Saturday 22 April 2017

A little rambling of a restless mind

Been a week since my last post.

Got some personal issues to settle, so no mood to write.

Anyway, what were there that really matter to write these days?

Some whacked Najib, others whacked Dr Mahathir, the rest are just the usual ding dong...more or less the same over and over.

Seriously, you all really want to read those ka?

Everything more or less the same, isn't it?

Okay, the recent Zairil-Dyana Sofea thing may be a bit exciting....but even if it's true, that's their business. Why should I or you all be so kepoh about it?

Anyway, all these alleged sex or semi-sex scandals are of no point, really.

They don't really have much impact.

Really. Some even have videos, yet still they prosper.

So, what's the point?

Maybe I'm just a bit jaded for now.

Maybe if my mood change for the better, I can write better.

See lah.

Now I'm resting somewhere on the east coast. Long weekend.

Drove here yesterday night.

Took this picture at the Temerloh R&R of the East Coast Highway,

It looks weird because the camera of my phone was foggy due to the car aircon.

Anyway, that R&R is a bit special to me. I managed to help get food and assistance for flood victims sheltered there during the big flood three years ago. One of those memories which made me happy.

Eh, enough lah of my rambling.

Here's a nice song you all can enjoy instead,

I used to sing this song to someone I love.

Have a good weekend guys.



  1. Ya lor ......apa pon cekap ,yang kaya manyak tetap kaya n lebih kaya maa aa ,itu miskin punya olang manyak lebih miskin n amnyak tambah miskin lea aa . Apa-apa pon tatak bolih ubah n macam sutak tatak bolih ubah lagi lor rr.

    Wa anyak ingat itu Bulayu selalu cekap , 'untung sabut timbul,untung batu memang tengelam' maa aa.

    Kalang-kalang Wa macam mau ingat itu macam juga maa aa "redha" , lea aa .

  2. Once in a while it is good to talk about something else.Tapi tgklah kjp lagi akan ada aja yg komen pasal politik.

    Prof Kangkung

  3. I agree with you Annie. Pasal Zairil dengan Dyana, dia punya pasal la nak buat apa pun. Depa ada kacau hidup orang lain ke? Depa ada kebas duit SRC ke? Hubungan intim diorang telah menyebabkan kerajaan terpaksa kutip cukai GST ke? Pasal hubungan depa ke menyebabkan subsidi barang-barang keperluan asas dimansuhkan?
    Samada mereka bersalah atau tidak, berdosa atau tidak, itu urusan peribadi mereka. It's purely non-issue. It's just personal. Between them and god.

    1. cuba guna hujjah ini kepada orang kampung yang pergi sembahyang di masjid/surau lima kali sehari. Tengok apa jawapan mereka?

      Prof kangkung

    2. Orang kampung tak baca the blog Life of Annie. Sebab tu dia pos hujah tu kat sini..

    3. I wouldn't give a damn if they are both single but Zairil is not. If indeed they are dating, it reflects on his (lack of) honesty & integrity towards his family.

    4. Otak Kangkung,

      Try and explain to orang kampung yang pergi sembahyang di masjid/surau lima kali sehari how the fat hippo went shopping with money stolen from pensioners.

      It is only the mentally retarded like you who don't know the difference between right and wrong.

    5. That's why it's always pays to have a big sums of investment in education instead of slashing them

      UMNO always plays on irrational and emotional sentiment of daif kampung malay local. It works for more than 6 decades. We should feel sad for them

  4. Prof Kangkong

    Mereka akan sentiasa berhujah mencari alasan untuk menghalalkan perbuatan yang haram.Mengguna lojik akal.

    1. "Mereka akan sentiasa berhujah mencari alasan untuk menghalalkan perbuatan yang haram."

      Take your fake piousness and shove it lah, kangkang:

      More details of startling revelations regarding Prime Minister Najib Razak’s multimillion ringgit spending on luxuries emerged yesterday.
      According to The Wall Street Journal, Najib spent a total of $15 million (RM58.8 million) on holidays, shopping and jewelry. The spending was done at stores not only in the country, but also in the United States, Italy and elsewhere.
      Malaysian investigation documents show that Najib’s credit card was charged $130,625 (RM512,194) at exclusive fashion store Chanel in Honolulu, Hawaii – two days before he teed off with US President Barack Obama on the Christmas Eve of 2014.
      That trip became a controversy as parts of Malaysia’s east coast were then hit by devastating floods and Najib had to reluctantly fly back to visit the affected areas.
      WSJ reported that a worker at a Chanel store in the upscale Ala Moana Center recalled that Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, shopped there just before Christmas.

      “The transaction in the Chanel store was paid for with a Visa card in Mr Najib’s name, according to the Malaysian investigation documents. At first the transaction didn’t go through and Mr Najib, who was present, had to call his bank to approve the charge, said one of the people aware of the shopping trip,” the report says.
      The documents show that the credit card was paid for with an account in Najib’s name, and that account had been credited with $9 million (RM35 million) a few months earlier.
      According to the documents, the money came from SRC International, the former unit of 1MDB that is now under the Finance Ministry, which is headed by Najib.
      “On the day Mr Najib played golf with Mr Obama, SRC International transferred a further $9 million to the account via 1MDB’s corporate social responsibility arm. The money arrived the day after Christmas,” the WSJ report states.
      According to WSJ, the documents also show Jakel Trading Bhd, a Malaysian luxury clothing retailer, as one of the most regular recipients of funds from Najib’s accounts.
      “Between 2011 and 2014, Mr Najib transferred over $14 million (RM55 million) to Jakel, according to the documents. The company specialises in traditional Malay formal wear, suits, wedding attire and home furnishings.” WSJ added that there was also a recorded expenditure on June 28, 2011, at Signature Exotic Cars, a car dealership in Kuala Lumpur, for $56,000 (RM220,000).
      “Mr Najib’s credit card also incurred charges of €750,000 (RM3.3 million) in August 2014 at an Italian branch of De Grisogono, a Swiss-owned jewelry store, again being financed from the same account as the expenses in Hawaii, according to bank-transfer information that forms part of the Malaysian government probe.
      “A person who works for De Grisogono confirmed Ms Rosmah, the prime minister’s wife, was a client of a branch of the jewellers in Porto Cervo, a tiny Sardinian resort. De Grisogono declined to comment.”

      Poorah lah dei.

    2. Waiting for Prof Kangkung response..

    3. OMG...Wall street journal...again! Nevermine... very nice script indeed.Anyway they should learn it from Rafizi on how to crack a joke!!! Even the orang kampong like me was also having a good laugh regarding on Kak Mah super duper diamond ring...but sad to say certain people really has a poor memory and they even dont know how to laugh when they suppose to!

      Village People

  5. And they probably knew it too that "blueprint" will remain as that, "blueprint". And, maybe, it'll be reused again come PRU15, and maybe even 16 depending how stupid Malaysians has "de-evolved".

  6. Annie. Sad song again. Dont look at the sad back. It makes us feel lousy. Tergelincir track kita dibuatnya. Freire kata, "Hopelessnes is but hope that has lost its bearing". Take good care Annie.

  7. 1901.
    According to...
    Those familiar with the case...
    From reliable sourcee...
    So on...

  8. Annie,

    You're right politics is boring.

    Too many prostitutes trying to car makan.

    Raja Pantat Kelentong in UK.

    Ancient ponytail & macai here.

    Melayu Genting haram crony.

    MCA datuk's pet.

    All care about next PMO cheque.

    Dah basi they all.


    -Malaysia ini bapak saya punya

  10. Really can't help it, Annie, to ramble endlessly and at the same time grumble about Prime Minister Najib's state of mind in running a kleptocratic Government he created.

    It is a kind of pleasure. It gives some sort of an attainment or rather a moment of mental masturbation and stimulation to chat about him.

    Najib is in a confused mode. He fears of his own shadow plus the shadow of his other half. That's heavy!

    Can you believe that he is now a Chief without Indians. Yet, this Chief who is an assumed commander in Chief is going into the mother of all battles. Could he be the blood-descendent of Chief Crazy Horse of Lakota, the Indian worrier? Many doubt it!

    Wouldn't that be a shame too, he be the Prime Minister in charge calls out loud for his cavalry to come charging but no one come to his command and rescue?

    It seems he has no choice but to rhetorically slogan out for wining the war. As someone remarks, "the empty can being shaken and begging for a second chance."

    The fact is, Najib has declared war against his fellow citizens. As a democratic leader he is being oblivious to individual freedom of choice. The individual and fundamental rights of the people guaranteed by the Constitution, the leader must solemnly upholds but Najib is not doing that.

    In other words, he is going mad and showing unfittingly to lead.

    From the tones of his outcries, his fear, anxiety and come his anger are running sky high. He is perceived no more a calm, cool and collected Prime Minister.

    It is a climax of his leadership, greediness and a double-dealing known leader in realization. He is no more a leader who could hardly manage his leadership after he was allegedly accused of being a dirty politician and kleptocrat.

    He has been pretending to portray himself that he is peoples' Chief but in reality he is not. More importantly, he don't have the honest desire or the will to carry and bring Malaysian forward to progress, a near to political stability, to economic prosperity, to racial harmony and toward societal peace.

    He is a dead minded leader. In other words, he is sickly aberrant Prime Minister. Many Malaysians think they be better off without him. Would peace and harmony prevail if he the Prime Minister again?

  11. yes....everyone knows they will promise the moon and the stars come election time....but the best part is, most Malaysian memory capacity only reach 8GB.....Sabah about 3 GB