Saturday 15 April 2017

Get it over and done with

So, according to this Bernama report, PM DS Najib Razak said,

BN Ready For GE14 

Okay, that's good.

That means we can have the general election early.

Yup, let's get it over and done with.

I think everyone is itchy to settle things early too.

Most are probably tired of the endless bitching by both sides.

Really wasting time and energy.

May as well quickly settle the whole damned nonsense.

If BN wins, then Najib can have another term at the top and everyone can stop with all those allegations against him. After all the rakyat are the ones who would have decided on it.

If Pakatan wins....well, they can do whatever hell they want too.

It's only fair what.

I think the best time for Najib to call for the early general election is just after Sea Games in September.

At first I thought it should be in November after the tabling of next year's budget in parliament, but that budget may not be nice enough to help with winning the election.

Well, whatever.....any which way also can, okay.

Just get it done with minimal fuss.

I want to proceed after that with doing more beneficial things without having to be bothered by all those political bitching.

Whatever it is, compared to the run-up of the last general election, I think this time things are much slower.

I believe the BN's readiness for polls, as said by Najib, is not as great as back then before the general election in 2013.

The Pakatan's one appears the same to me.

Less enthusiasm on both sides of the ground.

At least that's how I feel about it.

Maybe it's true....everyone is tired.

I'm definitely tired.

Writing only just little bits and pieces these this post.

Why bother writing long posts and tiring people to read them, right?

Okay that's all.

I'm going to continue watching Korean drama now.

And here's a nice sad song for what seems to be a nice Saturday,


  1. 'If BN wins, then Najib can have another term at the top and everyone can stop with all those allegations against him. After all the rakyat are the ones who would have decided on it.'

    Come on lah......

    OSA-ed the report, fired and silenced critics, has corrupt AG, IGP and who bunch of clowns to kabber up..... think the general rakyat has been served justice?

    Let the thief walk away?

  2. External debts now stand at 908 billion. Almost a trilion. MO1 borrows money and keep on borrowing until the kingdom comes while the poor rakyat has to pay the debts by making them pay a lot of taxes. Not only now but generations to come.

    1. Good reason to for election sooner than later, isn't it?

      I'm looking forward to it and look forward to see what the outcome will be either way.

    2. No.

      That mountain of debt will stick for years.

      With jibby's ways, it will get worse over time.

      Finance minister FAIL!


  3. Horray !!!!!, election latang lagi . Ini kali betut-betut mau kasi ubah maa aa .

    Siapa mau jadi PM sutak tatak hat punya maa aa ,apa pon selupa jugak lea aa .

    Olang cekap itu untung batu tengelam ,untug sabut timbul ,kasi pegang pada kayu pon belum tentu timbut ka, tengelam ka manyak susah mau cekap maa aa .

    Wa manyak sukak undi lea aa .

    1. lufang,
      being a Chinese, why r u quoting Malay proverbs?

      - Hantu Siber -

    2. He follow Zahid advice, maaaaa....culture unity


    3. Hantu Siber,

      Wa selalu lengar itu Uncle Lim cekap , 'Malaysian Malaysia' maa aa.

      Sekolah Cina untuk Cina , SK Tamil untuk India ,Sekolah Kebangsaan untuk Bulayu , itu macam tatak betut maa aa .

  4. They may rely on the usual vote-buying.

    There are so many issues at hand involving Najib Abdul Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, that have not been dealt with.

    First, there is the death of former Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuu. The motive of the murder has not been established. Why would two former bodyguards of Najib murder a woman whom they hardly knew?

    Then, there is the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) which has earned Malaysia a reputation as a nation of kleptocrats. Who was the Saudi prince who ‘donated’ RM2.6 billion into Najib’s personal accounts in Ambank?

    There is also the unresolved case of RM42 million from SRC International that had allegedly found its way into Najib’s private account.

    And, then there is the death involving the former chairperson and CEO of AIAK Group which founded the Arab Malaysian Banking Group in 1975.

    We have not forgotten the sudden disappearance of Kevin Morais and the shocking discovery of his death. Morais was a deputy public prosecutor attached to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) just prior to the removal of the attorney-general, Abdul Gani Patail.

    These are not minor things.

    There must be justice done.

    1. The most important issue for most voters, especially amongst the rural and lower income urban voters will be the rising cost of living, unemployment, etc.

  5. Annie. Take your mind of our nation's hustle bustle sekejap. Dengar lagu sedih buat kita lagi sedih. Tengok ni. Even the BBC's man was in awe and in dread.

    "It was a two-hour-long master class in totalitarian mobilisation meant to instil awe and dread. I can confirm, conclusively, that it does."

    See John Sudworth speaking from Pyongyang here:

  6. There is s prevalence among Malaysians to think the freebies offered by the government are a right - and there are no long term consequences to future generations.

    The freebies are predominantly for the Malays - who are also in control on who are elected.

    Religion and race jingoism is used to great effect to subjecate Malays rational thought for the future Good of country.

    The precipice of bad fiscal governance, lack of open meritocracy leadership- is causing Malaysia to loose its pole position as an economic example to other ASEAN countries.

    China has leapfrogged over Malaysia- only 15 years ago , Chinese tourists used to be impressed with Malaysian infrastructure, services, institutions - its rather in reverse now.

    Malays have to be more understanding that there is no birthright advantage- you otherwise forego the betterment of the country. Other races have to trust Malays when/if this changes.

    Religion may rear its head and seem to have an overarching goal to pull all back to the 8th century tribal laws of the Arabian peninsula- that factor would depend on Malays ability to trade off future progress versus maintaining a balance.

    Old leaders with older battles have to be foregone - current leaders in power are too inept, aside from doling out freebies from stolen funds.

    1. Dajjal the Antichrist is getting bigger and bolder. He and his minions are your neighbours ... renungkanlah the heist of the millennium - he enmeshes your soul in delusive corruption all the while you think you are doing religion - it's Dajjalic religion where white is considered as black and essential evil is masked by outward etiquette. Renungkanlah fasad kubra ini yang takde bandingan dalam alam semesta ... Iblis and his rotten cohorts are will send your soul to eternal perdition!!!

  7. This dumno musical chairs will eventually end with rahman...

  8. Umno needs malay
    And Malay doesnt need umno
    This is a fundamental fact
    The truth is not going to die in a millenia
    All else are just derivatives and horse shit

    1. You are RIGHT.

    2. Do you think the Malays need DAP led Pakatan? You must be crazy but the majority Malays are still sane. We will vote for UMNO or PAS

    3. Chedet's popularity has gone down drastically from no 403 in June 12, 2015 to no 2764 in April 6, 2017.

    4. The majority of Malays still need UMNO, myself included

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Nah. Ambik jer tongkat nih.

    6. You are as usual the akademik Kangkang al-dUMbNO.
      You are not Malay like Tun Perak the Wise & Hang Tuah the Chivalrous.

    7. Anon @ 03:48
      Very well on!!!
      Its goes the other way round.They(Dapigs) needs malay in order to finish off the malays!!! Infact they have got(bought) few.
      It goes without saying...they've successfully done that in an island which has been dictate by pirates and crooks.

      Stay UNITED MALAY!!!


    8. Otak Kangkung,

      "The majority of Malays still need UMNO, myself included".

      Do you also need diapers and baby food?

      Intellectually retarded.

      Hooked on had-outs while Umgnok leaders live like kings.

      You really are a sucker.

    9. Anon 1107
      Spot on bro/sis
      Org cina boleh aja menyalak sampai tercabut anak long as we Malays are united we have nothing to worry about
      Prof Kangkung

    10. Malay dont need UMNO
      as i have said, everything else are all derivatives and horseshit
      Fucking money launderer... wang 30 juta rakyat semua kau sebat... Worst scum of the earth

  9. GE12 - hindraf tsunami, apa lagi india mau...
    GE13 - chinese tsunami, apa lagi cina mau...
    GE14 - malay tsunami, apa lagi melayu mau???
    Sabah & Sarawak - these are the blinkered people tsunami onot, always at the mercy of malaya...

    1. Dream on bro

      Prof kangkung

    2. you must construct the idea in your mind before turning it into reality especially if the idea is to create a better malaysia

  10. If you really want to save the poor then voting UMNO is in fact the worst thing that you can do
    Zakir Naik's choose lesser evils can be applied ton GE14 and this is the correct path

  11. Delusion
    Najib the way he is right now, is not a leader
    Just an actor, and he is the best actor in the history of politics. He can perform as if nothing has happened, or having guilty concious at all. Very highly telented. But sorry to say he cannot act in Sweeden or Finland cos he knows he can be arrested.

    1. What about the two DAP stars who kissed in public?did they playacting or were they doing the real thing?

      Prof Kangkung

    2. lots of people starving left and right. Pengganguran meningkat. Harga barang naik. We only get peanuts for salary and oftentimes its demotivational

      a lot of minister son and daughter copulate and have a good time while a son and local Malay only get their land sold to china.
      there will be no chances for knowledge absorption

      The numbers are all out there Mr Macai Kurap

  12. Boleh aje undi BN lagi.
    Tak jadi hal.
    Tapi presiden bn kena huraikan se-hurai hurai nya sampai kita rakyat Malaysia semua percaya ; apa yang dah jadi dengan cerita cerita buruk yang dikaitkan dengan presiden bn / perdana menteri Malaysia / menteri kewangan Malaysia. MO1.

    Cerita kan kepada kita rakyat Malaysia semua apasal Malaysia ni terima publcity negative pasal 1MDB ni. Perkara ni dah lama. Melibatkan wang berbillion ringgit External debt approcahing trillion. Nilai matawang lemah.

    Kos sara hidup meningkat.
    Menteri kabinet kayu kuat membohong.
    Cakap tak pakai akal.
    Cakap berbelit belit.

    Yes. Let's get it over with.
    We are all sick of this unexplained super mess the 13th government incompetence. They can't do jackshit.

    Is there any good reason keeping this present government ?
    The ministers and including the prime minister have not shown much ability to lead the country forward.

    Malaysia ni dah terlampuh taksub politik. Bala besar ni. Politik pun politik longkang. Bala lagi beaar.
    Nak biarkan jadi bala lagi lagi besar ?