Tuesday 15 November 2016

Stop the lying doctor/s

Saw this story yesterday,

Hospital concessionaires ordered to conduct safety audits

and was particularly interested in this last paragraph,

The minister also denied that government hospitals do not have enough medicines and funds to conduct medical check-ups and treatment. He admitted that it was a problem but this has been resolved.

I became interested in that minister's denial because my friend in Kuantan told me earlier the same day that he went for a medical check-up at a government medical centre there and was told differently.

He had went for a medical check-up over an ailment and was given the diabetes, cholesterol and ECG (heart) tests.

The doctor however told my friend that he needed to undergo the thyroid test too but must do so at a private clinic or lab.

"We are on a budget and can't do it for you here," the doctor told my friend.

The doctor also told my friend that it's the same case at other government medical centers and hospitals all over the country.

'The supply of medicine is rather low because we don't have the money for it," said the doctor, adding that for instance, supply of insulin for diabetic patients is only available for a just two weeks stock at any time.

"After that, the patients need to get the supply on their own," the doctor said.

My friend ended up doing the thyroid test at a private lab outlet and was charged RM66.80 for it.

It's a good thing that my friend can afford it. Someone from the lower income group may find that quite burdensome.

That was not the first time I heard of such a story.

Some commentators in this blog have also wrote of the same thing at my earlier postings.

But since the minister had denied it, I really hope that all these were not true.

It's just not good if our hospitals are really running out of medicine and other stuff due to financial problem.

Now, I think the minister needs to tell the doctors to stop spreading such stories.

It makes the government looks bad.

Maybe those doctors were doing those story telling because they were pro-opposition and wanted the government to look bad.

If that's the case, disciplinary actions must be taken against them.

Politics should not have a place in hospitals.

Patients should not be made to suffer because of it.

Whatever it is, patients should be given the best treatment available.

The minister, who is also a doctor should know that.

 Again, hopefully it's true when he said all that were told to patients like my friend were not true.


  1. Between a doctor and a minister. I will refer to Prof Dr Mohd Zohadie Bardaie. The former VC of Universiti Putra Malaysia has a good pantun to guide us. Adding credence some charges are up 50% at the government hospital. And when the Government did not say 'Stop it' to Pahlawan Merah for his antics. Now we decide. Who is most likely falsifying the truth.

    1. As the saying says - you get monkey if you pay peanuts. What to expect for service which is worth RM 1 per visit? Nothing but peanuts. No wonder the private healthcare is mushrooning like a nasi-dingin business.

  2. No, it's not a lie.

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6: Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) Klang has circulated a notice stating that due to serious financial constraints the pathology department is forced to stop administering certain medical procedures.

    “Please be informed that the Pathology Department in now experiencing serious financial constraints in order to purchase reagents.

    “Without additional funds, the Pathology department is forced to stop administering certain test for the time being,” read the notice by Head of HTAR Pathology department Dr Meor Zamari bin Meor Kamal."

    In the meantime, this is what the First Klepet are spending, based on forensic investigations in Swiss/US:

    RM520k for Chanel;

    RM60m for clothes, jewellery, car;

    RM28m for Nazir Razak,

    RM280k for son,

    RM176 m to Solar Shine,

    RM56 million to Jakel,

    Exotic Cars RM224k;

    RM3.75 million at De Grisogono;

    Plus RM25 million charged to credit cards.

    I guess the priorities are wrong here.

    One less Birkin makes a lot of difference to the rakyat's welfare, but they keep on stealing.

    1. Pilihanraya akan datang pangkahlah parti penyamun lagi....duit rakyat masih ada berbaki sikit lagi.....bolehlah samun kasi licin. Lagi sepenggal papa kedanalah kita semua.....yg kaya raya makan 7 keturunan tak habis ialah Ali Baba dan 40 penyamunnya.

      Baguslah tu pangkah dan pangkah lagi....tak cukup 2 penggal...tambah lagi sepenggal bia merana hidop tanggung semua kos tinggi.

    2. "Plus RM25 million charged to credit cards."

      Not any credit card, ya. To SRC credit card.

      Money from KWAP pensioners.

    3. why are you making such a big fuss just becos your PM stole US$7 billion (RM28 billion) from you?

      it's only.....


      ...that's all.

      you all have that kind of money, kan?

      Takpe lah...

    4. 16:16,

      It's not PM, its Mre PM. She takes her percentage from every gomen contract. Ask about KLIA and go from there. The greed is endless...


    5. Bagi mencapai status negara maju ,rakyat harus belajar tidak bergantung kapada kerajaan sahaja .

      Kemana arah kita.

  3. Rafizi. Suara dari kandang tertuduh.

    1. Malang Malaysia berPMkan Najib. Yang kecik dihenyak, ditekan dan diugut sebab tak ada kuasa. Yang besar terus bebas melakukan apa saja tanpa ada tindakan apa-apa dikenakan ke atas mereka. Bebas ke sana ke mari. Siap boleh menyanyi riang bersuka ria dikala rakyat terus lagi dihimpit dengan kenaikan harga petrol dan minyak masak baru-baru ini. Hidup debelum ini dah rasa susah makin bertambah perit.
      Bila harga minyak masak naik, menteri cakap air mineral lagi mahal dari minyak masak. Senangnya jawapan. Jadi lepas ni, kalau rasa haus tonggaklah minyak masak sepuas-puasnya pasal minyak masak lagi murah dari air mineral.

  4. Why not spend just 2 ringgit and help end the nightmare of Kak Semah's expensive reign of terror?


    It will take less than 5 minutes of your time.

    1. TQ Anon 10:10.

      Ibadah tak semestinya tertumpu kpd sejadah saja..tu sbb org PAS sempit akal. Berjuang melawankemungkaran ... kemunafikan... rompakan duit negara dan rakyat... juga satu ibadah...jgn lupa...

      Tun antara org yang bertuah diberi peluang masuk dalam kaabah...yg mengutuk tu jgn harap la nak diberi penghormatan sedemikian.

      TQ Tun.

    2. Siapa nak join parti bunga tahi ayam? Mari, mari, jangan segan, jangan malu. Eek, no takers? Hanya kaum LGBT saja yang nak join?

  5. Doctors are human too.they take side and have their own political views.my daughter is currently doing her medical study in Ireland.The seeds of antiestablishment are sowed since they are in the medical schools.
    No wonder many of them become the supporters of the opposition parties even though most of them go overseas under the governmnet.In other words they are pemakan dedak too

    Prof kangkung

    1. No they are not, Profusely Kangkang! Do you understand "moral conscience"?

    2. Laaaa, nih la komen yg paling haprak. Sumber "dedak" tu dari mana, sebenarnya? Wang "governmnet" tu sape punya? Celah kangkang si badak air betina tamak tu? Anak bangsa rakyat malaysia terutamanye orang melayu telah dikhianat selama 60 tahun oleh pihak pemerintah terutamanye umno yang kononnye membela nasib rakyat orang melayu.Wayang ini ibarat buat masa kini yang senang kita gabarkan ialah saoperti SPRM yang cukup sibuk menangkap pegwai awam ,pegawai bank tetapi malang bila orang politik yang penyangak besar bebas sewenang wenang nye.Wayang ang lapuk ini dan disusuli dgn dgn media lapuk.

      Mereka yang menyembunyikan jenayah dan sanggup menipu sebenarnya belum aqidahnya belum merdeka lagi, masih lagi dijajah oleh syaitan. Syaitan memang janjinya untuk menyesatkan manusia, membantu manusia melakukan kesalahan dan membantu menyembunyikan.


    3. Most brilliant logic. So if the district council clears the longkang in my area (as they are paid to do, by my taxes), then I am also a "pemakan dedak". Wow. Some people's stupidity is beyond belief.

    4. 15:08.

      By kangkung's "logic", even the medicine at gomen hospital is "dedak" !!!!

    5. So in answering the definition given by the RBAs above the word dedak can only be used to the government supporters and peoples' money is used for the opposition.
      Confirm the opposition supporters mmg benak mcm haiwan yg makan dedak.
      Do you think people who support the government do not pay income tax and gst?

      Prof kangkung


    6. Wow, Kangkung, are you mentally retarded???

      Seriously, I'm asking you.

      See whether your pea-sized brain can understand difference, OK?

      a) Najis Tong Rosak steals 2.6 billion from 1mdb or any other public funds and gives cheques to his macai to BUY POLITICAL SUPPORT. His macai then use this money to buy their own support.

      b) The government uses income collected from the public TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO THE PUBLIC THAT THEY HAVE PAID FOR. That would include health, education, etc etc.

      Which is "dedak"?

      Seriously, are you so mentally retarded that you cannot see the difference? So an overseaa student is a "pemakan dedak" in your view?

      HA HA HA HA...

      At least stop using "Prof" lah, unless "Prof" stands for "Professional Moron" - in which case, go right ahead. At least it's accurate.

    7. Anon 2058
      Here is my reply to your statement.you have the right to believe that Najib stole RM2.6 billion from 1MDB. I have the right to believe the money was donated by Arab prince.
      The size of my brain is none of your concern.similarly,I don't care much about the size of your penis

      Prof Kangkung

    8. Alahai, Kangkung. Ko merepek ape nih ? Dah kalah, tukar topik bincang pasai kemaluan plak, ape lah engkau nih. Sy setuju dgn anon 20:58, dedak tu mmg dedak, iaitu 'hand-out' kpd balaci & konco2. Ko jgn konpuis lah. Cek 2 juta ringgit yg mat maslan 3.85 dapat tu, sama dgn scholarship kerajaan ke bro? Sama, ke??? Lebih baik ko masuk wad psikiatri. Astaghfirullah…hujah2 dan kenyataan para pengikut BN UMNO tegar semakin hari semakin jelas menonjolkan kebodohan dan kesalahan mantik dalam berfikir.

      Alhamdulillah Najib ada pandangan yg cukup hebat. Kalau itu yg Melayu nak, itu yg dia bagi. Nak kontrak dia bagi, nak modal dia bagi, nak dedak, nak cek 2 juta ringgit, dia bagi. Tapi kena bagi dekat orang UMNO lah, supaya tak sia2 umpan Najib ni.

      Sebab Pokjib nih bijak, beri semua yg orang UMNO ndak, maka orang UMNO janganlah pulak nak tanya banyak2. Cukup setakat angguk saja dah cukup syarat utk tadah tangan terima dedak. Jangan risau duit yg terima tu halal atau tidak. Itu derma ikhlas, takkan haram kot. Halal dibawa balik rumah, halal bagi anak bini makan. Kena bersyukur rezeki yg dapat, kena doakan supaya rezeki Mohd Najib juga melimpah2.

      Tu lah. Macai tetap macai. Esok mereka mati kubur mereka akan dikencingi dan diludahi oleh anak cucu. Takpe lah, asalkan ada dedak.


    9. 22:32, you are side-stepping the issue I think. 20:58 is telling you the difference, NOT discussing the source. That is not a relevant point.

      Say Trump (PS: a real billionaire, not a "donation king") gives each of his cabinet US$1 million if they support him. That is dedak. But if Trump uses govt funds to send US students for studies in Cambridge, that is a taxpayer-funded effort. Both Democrat & Republican taxpayers. After it's collected, all one fund, right? This is not dedak.

      I really don't think the difference can be any clearer, unless you want to label your own child a dedak eater. (Makes no sense.)

      Your argument is irrelevant.

    10. Ehhhhh, hello Professional Kangkung, thanks for PROVING my POINT!!!

      No, the size of my 'whatever' is NOT the issue here, who cares if the 2.6 billion came from outer space and gifted by Martian? OK lah...even tho' anyone with an IQ over 30 will throw the Arab fairy tale away, never mind, OK? OK, so if it came from an Arab prince, why does that change your 100% confusion?

      This all started with YOU yes YOU saying 'even though most of them go overseas under the governmnet.In other words they are pemakan dedak too' referring to medical students. Right??? Remember? This is the dumbest & most illogical statement of all time!

      Try and get your head straight lah kawan, seriously thats the only size you should worry about,,,if it affect your ability to THINK.

    11. 'anyone with an IQ over 30 will throw the Arab fairy tale away'. not all you know. arul nasi kanda pi ostalia handing out leflet....saying DOJ action to cover hilary email skandal ...ular betul si arul ni

    12. Wah ramainya pemakan dedak yg menafikan mereka jugak sama bodoh aja dgn org yg dikatakan memakan dedak.
      Pepatah melayu ada sebut 'cerdik tak boleh nak diikut bodoh tak boleh nak diajar'.Pepatah Melayu juga ada menyebut seperti anjing menyalak bukit.Thats how I feel about these opposition supporters.I mean literally
      With that i rest my case.
      Prof Kangkung

    13. Betul tu Prof. Mereka ini bekas kaki kencing yg.nak tunjuk pandai.

    14. LOL, ohhhh Kangkung, Kangkung. You never had a case to rest on lah. No reasoned argument at all. Your lack of grey matter is the best hope for Najib the Thief to keep stealing - he needs people who can't think and cannot reason : )

    15. Truly Taigorjib & the Morons have hijacked Malaysia's mentality!!!

    16. Anjing menyalak bukit? Nih mcm Jibbo menyalak kat pasar malam nak jual seikat kangkung ler. Mmg x guna jugak. Takpe lah. Enjoys lagu nih, Si Otak Kangkung....


  6. So u are saying the doctors are lying and the minister is not? Same doctors who are working 70 hrs a week in government hospitals? Annie, go to government hospitals and talk to them la rather than taking a minister's word as gospel truth. Bear in mind that our ministers are known & on record for not telling whole truth (remember Ahmad Maslan?)

    1. Some are playing games in the hospital store.

    2. "Bear in mind that our ministers are known & on record for not telling whole truth (remember Ahmad Maslan?)".....bro, the No 1 liar is MO1 himself !

  7. A big NO. The doctor was not lying.

    Hv seen so many similar cases.

    Oh..where is GST money btw? The gomen said GST money will be given back to the rakyat..then why all these happening?

    1. The interest on 50 billion 1mdb debt, per month, is how much? Not a little.

    2. ha, now pls worry about Ecrl debt to China....lagi eruk oooo...

  8. Big budget was given to the health ministry. Where has all the money gone? Lost inside the cupboard.

    1. Lost to cronies. Ask your doxtor friend in gomen hospitals about "branded medicines mark-up".

  9. So apa masalah? Kan kita undi BN. Jadi terimalah. Biar apapun, susah dan mahalke nak buat test kat private.

  10. Menteri Kesihatan adalah Doktor Politik..

  11. In reality, with the exception of some top police chiefs who sit in air-conditioned room running the errands of the government of the day, tons of low-ranking police officers on the ground are sick and tired of Najib administration feeding hooligans in masks such as Jamal who causes nothing but troubles and hardship to innocent people.

    The plainclothes policemen, if indeed they had given Jamal his bloodied nose, should be given a raise. There’re still some good cops among the corrupted police force. But even if Jamal was punched accidently by his own Red Shirt boys in the scuffle started by themselves, and not the cops, the drama was good enough to teach Jamal a “bloody” lesson.

    1. The paymaster is a liar and thief.

      The macai is a liar and hooligan.

      Same same la.


    2. Does this man Jamal understand a Muslim should not tell lie?


    3. 19:01, Jamal tu Muslim jenis apa sy x tahu. Dah jauh sesat nampaknya. Memelaukan agama & bangsa.

  12. Dear Annie

    I don't think... doctors are lying. It's the 'political-Doctors' that are hesitant to tell the whole truth about their Ministry's financial constraint, most probably not to embarrass the boss... the Finance Minister cum PM.

    Ironically, when announcing the increase in 1st & 2nd. class Hospital charges, the Health Minister even said it had not been revised for 30 years.

    Its the same thing with all those bombastic rhetoric transformation programs... especially, UTC... which had been shamelessly acclaimed as... 'Rakyat di Dahulukan'.

    In actual fact, its the government's outfits... IRD, RTD, Immigration etc, including its GLCs such as... TNB, TM, IWK... that benefit most from these UTC aka... fees collection-center where payment of:-
    Utility bills, Income tax, quit-rent, cukai-pintu (assessment) driving license, road-tax, passport-fees, fines or penalties ...etc, were being made very efficient.

    At the same time, the Rakyat, especially the government employees would not have to take leave or 'time-slip'... to pay their dues, since they could do it after work of on their off-days.

  13. This government takes more money from the poor rakyat than all the previous governments' combined. Like since independence. With more and more taxes imposed on the people, it should be translated into more and more funds, allocations and subsidies for the rakyat.
    Instead we see funds got slashed and subsidies being removed. Then where all the money collected from the taxes gone to?
    We have money for high speed rail, but no money for governmant's hospitals? We have money for east cost railway but no money to fund higher education? We have money for the biggest underground city called Bandar Malaysia but we don't have money to subsidize cooking oil for rakyat?
    We have money to pay salaries of those redundant overpaid government's advisers with ministrial rank but no money to partly subsidizing cheap rice?
    We have billions of money to pay salaries for government consultants with salary scale equivalent of those in private sector but no money to subsidize essentials like sugar?
    If you're suck at your job why stay put? Please leave and hand to someone who can do the job.

  14. Saya lebih percayakan doktor dari menteri.

    Menteri kata gst menurunkan harga barang.
    Menteri kata topup xkena gst.
    Menteri kata duit dari cayman island dh bwk blk smpn kt spore.
    Menteri kata minyak masak xnaik harga.
    Perdana menteri kata 2.6B dlm akaun dia fitnah.
    Menteri kata belanjawan 2017 mementingkan rakyat, tp minyak masak, petrol, gas memasak, kos hosp kerajaan semua meningkat.
    Last but not least, tgk video jamal mcm kebal.

    1. There are several hospitals who reported via circulars. So this is real.

      Yes, 'saya lebih percayakan doktor dari menteri' too. Case in point - how many lies has MO1 & umno told over 1mdb? Not less than 50.

    2. Not less than 50 plus arul in australia....51

  15. Dear annie what u heard from ur friend is just the simple truth of the gov finance condition n dont u spin the story as though the doctors are lying just becoz u r jibby supporter, hv some integrity

    1. Hmmm...I should not have bothered to tell you all my friend's story isn't it? Wasting time only. By the way, don't you know that a top pro-Najib blogger has been going on and on about me being a paid DAP cybertrooper? How?

    2. U could hv told ur fren was lying, i would believe it, but instead u put the blame on the doctors as though they are opposition supporters that is mean

    3. I suggest you stick to reading hard-core anti-government blogs and websites. Straight forward stuff. Government bad, opposition good. That way can satisfy yourself better. Thank you.

  16. Annie, you are getting hopeless by the days......you mean you trust politics so much to the extent that you branded doctors as liars? Very disappointing....

    1. Same advice for you as above. Thank you

  17. do you think the minister give a damn? like from the bottom of their heart?

    heres a hard fact. gov got no money. so their budgets are limited. but they cannot tell people the truth. because then people will connect to all corruption etc2 especially tht thingy with the 1mbd.

    so they lie to save the gov face. all ministries lie. even those handling education.

    if theyve got integrity they wouldnt lie. silly me for thinking tht the elected ministers are those of the best chosen by people. with good integrity and moral standing.

    but its malaysia. its BN. so what if the people cannot afford medicine. these ministers goes to private hospital private clinic. they never understand the people's burden. specially when they are at the very center of it.

    have u ever wonder why is the medicine so god damn expansive in msia ? who getting all the profits?

    1. 'but its malaysia. its BN. so what if the people cannot afford medicine. these ministers goes to private hospital private clinic.'.....IN LONDON!

  18. 19:52. Worry not. I believe our lady just wanted to cungkil the feeling of the readers. Apa yang penting dalam minda rakyat. Both the sides will benefit from the information. I like the fact that our host allows us to remain anonymous. Take advantage of the availed platform to put forward our arguments. Regardless of our affiliations. To whom the host is affiliated is immaterial as long as a free flow of communication is allowed.

  19. Be loyal to country but no need to be loyal to present rotten Bandit Nasional...

    1. True. Love country, change government.

    2. Change to what? DAP led pakatan government? Dream on lah DAPigs, PuKiRear, PANtats and Tunyets!

  20. 18:44.
    :) Yes. That's the spirit. Cool and calm. Lawan bertenang.


  21. OK government hospitals provide basic screening, Lil sis Ms Annie
    free(?) for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease
    ( blood cholesterol and lipids only)
    For more tests, go private where health care costs although much higher, are affordable especially for the insured

    " InternationalLiving.com’s annual Global Retirement Index reports that France, Uruguay and Malaysia provide the best and most affordable health care in the world"

    -- Huffington Post on April 22nd 2014

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  22. Soon health care will be cheaper. I presume. With all these direct lines from China. Doctors. Nurses. Practitioners of Complementary Medicine. America enriches its country by exporting wars. China is quietly enriching itself by exporting building materials and people. So are we ready for the new world onslaught.

    1. China is a leading source of FAKE medicines : (

    2. "China is quietly enriching itself by exporting building materials and people. So are we ready for the new world onslaught."

      Yes partly.

      They are also sucking dry the natural resources of Africa and Sri Lanka.

      And buying cheap Malay land from desperate Bugis pirates.

      Oh well.

    3. 9:27
      Newsweek 2015. The Fake Drug Industry.

  23. Slowly but surely the rakyat are suffering under the cuts in resources for the Ministry of Health.

    Not enough money for lab tests
    Not enough money for adequate medicines
    Not enough money for upgrading of hospital facilities
    Not enough money for staffing, housemen, pharmacists have been told this year's graduates will have to wait next year to be placed.

    In the meantime, because of the increase in cost of medicines and private hospital care, more and more of the rakyat have no choice but to go to the public hospitals.
    There they encounter delays in seeing doctors, delays in getting sufficient medicines, delays in getting lab tests done before the doctors can diagnose and recommend treatment, delays in this and that.

    The latest statement from the Minister of Health says that hospital stay rates will be increased.

    Whereas, the Prime Minister’s Department will receive an allocation of RM15.94 billion in 2017, of which RM4.92 billion is for administration and RM11.01 billion for development.

    This allocation is unnecessarily huge, especially when most other ministries, especially health, education, welfare and internal security, suffer substantial cuts.

    The Prime Minister’s Department today takes 6.1 percent of the total annual federal budget, when it was only allocated 3.4 percent in 2008.

    All indicators point to the fact that the Prime Minister’s Department is taking away precious resources from other ministries and priorities at the expense of ordinary Malaysians.

    1. Najib is defying every system of justice among the legitimate governments of the world...only way he can pretend to be innocent is because he's sold his soul to the Illuminati elitists. And he will menggadaikan Malaysia.

  24. A Win-Win Situation. For 40 years. Say that again. 40 years. Remember. We are in win situation.

  25. Inilah anak muda yang bijak. Lawan tetap. Lawan. Sambil senyum. Adam Rusly. Rambut ala Trump tu. A successful businessman at his age. No hadiah for guessing what is his favourite motivation book. Ini baru real Pahlawan. Hopefully. Inshaa Allah Bersih. Mudahan. Ameen.

  26. Nak buat macam mana, INILAH GOMEN YANG KITA PILIH.
    For PRU14, undilah BARISAN NASIONAL!!!!
    Mungkin lepas tu, ubat pun kena beli sendiri.
    Preskipsi doktor pun kena bayar.
    RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN!............Aminnnnn


    2. My family, my friends and I are still going to vote for BN because the opposition has DAP. We vote for the party not for individual. 1 vote PH = 1 vote DAP.

    3. Aku akan undi BEBAS.
      Cuma BEBAS sahaja free from corRuption.
      Tak kisahlah muka macam Donald Trump,
      I wil still vote BEBAS.

    4. Anon 6:11
      InsyaAllah my family will be voting for BN too
      Prof Kangkung

    5. 13:20

      Insya-Allah your family akan terus dikencingi setan bibirpink.

      بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

  27. Annie,

    From what I can tell here, there are people who don't seem to understand your style of writing.

    On my part, I consider this to be a cynically diplomatic article, if there was such a thing as being cynically diplomatic. :)

    From what I can tell, you just want to know what the true story is here - is our health system beginning to suffer from budget cutbacks?

    You are quite right that the Minister for Health has gone public in saying that everything is fine and dandy and there is plenty of everything to go around.

    Ironically, his statements were given during an announcement of fee increases for 1st and 2nd class wards.

    I do understand the need to move prices after 30 years but I am not so sure why Malaysia still needs 1st class and 2nd class wards in its public hospitals.

    Sorry for being ignorant about our hospital system but I am a relatively healthy person who has not seen a doctor for many years and I don't visit people in hospitals very often either.

    I feel that the goal of the Health Ministry is to ensure that ALL Malaysians are healthy REGARDLESS whether that Malaysian is 1st class or 2nd class or no class.

    To me, health services are like education, honest policemen, good roads, access to clean water, etc - they are rights due to ALL citizens not a privilege based on some class system.

    Don't get me wrong, if someone can afford to pay for better services, why not?

    For example. if I wanted all my nurses to wear bikinis and I can afford it, I should be able to do so in my own hospital with my own staff.

    The government is only obliged to provide citizens with a decent level of health care - whatever "decent" means.

    After all, there are many examples of "decent" health services all over the world.

    But then this is Malaysia and we are a long long way away from Wawasan 2020.

    I have known for a long time that Wawasan 2020 was never achievable.

    We now have TN50 and given past performance in the last 5 years, I seriously doubt if TN50 is going to achieve anything as well. Sorry.


    1. Tebing Tinggi XVII16 November 2016 at 15:13


      So, no VVIP wards in government hospitals?

      How can like that? Where can our VVIPs go for medical treatment? Singapore, maybe?

      Singapore public hospitals have A, B1, B2 & C wards. Plus private hospitals. No problems.

    2. Gladiator.
      Indeed. Our host mengocar. Probably strange to your ears. This is what kampung folks in NS used to do every now and then. For fish.

    3. Gladiator/Tebing Tinggi XVll,
      Classification of wards eg.A/B/C
      For all intents and purpose by design are geared towards Malaysian civil service providers FOC
      All Govt. staffs are graded by class/rank
      If a Pengarah falls sick entiled him class A ward admission
      As office boy/gardener..........
      For paying private sector your choice of ward admission at your own peril

      On shortages of medicine/reagent(lab test)
      In scientific management terms it is called 'stock outs/out of stock'
      Meaning demand out strip supply or poor inventory control
      Causes are (1)Shortage of working capital
      (2)Poor cash flow management
      Which pharmaceutical company do not want the Govt. as a client where payment are guaranteed
      More orders more profit for the supplier


  28. Hutang kerajaan melonjak 88.1% dari RM348.6b ('09) ke RM655.7b (Jun 16) 
    atau 54.8% daripada GDP kita. 

    Bayar Interest melonjak 104% dari RM14.2b ('09) ke RM26.6b ('16). 
    Nisbah Bayar Debt Service meningkat; dari 9.0% ke 12.5% dalam tempoh tersebut.

    Pada '17, hutang kerajaan akan menokok lagi sebanyak RM40.3 bilion

    hutang baru yang besar-besar, antaranya:

          a) Hutang MRT 1, 2 & 3 = RM120 b

          b) Hutang HSR   =          RM60 b

          c) Hutang 1MDB =          RM53 b

          d) Hutang ECRL =          RM55 b

          e) Hutang LRT3 =          RM10 b

                      Jumlah =          RM298 b

    kerajaan juga tanggung hutang off-budget

    mohon YB Menteri beri gambaran lengkap :

    a ) Berapakah jumlah hutang kerajaan Persekutuan?

        i) dalam dan luar negara?

        ii) di bawah bajet dan off budget seperti PFI, 1MDB, MRT, LRT, Pan Borneo?

            b) Apakah saiz hutang tersebut dari segi:

                i) nisbah kepada GDP?

                ii) defisit fiskal?

             iii) apakah tahap kemampuan bayar hutang dari segi debt service ratio?



    MALACCA: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia supreme council member Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen (pic) claims he is being intimidated by a “prominent leader" in the state after quitting as an Umno member.

    He said he received a slew of threats in the form of WhatsApp messages and that a snake had been placed at the mail box at his home.

    “This has been happening since I left Umno Youth a few months ago.

    "I hope police will investigate the matter based on the reports that I have made,” he said here Wednesday.

    Mohd Rafiq said he does not wish to name the person behind the threats until police have completed their investigation.

    He also revealed that he had lodged a report on the incident in which a car owned by Tangga Batu PKR branch chairman Mohd Nasir Mamat is believed to have been torched by arsonists.

  30. More about mengoca (no r) here.

  31. Aisehman! Si tua mamak Mahathir tak jadi hadir Bersih 5 pulak. He said he has to go overseas. Kust say lah you have no balls. Scared shit of Jamal ye? I pun dah lama tanam niat dihati to spit on his shameless face.

    1. You're one ungrateful unwashed arsehole ...
      let's not talk about cleanliness of your hati,
      aisehman ...

    2. Aisehman, you have the classic manners and upbringing of a Najib licker.
      Your mother must be so proud of you.

    3. Aisehman! Your paymaster is so brave he could not face an old man at Everything2Hide forum. Yes, your paymaster has balls, they were cut off by the ugly hippo and used as chewing gum.

    4. Aisehman's paymaster never had balls, 17:52.

  32. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-37679954
    "They don't want to help us. They are making a lot of money from Kenya. It's all for business."
    A Kenyan conclusion on the presence of about 40,000 Chinese workers in the country. Heightened tensions. Among others. Land acquisitions. Business displacement. Ivory trade on the side.

    Malaysia. Are we there yet.


  33. " Could the blood of virgins really prevent mortality?
    .. Their experiment worked better than expected. Stem cells in the older mice started to divide again, restoring muscle, liver and even brain cells"
    ( Prof Rando T, Stanfords neurology lab)
    -- Forbes US on January 27th 2015

    Yes for those with a Stanford appointment(?) Sdr ANON 06:03
    over this weekend, we wish them a safe return trip
    in-sya-Allah with brain restored

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH



    Foreign banks in Malaysia on Thursday were trying to work out how to comply with the central bank's clampdown on offshore ringgit trading, a move the broader market views as a form of capital controls.

    Form letters, sent this week from onshore banks to their offshore counterparts, asked compliance officers to sign commitments to cease trading the ringgit in the NDF markets and then send the letters back to Bank Negara, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

    "There's a massive back and forth going on between banks and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) now," said a banker at a foreign bank in Malaysia that deals in foreign currency transactions.

    "This is a type of indirect capital control ... I see a flood of people exiting Malaysia."


    1. It's great huh. The Finance Minister is also the biggest stealer of Finance.

      Malaysia boleh!