Wednesday 30 November 2016

Old Umno friends and an old makcik

I was at the PWTC the whole day yesterday.

Took this picture when I arrived,

The place looked nice. They probably hired an interior designer to make the place like that.

I remember back then when they just put a carpet at that very place so that the makcik-makcik Umno can sit there and watch the debates and speeches on a big screen.

Nothing much happened yesterday except in the evening when Umno's number two DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi opened the party wings' assemblies.

I think his speech is all over the place by now.

I spent most of the time there yesterday meeting old Umno friends.

Among others were that aide of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin and a guy from Zahid's office.

Very nice guys.

It was fun meeting them again.

As usual I have a hearty debate with the Khaled's aide about the current situation in Johor but it was all in good spirit.

He's a good aide as he defended Khaled against my complaints very well.

The Zahid's guy was equally nice.

It's good to note that he sounds very confident of his boss' abilities.

Late in the afternoon, I bumped into a really good friend whom I have not met for quite a long time.

He is a successful businessman whom I first met when I just moved to Johor many years ago.

He was at PWTC to also meet old Umno friends.

The relatively young man is a staunch Umno supporter and one of his habits is to spend money helping the party.

During elections, he will buy a huge number of BN flags and posters for campaign purposes.

Sometimes he even put them up himself along with his workers.

He is a genuine case of an Umno man who truly loves the party for what it stands for.

When Khaled and gang took over Kota Iskandar after the last general election, the guy took into his company several of TS Abdul Ghani Othman's people who lost their job due to the departure of their boss.

He did so because he knew that Ghani's people are good and were sincere in their work for Johor and Umno all those years when their boss was the MB.

Too bad that Khaled don't see it that way and unceremoniously got rid of them.

It's one of Umno people's ways that I most dislike. Genuine talents, sincerity and honesty are under appreciated.

Well, never mind.

My friend and me mostly talked about the good old days when Ghani was still our MB.

Those were satisfying days of clear conscience despite the hard and challenging works.

We were later joined at the outdoor cafe where we were sitting for a cup of tea by another old friend from Johor.

The other guy, who works for a government agency was more relaxed.

He was quite confident that Umno will prevails.

He gave three reasons,

1. The opposition parties are in disarray.

2. The Malays are still mostly scared of the DAP Chinese taking over the country.

3. Umno has the resources to win the elections.

Quite reasonable argument.

Just before we were about to call it a day about 9.30pm, an old makcik approached us and asked whether we would like to buy a meal set from her.

I had noticed the old lady  going around the PWTC area the whole day selling the meal sets.

"Makcik dari Subang," she said when I asked where she came from.

"Macam mana jualan hari ni  makcik?" I asked as I noticed a worried look on her face.

"Tak berapa baik la Dik (adik). Masih banyak lagi yang tak terjual," she said.

"Baru hari pertama agaknya. Sebab tu tak ramai orang lagi. Besok mungkin baru ramai orang," I said, trying to comfort her.

"Tak la Dik. Makcik tiap-tiap tahun jual nasi kat sini masa ni. Tahun lepas hari pertama baru pukul lima makcik dah habis jual semua 300 bungkus. Masa tu hari pertama pun dah ramai orang bersidai (hung around) kat sini. Dia orang la yang beli dari makcik. Kali ni kurang sangat," she said.

I ended up buying two packs of the meal sets from the makcik.

She was selling each pack for RM6. I paid her RM20 and told her to keep the change. I think you all will do the same if you saw the worried look on her face.

I hope more of the Umno people who will be at the PWTC in the coming days will buy the meal sets from the makcik.

I may drop by there again today as there are still friends who want to meet me again.

Well, hope you all have a good day.


  1. like i said, if u have good conscience, u wouldnt be anyway near umno.

    there are no two way about it. it is not about the so called party vision anymore. now umno is all about protecting najib and co.

    is being loyal is all there is to it? where is ur moral compass? and u r mostly muslim ! I think Tun truly loved umno. perhaps more than any of u "loyalist" could have. and yet he left.

    if u still stays that means u r ok with the thievery. well lets not mentioned that most umno people are muslim. are ur iman just for show ?

    i remember having to have to go to pwtc not so long ago, remember seeing that guy face and feel like throwing up. i remember looking at umno some kind of gift shop and having same feeling of wanting to throw up again.

    id advise the makcik to start selling elsewhere. hardship is all upon us. it is not a great country anymore. Malaysia has fallen.

    1. annie i hope its clear. the above not meant for u but for umno people especially those mentioned in ur entry above. i dont know why i write it tht way though..

      i know u r no umno member.

    2. Either you are with us or against us, is it? Sorry, I don't believe in that.

    3. annie, I read 11:53 comment as general, and not directed at anyone.

      Also agree that....'it is not about the so called party vision anymore. now umno is all about protecting najib and co.'

      Its true.

      The principle is all self-enrichment. But why not? Even the janggut sial fella has his fingers in so many kontrak & 'rezeki'. But look at him, he is not a genius. He has not worked for it. Everything is bodek & kabel, bodek & kabel, bodek & kabel, and "LOYALTY" to the cash king. If the money is stolen from rakyat, takpe lah.

      Umno today = Skim Cepat Kaya

    4. sorry annie, then we agree to disagree.

      ultimately people are gonna have to ask themselves is it ok that the pm and the kleptocracy gov run malaysia? if that is wht u would called choosing side, then i guess i am.

      its just tht simple. when things are wrong, its wrong. u cant simply be somewhere in the grey area and and declare u r not on either side.

      u dont even have to choose side. I myself aint siding any party. but at least we can admit the overwhelming evidences against him.

      so my questions to the umno member including those who are "loyal" who also declare themselves as muslims, are u really just gonna support the party with all the blatant crimes committed by najib and co? how many people has to suffer because of ur ignorance ? is this the islamic value that u intend to show to others. that muslims arent capable of doing the right thing?

      and please dont fall into the - najib becoming more islamic game. not so long ago he was quite the liberal. for this u can just refer to much2 earlier posting of dinturtle.


    5. 12 Ringgit punya halaga bayar 20 Ringgit ,sangat manynyak baik hati lor,rr .

      Kalau kelajaan manyak baik hati ,itu macam ,kita lakyat mesti tatak susah maa aa .

    6. "......and please dont fall into the - najib becoming more islamic game."

      There is nothing Islamic about this liar and thief.

      Here he is ON VIDEO lying about his 'donation' last year:

      “If I wanted to steal, surely I wouldn’t steal the money and bring it into an account in Malaysia. That is, if I wanted to be a robber".

      Betul ke, bro?

      Six weeks later you were on TV3 explaining why your Ambank account IN MALAYSIA got the money (and telling even more lies.)

      If there's anything worse than a thief, it's an incompetent thief.


    7. And in that video he's threatening "legal action" on WSJ.

      Ada ke?


    8. 11:53

      I argue if you have any conscience left then you would not go near to an assembly of any political party. They are all the same. Their priority is to serve themselves first, thier families and cronies come 2nd and 3rd. Insted you go to an assembly of a royalthy like the down-to-earth Bangsa Johor dynasty. Immediately you would feel at home!

    9. najib is definitely not good at talking or explaining....however i dont think he has done anything to jeorpadize the country and our people. what ever mistakes made he will try to rectify them and thats what makes him a great leader. people say he is guilty of whatever but at the same time you have to ask urself why if he is guilty why was there any prosecution? does he look scared? because his conscience are clear. then you will say ohhhh....he is powerful n control everything.....but if he is that powerful he would have done worse to lots of people....he could just have tun n gang be arrested or get police to arrest all of bersih people....but as it is they are free to do anything. the umno members defend najib because they believe in him. as for the non believers....u have just been fed with lots of lies....remember anwar and all those witnesses and evidences....either you got them or for is all hearsay from the same source....tun n gang.

    10. anons.

      sorry. im disappointed with our sultans at the moment regarding this issue. i dont think they do anything much to resonate the people.

      if najib is so powerful why dont he do this and that?

      dont u see tht no pm has ever cross the line like him? i have to go at length to explain to one visiting prof that this, wht he sees now in msia is also new to us msian and it is not usual.

      all witness and evidences are lie? so why change the AG? what about the charge paper drafted by the kevin ? wht about firing the ex dpm ? changing the pac chairman so suddenly ? wht about sprm ? the sembahyang hajat ?

      u got 1 thing right though that the police is right under his tumb. and so away my respect to the police as well. i used to defend them when anwar people call them anjing, but now well...

      im not sure im being fed up by lies at all. rather id like to say the same thing to u.

      i guess everything is hearsay if the judiciary system is tempered with.I cant trust anything here, so let see if everything is hearsay in america, in singapore, and sweeden?

  2. "PARTI KERAMAT"......

    a) The President is the 4th worst klepocrat in world history, ranked by amount of public funds stolen

    b) The Wanita head converted cows into condos and was only saved because her case was suddenly dropped by the same corrupt A-G who illegally cleared (a)

    c) The Puteri head received personal cheque of RM500k from (a)'s Ambank 'donation' account (as did Mat Maslan & Shahrir Samad)

    d) The Pemuda head is the 4th floor boy who spent Pak Lah's term enriching his cronies, and who was charged with money politics in 2009

    e) The "deputy president" (acting) is a notorious kaki pukul who almost killed a man (although with the help of 3 others, in classic Umno coward style):

    "PARTI KERAMAT"……ha ha ha!

    1. 12:05,

      Your lack of patriotism is most unseemly. Indeed with further kickbacks from ECRL, it is quite possible that the umno president can climb to No.3 and hence win Bronze Medal in the next Klepetolympics. Please sokong 100%.

    2. If 12:05 does a proper list then almost all the top leaders are as bad.

      Rotten to the core.

      Not the Umno of before at all.

    3. Keramat biasa benda dh mati mmg btl la umno parti dh nk mati, apa jd dgn usul2 dr cawangan umno dr kedah dn johor, bila caw lulus usul minta najib berundur, sepatutnya di peringkat bahagian hendak bahas usul ni tp bahagian main wayang konon usul diterima dn diangkat ke pusat tp bila tiba pau tkde usul tu di bahas disapu bwh karpet oleh najib n gangnya ku nan, jd apa status ahli umno kalau setakat boleh bersuara di peringkat caw je, jd skrg ahli umno ada la lbh teruk dr pariah

  3. For a change Annie, you should also attend similar function but organised by DAP. Immediately you will see the difference. Here the delegates are taliking real stuffs like winning the election, wooing, asking and begging the SJKC community to support their cause. ' We are an inch away from ruling' - screamed their leaders in reminiscence of the great Chairman Mao. So convinced that many from various parts of the globe returned home temporarily to vote. No time for meal sets of other trivial matters like the ones you notice at UMNO's gathering. The next AGM of DAP is no different. Be there!

    1. I attended quite a number of opposition parties' general assemblies in the past. DAP ones too.

    2. 12:59

      As is usual in your case, you are completely mistaken. For sheer entertainment value, nothing beats a Bugis pondan with his over-dramatic "sajak maki hamun" delivery style in which he refers to people as haram jadah and bangang:

      Also, this PAU will be notable as the Bugis pondan will be trying very hard to be Islamic, even though lying and theft (which he specialises in) are both completely forbidden in Islam. Although a SJKC graduate such as yourself may not be able to read the original, never fear:

      By exposing yourself to Quranic teachings, you will avoid doing wrong things such as making RM4 billion of KWAP money disappear into your pocket, and making Mongolian women disappear into tiny little pieces.

      Harap maklum.

    3. 14:12

      For an upteempth time - be a real man by naming an individual who you referred to as the 'Bugis Pondan'. Stop behaving like a pondan by hiding and abusing someone else anonymous.

    4. Annie 13:39,

      Its good to know that you also attend DAP assembly. I am sure you will find the contents and settings are poles apart then what you hear and see at PWTC. Most notably you will find MCA and Gerakan members are more at home than they are at PWTC.


    5. 15:22,

      Your lacklustre SJKC education has left you unable to read, clearly. Here is the person in question, in action:

      The person in question is Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, a.k.a "MO1". He is the husband of the current PM, and also a part of the conspiracy with your fellow SJKC product, Jho Low, to defraud the Malaysian rakyat of billions of ringgit.

      It is high time you Chinese stopped collaborating with these people to defraud the Malays. While I do not fully understand your culture, I note that your "see fu" Confucius once said:

      "If either wealth or poverty are come by honestly, there is no shame."

      Hence, please stop registering fake companies in the Caymans and Seychelles.

      It is a bad habit.

      Harap maklum.

      PS: The word is "umpteenth". I suggest you sue your SJKC for doing such a bad job.

    6. 17:07

      Very good but still too pondan. Common. Be man enougn by printing your name instead of hiding behind the anonymous which is not even yours.

    7. if najib had stolen billions he would have been on the top 10 richest man in malaysia....but i dont even see his name in top 100. when you call someone a kleptocrat but no proof except hearsay....what does that make you?.... prepared to get a calling.

    8. did the dap reps asked lge why he is still the cm for penang?
      why they are so hypocrite when it is their own. waiting trial some more.....ish ish...malu laaaaaa

    9. 21:30,

      The name that I use, inspired by the biru behind the dacing, has the double effect. It lowers my IQ into your apelike range, and also kills most grammatical skills. Indeed, the dacing biru is the best antidote for intelligence ever created. If it is stupid enough for you, it is stupid enough for me.

      PS: The word is "C'mon". Again, I suggest you sue your SJKC for doing such a bad job.

    10. 13:30

      In contrary the name is inspired by selfish hypocrites. If you are so trustworthy then you would have accepted my challenge by printing not only your name but also your address. But of course you would not dare. You prefer to hide behind the anonymous rather than be accountable. Why afraid if you are telling the truth?

  4. Annie,

    //She was selling each pack for RM6. I paid her RM20 and told her too keep the change.//

    You are too good a person, you know. You really are.

    As a sucker for a sob story, you find that you just gotta help them.

    I salute you for your good kind heart and I hope that you will always find any and all the happiness you seek.


  5. Melayu rasa marahke bila Melayu sapu wang.

    1. Tu la masalah, kan. Tak kan Najib tak rasa malu dengan menipu diluar sana ya didalam negara dia boleh tipu banyak orang melayu kampong..tapi diluar sana tak akan tak rasa malu bila lihat beberapa negara membicarkan dan menyiasat kes bersabit 1MDB..kalau macam ini bermakna betul la kata orang malaysia negara malang mempunyai pemimpin utama yang tak tau malu dan tiada maruah diri...

    2. UMNO harus tukar nama ke UMSO

      U = UNITED
      M - MALAY
      S - SAMSENG

      DEDAK Ah Jib Gor boleh buat pemakannya jadi SAMSENG.....

    3. Or.....

      M - MESTI
      S - SONGLAP


    4. why so stupid ?
      u tak malu ke yg u n bodoh?
      malu lah kat malaysia ada org bodoh mcm u ni.

  6. Annie,

    There are less party goers nowadays. With the same thumping song.

    Everything is nice only. But there are saying that being nice rather than being wise. Im not sure how it is.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the update.

    The "insaf" party goers. :)

  7. "It's one of Umno people's ways that I most dislike. Genuine talents, sincerity and honesty are under appreciated."

    We ought to be very careful about our subtle Riya' or tendency to Show off

    And on Ikhlas or Sincerity


  8. KJ opened Youth Wing.

    Cow-Mama opened Wanita Wing.

    Fat Soh opened chicken wing......and ate it.

    1. "Fat Soh opened chicken wing......and ate it." LOLOL

    2. Anonymous @ 30 November 2016 at 17:52,

      //Fat Soh opened chicken wing......and ate it.//

      And after eating the wing, she ate the rest of the chicken.

      Then there is the char siu pau.

      Aaahh, so little time, so much to eat.


  9. Opposition should not be bothered with GE14.
    Let UMNO win, which will push the country even further down the drain.
    Melayu miskin dulu, says OSTB.

    2022/2023 the country will be like Venezuela.

    I would load up on USD. By then it should be RM7 to a dollar.


  10. " He was quite confident that Umno will prevail.
    He gave three reasons .."

    4. The government already pouring $'00s billions for the 3+ billion Dayaks, Kadazan DMs and Bajaus in East Malaysia
    ( 25% of all seats)
    in case the seats in the peninsula are split

    So there betul(?) even if I don't agree on the reasons

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


    1. Erratum :
      ( not bil)
      millions Dayaks, Kadazan DMs and Bajaus

      M Zin/ A Gajah

  11. UMNO will prevail InsyaAllah.1MDB issue has become stale (basi).To keep the sustained interest the opposition need to create more issues that ordinary people can relate to such as the increasing cost of living.
    Howeever this will be too convincing if astro keep on making money.The vehicle sales is on the rise etc
    Najib and BN survival depends largely on our country's economic performance

    Prof Kangkung


    1. Not for the commentors here, Sdr Prof
      even if basi(?) for you and many of LoA readers

      ( DS Din$ local Sarawak Rep PR troops, ada?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Prof Kangkung,

      //1MDB issue has become stale (basi)//

      You might think or hope that the issue is stale but Singapore, Switzerland, the US, Abu Dhabi, etc are still prosecuting their citizens who are involved.

      So, not very basi for, say, Khadem Al Qubaisi, who is still sitting in jail in Abu Dhabi awaiting trial.

      I'll bet that Khadem Al Qubaisi hopes that his nightmare will end because I think jails in a good Muslim country like Abu Dhabi are not very nice places.

      Do you think Abu Dhabi will just forget the whole thing because the 1MDB issue is basito you and M Zin, and just let Khadem Al Qubaisi off the hook?

      I find it strange that people like you and M Zin find nothing wrong with the fact that only Malaysia says nothing is wrong with 1MDB, when other countries are sending their citizens to jail for involvement.

      Yes, it is only Malaysia which says no money is missing and every sen is fully accounted for in 1MDB.


    3. truly, it's really childish.

      u claim it is basi because u couldnt face the evidences. one flow chart explain it all. how the money travel. no arab donor at all.

      utk org bodo boleh pakai la taktik basi2 ni. ingat sorok sket guna perkataan islamic. boleh la bro. faham x tgk rajah ? boleh ke ni? kata prof ?

      yg salah salah. basi x basi di alam barzakh dgn alam akhirat kelak akan ditanya jgk.

    4. 'utk org bodo boleh pakai la taktik basi2 ni. ingat sorok sket guna perkataan islamic. boleh la'...tu lah pemikiran umno. 99.9% haram boleh dihalalkan dgn serta-merta.

    5. Just to give an example how the issue can be considered as basi.Palestine vs Israel is real.It has been going on since I don't remember when.
      When you switch on the tv and the news about palestine and Israel,how do you feel?The element of shock is no longer there even though the problem is as real today as it was 50 years ago.
      My advice to the opposition.please bring some other issues if you are really serious about toppling the BN and UMNO in the next GE which will probably be held in less than one year's time.

      Prof Kangkung


    6. I didn't say nothing is wrong with 1MDB, Sdr Gladiator
      so why do you find my position strange

      Only the voters choose to ignore rakyats money for UMNO and political parties
      ( etc. PKRs SLASH or Penang bangalow)
      and continue to chose to vote in BN, PKR in Selangor DE and DAP in Penang

      NB. Political contributions to politics Act, don't know if this proposed act will be passed

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. well yes prof. if 1mbd issue lasted 50 years.. i guess then it is basi. a liltle too early to jump the gun dont u think ? perhaps hopeful even. desperate for people to forget this.

      if the people doesnt do anything and let najib n co get away with it, then i guess we deserve to let things go as basi, and suffer the consequences.

      perhaps since we have condoned corruption so much that it has become the second nature of politics that you can easily claimed it as basi. maybe we are already there.

      well at least not to me. maybe not yet to a lot of people. the pm n co cannot just simply syphon the money with us simply doing nothing. not as a malaysian, not as a malay, and as a muslim ever.

      whts wrong is wrong, basi or not basi. for u to simply dismiss this because its "basi"... i dont know but wht kind of men/ woman are u ?

      lets not forget tht some people died too because of this. scandal.

  12. 'Dan ingatlah semua bahawa sekarang ialah waktu di mana Allah SWT meletakkan Datuk Seri Najib sebagai Presiden kita' kata Zahid Komedi.

    Eh, kesian si Zahid nih. Dia tahu kisah yang sebenar tentang Najib. Tetapi dia terpaksa menyembunyikan apa yang dia tahu semata-mata kerana tidak mahu dipecat seperti muhyidin dan hilang peluang untuk jadi pm….dia tahu hukum hakam, tapi dia pula menyokong pemimpin yg mengamalkan rasuah. Zahid ni penipu besar. Agama hanya pakaian saja bagi dia. Nih la perangai semua kaki bodek Umno.

    Kalo berbilion duit rakyat hilang pon tak kesah...sebab dah Allah menghendakkinya begitu.....jadi terima ajerlah takdir berbilion duit negara dah lesap. Betul ke?

    Allah jugak menghendaki dan mengizinkan takdir Namrud jadi Raja tapi kenapa Nabi Ibrahim as. menentang Namrud? Kemudian Allah swt hantar nyamuk kepada Namrud untuk hentikan kezalimannya.

    Allah jugak mengkehendaki kejadian babi dan anjing...tapi kenapa Allah bagi hukum babi dan anjing itu najis mughallazah.....dan org Islam dilarang makan babi dan anjing....jugak wajib disamak kalo tersentuh.

    Jadi jelaslah......Allah suruh manusia gunakan hukum yg ditetapkan Allah dan akal yg dibagi Allah utk bezakan yg mana benar dan yg mana batil....mana yg halal dan mana yg haram. 'Rezeki' yg dihasilkan melalui songlap duit rakyat marhaen olih lanun Bugis tu mmg haram. Tapi macai2 Umno terima jugak. Tu la perangai parti paling munafik di dunia. Umno zaman nih mmg sejenis najis mughallazah baru.

    1. 'Jadi jelaslah......Allah suruh manusia gunakan hukum yg ditetapkan Allah dan akal yg dibagi Allah utk bezakan yg mana benar dan yg mana batil....mana yg halal dan mana yg haram.'

      Ya. Tapi nampaknya pemimpin Umno tak faham prinsip ini. Sy ingin bertanya Zahid...samada dia sedar atau tidak dgn apa yg dia 'fatwakan' kerana;

      Setelah hampir 3 tahun rakyat negara MENDERITA MENGHARUNGI KESUSAHAN DAN KEPAYAHAN HIDUP kerana kos sara hidup telah naik mendadak...kerana GST...dan potongan subsidi..dan kenaikan minyak petrol manakala nilai ringgit jatuh teruk...dsb


      Apakah Zahid tidak melihat...merasai dan menghayati semua penderitaan ini?

      Umno bukan shja parti yg paling munafik di dunia, ia juga parti yg paling muka tebal, sombong, angkuh dan bodoh di dunia.

    2. 'Umno zaman nih mmg sejenis najis mughallazah baru....', ya tangan penyamun bugis tu memang najis mughallazah, tapi ada macai umno yg suka cium nya.

    3. Anon 23:36, You are being too kind to Zahid. The truth is Zahid is a simpleton, not dissimilar to (most) other simpleton ustazs who preach on Msian TV. The only reason Zahid is the DPM is that the PM needs an unquestioning simpleton to prop him up.

  13. Tak ada apa yang ada dengan perhimpunan agung umno ni dia de
    Sebabnya bila kleptocrat berucap, dan ahli ahli majlis tertinggi berucap siapa nak dengau ?
    Perkara tentang kleptokrasi yang sedang dibongkar beberapa biro penyiasatan persekutuan negara negara berpengaruh dunia ni melibatkan "mo1", keluarga terdekat "mo1", rakan kenalan rapat keluarga terdekat "mo1". Dan kesemuanya ada "mo1" disebutkan. Di dada suratkhabar seluruh dunia diberitakan juga tentang "mo1" dan 1mdb nya.
    "mo1" ni orang penting dalam perhimpunan agung umno ni. Dia kata "setiap biji nasi yang dimakan itu hasil ....umno" ......hohohoho bongkak benau bunyi dia tu..
    jangan bongkak nanti tersungkur.

    Ini bukan pasal with us or against us; ini pasal ketidakcekapan mentadbir negara yang mengakibatkan keberhutangan negara meningkat mendadak
    Tiada ketelelusan dalam pentadbiran agensi agensi dan syarikat syarikat milik kerajaan. ini dibentangkan dalam laporan tahunan ketua juruodit negara malaysia. Dan ada laporan ditelah diwartakan sebagai rahsia kerajaan di bawah official secrecy act.
    Awak didakwa terlibat dalam pengubahan wang jabatan kehakiman amerika syarikat. Ehh..tak malu ke ..?
    Kita dah muak la, Annie
    Macam 11:53 cakap...bila you muak you rasa nak muntah. Kalau selalu muak, memang akhir nya muntah la.
    Bukan tak betul 11:53 cakap tu..
    Kalau tercekit dedak boleh muntah jugak..betul tak..
    Ini perkara kerosakan yang disebabkan oleh pemberian dan penerimaan dedak oleh segelintir kempimpinan kerajaan. Ini sedang membimasakan ekonomi Malaysia. Dan tanpa sebarang penerangan tentang perancangan kerajaaan melalui bajet tahunan. Maknanya kerajaan ni buat tak tahu aje tentang kemerosotan ekonomi dan nilai matawang ringgit.
    Maksud nya tak peka langsung la.

    Nak tengok apa kat perhimpunan agung umno ni ??

    1. "Umno bukan shja parti yg paling munafik di dunia, ia juga parti yg paling muka tebal, sombong, angkuh dan bodoh di dunia."

      Tapi konco2 Cash King peduli apa?

      Duit punya pasal, depa akan tunjukkan konon nya depa bersama Umno, fisikal dan spiritual.

      Tapi saya belom dengar atau terbaca jika semua 3+ juta ahli Umno di kasi duit. Yang tak di kasi duit itu, saya rasa spiritual nya ada sikit melayang ke PPBM dari masa ke masa.

      Malahan yang dapat duit, ada jugak yang fikir negara akan jahanam kalau Najib berterusan. Jadi, di luar namap bersama UMNO, di hati, condong sini, condong sana.

    2. ingat semua orang umno macam tu ke...sorry lah ...ramai orang umno yang tak pandang duit lahh....boleh usaha sendiri tanpa membodek. asalkan kita ada ilmu...pegangan Agama Islam yang kuat boleh berjaya...ramai melayu kat kampung hidup biasa saja...cukup makan..selesa...x kaya pun...tapi tetap pilih Umno sebab Umno nadi bagi kaum Melayu dan Islam di negara Malaysia ini. Siapa yang tak faham tu...faham2 kan lah....yg kemaruk nak duit ialah CINA...nak mati pun bakar duit ....bodoh punye cina

    3. Anak semua ok? Akhir bulan ok?

  14. They Malays are afraid of DAP? Well now as a Malay I am no longer scared of DAP because even without DAP being in power now, the Chinese from China are coming in droves through projects and land sold to them. Why be scared of DAP? The country is already under siege

    1. KJ cuma tin kosong dan kaki bodek jer. Bila seorang pemuda Cina bernama Jho Low sapu duit rakyat berpuluh billion...mana KJ dan Pemuda UMNO yang hari ini gah dabik dada jadi pemuda hero Melayu? Eleh...


    2. Alaa why should investors from China or France or from whereever keep us under seige(?) Sdr ANON 03:19

      Malays have from ancient times been comfortable with China. Chinese and even Chinese DAP

      NB. Shinkansen? Perhaps understandable many here prefer this to Chinas HSR
      ( from earlier LoA posts)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Chinese from China ...they dont like Malaysian Chinese lah......sorry to say.....even DAP cannot secure any investment from China.
      Bodoh betul Cina Malaysia .....kaya sbb kerajaan Malaysia tolong...but still they perasan lahh.....see lah penang....duit nak betul kan saliran air pun xde sampai banjir teruk.....Ketajaan Melayu jugak tolong sebab Melayu mmg baik....xde pukul2 bangla....ambik gmbr buli mbsa staff....cina malaysia low class.

  15. Watching CNN now. Panel critical of Pakistani prime minister releasing details of his telephone call with Trump. Saying these things private, US doesn't reveal conversations with foreign leaders.

    Wonder if they know our 1 Malaysia National Operator's comments about THAT phone call?

  16. Wanita delegate: Why appoint non-Malays in top positions in GLCs

    Time for malays to head GLCs.

  17. bila pribumi nak buat ge?
    tu kepala kleptocrat paling besar.
    parking duit tempat lain ...lepas tu tak boleh dapat
    harap boboi pun x guna....sorg anak support lgbt.....sorg lagi anak hampir bunuh diri....sorg lagi duk ovsea ms bapak sendiri jadi pm...sorg anak angkat x tau jantina....isteri x pakai tudung tapi sanggup pakai wg....heheheheh


  18. WAJIB TONTON......

    51 Dalil Mengapa PM Najib Razak Sudah Tidak Layak Jadi Perdana Menteri

    1. And yet Allah swt still says he is...:)
      Syukur Alhamdullilah...



    Perwakilan Puteri Umno Pahang hari ini menyampaikan pesanan keras kepada kerajaan, mendesak pemimpin berhenti menutup kebenaran mengenai ekonomi negara.

    Norsarfinaz Mohd Azman berkata kerajaan juga sepatutnya berhenti memandang rendah kebijaksanaan golongan belia hari ini.

    “Kami semua intelek tinggi. Jangan tipu kami. Kalau ekonomi tak bagus, cakap tak bagus. Jangan cakap ekonomi masih okay tapi kami nampak kawan-kawan diberhentikan kerja dan harga barang rumah naik,” katanya ketika membahaskan usul agama di perhimpunan Puteri Umno di PWTC di sini hari ini.

    Dengan nada sinis, Norsarfinaz berkata dalam kerajaan menasihati rakyat berjimat dengan melancong dalam negara, sekurang-kurangnya pastikan destinasi itu cukup menarik untuk dikunjungi.

    “Contohnya, jika kami hendak bercuti, mungkin kami boleh ke Pahang. Lebih pun tahun depan tahun melawat Pahang.

    “Tetapi jika kami pergi sana, pastikan hutan tak ditebang. Masalah bauksit diselesaikan, jadi tidaklah ia tebal macam foundation (mekap) kami.

    “Dan sungai janganlah nampak macam teh tarik,” katanya.

    1. kata intelek...tapi sendiri tak mau fikir...