Friday 18 November 2016

Tried and tired - the stupidity continues

I don't think they care about this police's warning,

Any rally — Yellow or Red — on Saturday is illegal

The same warning was issued before the previous rallies and still they came.

As it happened, the police then just monitored the situation to prevent any untoward incident.

They didn't try to stop the rallies.

Even when the rallies became ugly such as during this Bersih 3,

the authorities didn't really try very hard to punish the culprits.

The organisers of the rallies were hardly punished too.

Whatever it is, I feel that nothing serious was done to prevent the same thing from happening again.

So, I think the Bersih 5 rally will really happen tomorrow.

The yellow-clad Bersih supporters will turn up.

The police will be on stand-by as usual.

The Red Shirts will turn up for real this time.

Then the yellow and red will clash.

It's inevitable.

Police will have to move in and do the necessary to stop the stupid fighting.

Many will be injured and things will be damaged.

The story will go global.

Malaysia in turmoil, so said the headline.

The economy will further suffer.

Things will become even harder after that.

Ya, that's how I think things will turn up to be.

Really troublesome.

I have repeatedly wrote that these rallies are not only pointless but stupid because it causes people problems without solving anything.

Told already for everyone to wait for the general election and campaign peacefully till then.

I'm against both the Bersih and Red Shirts stupidity.

Their leaders should be locked up to stop the nonsense.

That's what I wrote.

But of course, who wants to listen to me lah.

So, that's about it. I have done my part.

Tried and tired already.

We all simply have to brace ourselves for what's coming our way.

Just pray that it will not be too bad.

My special prayer is for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad not to be on the ground during the rally.

I can't imagine what will happen if something bad happened to the handsome old man if things turn violent.

I really hope Mukhriz and his siblings can stop him from endangering himself by going to the rally.

Come on guys, your dad is 91, okay. Don't let him do dangerous things.

Anyway, I will be in downtown KL tomorrow to meet someone.

Hopefully things will not be too bad.


  1. The police has a choice to not interfere for even what little thing they do will be accused of unnessary roughness(?) Lil sis Ms Annie
    so IF PDRM interfere, follow lah fire away like the US

    OAKLAND, Calif. — Oakland police used tear gas and “flash” grenades Saturday to break up an estimated 2,000 Occupy protesters ..
    -- Associated Press on January 28th 2012

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Interfering without using correct tools is useless as previous Bersih rallies demonstrate. For a change PDRM should consider using semi-lethal tools like the rubber coated projectile in adiition to tear gas and chemical spray. It works effectively in the palestenian occupied territory and it should work here too

  2. he is going to sweden convenient.....

    1. ...or maybe you are too mentally retarded to know the difference between Sweden and Sudan?

    2. 18:16, don't blame "dina" alone, because all the dedak bloga2 made the same mistake, even the baby Genting crony who was suckled on duit judi haram.

    3. betul lah tu.....pi sudan dulu....then to sweden lah....
      tun m bagi dedak pun masih blur....budussss

  3. Sebelum rally BERSIH atau baju merah... Siapa pencetus sebenar?

    Keganasan dalam bentuk kezaliman dan kelepektasi telah berlaku lebih awal...

    Rakyat sentiasa betul.

  4. Ya but get real lah. The red shits are umno sponsored thugs who just want to harass people who are sick of corruption. the jamban yunos guy has no real ideals, he just wants the money. Like Tun says, this party is just a money making machine now while the poor gets poorer.

    Somewhere along the line try not to forget that the pinklips & hippo has liwatted Malaysians to the tune of 28 billion ringgit songlap into their own pockets. They hv done way more damage to the country's image than bersih has or will.

    Wait for election? Ya good idea. When the EC finishes its gerrymandering of 4:1 imbalance ratio and half the opposition mps are in jail by this regime, and pinklips starts spreading around the 25 billion stolen from ECRL deal, what 'election' you gonna have, actually?

    1. " making machine"...ya, Umngok dah jauh seast jalan. Bangkit, Melayu, bangkit! Di samping tanggungjawab kpd insitusi keluarga tanggungjawab menyelamatkan negara juga di tuntut...shukur kpd perhimpunan bersih itulah dia hasrat rakyat semoga dipermudahkan dan kumpulan haram org melayu baju merah diketuai umno itu didoakan agar ditimpa musibah laknat kerana mengganggu niat murni rakyat melalui himpunan bersih. Sikap terpuji seperti BERSIH perlu ada pada mereka yg sentiasa sedar sebelum terlambat...atau nasi sudah menjadi bubur...Mereka yg tidak lagi sedar ibarat sedang koma akibat tercekek dedak yang bervirus.

    2. You need more reason look at Pandi's persecution of journalists:

      "Yet again, we see action being taken against the media for covering a press conference. This is clearly a case of pure harassment," said Gan in a statement.

      "We shall defend ourselves vigorously and prove in court that by covering the press conference, we did not commit any crime but were merely doing our job as journalists," he added.

      Gan also noted there appeared to be a matter of conflict of interest here, where the AG's Chambers charged a media organisation for uploading a video which allegedly insulted the AG.'

      Pandi, who is trying his best to block every single action against MO1, is a civil servant, not some god.

      Deal with it, dude.

    3. typical anc people using rude words and name calling.....very typical indeed...shows how low moral and mentality they are...

  5. Bersih game plan is easy to read.If the gathering ends up in chaos (one or two deaths will be a bonus to them), they can declare the gathering is a success.
    Any peaceful gathering will not attract international media attention.
    If the gathering end up peacefully they have nothing to show.
    The question is so simple?who is willing to be sacrificed as a matyr.If a chinese guy is killed it might bring a lot of good for the propaganda.The police are the runnig dog of the govt etc.If a Malay bersih guy is injured or killed there wont be any backlash from red shirt Malays.
    The worst case scenario is when a red shirt Malay guy is injured or killed there will be a bloodbath.The docile Malays will run amuck
    InsyaAllah kita doakan semua berjalan lancar dan pulang dengan selamat.
    Prof kangkung

    1. Semuga Allah menghantar KHALIFAH NYA dalam perhimpunan BERSIH 5 bagi melancarkannya program yang telah dirancang dan memberi perlindungan kepada semua peserta perhimpunan yang tulen dari dibuli oleh puak yang zalim. Insya Allah.

    2. holier than thou feeling suci gang baju kuning ni...

    3. Penceroboh geng bahlol Jamal suka masuk pagar orang yang berakal

  6. Don't worry your poor head, Annie.
    Most probably there won't be any clash between
    the red and the yellow shirt.
    Jamal will be too busy in the ring, boxing with one
    of the 22 BOXERS who challanged him to A real and
    straight fight, not browling On the street.
    Just wait for 19th November, to see how brave is this
    Jamal pak tongkol is. If 23 of his ikan Bakar stalls were
    closed down due to his browling reputation, this time
    round, his hotel pulak will be shut down!!!!!!
    So we just wait and see, WHO will be browling on the
    street on 19th Nov - JAMAL vs THE BOXERS or the
    RED vs YELLOW shirts.

    1. The Jamal kena tumbuk videos have reached about 2 million views together.

      Go read the BM comments section and you'll understand how low the Malays regards this paid UMNO dedak eater. The joy at seeing him punched is universal!

    2. Semua masalah punca daripada sikap tamak lagi rakus.
      Dapat pangkat besar berlagak macam sangat bagus,
      Sebaliknya melencong dari jalan yang lurus,
      Macai dia kata tidak ada kuning tidak ada merah ros,
      Maka tidak ada kleptokrasi Tun Mahathir tak perlu berdengus.
      Elok sangat kalau Perawan Bugis cepat mampus.
      Malaysiaku pasti kembali aman rakyat hidup bagus.

    3. mahafiraun lari ke Sudan apa citer?

  7. Annie,

    I am not exactly unbiased towards BERSIH as you can tell from my previous postings.

    But let us put that aside for a minute and look at the facts.

    Fact 1:-
    Bersih has announced their intentions to march for a number of weeks now.

    Fact 2:-
    Given the situation in Malaysia, it seems inconceivable that Bersih would not have made sure that they fulfill the necessary requirements of the Peaceful Assembly Act.

    The march tomorrow is legal.

    Supplementary points.
    1. Has Jamal Yunos applied for any permissions for his Red Shirts to gather? I dunno.

    2. The Red Shirts have demonstrated, time and time again, a propensity for unprovoked violence against anybody who does not share their views.

    There is a real prospect of unprovoked violent behaviour yet again by Jamal Yunos and his mob of goons.

    BERSIH 3 included a large proportion of Malays.

    BERSIH 4 had virtually no Malays.

    BERSIH 3 was violent.

    BERSIH 4 was peaceful.

    BERSIH 5 is likely to have very few Malays EXCEPT for Jamal Yunos and his Red Shirts.

    One can draw one's own conclusions here.

    Sorry for my unpleasant views but I am just presenting the facts as they are. :(

    As for your statements, let me put my Bersih hat back on and address them.

    //these rallies are not only pointless but stupid because it causes people problems without solving anything.//


    I hardly think so.

    Many Malaysians are now more aware of the gerrymandering which occur.

    I read yesterday that BN now needs only 20% of the vote to win 112 seats in GE14!!

    Bear in mind that once upon a time, as recently as GE13, BN only needed a bit over 30% of the vote to win government.

    Interesting, eh?

    BTW, I also predict that the hawkers, that roadside stalls and many many shops will have booming sales tomorrow.

    So, at least some of the "little" people will benefit from BERSIH 5.

    //Told already for everyone to wait for the general election and campaign peacefully till then.//

    Eeerrr... campaigning peacefully is EXACTLY the intention of BERSIH 5.

    We, Malaysians, have done virtually nothing and kept silent for donkey's years and the current administration is what we have been lumbered with.

    Continuing to do nothing and keeping silent does not seem to be a very good idea.

    //I can't imagine what will happen if something bad happened to the handsome old man if things turn violent.//

    I wouldn't be too worried about Mahatir's safety.

    He is not going to attend - something about an overseas trip, I am told.

    //Hopefully things will not be too bad.//

    I am heartened by the actions of PDRM recently in Ampang where Jamal Yunos got a bloodied nose from tangling with PDRM.

    It demonstrates that some PDRM personnel will take no nonsense from anybody who is aggressive and belligerent.

    I have always been a big fan of rank and file PDRM personnel whom I believe to be largely composed of good decent people who really want to make a positive difference in society.

    Unfortunately for PDRM, I feel they are being led by a person who makes it really hard for many Malaysians to respect the hardworking rank and file personnel of PDRM.

    And yes, I will be joining the local BERSIH 5 gathering in my neck of the woods as I am nowhere near my kampung at the moment.


    1. Well said.


      Section 18 of the PAA 2012 reads: “If the Officer in Charge of a Police District receives a notification of a counter assembly and it is evident that the organisation of the counter assembly will cause conflict between the participants of the assemblies, the Officer in Charge of the Police District shall give an alternative for the counter assembly to be organised at another time, date or place”.

      The cops arrested many leaders illegally ahead of Bersih 4; why haven't they arrested Jamal?

      Yesterday the High Court reminded PDRM of this section and very clearly said it's their responsibility to uphold Section 18 of the PAA 2012.

      So if any blood does spill, you know who to blame.

    2. Gladiator.

      Bersih niat. Bersih hasil. Look out for each other. Peacefully.

      Overcome the gerrymandering. Inshaa Allah.

      Take care all. Speak up. Nicely. Pray that no one is hurt. Ameen.

    3. ya n same people claiming 40k bangla

  8. Melayu, wahai Melayu....bangang punya bangsa.
    dapat brim rm100 terbahak bahak ketawa suka hati umgnok baik. Depa curi duit kamu berbilion ringgit tak tahu. Pi sekolah lagi lah....sekolah pun tak pandai....patut pun kena tipu....

    Sape jadi kaya?

    Jho Low

    Eric Tan

    Yak Yew Chee

    Yeo Jia Wei

    Jasmine Loo

    Casey Tang

    Nie la "ketuanan Melayu".

    Haramjadah betul.

    1. Yep its funny. So many Chinese got so rich off the 1MDB scam. That Yeo chap was worth 60 mil by the age of 32. All on our money. Now, the PRC chinese and MCA datuk2 will become very rich off Bdr M'sia and the east coast railway. Not much 'ketuanan Melayu' there but why Jamban Anus don't protest that?

    2. "Ketuanan Melayu"? Atau "Kemungkaran Bugis"? Hmmm. Org yg merembat berbilion duit rakyat....kemudian tipu rakyat dgn cerita dongengnya...sekat kebebasan bersuara, sape berani bersuara disoal, ditangkap.....gunakan kuasa dan akta sebagai BENTENG utk lindungkan pekong penyelewengannya.....kerah rakyat macam kuli batak bayar hutang negara.....kemudian perjudikan nasib rakyat utk lepaskan tengkuknya ini LEBIH YAHUDI dari yahudi sebenar.

      2 bank di Singapura dah tutup. Perbicaraan di Singapura dah berjalan dan org yg bersalah terlibat dgn duit haram 1MDB pon sedang dibicarakan.....takkan fitnah lagi?? Di sini berita2 perbicaraan didiamkan jer.

      Tolak kerjasama dgn siasatan Swiss.....kenapa tak nak bagi kerjasama?? Bukan ke kita nak tau sape dalang yg lesapkan duit rakyat tu??.....Apasal tak nak ambik tau?? Nak biar jer jerung terlepas dgn duit rakyat yg berbilion tu ye....sedangkan rakyat miskin curi buah sikit utk anak pon ditangkap.

    3. Melayu tak bangang. Ill informed. Speak up by all means. Inform. Nicely.

      Saya. 'Melayu tak bangang'

    4. Whatever they want to say about Melayu one thing for sure Malays are no longer stupid

      Prof kangkung

    5. Melayu bangang vs tak bangang. Apa bezanaya? Konsep politik orang orang BERAKHLAK, TEGUH IMAN dan MAJU ialah dengan cara berhujah, menguna FAKTA dan AKAL BIJAK serta menerima perbezaaan pendapat.

      Cara politik orang orang tiada AKHLAK, KURANG IMAN dan LEMAH MINDA melalui BERGADUH, MENGHASUT, BENCI FAKTA, SUKA KEPADA FITNAH dan MENIPU...Jamal Jamban al-Dedak sinonim dengan cara ini, dan Najib adalah sponsornya.

    6. "Whatever they want to say about Melayu one thing for sure Malays are no longer stupid"

      Except for you, Pros Kangkang.

      Except for you.

    7. 17:28

      "Konsep politik orang orang BERAKHLAK, TEGUH IMAN dan MAJU ialah dengan cara berhujah, menguna FAKTA dan AKAL BIJAK serta menerima perbezaaan pendapat"


      But in the same breath. Why the name calling.

      Melayu Bangang. Jamal Jamban. Etc.

      Per said. Where is the akhlak. As you have correctly said. Akhlak is the key.

    8. 14:12,

      "Kemungkaran Bugis", ye betul la tu.

      Rahman Dahlan kata hanya orang bebal saja tak tahu MO1 tu najib...jadi toksahlah bebal...
      1mdb belum selesai di 7 buah negara duit yg disorokkan oleh Jho low...Singapura dahmulakan prosiding mahkamah...AS DAH sita harta2 dan akaun perompak...AG m'sia dah bebaskan perompak sebelum dibawa ke mahkamah..Pandi juga tak mau mintak bukti rompakan dari DOJ dan TAKUT nak bagi maklumat 1mdb kpd Swiss. Korang "process" guna logik ler...

    9. Profusely Kangkang said:
      "Whatever they want to say about Melayu one thing for sure Malays are no longer stupid"

      Malays are never stupid except for those like you who make us all look stupid...

    10. melayu yg bodoh bila sokong Jewish funded organisation bershit

    11. Anon 4:02 mu in belum lulus bab taharah lagi mahu keluar jamban bersorak

  9. Annie,

    What changes because of Bersih?

    Nothing much.

    But people have faced real bullets before, have died, have struggled to end corrupt regimes.

    Nothing comes easy.

    But it's better than passive acceptance.

    1. What changes. Heightened awareness. Before anything else.

  10. Apparently, Ustazah Blobby, (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour of the Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) wants to waddle and sweat tomorrow next to her hero Jamal.

    But the Jamal dedak squad would call her a Chinese pig and tell her to **** off.

    The irony is beautiful.

    PS: Prepare for one of Jamal's RM50 boys to put on a yellow shirt and "insult" PAS leaders, giving UMNO an excuse to entice PAS back into their corrupt fold. But ain't going nowhere; the MCA are kings now, not PAS. Why? Because the MCA bring the Bugis thief more money; and all he wants is money. He's certainly done nothing "Islamic" in his lying, thieving ways.

    Cash is King.

    That is why Lina LGBT has not promoted RU355, and this session of Parliament is almost over.

    Cash is King.

    1. Hadi Awang dah jadi mcm sang keldai kejor lobak plak. Dlm bhsa orang putih, "Gullible".

    2. 'That is why Lina LGBT has not promoted RU355, and this session of Parliament is almost over.'

      Yep, PAS played out yet again. I wish they would learn from history!

    3. Hahaha! Hadi Awang nowadays Ahjibgor's gullible! He has been a Muslim's nightmare - the Terrible Takfiri.
      His legacy:-
      breeding ISIS mentality!

    4. mdzfrs,

      //That is why Lina LGBT has not promoted RU355, and this session of Parliament is almost over.//

      Until Parliament is over, I am still cautious re RU355.

      There is always the possibility of a late night sitting with the legislative being snuck thru with any debate.


    5. re my post 19 November 2016 at 08:14

      "..a late night sitting with the legislative being ..."


      "...a late night sitting WITHOUT the legislative being ..."

      I am a lousy proofreader.. sorry.. :(


  11. 'But the Jamal dedak squad would call her a Chinese pig and tell her to **** off.'....HA HA HA HA! But she can proudly tell them, 'I'm the Founder of Umno!!!', right? Emmmmm....may not look convincing. LOL

  12. The police should try the rubberised bullets in addition to tear gas and other assortments of rally preventive tools that they have alredy tried but with little effect. Good for ruubber industry especially when the cost of latex is currently year high. Also it helps boost the healthcare industry since people hit by rubber bullets usually end up in hospitals or clinics. Bersih 5 is not too bad for the economy provided the police uses the correct tools to handle the demonstrators.

    1. haha good one.
      anyway just one to point out to people who said kerajaan zalim...ya well nobody got shot at kan...zalimnye la


  13. KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 — The High Court today pointed out that the police are legally-bound to ensure the Red Shirts movement holds its counter-rally at a different location to prevent clashes with Bersih 2.0 supporters this Saturday.

    Justice Nantha Balan in reading out his ruling rejecting an application for an injunction to prevent Bersih 5 and a counter-rally from taking place in the capital city said Section 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Act stated that the police must redirect any counter-rallies if they knew that clashes were imminent.

    "Section 18 of the PAA acts as a safety valve to diffuse any potential conflict therefore it is the duty of the police to prevent a clash or conflict should there is a possibility that it would eventuate," he told the High Court here.

    can igp IGNORE the law?

    1. He can if he's told to. Tak kan our PM is a law abider, right.

    2. Siapa sebenarnya Pengkhianat Melayu (PM)? Perjuangan asal UMNO telah teruk dirusakkan dgn program DEFORMASInya. Kekorupan & tunduk kpd kuasa asing bersilih ganti. Negara sudah tidak bermaruah dan dipandang hina seantero dunia. Rakyat bawahan, khususnya kaum bumiputera, dijadikan bangsat yg sentiasa menadah derma kerajaan (BRIM). Peluang pekerjaan semakin tiada kerana pelabur2 dah gulung tikar, ratusan ribu penganguran dek pembuangan kerja & lepasan sekolah & graduan yg dahagakan pekerjaan. Nasib baik ada ratusan ribu peluang kerja ihsan dari pemerintah Spura, jika tidak, keadaan pasti bertambah buruk.

    3. No, he isn't : )

  14. I am going.
    I ain't afraid of fucking Ketuanan.
    Enough is enough.
    If we must fight, we fight!

    1. Ya, as someone rightly pointed out up there, the real "Tuans" are the Chinese who made the most money off 1MDB. I think even more than the pink-lipped crook himself! So much for Ketuanan...the only Ketuanan that counts in Malaysia is Ketuanan $$$$$$.....

    2. Anon 17:58,
      Don't be idiotic lah... the freaking taigor jib and jholow samseng kia are Melayu's Nightmare!!!
      Bukan Ketuanan Melayu stoopid...itu Ketoyolan Melayu!!!
      You know Toyol? - Asshole Spirits


    3. Chinese most welcome show your face, Sdr ANON 17:58
      and UMNO and Sabah-Sarawak Bumis will in-sya-Allah win big GE14

      Datang, jangan tak datang ada banyak gas pemedih mata sedia untuk dilepaskan

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    4. I thought your favourite "gas" was hippo farts, Zinshit? for the Sabah-Sarawak Bumis, they should reclaim MA63 and keep Malaya far away from their lives.


    5. You again, pick lah someone else to belittle for DS Din $ boleh(?) Sdr ANON 22:45

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Pengurus Jaga Jamban MNC can go fuck off.
      I was there, you weren't. You fucking coward. Just like your chibai red shirt mat rempits, ran like some chibai when we chase them
      Would have fucking kicked your fucking monkey ass.


  15. Dr.Maza said, perhimpunan atau demonstrasi aman
    menentang kebatilan is one of SUNNAH NABI.
    Here's what Nabi(SAW) adviced a man on how to
    face cruelty @ A Regime.

    Demonstrasi Aman

    Ya, tiada siapa yang bersetuju dengan demonstrasi
    ganas. Rakyat diharapkan keluar ke jalan dengan aman
    sebagai tanda bantahan atas kezaliman rejim-rejim mereka.
    Ia salah satu dari menzahirkan bantahan terhadap

    Dalam hadis seorang lelaki datang mengadu kepada
    kepada Rasulullah s.a.w, katanya: “Sesungguhnya jiranku menyakitiku”.

    Sabda Nabi s.a.w: “Keluarkan baranganmu dan letakkan
    nya di jalan”.

    Maka lelaki itu mengambil barangannya dan letak
    di jalan.

    Setiap orang yang melintas bertanya: “Apa yang
    berlaku kepadamu?”.

    Lelaki itu menjawab: “Jiranku menyakitiku”.

    Maka orang yang lalu lintas berkata:
    “Ya Allah laknatilah dia, Ya Allah hinalah dia”.

    Dengan sebab itu, jiran lelaki itu berkata:
    “Kembalilah ke rumahmu, aku tidak akan sakitimu lagi”. (Riwayat al-Bazzar dan al-Hakim dalam al-Mustadrak.
    Ahmad Syakir menilainya sebagai sahih).

    Demikian, Nabi mengajar bahawa kadang-kala cara menyelesaikan kezaliman dengan mendapat sokongan ramai
    di jalanan. Bantahan orang ramai boleh menakutkan
    orang yang zalim. Jika sekadar kezaliman jiran lelaki
    itu, sukar diubah, apatahlagi kezaliman rejim yang
    jauh lebih besar dan sukar disingkirkan. Pasti sokongan
    yang lebih besar dan bantahan di jalan yang lebih hebat diperlukan.

    Apa yang penting, penunjuk perasaan tidak boleh menumpahkan darah sesama umat Islam dan rakyat, juga
    tidak merosakkan harta awam dan mereka yang tidak

    – Dr Asri Zainul Abidin

    1. Thank you Cik Minah. For the sharing.

      "Apa yang penting, penunjuk perasaan tidak boleh menumpahkan darah sesama umat Islam dan rakyat, juga tidak merosakkan harta awam dan mereka yang tidak

      Inshaa Allah. Berakhlak dan Bersatu.


    2. Besok China pijak gambar kepala bapak engkau, Dr MAZA
      tak sebut pun penghinaan BERSIH 4 terhadap pemimpin kita

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Don't worry Datuk Sri M Zin,
      only kepala Najib and kepala rosmah
      saja yang akan dipijak-pijak.
      Bukan Cina je mahu pijak, yang lebih
      ramai, MELAYU. InsyALLAH.
      Semua makcik dah turun beli baju kuning
      bila dengar pejabat BERSIH digodam dan
      pemimpinnya ditangkap.
      Belom apa-apa, Regime Najib dah gubra.
      Takut ke berjuta-juta kuning membanjiri
      semua bandar-bandar di Malaysia especilly
      KUALA LUMPUR......?
      Apa pun, kita tengoklah apa jadi ESOK.
      ESOK PASTI MUNCUL JUGA walaupun Najib
      and his kuncu is trying hard to stop it.

    4. "Besok China pijak gambar"???

      He's drunk again.

      Zinshit, "China" is a country. And yeah, you're rite, they are going to pijak all over our land, starting with bandar malaysia, our energy assets, and much more.

      This "pijak" was created by your dedak-master.

      Eat it up.

    5. pijak gambar tu kurang ajar


  16. UALA LUMPUR, 18 Nov ― Pengerusi Bersih 2.0 Maria Chin Abdullah dan seorang anggota urusetianya ditahan polis ketika serbuan di pejabat badan tersebut di Petaling Jaya hari ini.

    Maria dan Mandeep Singh kemudian dibawa ke ibu pejabat polis Petaling Jaya, kata aktivis Bersih, Ivy Josiah, kepada Malay Mail Online.

    Menurut tweet Bersih 2.0, beberapa barangan dirampas polis dari pejabat tersebut, termasuk 10 komputer riba dan penyata bank.

    Walau berdepan bantahan gerakan Baju Merah, ribuan peserta Bersih 5 dijangka berarak dari Jalan Bangsar menuju Dataran Merdeka mulai 10 pagi esok.

    Cantik ler tu.

    Baju merah dah sebulan buat huru hara korang x ambil tindakan pon?

    1. Total 5 held so far. Take comfort from Suhakam Tan Sri Razali Ismail. People have the rights to peaceful assembly.

      Look up Suhakam Twitter.

    2. Now up to 8 detained.

  17. Dr Maza is a cult leader....a populist.....trying to get in the limelight but still being in the shadow as Mufti....wanted to go into politics but was not wanted in PAS and UMNO.
    Tun M is as usual running away when he feels that there will be trouble ....remember Memali?
    Jamal and his red shirts is as a result of Bersih no Red Shirts....get it?
    Bersih claim to demo peacefully.....really?? we all know why they take it to the streets....their wish is obvious.....this is really not about 1mdb or Najib....Bersih was already around since PakLah...they want to see Malaysia in chaos....and to see the ruling government fall....but u know what....our government is just too nice...they still allow the movement to proceed over and over again....makes me want to puke.

    1. 20:15..., you make me want to puke.


    2. Yes LGBTs will be there don't know why(?) all hijacking BERSIH 5

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Anon 2015
      Spot on
      Prof kangkung

    4. Zinshit,

      It's rather ironic (isn't it? )that you're the one getting liwatted daily by your pink-lipped Bugis hero : )


    5. people are so jealous of his pink

    6. Fully concur with your opinion, Anon 20:15. Bersih had turned to Bershit.

  18. Thank you Suhakam for facilitating the people. The more it is understood. The more peaceful it should be.

    "Following the repeal of Section 27 of the Police Act 1967, the concept of illegal assembly no longer exists in law. #PeacefulAssembly"

    1. Maria Chin Abdullah Bersih chairperson Penal Code Section 124C - Attempt to commit activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy.
      Mandeep Singh Bersih secretariat manager Penal Code Section 147 - Rioting
      Anthony Loke Seremban MP Sedition Act 1948
      Ronnie Liu Ex-S'gor exco member Penal Code Section 153 - Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot
      Luqman Nul Hakim Zul Razali Student activist Penal Code Section 147 - Rioting
      S Arutchelvan PSM committee member Law not specified
      Jimmy Wong DAP member Law not specified (Rioting)
      Lee Khai Ming DAP member Law not specified
      Anis Syafiqah Student activist Law not specified

      When they arrest young people for "rioting" in a peaceful closed office, you know our country is gone.

    2. 21:41

      Thank you. For the details.

    3. When they arrest young people for "rioting" in a peaceful closed office, you know our country is gone.'......yep, WELL SAID!!!

  19. Be informed. To be brave.

    Through the #PAA Malaysians have the right to assemble peacefully, including civil servants, university students, academicians and teachers.

    It would be in contravention of Article 10(1) FC if the right to freedom of peaceful assembly is curtailed through departmental circulars.

    It is incumbent on the police to ensure that all Malaysians are able to articulate their positions and opinions responsibly.

    For more guidelines. Look up Suhakam Twitter.


    1. Yeah go articulate your opposition in court, BERSIH leaders

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    2. Yeah go articulate your opposition in court, BERSIH leaders

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Woooiiii, pi mampus ler engko, Mangkuk Zina al-Kentut al-Isapkote. Pemakan dedak No. 1......jijik

    4. 22:04

      This is how one could be trapped in a windowless world.

      No Bersih Leader here. Just citing Tan Sri Razali Ismail's SUHAKAM.

      Never hurt to break down ignorance. And look out the window.


    5. Teruskan sumpah mereka yang langsung tak ikut Sunnah
      dan jahil! Losers!

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Hee hee, Zinshit,

      Why the "double echo" posting, bro? Are you drunk? LOL : )


    7. Arguement?
      You people can't make one arguement for your arrested leaders without severage dripping from your stinking mouth, Sdr ANON 22:11

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. Sadly, Zinshit, at least I can spell "argument" and "sewage". And please do not type while drunk. It shows. Thank you very much.

  20. Dear Annie,

    Sadly you're still in Lala Land...


  21. Sure consistent with your masters DS Din $ chaff feed, Sdr ANON 22:43

    Yes I voted PAS in GE14 that your senile Grandmaster accuses of what else(?) dedak. Throw lah what else profanities. Loser!

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


  22. Erratum (obvious @ 24:06):
    Voted PAS GE13

    M Zin A Gajah

    1. Yes you should vote PAS in GE14 and stop worshipping your Umno dedak masters, who will betray PAS very soon. I suspect it's drugs as well as alcohol you are on, Zin. I suggest you avoid both. Bad for both health and morality.

    2. It will be Pas and Umno working together...:)

    3. It will be PAS licking their wounds after the RU355 deception.


    4. Syariah pilihan Muslim in-sya-Allah Sdr ANON 01:30

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  23. Jibby going for Apec in Peru. World press there because Obama's last meeting. Bagus lah, arrest and crackdown on human rights here. Wait for the media reaction there.

    Where you gonna run, gutless Jibby?

    1. why should our PM bother about Bershit?
      its jewish funded organisation....:)
      Let police handle them....or just let reds loose and teach them a lesson......dont will be a very peaceful

    2. Prime Moron is the worst of Jewish shit behaviour ... greedy deceiving plotting bullying.
      Don't you smear the innocent Jews!

  24. KL yellow shits please do the clean up yaaaa....thank you.....:)

  25. I am very amused to read most of the comments here. Before Mahathir's defection to the other side, you all condemned vehemently on DAP, PKR and Bersih rallies. But ever since Mahathir's willingness to sleep with the very devils he used to despise, you people have suddenly changed your
    tunes. Don't be too taksub kepada seseorang, you'll pay the price. I used to worship him too but not anymore. Being cozy with DAP is just too much to swallow.

    1. You wiil not focus on moral principles will you?
      Its all about what You like/approve or what you hate/disapprove...Egoistic!

    2. Sigh, typical Jibby swallower, blaming Mahathir for everything.

      People are angry at Jibby treating the nation's coffers as his personal cash register and lying constantly, despite the clear evidence.

      People are angry because we're suffering from his useless mismanagement, sha-la-la-la-ing like Nero while Rome burns, etc.

      This uprising against Jibby goes beyond Mahathir.

      Only simpletons, wallowing in a bloated stupor from guzzling the rakyat's hard-earned earnings, delude themselves that it's all Mahathir's doing.

      And doesn't it say tons about how much Jibby has shafted the nation that even once enemies have set aside their differences because of their outrage over the unbridled corruption and 1Mdb theft?

      Continue being amused. Soon, as the saying goes, you'll be laughing from the other side of your face.

  26. The stark truth is this. Irrespective of whether you support the Red Shirts who are merely the attack dogs who UMNO whose members and their bootlickers are there just to prop up the kleptocratic Malaysia Official One (MO1) or the Yellow Shirts who are the front for a dysfunctional opposition bound together with one aim to remove Najib but without any cohesive agenda for there after means that which ever way, the country is screwed.

    For Malays, despite the kleptocracy by their own kind and for which they have no anger, they at least until the oil run out can still live all thanks to BRIM, civil service jobs, help and assistance from Pejabat Zakat, Pejabat Agama and the many agencies that still have money. Of course the good time is until the money last. In the interim, they will have the largest unemployed workforce, unemployable workforce and even unable to work overseas because of worthless qualification and lack of English proficiency. Even worse, the Malay stock will be further diluted with Rohingya's, Bangladeshi, African Muslims and what's not all becoming Malays/ Bumiputra making the cake smaller. So,Malays will become tenants in their own country with Tanah Melayu referring to only the rail tracks of Keretapi Tanah Melayu.

    The Non-Malays who are migrant stock will remain forever pendatang. There will be affirmative policies which won't favour them and may even have more such policies. An advantage is the Non-Malays being pendatang can take the time available to prepare to chart they future and way forward and maybe even elsewhere.

    Whichever way, the nation is on the way south.


    1. You go ahead South(?) Sdr ANON 09:30

      " Malaysia is the highest placed developing Asian economy
      It ranks 4th in world financial market development, which reflects its efforts to become the leading center of global Islamic finance. And Malaysia comes 7th in the efficiency of its goods and services markets. In a region plagued by corruption and red tape, Malaysia stands out as one of the very few countries that have been successful at tackling these two issues .."

      -- WEF Switzerland on 9 April 2015
      ( World Economic Forum)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. M. Zin, could you please check with Job Street and see who are the penggangur paling tegar in this country (never mind the praise by WEF) and you will be surprised the majority are Malays and times are so bad that Malay graduates are prepared and willing to work as Kerani for RM1,100 sebulan. So, you can keep bragging your statistics but sha la la orang Melayu yang sedang layu dihimpit seribu masalah dan sha la la orang Melayu yang miskin duluan. Pi Giant tengok siapa yang beli daging buntut ayam.


    3. Chinese businesses will employ who first(?) Chinese, Sdr 22:44
      and we've worked with underperforming Chinese as well ad non-Chinese. This will in-sya-Allah change as Malays improve in entrepreneurship

      WEF stats;
      Like all over tbe world so many reasons some people do not work, and on the whole Malaysia is doing better than most most according to WEF statistics

      ( you can continue to collect Giant bontot stats)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. "Malaysia is doing well"

      Yes, if we benchmark to half-past six countries. But if you benchmark against Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan who once was below on on par with Malaysia then you can see how far these countries have moved ahead. Education? Look where our standard as against them. In fact even Vietnam has surpassed Malaysia on standard of teaching Maths. Technology? See the state of our car industry as compared with Korea. See where KIA is as against our Proton which even Malays have it as last choice. Law and Corruption? While we consent to kleptocracy, and we have no problem with Najib and Rosmah's ravishing appetite,


    5. Agree with you Malaysia have a tough job, Sdr 10:04
      to bring to us level with Japan and Korea
      but first to empower 3+ million Dayak, Kadazan DM and Bajaus to the level of KL
      ( or Singapore?)
      even if it takes 100+ years and $00 billions

      NB. WEF report above, you people just ignore if you wish

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  27. " SS Dr MAZA akademik pakar hadith tapi kurang medekati masalah masyarakat"
    (dan politik)

    -- pandangan Allahyarham seorang mantan SS Mufti
    apabila dipujuk beri ulasan dulu secara tertutp

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Knape nak serang Dr Maza plak?


    2. Eh fatwa SS Mufti pun tak boleh tegur ke(?) Sdr ANON 11:22

      I hope the SS Dr is reading for the betterment of Islamic Ummah
      ( ignore if not appropriate)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  28. Anon 0723
    Now we know who our enemies are.
    Prof kangkung

  29. Just came back from Bersih, in front of Central Market, ten Red Shirts Nazi on Kapchai wer chased by 2,000 yellow shirts.

    They ran like fucking chibai!!! Not so brave when they are outnumbered.

    That really made my day to see those fucking monkeys defeated.

    One for the people.


    1. Good continue protest why Chinese not running the country, Sdr Watwat
      while UMNO and Sabah- Sarawak going on to in-sya-Allah take GE14

      Happy for you fucking Chinese yellow monkeys to continue chasing red monkeys BERSIH 6

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH