Sunday 6 November 2016

Shouldn't reject an offer of friendship

I'm still busy with my family.

Everyone is still here to be with grandma.

But I got a few minutes now.

My mother told me to rest a bit.

She said I looked tired.

So, I'm writing this lying down on bed.

It's just a bit more about my thoughts on the latest strengthening of Malaysia-China ties which is being heavily criticised over the past days.

I really think that we need to be more positive about it.

I tried to explain why we need to do so in this post a few days ago,

Really, if we think carefully, the closer China-Malaysia ties were not all that bad.

The Chinese are really not some kind of monster, okay.

Yes, they are mostly a bit coarse, loud and less refined, but if we get to know them better, we may find that they are not far different from us.

Even more so if we have been to their country.

I have been to China and I found the country and the attitude of its people towards us are not all too bad.

The following is a posting I did more than a year ago about my experience during my most memorable trip to China.

I'm putting it here in full because I know some of you are too lazy to click on the link and I really want you all, especially those who haven't, to read it,

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beijing diary - What I told a Chinese about Malaysian Chinese

I was in Beijing for some work in late 2013.

Stayed at the Swissotel Hotel for five days.

It was early winter and there was a bit of snow falling at some parts of the city every other nights.

I didn't really like the place.

It was cold and I was bored and missing home. It was the last leg of my trip to China at that time.

The only really pleasant memory I have of that hotel was when I was smoking with my Indonesian and Filipino colleagues at a corner near the main entrance of the building.

It was our routine to hang out there several times a day for smoking sessions.

The no smoking regulation was strictly enforced at the hotel.

The corner where we smoked was also a bit sheltered from the strong cold winter wind.

The three of us enjoyed our little chit chats, especially when it involved bad mouthing our communist Chinese hosts.

They were our little bitching sessions.

Sometimes, another colleague from Vietnam who didn't smoke joined us just to express his displeasure.

He claimed that the Vietnamese communists were nicer than the Chinese communists, which for me was a very hilarious thing to say.

The guy was the oldest and funniest in our gang.

Our complaints were nothing really serious though.

Difficult Internet access,  overzealous government officials, not very friendly hotel staff etc.

Actually, I didn't mind the whole thing so much.

And our Chinese hosts actually tried their best to make us comfortable.

It's just that our standard of comfort was a little bit higher than theirs, I guess.

And maybe it was partly because things were starting to get a little bit tense at South China Sea at that time where the Chinese navy was flexing its muscle over the disputed territorial claims there.

Then there was this very tall and handsome young Chinese official who tried to be friendly with me.

Whenever he saw me alone at the hotel lobby or restaurant, he would sit with me and asked me questions about Malaysia.

He was particularly interested about the Chinese community in Malaysia.

I told him the truth, of course.

Despite several policies which seemed to favour the Malays and bumiputera ethnic groups, the Chinese community is the most prosperous and advance in almost everything.

And I told him that Malaysia is the only country other than China which have a proper Chinese school system.

In his context, China includes the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

He was impressed.

These are his exact words which I remember very well,

"That's very tolerant of your government. Do the Chinese in your country appreciate it?"

I hesitated for a few seconds before saying "Yes".

I hesitated because it was just several months after the Chinese tsunami of 2013 general election.

Despite my inclination at that moment to say "No",  I didn't, because it's not right to give the impression to a foreigner that we, Malaysians were so racially divided.

For better or worse, we are all Malaysians and we need to settle the problems among ourselves without letting outsiders' interference.

We simply have to do it that way or otherwise we would likely perish and Malaysia as we knew it may cease to exist.

This is another post on the same China trip in 2013 which I wrote not long after I return from it that year,

Chinese snow

And yes, I'm not kidding you when I wrote that I went on that trip as a guest of the Chinese government.

So, I know they are really trying hard to be friendly.

They are not very good at it, but I think they genuinely tried their best.

So, I don't think we should just dismiss their gestures without consideration.

After all, it's not true that we have nothing to offer in return to the Chinese other than selling our country for all the help that they were offering.

We can actually offer them our friendship in return which I believe is quite valuable.

I'm quite sure the Chinese will appreciate it.

Malaysia is after all known to be a good friend at the international stage.

I know, the Americans are more attractive as friends.

They are more fashionable.

Almost everyone are more fashionable than the Chinese.

In fact, I prefer Japan myself.

Japan is generally more classy and cultured compared to China.

But, I still don't think we should push away an offer of friendship by any country.

We should not be sombong (arrogant) in our selection of friends.

We should take the good and reject the bad in any friendship.

The same applies to Malaysia's relations with China.

At least that's how I see it.

Okay, that's it. I need to go help cook for dinner now.

You all enjoy the rest of this Sunday, okay.



  1. Annie,

    It's really nothing to do with fashion or friendship, simply necessity.

    a) The Swiss, Middle Eastern, US and UK banking systems will be on very high alert for any future financial hanky-panky involving the Bugis thief. They were all badly burned in 1MDB.

    b) He needs a country that is rich, corrupt and wants something in exchange. China fits the bill perfectly. Note, he granted a local bank licence in 48 hours to a China bank. Any idea why? Because, like CCCC (the Chinese contractor for ERCL, banned for corruption by the World Bank), he can launder money and pay the kickbacks to China without being traced.

    c) He wants to dissuade the DOJ from further action by threatening to pivot to China. That is why the soft porno maker followed Mummy down the aircraft steps.

    Here are some interesting facts.

    a) In July, Fadillah Yusof said the ECRL cost would remain RM30 billion as set by govt in 2015, not "pumped up" to RM60 billion to cover up 1MDB debts. But now the cost is confirmed RM55 billion. How did the cost go up by RM25 billion in under 6 months?

    b) The leaked documents show that two Jho Low companies (Loh & Loh Corporation Berhad and Putrajaya Perdana Berhad) will have their debts of US$315 million cleared by this deal. If the names sound familiar, it's because the MACC arrested people from these companies before the Bugis thief sabotaged the investigation. What does Jho Low have to do with the ERCL?

    We often forget that he is digging one hole to fill another. Part of the mark-up will go to fill the US$6.5 billion hole created by the theft from Aabar and IPIC.

    In the end, the rakyat pays twice for the theft.

    1. DYMM Agong yang baru perlu memainkan peranan yang paling penting dalam urus najib dan menteri menteri ini...kalau tak hancur lah negara. Najib harus ditangkap & semua ketua ketua negara yang bersengkongkol...tangkap semua pembantu2 penyamun bugis haramjadah nih...

    2. 'How did the cost go up by RM25 billion in under 6 months?'......more shopping for rosie kut?

    3. 6 November 2016 at 20:28,

      Actually to be fair, the rulers have tried. They asked for 1mdb to be settled properly (ignored by Jibby), they tried to amend the NSC Act (ignored by Jibby) but they did block the appointment of Jibby's pol-sec into EC. So they are trying, but the country is gone beyond hope. What to do.

    4. rulers hands tied bro

      they want to help us but how

      monarki not to enter politic


    5. Apa lagi Cina mau maa aa ?.

      Wa pon tak tau lea aa .


  2. Maybe the only winner is the MCA. One of their Cinabengs has been appointed "Special Envoy to China". I think these guys were soiling their pants in case Umno did not give them safe Malay seats in GE14. Now they are safe, but Mr Pinklips may play out DS Hadi in the process (which is a good thing, as no Islamic party should associate with dishonest criminals.)

    But the MCA should just be Senators, really. No need to stand in elections. As it is, all they do is make sure crooked Chinese towkays and crooked Umnoputras continue to lubricate each other's pockets with cash. Yes, Ali-Baba is still strong. The rich Malays and Chinese get richer, the rest of us are thrown crumbs, Alhamdulillah.

    It's sad, but we are almost 60 years old and now becoming a corrupted 3rd world country, after starting off with good governance for the first few decades. For most countries, it's the other way around.

    1. Anak Tun Razak konon...ish...dia x rasa malu ke? Zaman Tun Razak bende mcm nih x pernah berlaku sekali pon. Makin dikata, makin melulut najib ni, tolong rakyat semua fikir serius apa kah betul pm kita waras atau sebaliknya.

    2. zimbabwe lah. coming soon. why mugabe came here for secret visit? 'investments'? 'you help me I help you?'....hmmmmm

    3. You guys are reading too much of spy novels

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Pokjib bawak anak tiri bersama ke china sebab nak perkenalkan kpd orang china perompak wang 1mdb yg tinggal di AS seblm DOJ sita rumah dan harta2 mewah di US...perompak2 cina boleh ambik riza sebagai ahli baru kut...

    5. Yang Mahataik bawak anak dia si penyokong LGBT Marina ke Cina semasa so bapak jadi PM tak ungkit pulak?

    6. Mappadulung anak Tun Razak memang kurang ajar... Bapak hantar ke universiti dia buat kecoh tak belajar baik baik. Hanya kejar jawatan tinggi2 untuk banggakan diri?

    7. Mappadulung a name given by Kadir Jasin. Orang yang otak paling geliga. Recently he asked to see pay in slips for investment from China hahaha! Small wonder all Mahathir's attempts to unseat Najib have failed miserably.


  3. Anyway, Johor's doing well as Iskandar Waterfront Holdings is the local "front" for Bandar Malaysia's Chinese takeover.

    Lots of China involvement in Danga Bay and elsewhere too.

    Funny how "down south" not making any more noise on corruption, rule of law, failure of national leadership, secession, etc. Very, very quiet suddenly.

    Must be busy.

    1. check out TMJ bro in 'red shirts' spoof video....

      You can see the meaning or not?

      kih kih kih....

    2. Ya, it's funny, ha ha! But tmj also said hes not siding with the red or yellow.

      "Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Violence and hatred is not going to make this nation a better place. Stay positive. Lots of love."

      Good one, tmj.

    3. Di Johor, orang Melayu hanya membisu dan menggigit jari. Memang begitu pesat pembangunan di Johor, tetapi persoalan ialah samada ia adalah holistik dan memanfaatkan siapa. Lihat sahaja apa yang berlaku dengan Pantai Lido. Ikon kebangaan hilang dan tinggal kenangan. Pantai Lido ditambak dan diatasnya dibina kondo-kondo mewah yang tidak mampu di beli kaum Melayu. Kaum Melayu hanya mampu sekadar melihat kondo-kondo tersebut yang bakal didiami warga asing.

      Tambah pula keperitan hidup dengan kos hidup yang tidak seimbang. Kebanyakkan Bukan Melayu bekerja di Singapura. Gaji mereka dalam Dollar Singapura, tiga kali ganda, menyerbu pulak orang Singapura ke Johor, almaklum semua barang separuh harga. Kaut bawa balik semua barang subsidi -Minyak, Tepung, Beras.

      Orang Melayu lupa tentang tanah-tanah yang diambil, pampasan diberi tidak senilai hartanah yang dibina diatasnya.

      Realitinya, orang Melayu akan merempat di negeri sendiri pada masa akan datang.

    4. 22:04, Jamal mangkuk hayun mmg x faham:

      'Bagi saya TMJ saja bergurau, sebagai seorang raja dengan siapa lagi baginda mahu bergurau sudah pasti dengan rakyat. TMJ seorang yang berjiwa rakyat. Terima Kasih kepada baginda kerana respon dengan persembahan silat.'

      Ehh, 'respon dengan persembahan silat?' Mana ade? Jamal nih mabuk ketum atau 'overdos' ikan syabu, ekkk

    5. Anon 9:58,

      You still don't get it, do you? In this part of the peninsular- chinese, indians, malays, bugis, negritos, etc belong to the same group - matterless race. Here Bangsa Johor reigns supreme. It does not matter who owns the luxurious condos or the executive villas as long as he or she is Bangsa Johor, or friendly associated with Bangsa Johor. Stop complaining!

  4. Wondering whether any such thing like SJK in China since there are dozens of ethnic minorities there in addition to the Han majority.

    1. Sdr Bilu,

      You fail to recognize that recent trip to China is actually an educational exchange with the Middle Kingdom. Sdr Riza Aziz will be opening a film school to show how drugs and nudity movies can be financed via under the table payments; his mother shall be giving lessons on how to apply fake mustache so that sales assistants in the Italian branch of De Grisogono do not recognize her spending €750,000 on jewels using SRC credit card; and his stepfather will be opening sekolah agama (sbb takut kena tanggung dosa isteri & anak tirinya.)

      In the meantime, SJK(C) product Jho-Low will be arranging more "rezeki" with his Middle Kingdom ancestors in the Communist Party. He shall conclude by going to DSNTR and saying "lezeki sudah mali, boss!"

      Harap maklum.

    2. 21:25

      Its very practical question considering there are more than 55 minority groups in China. Thus far noone from this gropu who is stammering in Mandatin has been appointed as a leader. Woodering the communist would allow NGO from the minority like DJZ here be established in China.

    3. Sdr Bilu,

      To answer your question, every minority in China is persecuted. For example, Muslims in Xinjiang region are not allowed to fast or to study the Quran openly. The PRC govt has tortured and killed thousands of Muslims in Xinjiang.

      This is truly a great contrast to how Tongsan imports are treated in Malaysia. We not only allow them to have their own schools, but we also tell Hasan of PAC to illegally delete BNM's evidence linking Jho-Low to the theft of US$700 million from Petrosaudi. In return, the fat Tongsan import needs to send 681 American pies to our AmBank account. This alliance between Bugis import and Tongsan import is truly "1Malaysia". The PRC can surely learn much.

      Harap maklum.

    4. 'sbb takut kena tanggung dosa isteri & anak tirinya'....ya, dosa besar la tu. Mungkin anak tiri yang nama dah busuk berulat di US tu boleh jadi kominis - pendapat & pendirian kiri...pokjib bangga sangat, "perjalanan ke China dengan mendapat pelaburan lebih 140 billion" - tak tau berapa billion yang dapat di masukkan nama si anak tiri. Mesti Rosie dah kira semua tu. Itu pasal si anak tiri di heret naik jet eksekutif Kerajaan, seolah olah dia pun orang gomen.

    5. Wow, then jibros is quite desperate if he wants to get money from a country that mistreats Muslims. And my guess is that we can say 'sayonara' to the Spratlys, rite??? South China Sea and our islands, just hand it over. Just so wrong man. All to cover one fat greedy woman's lust for cash. Look at our reputation worldwide now. If we want to jual bontot, only China or other corrupt regimes will buy. Sigh. Thanks Jibs.

    6. 00:43,

      If every minority in China is prosecuted, then why the SJKC community in this country is complaining? If China won't allow a minority who is stammering in Mandarin to become a
      leader, then the SJKC in this country is far more fortunate then all Chinese's communities put together. Instead of asking for more the SJKC community should have thanked their lucky star.


    7. Sdr Bilu,

      You must understand that the SJKC community are inflamed by jealousy because of Jho-Low's success. However, they must learn to start small. Instead of hugging Paris Hilton and drinking RM8.2 million worth of champagne bought with Malaysian rakyat's money, they can start by hugging Jalan Alor china doll and drinking Libena.

      The deeper lesson for the SJKC community is to learn to share. Jho-Low, a Chinese, gave Riza Aziz, a Malay, RM430 million to make a semi pornographic film, and also to buy US penthouses. And because this money was stolen from public funds, it means that all of us - Malay, Chinese, Indian, DLL - helped to finance this. This is what 1Malaysia is all about.

      Harap maklum.

    8. 'they can start by hugging Jalan Alor china doll and drinking Libena.'...ROFL : )

    9. is libena made from blackcullant? hehhehe


  5. " As far as Malaysian purchases from China that’s not tilting to China, that is making a commercial deal. Everybody does it. The very idea that third-country cooperation with China is somehow a bad thing — it’s ridiculous"

    -- US Assistant Sec of State for East Asia, Mr Russel on November 4th 2016

    Good endorsement from the US Sec of State Department
    while it has been suddenly quiet(?) from the usually noisy Singapore and Western press when about Malaysia

    NB. So it will Chinese not Shinkansen bullet train from Tumpat

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  6. Najib menggadaikan seluruh Malaysia demi menyelamatkan dirinya. Kenapa tiba-tiba Najib bertindak mengabaikan Amerika? Ini adalah kerana Presiden Obama akan tamat tempohnya dan tidak ada kuasa lagi untuk melindungi Najib. Tindakan Najib ini lebih memudahkan pihak berkuasa Amerika bertindak mengheret anak tiri Najib dan semua yang terlibat termasuk 'MO1" ke penjara. Pada saat itulah Najib merasakan negara China dapat membantu dengan tidak menyerahkan mereka kepada Amerika.

    Najib silap....setelah dia bukan lagi PM dan China sudah memiliki banyak perkara di Malaysia, maka keutamaan di pihak kerajaan China sudah tentulah bukan lagi si Najib. Mungkin China tidak akan pedulikan tekanan daripada Amerika...tetapi kebarangkalian kerajaan China akur dengan kehendak kerajaan baharu Malaysia adalah sangat tinggi demi kepentingan bersama.

    Pihak berkuasa Malaysia akan pergi ke China untuk membawa balik mereka yang terlibat dalam rompakan terbesar di dunia itu. Pilihan Najib ialah hidup berpindah randah sebagai pelarian yang tidak cukup tanah. Orang yang merancang dasar luar dan dasar ekonomi kerajaan Najib sekarang demi menyelamatkan diri serta ahli keluarga dan anak tiri tersayang sememangnya boleh diagak. Najib pasti jatuh.

    Cuma masalahnya...bagaimanakah Malaysia mampu untuk menebus kembali harta negara yang telah terlepas ke tangan pihak luar?


    1. Harta ke tangan luar? Rakyat Australia dan UK bertanya soalan yang sama(?) Sdr ANON 20:24
      berkenaan rakyat kita yang memiliki hartatanah mewah di Melbourne dan London
      ( dan Singapore)

      Aliran wang dunia tanpa sempadan bahkan tidak melalui saluran rasmi G-to-G

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Saudara M.Zin.

      Bezanya... antara mereka yang memiliki hartanah di Amerika, Australia ataupun dimana-mana Negara Asing ialah... DoJ Amerika buat dakwaan bahawa WANG yang di perolehi Reza & Jho Low untuk membeli semua asset & hartanah yang di'gantung' hak-milik itu, meragukan dan DoJ mempunyai bukti, sumber WANG itu dari 1MDB.

      Sebab itu DoJ guna akta-baru... Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative... dimana pihak tersangka dipaksa untuk membuktikan kesahihan sumber WANG yang mereka perolehi untuk membeli semua asset & hartanah itu.

      Nota: Kleptocracy bermaksud... Rule by thieves.

      Jika gagal, baru semua asset & hartanah itu disita, disusuli oleh dakwaan criminal pula... dan oleh kerana Kerajaan Malaysia telah mengatakan MO1 tidak terlibat dan tiada WANG Rakyat yang hilang dari 1MDB... Mathias Chang & Husam boleh menuntut asset & hartanah yang yang dibeli guna WANG curi itu, bagi pihak Rakyat Malaysia.

      Harap Maklum.

  7. Here we go again.hope I hope I Will live long enough to see these negaholics swallow their own words.

    Prof Kangkung


    1. There are kiasu reasons(?) why Singapore investments failed miserably in China, Bro Prof

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. They are all sour grapes. Mahathir when he was the PM failed to get investment from China despite making several trips there. Now Najib has managed to secure RM144.0 billion worth of investment. Memang mereka ni sedang sakit hati berulam jantung. Dengar khabar si Mahathir sekarang kerap mengalami pain in the chest.


      Yes anon 0818.
      Jeles aja tu. boleh baca ttg kegagalan Tun M to secure RM144 billion loan from China

      Prof Kangkung

  8. have u even heard of China corporation invasion of johor?

    1. Dah lama tahu dah. Tapi respek ler TMJ, tembak mati jamal pak tongkol & konco konconya...terbaek video viral tu, kih kih kih! Kipidap, TMJ!

  9. Only one question: Apa You Orang Mau?

    1. china want our land, our islands, our sea, our money and our resource bro....tu jer bro

    2. Wow, is that all??? Can we keep anything?

  10. Zaman najib ni semua langkah mempunyai agenda peribadi..bak kata pepatah...seperti tikus membaiki labu...duit 1mdb, banyak dah dibekukan di US dan singapore..jadi ramai penunggu dedak sedang mengangga,..macam jamal pak tongkol dan lobai2 lontoih. Pilihanraya tahun depan,.cara mana lagi nak dapat duit,.terpaksa lah kelipit china pula, walaupun mengadai tanah melayu...najib kalau tak kelipit duit mati kutu dia.

  11. Annie,

    There was a time where business signboards must have Malay words, and they must be larger if there are other languages. Now it is no longer a must and in various parts of KL you see signboards in Burmese, Nepalese and Bangla. There is no tulisan Melayu but still they are OK.

    There are extremists and fundamentalists in Malaysia that called Chinese 'kafirs' 'kafir harbees' and all sorts of bad names, portraying Chinese as untrustworthy and all kinds of bad things. Suddenly with the same breath they want to extend friendship to the Chinese, want to live long enough to see the extremists swallowing their own curses, asking prudent questions like "harta ke tangan luar???" while inviting the 'negaholics' to see australia new zealand etc..

    In every perhimpunan umno you hear voices attacking Chinese but when those extremists left the perhimpunan they sat with their Chinese brethren talking about projects and asking about family matters. The same people would not extend their jalan to other Melayu normally.

    They are the lowest in terms of moral and they have no principle. They are for sale 24/7/365. They are very short-sighted but extremely good in creating slogan. They wear red to show gagah but they are no warriors. There is no evidence in history that there were warriors amongst them except fictitious names such as the Hangs.

    Their words and actions are not to be taken seriously.

    1. 'they sat with their Chinese brethren talking about projects and asking about family matters.'


      corrupt got no skin color

      only color is color of MONEY bro

      1malaysia = 1 moneylasia

      caya la bro

    2. Zamri at 12:39,

      Zamri, thank you as you are telling the truth.

      Not long ago someone here commented that the SJKC Chinese pendatang are born bribe givers. Although I thought that as the Chinese are pork eaters too so they must have offered pork to the Malays like Alvin USA, but the Melayu are strong enough to resist the temptation because of Allah's forbidding, and Allah forbid corruption money too, so there should be no problem for Melayu government servants to resist the Cina's offering of corruption money. But the reality was quite different. Everyone has a choice, that's all, and those taking bribe just made theirs.

      So what you said proved that blaming corruption on the givers alone is wrong. So I thank you for a second time.

      Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was quoted as saying that when a believer is doing sinful act then while he's doing that he isn't a believer. If he isn't a believer then he is kuffur. If he is kuffur he is a kafir.

      So when a Melayu Islam sins, he is a kafir

      Some Melayu Islam can be very arrogant, calling others kafir and what not. I think this is a curse on Melayu Islam yang jahil, yang tak baca kitab. Day in and day out they kutuk yahudi, kutuk nasrani, and kutuk bangsa lain. At one time PAS members kutuk UMNO members too, calling them kafirs and came out with some AMANAT to declare war.

      Everyone has own notion of truth. There is no "Kampung Melayu Khusus" in the paradise.


    3. Yeah niceties for top leaders over tea kan(?) Sdr Zamri
      while the MCS Treasury officers are without sleep for at least the last two years

      Having dealt with them and alhamduli 'Llah still alive, the Treasury should in-sya-Allah have built in for the country, some steep performance and killing contingent liability clauses in this biggest $'00 billion contracts

      NB. For even our RM odd million 90s supply contract the lady treasury officer then got our tie and shirt
      ( almost our pants too)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. So why are we paying RM55 billion?

    Then the Chinese company's website says the project cost is only RM46 billion.

    There is a mismatch of RM9 billion.

    Nak beli beg tangan kulit Hippopotamus kut?

    1. Next question, why is RM2 (two ringgit) paid up capital company doing JV for 55 billion contract???

      This country has gone 4th world under Jibby...

  13. ali tinju hentam jamal pak rogol kow2......

  14. Try explaining all these things to all the hardcore supporters of UMNO in kampungs and Felda.
    I am very sure they will be nodding their heads not because they agree with you but out of boredom
    Prof Kangkung

  15. As a Malaysian with Australian PR, I am like a soldier of fortune. I move where the best awaits.

    What is certain and cannot be denied is the country is going downhill and the Malays cannot see beyond their nose. So long they are kept contented with some scrap and they are instilled the "bangsa, agama, negara" slogan there are all too happy not to be bothered about their own leaders looting their country and selling off the country.

    Of course China is the dominant economic player in the world but Malays do not see how China elsewhere has taken control of the country. They loot the country on the cheap.

    When the country which has slipped down the rungs (once Malaysia was higher or on par with Korea and Taiwan) has had their wealth all looted and gone and the oil no longer available and the gravy train for Malays stopped, only then Malays will realise their follies of blindly supporting kleptocracy.

    Anyway, I am ok for as safety and security, my house in Perth is always there to go.

    1. Hello M. Zin,

      Perth is a safe house. If, Malaysia screws up, then I can move there. Soldier of Fortune.


  16. Good for you and respectfully great that you just emigrate(?) Sdr ANON 07:54
    as your comparison at this jucture seen a tad biased to justify your $ actions

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


  17. Not friendship kan(?) nor racial politics but stictly economics, Lil sis Ms Annie

    " Drawing closer towards China economically is a pragmatic move by the Malaysian government to expand its economic space and boost economic growth
    .. Provided the Malaysia will also seek to build up ties with the US for regional peace and development"

    -- Senior Fellow Johan Saravanamuttu, Rajaratnam School
    International Studies Nanyang U Singapore on November 4th 2016

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  18. We also should not make any deal with companies that have been blacklisted by world bank such as CCCC