Tuesday 25 April 2017

Facts don't win hearts

A pro-Najib friend asked for my opinion on this news,

1MDB and IPIC agree on arbitration settlement

Told him that I have no opinion on it.

Honestly, I never truly understand the 1MDB issue due to its complexities.

That's why I don't really write about it.

My friend on the other hand was happy with the news.

He said it settled the issue.

I didn't say anything or asked for him to explain why that was so.

I suspect that he doesn't really understand the issue too and was only saying he's happy because others who support Najib kept saying that.

The same goes with most others from the other side who whacked Najib over the issue.

They just believe and follow what others were saying without really understanding it.

Many claimed that they understand it, but I believe that's because of pride more than anything else.

Well, never mind.

That has always been the case with most of us when it comes to politics.

Facts doesn't really matter because most of the time people formed their opinion based on sentiments.

No matter how accurate your facts were, if people don't like your face, they will not believe you.

That's why if you want to present your facts, you better make your audience like you first.

If you are arrogant because you said you have all your facts right, they will just give you their middle fingers.

Man with facts : "Hey you all stupid people, see, my facts are all in order. You all better listen to me."

Angry people without facts : "Fuck off you arrogant bastard. Shove your facts up your ass. We don't give a shit. We just hate you all pompous mother fuckers."

Something like that.

This was exactly what happened before the last general election.

The "Asal Bukan Umno" campaign was a sample of how the public was urged to hate without thinking too much.

Once people hate Umno, they don't care what facts were presented before them.

It's simple and effective.

The hate was built on sentiments.

And the sentiments were built on emotive issues such as the death of Teoh Beng Hock back then.

The opposition parties played up the issue to the maximum and it became a major contributing factor which caused the Chinese tsunami of 2013.

People were angry.

And angry people don't really give a shit about facts.

I think the game play will still be the same for the next general election.

It will all depend on how both sides play on the sentiments.

It's not going to be based on facts.

The big question is - are the people angry enough to a point where they don't care what will happen after the election?

The opposition would like to hope so, I guess.

They want the people to be angry enough with BN to a point where they forgot that the opposition were themselves in a bad mess.

BN, on the other hand, really should not irritate the people some more.

Too much of that already.

For instance, I think if Umno have something good to announce, they better find someone else other than Ku Nan to do it.

Sorry, but just looking at his face irritates me.

See, that's sentiment.

I don't have the facts on why Ku Nan's face irritates me....but it just does.

Find someone more handsome to make such announcements, boleh tak?

Otherwise I would not be bothered to listen, okay.

So, having facts alone is not good enough.

You need to be good looking or at least charming too.

If got good clean heart, better still.

That's at least as far as I'm concerned lah :)


  1. It is quite true that facts don't win hearts.

    The fact is, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister of Malaysia is Najib. He convincingly turns himself into a political embezzler or rather a kleptocrat and prevaricator.

    That is why majority of Malaysians whose sentiments are closed to their hearts don't like his face. The sentiment came after the facts.

    An amount of more than 2.6 billions were deposited in his personal account while he is in his good-office, that is a fact.

    Further, the fact is, the Minister of Finance takes over to pay off a total amount of more than 26 billions on behalf of the financial scandals of 1MDB to IPIC

    The well informed and the masses on the whole are not going to tolerate thus don't like his face because of the contamination he did, as well as the "bail out".

    In fact is, this kleptomaniac is currently on trial in the "People Court" through the social medias.

    The cross-examination is about the evidence, the billions of the stolen money. The majority is questioning Najib who became the King of Cash from people's money.

    Soon the verdict will be submitted for judgment during the coming general election. Hope democracy prevails and wins the hearts.

  2. Regardless how you don't like or hate people who stresses on facts, the fact still remain as the fundamental of any point.

    1MDB recorded RM51 billion in assets. Obviously the transactions are enormous, considering the paid up capital eas then only RM1 million.

    That is far too many information and lengthy in technicality, to explain line-by-line. The last statutory Annual Report submitted is 131 pages long.

    Some people really can explain the details (if you are willing to listen!). perhaps it takes one three whole days continuously to decypher the whole nine yards.

    Of course, in simplifying points for persons like you who are not bothered with facts, it would be slightly different than the entire interpretation together with the mechanics of sophisticated commercial papers issued and technical information.

    In 13GE UMNO won 88 Parliamentary seats. That is almost two and half times more than DAP, the nearest party contender in Dewan Rakyat.

    No matter how you hate Ku Nan looks, another important fact is that he won in a general election and became MP of Putrajaya.

    Husam, the better looking and charming one, lost to Ku Nan.

    How do you measure "Good cleart heart"? Is there any matrix for that?

    I can recall quite an astute political analyst and writer who used to have a column in NST and later ran an online newsportal, who over and over repeated this; "When you have all the facts, opinion no longer matters".

    Perhaps you can quietly sought him out and get his wisdom on facts over opinion.

    1. Hmmm...no wonder NST's circulation like that.

    2. He left NST sometime back.

      However, it is interesting to note that this person no longer practice what he used to preach. Eg. His current employer is someone who is grossly in contradiction with himself. On a few points. many times over flip-flopping.

      Perhaps it is easy-peasy to un-racist a nemesis of half a century, for political expediency and poor Machavellianism.

      This is actually one of the more recent fact, if you like.

    3. IMHO facts do matter.Rational people wil shape their opinion based on the facts.For example,if I graduated from an Ivy League university people who know the fact will think that I am a very smart guy.Nobody can deny that.
      The problem with many of us especially among the least educated they are not able to differentiate between facts and fiction.
      It work against both sides of the political divide when peeople are confused.
      May I ask a very simple questions.For those 52 percent of the voters who voted for Pakatan Rakyat in 2013,what do they get?
      Satisfaction?better standard of living?better leaders?
      As the Malay saying says ' tepuk dada tanya selera'

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Prof Kangkung,

      Malaysia democracy is based on the Westminster-styled constitutional monarchy, in the practice of 'First-Past-Post' system.

      It is the leader of the biggest number of seats won in Lower House of Parliament who gets invited by His Majesty to form a government.

      Nothing to do with number of popular votes obtained.

      In 2015, Conservative Leader David Cameron won 331 seats in the House of Commons with only 36.8% votes.

      That is 11% more than what BN got in 2015.

      Those 52% who did not vote BN in 13GE should consider that better stick with the winner, despite they low score.

      That is the way of the world.

  3. The fact is clear cut, Annie.

    April 25, 2017

    Malaysia’s 1MDB, Abu Dhabi State Investment Fund Reach Repayment Agreement—Passing the Buck to Malaysian Taxpayers with more to come

    Malaysian state investment fund to pay $1.2 billion to settle part of its dispute with Abu Dhabi sovereign fund

    by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright

    1. What about the so-called Forex losses?any explanation on that?

      Prof Kangkung

    2. To me... the brouhaha on 1990s Forex loss is just to paint a picture that Dr.M was a bigger crook than Najib.
      Nonetheless, Najib's minions must tread carefully or it might back-fire on their boss.

      The reasons are very simple.

      1. Rakyat knew that Dr.M as PM, had never appointed himself as Finance Minister from the start. In his 22 years reign, he temporarily held Rakyat's treasure- chest, only twice... i.e after he fired Anwar Ibrahim and... when Daim Zainuddin resigned.

      2. Unlike 1MDB, Dr.M didn't set-up weird company without discussion with his Cabinet... to engage in Forex.

      3. Dr.M didn't have a habit of soliciting dubious middlemen, such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low in government businesses.

      4. Nobody in UMNO, Judiciary, Legislative (including MACC) or PAC members... was expelled, being retired, transferred or promoted... in the aftermath of Forex loss or BMF scandal. No report was OSAed too.


    3. Olang cekap eaa aa , 'sekali air bah 'sekali pantai belubah ' maa aa .

      Wa ingat pon itu macam baru atak betut ,kalau banjir sutak lepas [sutak ubah] balau bolih nampak lia punya kesan maa aa.

      Sikalang celita tatak guna maa aa ,semua solok bawah lea aa . Kasi UBAH lulu ,banjir lepas balu bolih tau maa aa .

      Sikalang apa macam mau tau ,itu air manyak tinggi lagi lea aa ?.

  4. Right Annie,

    You hit the nail on the head more or less.

    "Facts doesn't really matter because most of the time people formed their opinion based on sentiments.

    No matter how accurate your facts were, if people don't like your face, they will not believe you.

    That's why if you want to present your facts, you better make your audience like you first.

    If you are arrogant because you said you have all your facts right, they will just give you their middle fingers.

    Man with facts : "Hey you all stupid people, see, my facts are all in order. You all better listen to me."

    Angry people without facts : "Fuck off you arrogant bastard. Shove your facts up your ass. We don't give a shit. We just hate you all pompous mother fuckers."

    Like you, I do not really understand the issue with 1MDB to be able to come to an independent opinion on the matter, even though the circumstances look suspicious or unusual.

    Likewise, the RM2.6 billion being paid into Najib's personal account looks suspicious. Najib said it's a donation by a Saudi Arabian, which many doubt but there is no way to prove in a court of law that any crime has been committed.

    1MDB and RM2.6 billion-related matters have been under investigation by Switzerland, Singapore and U.S. legal authorities and some heads have rolled, whilst others are under prosecution but none of them has named Najib in person of any criminal involvement, well at least not yet but until they do, there is no case against Najib.

    However, in the "Court of Coffee Shop, Teh Tarik, Facebook and WhatsApp Group Politicians", Najib is either guilty or innocent depending upon one's leanings.

    Malaysian politics right now is a reality soap opera, providing entertainment especially for the bored urban middle class who being relatively comfortably well off compared to their rural and working class cousins; have plenty of times on their hands to debate and discuss this reality soap opera ad infinitum, whilst their rural and working class cousins are concerned with the rising cost of living and with having to struggle to survive, put food on their table and a roof over their heads.

    I have had enough of teh tarik and WhatsApp sessions where people talk about this ad infinitum. Let one of the investigations make an accusation or lay a charge on Najib by name, then we can talk.

  5. Annie,

    "My friend on the other hand was happy with the news.

    He said it settled the issue."

    I agree with your friend that the agreement in London settles the issue with IPIC - the Abu Dhabi IPIC, of cos, not the BVI IPIC.

    The facts here are very simple.

    1MBD paid USD$3.5billion to IPIC (BVI).

    IPIC (Abu Dhabi) says IPIC (BVI) has nothing to do with them and that 1MDB still owes USD $3.5billion.

    So, now 1MBD has agreed to pay IPIC (Abu Dhabi) USD$3.5billion plus interest and costs.

    So the matter is now settled with IPIC (Abu Dhabi) and they all lived happily ever after.

    Except for one small tiny detail - what about the USD$3.5billion paid to IPIC (BVI)?

    Oh, so sorry, how silly of me, we were just discussing settling with IPIC (Abu Dhabi).

    So, let me repeat - EVERYTHING IS NOW OK.



    BTW, can someone give me change for a RM3 note? Just give me RM1 and you can make RM2 clear profit.

    Friend of Totoro

  6. yohhhhhhhh.. what facts nd opinion bznezzz...?

    Just OSA all kaotim laaaa...

  7. Dalam banyak2 blogger/facebooker pro-najib, spt your so called your blogging kapten rocky, lss, azmi arshad, abitw, ko "annie" yg paling licik. Masuk jarum. Take a bow "cik puan".

  8. What do Jabba the Hutt, Jibgor Mappadulung and Piggy Jholow know about growing up wholesome? They only add madness to a stricken world ...


  9. Rembautimes.com26 April 2017 at 12:53

    The facts about what happened to the money paid into Aabar BVI are clearly laid out in the DOJ complaint. some but now much went to MO1 some to Red Granite some to buy property for Jho and some to the Aabar conspirators.
    The DOJ report is great case material on money laundering. Good info for Compliance ppl wkg in banks

    1. Yes, management of both 1MDB and IPIC (Abu Dhabi) have already told us that Aabar (BVI) is a fake company which swallowed US$3.5billion.

      But we have been successful in negotiating a settlement with IPIC (Abu Dhabi).

      You see we are now paying them another lot of USD$6.5billion in costs and interest to make up for "accidentally" transfering the original USD $3.5billion into a fake account.

      So, kita menang lah! Problem solved with IPIC (Abu Dhabi).

      As for the original USD $3.5billion "accidentally" transferred to the fake Aabar (BVI), do you mind if we discuss that another time? Like in 30th February, 3018? I am rather busy right now.

      Friend of Totoro

  10. So 1m disappeared billions (USD3.5 billion) to WHO??? A righteous govt will surely investigate & indict those thieves responsible for this 1mdb disappeared billions right!!!