Wednesday 26 April 2017

Rest in peace dear child

This is the sad story of the day,

Beaten tahfiz student dies

What had the boy done that his life ended that way?

Why did that teacher beat him up like that?

Why did his parents sent him to such a school?

He was just 11 years old.

Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi

So many questions and I have no real answers to them.

I was lost for words when I first started following this story last week and I still am when I heard that the boy had passed away this afternoon.

I always tried to avoid discussing religion because as I admitted in the past, I'm not a very religious person and have limited religious knowledge.

However, on this one, please excuse me for stating that I am very disappointed that this tragedy happened at a religious school and the teacher who beat up the boy most probably a supposedly religious man.

What actually happened?

Obviously something was wrong.

Religious or not, you are not supposed to beat up an 11 year-old kid.

Especially not to the point of causing the child to lose his limbs and eventually die.

Fine, I'm not going to pass judgement beyond that.

I would wait for the authorities to complete their investigation.

This is just me taking out this lump of sadness from my heart.

Deepest condolences for the boy's family.

Allah loves him more than anyone else, definitely.


  1. What a sweet boy Annie this one .... impossible to imagine he'd done something monstrous to be whacked like a beast!

  2. Annie,

    Outside the Stulang Freezone in JB there are many tomyam restaurants, owned and managed by southern Thais. Many cooks there were tahfiz Quran. Only god knows how many juz' can they still recite.

    It's good to be able to recite the entire Quran out of memory, to be able to recite the verses beautifully would certainly add khusyuk to solat. But I wonder why during Sayiddina Uthman ra 's time they were rushing to write down the entire Quran as a text, which according to Hadith one reason was because those that can memorise the entire Quran had but a handful passed away.

    So it seems that the Muslims at that time were not told nor required by the Holy Prophet saw to memorise the entire Quran. They would certainly had done so if there's such a requirement.

    Anyway the warden that had treated the boys like prison inmates must now possibly be facing a murder or manslaughter charge, and he must be asking why is he now incarcerated in detention facility.

    This is the so-called 'instant karma', or in simple Melayu Islam terminology: terus kasi cash.

    Wearing turban simpan janggut pakai jubah sapu minyak attar gosok kayu sugi pakai selipar gunting and beating boys with the purest (suci dan murni) niat so that the boys would memorise the Quran faster thus perkembangkan islam will not stop Allah SWT to let you taste your own medicine.

    To those self proclaimed muslims who thought that everything they do is lillahi ta'ala, read some books acquire some knowledge and think again before Allah would let you taste your own medicine too, just like the warden.

  3. It really depends on how one wants to look at it.

    According to some news reports, this boy was being noisy in the mosque.

    To some people, the boy would have had been showing disrespect to Islam and the worship of Allah.

    As his punishment has led to his death, it can be said that it is Allah's will that the boy dies from his punishment.

    We all know that our lives and our deaths are all because Allah wills so.

    The assistant warden was merely the vehicle thru which Allah's will was realised.

    Hence, to some people, the assistant warden is actually a good Muslim for defending Islam and the sanctity of the mosque.

    Therefore, to some people, the assistant warden is totally innocent.

    Of cos, to others... well... it doesn't really matter what others think because we know who runs the show in this country, don't we?

    Here's a hint - it ain't a political party/coalition.

    BTW, on another totally unrelated matter, please note that PAS wants your vote in PRU14.

    You know you can trust PAS - they are full of good Muslims :)

    Friend of Totoro

    1. Friend, our akidah states unequivocally that every soul must refer to his/her own moral discrimination (bestowed by The Creator) in relationships with fellow human beings. Don't blame it on divine takdir before/when you make a moral stand. That's what makes for heaven or hell for you. And Allah Almighty Lord Creator owns heaven, hell, and your soul as well.

  4. I agree with TS Zam... that Religious Pondoks, especially those haram ones, must be closed down.

    However... I'm very sad, hearing Najib giving out RM80 Million grant to Religious school. To me, it will only make the Malays more stupid, hence beneficial to UMNO-Najib's Kleptocracy.

  5. Najib, in spite of his tight schedule yesterday, spared a moment to convey his condolence to the family. Such a caring PM.

    1. In fact, few national leaders would go out of their way to express outrage at the abusive treatment of juveniles. It must be a morale booster for the poor and downtrodden! What an extravagant heart!

    2. Sandiwara of the highest order stemming from wanemdeebee guilty conscience kicking in ... a futile reclaiming of humanitarian values. Just let the DOJ investigate the pros and cons of this profligate abuser of children.

    3. At this point, nobody will believe najib humanitarian effort

      Sure he can help all he wants, he won't get any votes from me
      he has to be transparent on 1mdb mega embezzlement to get my votes

  6. He personally spoke to the father of the boy, OK?

    1. id say thats an insult. kid died, and he went to gain some political mileage ?

    2. But what if it was not a political stunt? What if Najib, a father himself, was just being a good leader?

    3. And sacrificing several hospital, school and having university funds slashed starkly

  7. The kid was beaten to a pulp then warded. Later we learned the kid's both legs had to be amputated but the infection then had spread to the arms. The hand later on needed to be amputated as well according to the doctor.

    If the kid was still alive, he would be living without both arms and legs. How on earth he gonna live his life in that condition?

    To assuage the sadness and anger erupted from the whole country, the operation of that particular school or the madrasah need to be suspended indefinetely. All the kids studying there must return home while the authorities with the like of Johor state government, MOE and Johor religious state authority conducting their thorough investigation. They need to get to the bottom of this.

    The focus should be on the hostel itself and all the wardens. What's going on overthere. What happened behind the scene after all this while. The report then presented to the cabinet to decide the next course of action.

  8. Little boy's dream was to be a hafiz, but the devil showed up.

  9. I lived in the area very near to a famous pondok in Kelantan.The pondok has more than 3000 students (my estimate).The students live in a very cramped hostel or at the makeshift pondoks surrounding the area (hence the term 'pondok')
    They live in a very unhygenic environment.As far as I know there is no minimum academic requirements to study in the pondok.The students are not given any certificate of upon finishing the 'syllybus' if there is any.
    The pondok attracts a bunch of people ranging from retired high ranking civil servants to the school bullies.
    Those young people who 'graduated' from this pondok will become social misfits.With no paper qualifications they cannot get decent jobs.At most they can aspire to be imam in kampungs.
    I really pity these young men whose life are being destroyed by their parents who are so ignorant about the reality of life
    I hope this boy's death will open eyes on the misguided behaviour of some parents who take an easy way out in the pursuit of the jannah.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. I got to agree with you on this one prof K.

      Short cut attitude.


    2. The blessed Prophet s.a.w. said:
      "Whomsoever does not respect our elders nor love our young ones is not one of us (people of faith)."

    3. This is the first time I agree with you Prof. K.
      Than You Very Much.


    4. Like the others, for once I agree with you, Prof Kangkung.

      It is with great sadness that I follow the tragic story of this boy.

      Do you notice that tahfizs and madrasahs are sprouting up everywhere?

      And their students are made up predominantly of one race - Malay-Muslim.

      Though a few of these madrasahs do offer secular subjects with the relevant recognised certification that comes with them, the rest just offer religious studies and nothing else.

      With their religious education and qualification, one wonders what the future holds for them and the nation as a whole.

      Are we going to see the Malays/Muslims of the future are fit only to be ustazs and imams and penceramah agama, while professions like doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers,and yes, professors too, are filled by the non-Malays?

      I have nothing against these madrasahs and tahfizs, but I think they are over-doing things a bit.

      Nor do I have anything against the Malays or non-Malays, no matter what their religious or political inclinations are.

      It is time that these religious institutions be closely monitored by the relevant authorities so that no untoward incidents may ever occur again.


  10. Lalam ini Malaysia maa aa , mesti atak laku itu hat lulu ,balu kelejaan atak idea apa mau buat maa aa .

    Lulu itu lapan olang basikal budak mati, sudah kasi langar atak macam-macam cadangan tapi sampai sikalang apa pon tatak tau maa aa .

    Bila atak hat semua olang manyak cakap ,kasi tunjuk helo maa aa . yang sampai masa pegi sutak tata ada maa aa .

    Mungkin itu adik punya nasip maa aa ,mungkin tatak sama lain olang maa aa ,itu mati lalam lokap pon atak olang mau kasi bela lea aa.

  11. The boy's parents fore sure, will get a free ticket
    to heaven since he died due to the true cause. So
    Malaysia, no need to cry for them. They REDHO.


    1. Hai yaa itu macam kaa !.

    2. They used the word redha too much

      I might be being silly but I fear this culture of redha might stunted their intelligence and making corrupt practice thrive and thus affected the economy

      This word cannot be abused anymore

  12. Problem started when one section of man/human believed that they were god 'representatives' on earth.
    Like other business, the religion (all religion) being monopolised by these so called clergy/scholars.
    That their 'interpretation' is the 'truth' and their words is god word.

    As we have a bloody weak/corrupt/government (which capitalised on everything that can turn favour to them- of course not to rocky ahiruddin atan)..madrassa school were carelessly open here and there without supervision and guidelines.

    Madrassa/tamil/chinese school ..close them all. One school for all with english and bahasa melayu.

    The core to be muslim is to understand the message in Quran and apply it on daily life therefore there should be only Pengajian Quran as one the subject in the government school which non muslim can attend it by consent of their respective parents.
    The nons have rights to learn tamil urdu Cantonese mandarin etc at the same time

    To Almarhum Adik Thaqif, may Allah grant you peace with eternal solace
    To the the people who directly and indirectly cause pain and sorrow to Adik Thaqif, may you live with guilt until your last breath.

  13. Maybe these tahfiz schools are in truth pulsar serenti's.

  14. Innalillahi wainna ilayhi raji'un. Allahumaghfirlahu warhamhu wa 'afihi wa'fu 'anhu.

    Thank you Annie for sharing the calming recitation.

    The pain only the Adik itu yang tahu maknanya. I may sound irrational and harsh. But everyone is responsible for this cruelty to the young and helpless. That includes me. We dont have time to jalan-jalan and kawan the children and the youth. Talking to them. Chatting with them. Befriending them. Asking them their concerns. Together thinking with them how we may resolve their concern. Talking to them about the meaning or makna of things. Things that concern them.

    Our nation is sleeping. We think we are okay. This is not the first incidence. And won't be the last. If we still believe that we are alright.

    Stay good Annie.


  15. Anyway, the parents have forgiven the school for the death of their son. Malam Jumaat, bikini anak satu lagi.