muslim yet some think I'm a kafir because of the way Im. Well, that's just the way with some people.

  8. Annie @ 11 July 2017 at 13:37,

    //Thanks Gladiator.//

    No problem, I'll be sending you an invoice for the marketing and public relations. :)

    //I told people I'm a Muslim yet some think I'm a kafir because of the way Im//

    I am guessing that the people you told are Muslims.

    Well, in that case, that would be because those people probably think they are more Muslim than even the Prophet Mohamad.

    Sometimes, by claiming to be more Muslim than you makes them feel superior to you.

    This is especially so when someone has something they don't have or can never have, usually power, looks, brains or money.

    I have noticed that people with power, looks, brains or money usually cannot be bothered to go around calling others kafirs :)