Thursday 20 July 2017


Someone has been needling me to write something about the comments made by Tunku Mahkota Johor which were supposedly directed at Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

TMJ, according to that someone, was criticising KJ for being in the national polo team and having a high rank in the auxiliary Wataniah army.

That someone, who is a huge fan of TMJ said the prince was right about KJ being more interested in taking part in sports rather than being a minister of sports.

He said TMJ was also right to point out that he is a better polo player and military leader than KJ.

Personally, I think he got at least the second part right. TMJ has been playing polo since he was a kid and his royal family have their Timbalan Setia army.

I'm quite sure TMJ would easily beat KJ in a polo match or shooting competition.

Anyway, there's not much to comment on it other than that because KJ has been mostly quiet about the whole thing.

Smart guy. He knows that it's not wise to reply to the supposed TMJ's comments directed at him.

KJ is not Nazri Aziz, okay.

That's why he still survive (and prosper) after his father-in-law stepped down as PM in 2009.

I was actually impressed that  KJ took part in those sporting activities such as the Ironman challenge.

Sorts of leads by example.

Young sportsman managing the country's sports. It was good for his ministry's image.

But then again, TMJ may have a point, as according to his fan, who said if a minister is too much personally involved in the actual sports activities, then he may lose focus on ministering the sports itself.

Player-manager is actually not such a good concept after all.

Maybe KJ should ponder on it.

Meanwhile, this is something great for Malaysian sports,

Jun Hoong wins historic gold medal

Diving is definitely now a world medal prospect for Malaysia.

Maybe KJ should push the sports more into prominence so that more youngsters will be interested to take part in it.

He can learn to dive himself, just the same way he tried with the other sports.

No need for him to take part in SEA Games or anything like that la but maybe he can later on do a promotional video of the sports with him doing some fancy moves diving into the pool.

KJ may even invite TMJ to compete with him in a special diving competition after that.

I'm quite sure that will create quite a splash in and outside the pool.

KJ may even win that one.

Okay, on a more serious sporting mode, here's a compilation video of Jun Hoong in action ;


  1. for kj I don't think he is doing it for the love of the game but the prestige and I don't recall ever seeing him play with my dear Charles

    the Duke of Edinburgh

  2. ""Menteri perlu berundur sebelum gesa ahli politik pembangkang letak jawatan""

    This is a stinging article directed at KJ. The points were valid. Who can counter it? Can you Annie?

  3. Annie,

    I think the TMJ was alluding to meritocracy.

    He is a Brigadier-General because he has been thru the training and the hard yards despite the fact that he could have just got his father to give him the post "for free".

    He is a polo player par excellence because he trains hard at it.

    KJ is a deserving Minister for Sports because of his sporting interests. And he is quite fit physically.

    But to just walk into a polo team when he is not a very good horseman?

    Hmmm... I mean, he has lots of sporting interests and I am sure KJ will quickly pick up the horse riding, etc but walking into a polo team sounds a bit like an abuse of his position as Minister for Sports, doesn't it?

    And KJ's position as Brigadier-General in the Wataniah army? He was just handed the position, most likely, without ever having served one day.

    I mean, how would KJ feel if Ibrahim Ali was awarded first prize at that recent Ironman Challenge by virtue of Ibrahim Ali's position at PERKASA?

    Or that Hadi Awang gets a spot on the polo team because Hadi Awang is a very pious person who likes camels and horses are sort of like camels?

    So, the TMJ does have a point and KJ would have difficulties responding to TMJ because KJ simply can't.

    Look, I like KJ but I think he allowed his heart to make the decisions in the case of the polo team and allowed his pride to make the decisions in the case of the position in the Wataniah army.

    KJ is smart enough to have known that in either case, somebody else more deserving should have got those positions.


    1. KJ is a deserving Minister for Sports because of his sporting interests. And he is quite fit physically.....

      Yep, running to 4th floor to get his father in law to sign crony contracts!


  4. Manyak susah mau cekap maa aa ,lamai olang sikalang mau kasi tegur lain olang punya hat lea aa . Atak betut punya tatak apa maa aa ,tapi kalau mau tunjuk saja apa buat maa aa .

    Sendili kasi jaga sendili punya hat lea aa ,buat baik punya mesti atak nampak baik maa aa ,tatak baik punya apa macam solok olang pon tau lea aa .

  5. A big splash in the swimming are being naughty Annie with your tongue in cheek commentary.

    Prof Kangkung

  6. I am convinced the reason we are doing so well in diving is because there are no politicians or royalties involved in the sport. If TMJ thinks he is the better polo player, then compete la. No point making noises on the sidelines.

    1. I want badak air pink diamond to represent Malaysia in diving too.

      All the water in the pool will run away.

  7. Anonymous @ 20 July 2017 at 19:01,

    //Yep, running to 4th floor to get his father in law to sign crony contracts!//

    I think one would need to do a bit more than that to finish an Ironman Challenge.


  8. Anonymous @ 20 July 2017 at 21:21,

    //If TMJ thinks he is the better polo player, then compete la.//

    TMJ is a better player, in fact, amongst the best in Malaysia.

    I read somewhere he plays off a handicap of 3, which makes him in the top one third of polo players in the world.

    According to the polo selectors, the TMJ is over-qualified for the team.


  9. why do you want kj involve in diving? you wanna see him in bikini huh, don't you? so naughty you..

    1. Aiyo...errr never thought of that la...

    2. anon @ 21 July 2017 at 09:18,

      //you wanna see him in bikini huh, don't you?//

      Whooooaa there, wild child, that is SERIOUSLY kinky.

      KJ in a bikini?

      Please say you meant a "mankini"?


      But OTOH, you may know something about KJ which we don't .....


  10. Wonder what's the outcome of the KBS' RM100 million graft bust. Senyap je. MACC tersilap cekop ke?
    Or Najib is using it as blackmail to make sure KJ toe the line?

  11. Annie,

    HRH TMJ was making statements to reflect his concern over the welfare of the Rakyat, in particular the Johoreans, affectionately referred to by HRH as 'Bangsa Johor'.

    You were right to point out that there was nothing in HRH's comments to refer to any particular person, but you may infer from HRH's words to refer to unscrupulous, selfish and delusional 'pemimpin-pemimpin' whose deceptive words and action were all made calculated to fool the Rakyat.

    So this 'TMJ vs KJ' thing as advocated by you is unfounded and without basis, is a failed attempt to take the Najib Regime out of embarrassment due to HRH's comments.

    By the way, according to Real Capital Analytics' report, from 2014 to 18-7-2017, foreign capital flowing into Malaysia to buy real properties was about USD2.6 billion. In the same period, Malaysian capital flowing out to other countries to buy real properties was about USD 9.725 billion.

    For every US dollar Malaysia gets from foreigners by selling properties, Malaysians give back to the foreigners FOUR (4) TIMES that amount. This is an achievement, partly due to institutions like MARA, FGV, PETRONAS and SIME DARBY etc who invested heavily overseas.

    But one information in the report must catch your interest, Annie, and that's the fact about China's investment in Malaysian properties. For that period, capital inflow from China to buy properties in Malaysia was a mere USD104 million. But in the same period, Malaysian capital flown out to PRC for properties purchases was more than USD1.65 Billion.

    Now, Annie, you have been advocating that China people are taking up all properties in Johor, pushing away Malays from their kampungs etc., and you have even accused the State Government under Khaled Nordin for selling out Malay lands or lands belonging to Malays to the PRC people. Numbers don't cheat, Annie. What you were saying was untrue, to say the least.

    And by the way, do you remember you were mentioning about a Kota Iskandar pegawai who parked his car at an OKU's parking lot in front of a restaurant in JB? The restaurant was a Japanese Restaurant called Akafuji. Their food was very normal but their salmon was fresher than most other Japanese restaurants in JB. The sashimi chef was a Japanese and there were many Japanese there every night. But the restaurant is closed now.

    Many shops there were also closed.

    Why not ask the Melayu to take up all the empty shops there to do business, as there are no Cina or PRC or Japanese or any non-Malay people to hinder them now?

    Quick, Annie, go to the villages in Gelang Patah to inform the Melayus about the victories resulting in empty shoplots for them to do niaga.

    Jual lempeng? anyone?

  12. Annie,

    Could you please find out whether TMJ, as FAM President, will be watching the SeaGames football final this Tuesday evening at the stadium?

    Why hasnt TMJ showed up in SeaGames football matches when Malaysia was competing?

  13. Dear Tuan Tanah blog Annie,

    Giving SMART a very BAD name when you crown KJ as SMART and, to think that this is the same guy who :

    1- Parrot like M01 trying to absolve himself that he knew 'nothing' (under his watch) the case of 100 Million in KBS which now has gone cold or rather cold-storaged!?

    2- For an Oxford alumni to admit being called "...macai pun macai...", does it not show his weakness simply to kowtow and follow rather than taking a stand like 'LEADER' (or potential leader) or a 'GENERAL' (however FRAUD it seems).

    Just a couple from long list that could have been thrown at KJ when the time comes....that this guy is not smart...he's cunning only to buy his time....for the moment!