Saturday 22 July 2017

A little issue and Azmin being the best PM candidate

I thought of commenting on this story when I woke up this morning,

Whistleblower website accuses Selangor’s MBI of impropriety

but then I'm feeling very lazy throughout the day.

So, why don't you all click on the link above, read and judge it for yourself instead of me with my less than expert knowledge on such matters try to explain it to you.

Here is a bit of it in case you are too lazy even to click on the link,

excerpts :

According to Selangor-Leaks, the issue involves MBI, Universiti Selangor (Unisel) and construction company Jana Niaga Sdn. Bhd.
The anonymous website alleges that MBI had made a questionable payment to Jana Niaga despite the company’s failure to meet its contractual obligations with Unisel. 
All, I want to say is that I think Selangor MB DS Mohamed Azmin Ali should explain what the heck is that all about.

After all, from what I was told, Jana Niaga is own by an Umno guy. Why is it that his MBI is being so nice to such a company?

Is the Umno guy a friend of Azmin from back during his Umno days or something?

Very weird, actually.

Hopefully, Azmin can come up with a good explanation.

Anyway,  that aside, I think Pakatan Harapan missed a great opportunity when it named its leadership line-up the other day.

Personally, I think they should have named Azmin as their PM candidate.

He's the best that they can offer, especially to attract young voters.

Instead, they put the older people at the top of the hierarchy.

With all due respect to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I don't think he should be the PM again even if Pakatan wins the next general election.

Dr M is 92, okay. He should rest even now. I wrote about it in this previous post in July last year,

Dr Mahathir should rest

And of course I also don't think that DS Anwar Ibrahim and his wife DS  Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail are suitable for the job too.

They are also too old and if I may add, I never believe that Anwar, and even more so his wife, can do the job properly.

They simply can't, okay.

Anwar can only talk but if I remember it correctly, he was not exactly a very good deputy of Dr Mahathir.

He actually messed up quite a lot during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s.

Dr Wan Azizah can't even talk. I mean, she can't even deliver a decent speech, let alone managing this country.

The husband and wife are in their late 60s.

I seriously think that a PM candidate should be below 60. Vibrant and have much energy and new ideas in line with the needs of the younger rakyat.

So, Azmin should have been the better choice to be Pakatan's PM candidate.

I wrote about it in this previous post in May last year,

The opposition leader who can reunite them

I know Rafizi may likely be unhappy about it but seriously, Azmin is the only viable PH candidate for the PM job.

Rafizi himself can't be a candidate because not unlike Anwar, he can only talk and not much else.

The only worthy rival of Azmin for the post is probably DS Mukhriz Mahathir.

But then again,  Mukhriz's father is Dr Mahathir and therefore he's an  easy target of nepotism attacks.

Furthermore, his Pribumi Bersatu is still just a junior party in the opposition pact.


  1. Harapan best bet is Azmin Ali. TDM may not even contest. Anuar is jailed. Kak One, surely NOT. TSMY, lost in the making. Boboi NO! PAN has none. DAP can only offer DZI.
    Who's next PM? Still DSNj. TDM said PH can win. DSNj will surely cheat to win. Certainly TDM know better. BN would win GE 14. Why? Without PAS in PH its a battle uphill.

  2. Itu MB1 kasi perhabit belapa manyak ,itu MO1 kasi pelabit belapa manyak , Hai yya in mesti UMNO punya hat maa aa ,olang punya busuk kasi nampak maa aa , sendili punya busuk apa macam mau solok ?, lor rr .

    Itu luat negala pon sutak bau maa aa .

  3. Don't argue too much on who is going to be the PM after GE14 because Najib will be the PM.full stop.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. The most boring comment from the most boring person.full stop.

    2. Don't argue too much about 1mdb, corruption and embezzlement by najib and pencacai taik UMNO

    3. Only death can cure a fool
      I never believed the above quote, until now

    4. Fool or not tunggu aja keputusan pru14.we will see who is going to have the last laugh

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Who gonna have the last laugh??!! it matters to majority of malaysian??!!..
      Alo kangkung!!you want to laugh until the next millenium, then go ahead..nobody care maaa

    6. This is no laughing.matter. Malaysia is at a critical stage now. T he outcome of GE14 it's critical.

  4. sounds like a good case for LGE to be PM candidate. His party is the strongest in PH

    1. The Tokong to be PM???
      Do you think that he is willing to cut his cock and get a "bin Abdullah" to his name?

    2. Dream on... a petulant child is not fit to be a leader regardless of ethnicity.

  5. Annie,

    Yupe, it does sound like Azmin Ali does need to clarify WTF is going on between Unisel and Jana Niaga.

    From what I can tell from a quick read of the accompanying documents, it seems quite clear that Jana Niaga needs to fix up any identified problems before it gets any money.

    No fixee, no monee, no payee.

    I just hope that MBI is not going the way of 1MDB, if you know what I mean.

    As for Azmin Ali being included in Pakatan's new lineup, nah, that was never going to happen, no way, no how lah.

    Assuming Pakatan survives GE14, regardless of whether it wins or loses, THEN you may see the "younger crowd" like Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi, etc step into senior roles.

    GE14 is the last throw of the dice for most of the current Pakatan lineup - they are just too old.

    Actually, IMHO, Azmin Ali has one of the toughest gigs in Pakatan - ensuring that Selangor stays in Pakatan hands after GE14.

    Think about it.

    Even if Pakatan were to lose GE14 but retain Selangor, Pakatan can still berlagak sikit.

    Here I am writing Penang out of the equation because we know who is going to be running Penang for the next 10 zillion years.

    I could put in a block of wood, roughly carved in the shape of a rocket, and it will still win votes in Penang, OK?

    So, really nothing for Pakatan to brag about in Penang, other than that they have the right policies and the right tweaks to their economy, which Penangites have come to expect and demand of their state government.

    My view is that the current lineup in Pakatan is all for show only, to win an election.

    Like it or not, Mahatir the man, is a damn sight more recognisable than any of the others in Pakatan.

    The only other person who is as instantly recognisable and credible to the electorate is Najib Razak.

    So, when Mahatir says, "Vote for me", there is a damn good chance that is going to happen in many seats, especially rural seats.

    Don't get me wrong, Najib Razak also has that very same ability.

    But once the rural electorate realises that Mahatir and Najib are at loggerheads, there will be voters that sit up and take notice.

    And that is all Pakatan needs - for enough rural voters to stop and think.

    BN's strategy all these years have been for their rural supporters to be on autopilot when they step up to the polling booths.

    If Mahatir can get enough rural voters to stop and think before marking that little piece of paper, he knows he stands a very good chance of winning.

    Moneywise, Pakatan will never be able to beat the UMNO money-juggernaut - not in 2.6billion years :)

    So, Pakatan has to try something else and that something is Mahatir Mohamad.

    Will it work?

    Ask me after GE14 :)


  6. PH tak pernah kisah tentang siapa nak jadi PM, yg nak buat kacau bilau jika ada individu yg bukan ahli PH pandai2 letak/cadang calon (dari mimpi kot).Saje nak tengok geng2 PH berkelahi..mmg nakal! :-)


  7. EL @ 23 July 2017 at 00:54,

    //sounds like a good case for LGE to be PM candidate//

    Been reading RPK, I see. :)

    Anybody who believes that LGE can be a PM candidate would probably also believe in fairies, flying carpets, unicorns and Raja Bomoh.

    DAP could win 221 seats in GE14 and LGE would still not be PM.

    Even LGE knows that :)


    1. Then you should go to RPK website.

  8. I think the Unisel issue is to complicated for people to understand. It does not even affect tabung haji, kwsp, felda or some mongolian girl to be attarctive as an electorate issue for kampung folks

  9. Go vote for UMNO, it's for malay survival. You can also got rm5000 cash if you vote UMNO
    Susahlah rakyat malaysia kalau tak sokong UMNO. Saya pun susah jugak nanti

    Jho low

    1. Saya mmg sokong umno.too bad lah jho low bangsa awak x suka anak bangsa awak mmg x boleh kuasai politik
      Prof kangkung