Monday 28 November 2016

Malays and bumiputera have problems in GLCs too

A friend was complaining to me about what's happening within Celcom a few days ago.

He said I should write about it.

Honestly, I'm not exactly familiar with what's happening in Celcom and thus was quite reluctant to do so.

Then just now there was this comment in my last post,

celcom pun nampaknya ada penyakit nak puja orang luar..

apa nak jadi malaysia ni!

I also actually received the poison pen letter published by the other blog but decided to ignore it because I found it to be too harsh even by my standards.

Are there really people being sidelined in that company just because it now has a German boss?

 Celcom CEO Michael Kuehner

Really, I don't know.

From what I know, people being sidelined in a company is not something unusual.

Once a new boss comes in, he/she will bring along a set of people to do the desired work.

They will do things their own way.

And of course there will be people who have to suffer because of it.

There will then be all sorts of allegations including racial discrimination and such.

Once, I was also sidelined at a place where I used to work.

But it was not because the colour of my skin.

It was because I was against the bullying culture at the work place and my inability to go along with the bosses on it.

Well, to be exact, I was not just sidelined but actually forced to quit my job.

But never mind, that's an old story.

Whatever it is, allegations of racial discrimination at work place is not uncommon.

In a GLC like Celcom, it can even be alleged that the management was not sensitive enough to the need of furthering the Malays and bumiputera empowerment agenda.

Maybe the German boss doesn't understand the concept.

Well, Celcom appointed him, so it's for the company to sort things out.

I just hope the people at Celcom don't have to suffer too much because of it.

Anyway, it is not actually the first time that I personally received a complaint of such nature.

A few weeks ago, another friend who works at Sime Darby Plantation told me a story about a group from a particular race dominating the company and even victimising others who were not one of them.

I don't know whether the allegations were true or not but maybe the Sime Darby big bosses can check on them and set things straight.

If it's true, then such things must be stopped, but if it was false, then those who spread the false stories should be penalised.

Well, I think these corporate people should know what to do.

I'm just giving them my opinion on the matter because they are GLCs, which in a way makes them belong to the rakyat.

It's the same with government agencies.

Despite all the talks about them being dominated by Malays and bumiputera, I have heard cases where members of other races dominating key positions in an agency and giving preferential treatments to those of their own race in terms of appointments, promotions and other perks.

I even heard of a story about a group of non-bumiputera bullying another group of non-bumiputera from another race at a regulatory agency.

Weird but true.

Maybe I will write about it later.

Whatever it is, I'm quite sure when it comes to exerting racial dominance and bias, it's wrong to say the Malays and bumiputera are always the guilty ones, even in places like the GLCs and government agencies.


  1. Having spent over 20yrs working for 3 multinationals including ~10 yrs of my life living or working overseas, I am convinced almost all human adults are inherently bias. Many executives surround themselves with people of similar characteristics, not necessarily race but like minded people or with the same background & interest. Worst of all is the inherent bias against women. Women has to be 200% better to be considered as equal to men of similar capabilities.

    What to do, life is not fair.

    1. Very true. Thats human nature. Putih hitam kuning coloured ka semua sama saja

  2. You are right annie. New boss, new culture. But why celcom picked this german man? No other local candidates in khazanah? I see the trend everywhere. Maxis also has foreign boss. How about digi? Foreign boss too? Will we see a foreign boss in Telekom in the not so near future as well?

  3. Aiyo Annie.orang German memang manyak sombong.Mereka fikir otak mereka saja yang bijak.Otak orang lain bangang belaka.nasib la sesiapa yang kerja bawah orang macam itu.

    1. "... Mereka fikir otak mereka yang bijak."

      Sedarlah... Dimana tahap German dan dimana tahap orang Melayu.

  4. GLC semua Bulayu kasi kontrol , Wa ingat Bulayu selalu manyak lupa mau lasis maa aa , itu pasat Bulayu selalu manyak kena hantam balik leaa aa .

    Bulayu patut mau belajar lasis lor rr.

  5. Am not surprise CELCOM employed a German now.
    Share AXIATA hari-hari jatuh. Sekarang jatuh
    kepada rm4.21. Maxis pun dah jatuh teruk but
    harini naik 19 sen to rm6..00. TM yang stable
    rm6.33. Ceo masih DatokSri ZAM.

    1. Dah nama pun share/saham, ada hari turun ada hari naik.. if naik selalu akan jatuh menjunam juga satu hari...

      This is life, and it is fair.

  6. Why race suddenly becomes so important when GLCs are involved? The private sectors have been dominated by one particular race for ages and no one gives a hoot about it. Forget about the family owned businesses which only hire those who are competence in foreign cultures.

    1. 22:38,

      Completely untrue. In the private sector oompany called Liwat 1MDB Sdn Bhd, the main mastermind was an obese Indonesian woman, aided by her lembik Indonesian husband. The SKJC products were left merely to do clerical jobs such as setting up fake companies in the Caymans and Seychelles. This is an ideal exemplar of Ketuanan Indon. Sadly, the Malays are left with a gaping $800 million hole in their pensions. It is a small price to pay.

      Harap maklum.

    2. Stop babbling. If you are brave then please post name the individuals who you referred to as "the obese indonesian woman", and "lembik indonesian husband". Better if you also type your name and address instead of hiding behind the anonymous. Worst someone else anonymous. For change, be accountable


    tu ah, ambil lagi orang asing jaga institusi negara.

  8. They thought they could pull off the same stunt like in MAS (MAB). But they are wrong. Who appointed these foreigners ?? It's the Malaysian shareholders. So who are the shareholders, and why did they appoint these foreigners ? I know the answer and bet many of you corporate guys would know too. Jeng jeng jeng !!


  9. I think it's less racial and more work ethic, Annie
    I used to work for a German company.

    I had no problems, in fact my bosses used to rely on me a lot regionally. You have to work like them. Get to work on time, do your job properly, no goyang kaki, chitchat, long lunch or tea breaks etc. As long as you do your work, they don't expect you to work overtime or come in during holidays.

    My German boss one time complained to me about some American workers who took their time to complete work and liked to talk during work. Used to irritate me as well because our work required deadlines etc.

    But Germans do have a superior attitude. you have to be firm and know your facts. Also, very stingy like almost all Mat Sallehs. Will never belanja makan unlike Asian bosses like Japanese.

    Sadly, a lot of Malaysian workers especially the younger ones have horrible work ethics. Ponteng without MC, cabut from work, even if I give specific orders can still ignore, come late go home early, can even go sleep in car during work!!!

    Not like us older folks.

  10. My wife worked with Celcom for 15 years (1990-2005) at middle management level.She took VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme) in 2005.She later joined another public listed Company until today.

    I had the opportunity to have some inside information about Celcom. When Celcom started their business in the early '90s under Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli it was doing very well not because it was the most efficient company but it was mainly due to the monopolistic nature of the business.At that time Celcom was the only company that offerred the mobile phone service.
    Later, when Maxis, Digi and many other companies came into picture, Celcom found it hard to compete with the newcomers.

    IMHO, Celcom is a typical company owned by Malays, run by the Malays (most of Celcom staff are Malays). They run the company as a government organization.There is a lack of urgency in the company.
    Leakages (ketirisan) are abound. From the storekeeper who keeps the company's stocks to the management. There is no control on the company's expenditures.
    Business is about making profit.It is not about race or the color of your skin.
    No wonder so many GLCs are resorting to hiring foreigners because these foreigners have no baggage compared to local managers.
    Tak timbul soal ambik staff anak beranak walaupun tak cekap, tak timbul masalaah bowing to political pressures etc.

    Prof Kangkung