Saturday 5 November 2016

Happy birthday dear sweet lady

It's my grandmother's birthday.

She's okay now.

As okay as someone her age could be.

So, I have no time to write all those usual nonsense today.

Just want to be happy with my grandma and family for today.

This is the song which my grandmother used to sing to me during bed time. Dedicated to her.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

I will write again when I have the time.



  1. Hopefully your grandma now knows that the SJKC made rockets would not leave Penang, let alone the earth. Forget the moon. Worst the number of rocket is nose-diving, reaching the figure of irrelevancy in 10 years time. The future looks bleak and brutal Annie, but this is the truth.

    To your grandmother, happy borthday!

    1. Blue,manufacturing of sjkc's rockets has been outsourced to a company in China,it can fly forever and also determined your destiny

    2. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth6 November 2016 at 09:21

      And you could improve your spelling, for starters.

      "borthday"? Really?

  2. I am glad to hear that your grandma is doing fine.pls no more 1MDB issue on this posting

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Why? You tak boleh tahan khabar hitam nasi kangkang ha? Mati negara piara mufsidin!!!

    2. Bukan soal tak boleh tahan atau boleh tahan. Tapi bila orang post tentang nenek dia kita cakap pasal 1MDB rasanya mcm out of tangentlah bro

      Prof Kangkung

  3. Am glad she has recovered fully, Annie.

    Hope she has a wonderful day.

    All the best.

  4. Now I understand your deep love for your Grandmother. She transferred hers to you. May Allah Ta'ala bestow her with mercy, taufiq and hidayah. Ameen.

  5. Lovin granny & missin somebody eh?

  6. Annie,

    Good news indeed that your grandmother is OK again.

    May she have many more birthdays to come.



  7. Happy happy birthday baby, grandma!

    Yueliang daibio wo de xin

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  8. Annie,

    Wonder how old is your grandmother? Was she born in the year of monkey?

    Anyway, if she's more than 70 years old then perhaps 'Sina no Yoru' by Shirley Yamaguchi is the more appropriate song for the occasion.

    Whence all malaysians can celebrate together too, with this song from this day onwards.

    Sina no Yoru....