Sunday 30 April 2017

Pas alone

The hottest political story at the moment is the ongoing Pas' annual general meeting in Alor Setar.

Everyone who are writing politics have been writing about it since the past weeks.

Everyone are saying Pas will break up with PKR and get out of the Selangor government.

They are going alone, so it was written.

Well, I don't think that will make much a difference.

It's not going to topple the state government.

I even dare to predict that Azmin Ali and gang will continue to rule Selangor after the next general election.

You all really think Noh Omar can lead Umno and BN to victory in Selangor? Seriously?

You think Pas going alone can win Selangor? Come on la.

Well, if Pas really want to get out of the Selangor government, they could had done so way back then when Pakatan Rakyat ended.

They don't need to wait until this AGM.

I guess they wanted to stay there till now as they need to earn a living.

The exco posts, city councillors, etc.

Since the general election is expected soon, it's only natural they want to get out now.

Those posts only last that much after all.

Can Pas survive on it's own?

The probable scenario is that they will face three-cornered fights with Umno and its splinter Amanah in most places.

I think the winner will be Umno because the opposition votes would be split in such a fight.

Tok Pa may even capture Kelantan for Umno.

And Umno may also likely retain power in the other outright Malay-majority states of Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah and Perlis.

Okay, Kedah may be more tricky because of the Dr Mahathir's factor. Maybe the votes may split equally three ways - Umno, Pas and Amanah+Pribumi Bersatu.

But still, I don't see Pas winning even in Kedah. I think it should be between BN led by Umno or Pakatan Harapan led by Mukhriz.

So, Pas may come out of the next general election without winning anything.

Not even Kelantan.

Well, somehow I don't think Pas people would mind that too much.

Their leaders kept saying these days that their struggle is to uplift Islam to greater heights and not actually to rule the country or even winning elections.

Something like a dakwah organisation, I guess.

By the way, Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang at the Pas AGM yesterday cautioned Muslims not to be split.

That's good.

Wish he had said that long ago.

In fact I think Pas should be dissolved and its members be made to join Umno.

Or at least it can be transformed into a dakwah organisation like Abim while its members do their politics in Umno.

That way there will be true unity of the Perpaduan Ummah variety.

That way also there will be no more people claiming they are more muslim than the others and use that argument to win votes in elections, especially in the kampung-kampung.

Well, that's just my suggestion, okay.

Anyway, I hope those injured at the Pas complex during the storm yesterday are okay and getting treatment in hospital.

Crazy weather these days, eh.

Okay, a bit of entertainment should do for a Sunday,

Of course the song is not for Pas people. It's too feeling feeling. Pas people are good tough Muslims and only listen to nasyid for entertainment :)



  1. PAS konpiden lebih.

  2. Tan Sri Noh telah dan sedang melaksanakan gerak kerja yang terbaik dan lebih berfokus. Inilah masa yang terbaik. InsyaAllah boleh berjaya.

    1. "You all really think Noh Omar can lead Umno and BN to victory in Selangor? Seriously?"

      Noh-Nok Omar is among the top five smelliest puki in Malaysian politics, sori la bro.

      And useless too.

      Even his bastard child Jamal Jamban got more akal than NohNok Omar.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Please don't be overly vulgar. Thank you.

    4. Noh omar lead umno and bn to victory in selangor? He can't even engage himself in a credible argument and neither is he a good opposition speaker.

    5. no omar = noh class


  3. Sikalang Wa tengok Bulayu manyak tatak pecaya sama UMNO lagi lea aa .

    Tapi lain party Bulayu tatak wang besar macam UMNO ,tatak kuasa macam UMNO . Atak kuasa ,atak wang besar bolih tarik menang punya .

    Apa bolih buat maa aa .

  4. May thunder strikes the Talibans and kill them all.

    1. The thunder-and-lightning Amanat Hadi Awang condemning all things UMNO (actually all things Mahathir)!!!
      What did Hadi say? Don't split up Muslims? Bloody hell! The Takfiri Chief of Malaysia split up my family members - his crackpot fatwas. Hahahaha, this religious cow must have swallowed 93 million RM dedak lately ...

  5. I beg to differ with you analysis Annie.Pas may not get enough seats im Selangor to form a state government but together with UMNO they can form a mixed government.

    Prof Kangkung

  6. Pas is a turd and just wasting space on earth. Pas declare themself as agent of god and but yet can't even help kelantanese when god send floods to the state. Kelantanese should see what god is trying to show them which is the talibans pas are just useless buggers. PAS should just jump off the bridge and meet their maker faster. Again god send another message in Kedah that show PAS cant even organize safe tent for their own people.

    1. That's why Tok Pa got chance.

      Orang Kelate also fed up of PisPasPus.

      Zero progress in Kelantan.

      At least TGNA was man of the people.

      Now PisPasPus leaders drive kereta mewah left right & centre.

      May as well call them "Umno HIJAU".

      Just as greedy and corrupt.

  7. I live in ampang jaya and I would vote zuraidah anytime of day. She better than the umno idiot we had before.

    1. Zuraidah the 'surrogate mother' of the Adam Boy

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      You pi sembah badak air gemuk Rosie and her porno-film making son.

      More matching your low class, kan?

    3. I want to vote for opposition
      It's a whole lot better than an organised UMNO syndicate
      Tell me why should I vote for UMNO

  8. PAS is nothing but an Islamofacist party which is anti non muslims.

    1. They are anti-Muslim too.

    2. Lots of pas leaders receive le dedak from najib, then najib poop suddenly turn like cake

  9. Bahrihsandae nasionaldae

  10. I just hope Najib loses in Pekan so that he will no longer be PM.

    He almost lost in 1999 GE, winning with a majority less than 500 votes.

    Hope God answers my prayer.

    1. The EC changed the boundary to use FELDA to increase his numbers.

      The pinklips has no shame.

    2. BN will win with bigger majority,insyaAllah

      Prof Kangkung

    3. LOL you should pray very very hard if BN is to win will all these infamies:-
      1. Escalating cost of living (Heil to Barang Naik)
      2. Gasak Sampai Tulang (GST)
      3. 1m Disappeared Billions (MYR50 billion++)
      4. Since 2013, MYR devalued 40-50% (MYR4.45 = USD1.00)
      5. Non achievement of vision 2020 (no high income nation)
      6. FGV shares nosedived
      List of BN infamies goes on & on...sigh

  11. When PRU14 result I'm going to LOL at the result. Big LOL.