Wednesday 5 April 2017

Democracy not for those with serf mentality

Things have quieten down a lot of late.

Not much politics.

Most of those written over the past days are repeats.

I think you all could notice that too.

The pro-establishment blogs and social media players are still as usual whacking opposition leaders, but they are mostly what I had read before.

Nothing new.

The anti-establishment ones seemed even more subdued.

Probably everyone has runs out of ammunition.

Maybe getting a bit tired of the whole nonsense too.

Just like me.


I'm struggling even to write just this much.

Come to think of it, how much can we actually whack one another.

There must be a limit to it, right?

In more matured democracies, they don't even need to whack one another.

Even if they do, it remains purely politics and not personal.

So unlike us here.

We go to great length to hurt each other over politics.

Cut off ties with each other just because of it.

Well, guess we are not there yet among the better democracies.

But we shouldn't blame ourselves too much over it.

After all, many of us still have the serf mentality.

Just like in ancient time when we were blindly loyal to our feudal lords.

This one is in the US and such. It's different in Malaysia.

It's the lack of education, I supposed.

We don't even know why we have to enslave ourselves to any certain leader.

Even if the so-called leader is clearly a rotten one.

It could also be that we are just following the crowd.

Can't even think for ourselves.

It's really comical, actually.

Well, never mind.

If that's how it's going to be, then let it be.

I prefer to let things go through its course.

Some people got all worked up over the nonsense, but I prefer to do my best and then let things turns naturally. I'm not very religious but I believe that the rest is up for Allah to decide.

Come polling day, I will decide whom I'm giving my votes to, based on whether my life is better or worse since the last election. If it's better, I will vote for the establishment, but if it's worse, I'll vote for the other side.

It's as simple as that.

For the meantime, I will try to do as much good as I can.

Lots of works to be done, okay.

Only fools have the time for too much politics.

Okay, some got paid to work on the too much politics, but for you all who were not paid, why bother la?

After all, the country is still not really in such a bad state.

It's not that we got starving people out there on the streets, right?

Well, I need to get up now and get ready for work.

See, I'm like most of you all too.

Need to work, earn a living, take care of the loved ones, etc etc.

Okay, ciao and cheers.


  1. "After all, the country is still not really in such a bad state.

    It's not that we got starving people out there in the streets, right?"

    We still have time.

    1. We're selling land... freehold some more. Just like in the old days.

  2. It appears that the smelly odious lump of fat also known as blobby has resurfaced...but with clearly less dedak this time..I Guess Karma visited her sooner than she expected.

  3. Rest of world joining oppo bandwagon, indonesia & singapore already started whacking kangkong MO1 & dumnos...

    1. Rest of the world are not voters.I am the voter and I will definitely will vote for UMNO/BN.InsyaAllah

      Prof Kangkung

    2. If god willing...will also vote for Umno/BN.All this oppo bru ha all about trying to be in power and in control.In this oppotoons case look like slowly but surely Dapigs are getting the upperhands among them! We are no dumdnos anyway anon @ 15.28! Never never look down on your enemy...Mahatma Ghandi rules of war...kih..kih..kin

    3. I vote Dr M + keadilan + dap + amanah, god save the country!!!

    4. mahatma ghandi my ass
      umno leaders rape the wealth of this nation
      and umno always look down and memperbodohkan rakyat all the time for decades
      dasar macai anjing
      kih kih kih? seriously?? you can go die fucktard

    5. Jus shut your bloody gap nd vote who u want...

      tak perlu advertise laaaa...

  4. in the end you only vote for umno government or opposition
    think about it
    if theres 15 million people who is unwilling to vote just because they are "tak minat dengan politik" and "benci politik" then what is the meaning we establish democracy in malaysia in the first place?
    such a wastage
    and i wonder if this type of wastage can be a political strategy itself
    who is benefiting from this wastage?
    who is benefiting from the mental retardation of the locals?

    1. Anon @ 16.16
      Do you really think all the Dapster are tak minat and benci politik! I think you ni sudah termakan racun yang di tabur olih Dapigs.Go get rawatan...from a specialist doctor please! Seriously...

    2. 'Come polling day, I will decide whom I'm giving my votes to,.......After all, the country is still not really in such a bad state.It's not that we got starving people out there on the streets, right?'..
      You have decided la since long ago. Rupa2 nya sama saja you and your blog captain and his gang. The only difference is they are paid and you are not, so you can still afford to potray neutrality laa konon.While they are showing the feelgood factor of life in Bangsar,and thats Malaysian life.You want to wait until people starve in the streets is it...Melayu ..Melayu..apa nak jadi tatau laa...

    3. shiok sendiri kat bangsar and pretending the world is a good place to live? baik tak payah. tak sedar sedar lagi
      shiok sendiri kat kedai mamak boleh tak?
      hari2 makan nasi lemak boleh?

  5. Let me be frank, democracy is jargon, man-made, an illusion and therefore as such democracy is as good as near dead in Malaysia.

    It was described when Najib dropped Ghani. He then immediately appointed Apandi the Attorney General. As what it was by definition, the sacking was a suspicious transact which was a direct contravention to the principle of democracy.

    From that time onwards, Najib has been holding the so-called democracy by the balls. In a situation where he has complete influenced over the newly appointed Attorney General, the Chief of Police, the Army Chief and the Chief Secretary.

    The so-called democracy turns kleptocracy by leadership.

  6. "Probably everyone has runs out of ammunition"


    "Maybe getting a bit tired of the whole nonsense too."


    "Come to think of it, how much can we actually whack one another."

    A lot.

    "There must be a limit to it, right?"


    "After all, many of us still have the serf mentality."

    Why do you think our education system from primary school to university is designed to keep us dumb?

    An intelligent thinking populace will NEVER allowed itself to be enslaved.

    "It's not that we got starving people out there on the streets, right?"

    Can grow own vegetables and keep chickens in your balcony for fresh meat and eggs. Senang je, no need to starve.

    If no balcony, kangkung is cheap and nutritious and someone told me I can buy chicken for RM1 somewhere.

    Friend of Totoro