Monday 21 November 2016

Suat Ling's case - don't fall for tricks of hate mongers

Saw this at RPK's,

Malaysia Today apologises to Suat Ling Lim

and told myself to be even more careful with stories which involve racial and religious issues.

As I have always believe, there are people whose modus operandi is solely to incite hatred between Malaysians to achieve their goal.

They want Malaysians to hate each other because of their different races and religions.

These are the people who created that fake Suat Ling Lim's Facebook account to post such a vile comment against the Malays.

Their objective was obvious, to make the Malays angry with this Suat Ling Lim, who is a Chinese and assume that all Chinese are Malay-hating kurang ajar (uncouth) racists.

I actually received a screenshot of that fake Facebook page yesterday and to be honest, was angry and almost did a posting about it.

If not because I was busy with some personal issues and had no time for it, I would have done so and after that forced to apologise to Suat Ling Lim too.

Lucky me.

Whatever it is, I should have checked properly first before getting angry with Suat Ling Lim.

Well, too bad for RPK that he had already published it.

He must had received the same screen shot like me too.

Nonetheless, I have to give him credit for promptly apologising.

Hopefully the damage already done on Suat Ling Lim was not too great.

The whole thing is a lesson for me and hopefully for you all too.

Do not simply believe when people tell us such stories.

If possible don't read the writings of people who constantly promote hatred between people of different races and religions.

Anyone with such modus operandi can't be good.

These are people with malice in their heart and their lack of talent makes them resorting to vile means of pitting people against each other to achieve their objectives.

I think you all are matured and smart enough to detect such hate mongers and stay away from them.

Please do not hate each other just because there are people who told us that we must do so because we are different, okay.

We are all Malaysians.

Instead of hating each other, we must try to bring out the best in us for this country.



  1. "If possible don't read the writings of people who constantly promote hatred between people of different races and religions."

    Ya, fully with you on that one annie.

    One of the great and nice things about Bersih this year was the interracial spirit. I walked all the way fm masjid jamek to klcc, along the way there were so many nice interactions...indians, malay, chinese singing together...we walked past fahmi reza and his giant "clown head" and all races wanted to take selfie.

    Also tsmy speech was good and uniting:

    So its time for malaysians to get back to is in terrible shape in governance and rule of law broken. So we have to pull together as one.

    1. Well said 17:02

    2. good lah u guys walk happy2 ....whilst condemning najib who probably was caught blamed the same way as suat ling lim....did u guys ever think about that?...of course not coz u guys are too dumb....

    3. 03:08

      The solution is elegantly simple. If DS Najib wants to have the same kind of apology, it is quite easy. Merely send a letter of demand to WSJ and force them to retract all allegations and say sorry. Have no fear, It will happen next Tuesday. A Bugis warrior does not run away, unless he has Everything2Hide.

      Harap maklum.

    4. Manusia jenis apa kah Si Pokjib nih. Berdosa mendoakan keburukan kepada orang, tetapi bila kelakuan dah macam dirasok setan, apa lagi yang dapat dikatakan. Dia seperti mencabar kita, apa sesiapa dapat buat aku berkuasa, kuasa yg diamanahkan oleh kita dan Allah SWT.

      Jika mulut kami dikunci dari bersuara kapada kamu, maka ingat lah tiada siapa yg dpt mengunci mulut kami dari bersuara kepada Maha Pencipta.

  2. Well, I am surprised he even apologised rather than try to worm out of it - like he did last time when S'wak Report sued him in the UK.

    "Let us inform the world how RPK reacts when he is actually sued.

    First the cringing fellow pretends he doesn’t reside at his own address and that his wife and his son don’t know him and so cannot pass on legal letters addressed to him.

    When that doesn’t work he next he pleads utter poverty and mewls that it isn’t worth suing him, since he has no money and has no assets to pay up when he loses.

    But, even more laughably, RPK once backed in a corner, denies that he actually is responsible for his notorious platform, the blog Malaysia Today!

    as the deadline for a formal reply in legal terms arrived, RPK’s tail dived firmly in between his legs.

    An email arrived at SR’s lawyers with just hours to spare, in which RPK denied he was any longer responsible for Malaysia Today, saying that instead it is run by anonymous characters in KL, over whom he has no control!

    Yes, he does write the occasional opinion piece for the outlet, RPK explained, but none of those had raised any of those false allegations Sarawak Report was objecting to (untrue).

    RPK went on to say that we really needed to address our concerns to the Editor named on the present masthead of Malaysia Today … a chap by the name of "Julian Khoo".

    Meanwhile, the aforementioned ‘Mr Khoo’ had simultaneously issued his own formal apology in the blog itself – a major first in that Malaysia Today had uttered the ‘S’ word (sorry) for the first time ever."


    1. RPK went on to say that we really needed to address our concerns to the Editor named on the present masthead of Malaysia Today … a chap by the name of "Julian Khoo".

      Hmmmmmm, I think "Julian Khoo" is as real as Jibby's fake Arab donor.

  3. "However, Sarawak Report suggests that Mr Khoo is a fiction and a deception, invented in a sorry attempt to save face and prop the puffed-up ego of the ranting Mr Kamarudin.

    We have evidence to this effect, which we would be happy to lay before those British courts, which RPK is now running from as fast as he can muster.

    Specifically, before we sent our legal letter to RPK we took the obvious precaution of capturing an entire copy of the website Malaysia Today.

    Prior to our legal challenge this picture stated RPK's editorial imprint on the top of each article published. The terms 'admin' or 'super admin' accompanied articles not authored by himself.

    Prior to our legal challenge this picture stated RPK’s editorial imprint on the top of each article published. The terms ‘admin’ or ‘super admin’ accompanied articles not authored by himself.

    There was no sign then of any Mr Khoo, just a picture on the masthead of each and every article showing the self-important RPK.

    A week later, on the day of his apology and denial, the entire site had undergone a sudden transformation!

    Mr Julian Khoo had been introduced as the ‘Editor’ on the masthead of nearly every article on the site, dating right back through the archives to the very first utterings on Malaysia Today.

    SOMEONE had taken a very risky and deceitful decision, therefore, to try to alter and disguise not only the present but the past on Malaysia Today."


    Basically this old hack, not knowing how the Internat works, had tried to "backdate" his entire website to show a fake editor called "Julian Khoo"!

    LOL, how sad is that.

    Major fail. Comical stuff.

    1. I think older generation doesn't understand technology. But so much for RPK's 'credibility'...

    2. Life-long con-man.

      Life-long liar.

      What credibility?

    3. sekurang2nya rpk x berselindung disebalik topeng anonymous mcm gua dan lu hahaa.. hati2 kalau mengata org lain takut berbalik kpd diri sendiri..


  4. Kesian anak2 Maria Chin Abdullah.

    Apasi nak guna Sosma plak? Tak masuk akal ler nie.

    Politikus macam Najib asyik nak bikin akta baru, nak bikin rakyat kecut terhadap nya. Tapi sebenar nya yg kecut ia lah dia. Bikin SOSMA, KMN dsb nya. Nak perkuatkan kubu dia.

    Itu lah jadi nya bila pemimpin buat salah besor sesangat. Seleweng 1MDB hingga terhutang RM53 bilion dan songlap duit hingga berbilion Ringgit masuk akaun dia tuh kesalahan yang amat besor.

    Tapi si Penyamun Bibirpink tu terus bejoli...

    1. Mungkin juga Raja Tweet ambil tindakan sendiri atau atas arahan najib. Najib cabut pi peru, KeBAB disuruh guna sosma tangkap maria chin. Typical ler dol...pengecut bugis tu mmg xde teloq

    2. sabar jer lah....anwar bertahun...relek jer....lagi tua kut.....

    3. Because everyone knows that Najib is in fact an election cheat and fraud, he naturally views all criticism against him by NGOs, civil society activists and opposition voices, both inside and outside his own party, as extremely dangerous to his position.

      Other more credible politicians, who do have genuine mandates, can afford to tolerate verbal attacks, because they know that the majority of people respect them above their critics and can shrug them off.
      Najib, by comparison, is weak. He lacks popular respect and his sins are well known. So, he has responded by abusing his excessive powers to try and shut these people up – illegally.

      He has spent the last year passing law after law to give him further authority to silence and lock up critics. The National Security Act even enables him to kill anyone he likes with impunity, just in case he feels he needs to. This is not about terrorism it is about terrorising.
      Such behaviour comes not from strength (as many like to parrot), it comes from fundamental weakness.

      It was weak and fearful to lock up a woman, like democracy campaigner Maria Chin on terrorism charges, which will soon be dismissed as spurious. Maria must be freed, when she is finally allowed to get before a court of law. Meanwhile the mother of three is being disgracefully held in solitary confinement, in a windowless cell with 24 hour lighting.

      This desperate man hopes by such thuggish acts to scare and bully people into cowered silence over his own short-comings. He calculates that if he ‘cracks down’ hard enough, eventually he will be able to stop people talking about all the money he has stolen and how he spent it on himself and keeping power.

  5. Orangutan mempertahankan beruk:

    'Datuk Bung Moktar Radin hari ini mempertahankan tindakan Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman yang membuat sindiran berbaur seksual terhadap Ahli Parlimen Seputeh daripada DAP, Teresa Kok.

    Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno itu berkata timbalan menteri pertanian dan industri asas tani itu juga tidak perlu memohon maaf kepada Teresa keran beliau tidak berniat jahat, sebaliknya kenyataan itu hanya merujuk kepada nama keluarga ahli Parlimen DAP itu.

    “Saya rasa tiada isu perlu diperbesarkan di sini kerana apa yang dimaksudkan Tajuddin ialah panggilan atas nama (Teresa Kok) dan tidak mempunyai maksud lain.

    “Malah, Tajuddin juga tidak perlu membuat penjelasan kepada umum berhubung kenyataan itu kerana nama YB Teresa ialah Teresa Kok dan tidak timbul isu permohonan maaf sebab Tajuddin tiada niat jahat pun,” katanya.'

    Nie la perangai Umno zaman Najib. Baju merah, mulut celupar.

    1. Rakyat dah bosan dgn lakonan bapak penyamun yg kononnya bersih lagi suci tapi ekor bermain taik. Dah samun berbilion2.....pastu main wayang konon amanah dan takutkan Allah saja......haaa, tunggulah PAU 2016, JibKor nak pakai kopiah nak jadi mcm ostad plak....konon utk "Muslim unity"....tak kan PAS nak tido sebantal dgn penyamun nih....eughhh

    2. Jantan dua ekor nih yg patut dikenakan Sosma atau Rosma...

    3. '....tunggulah PAU 2016, JibKor nak pakai kopiah nak jadi mcm ostad plak....konon utk "Muslim unity"....tak kan PAS nak tido sebantal dgn penyamun nih....eughhh'

      Notice that Lina LGBT is NOT doing anything to help Hadi this round? No express highway? it was no 4 on running order. So what happened? Why so inconsistent?

    4. Hadi will get played out. The other PAS leaders have already said this. Why is Hadi not seeing the writing on the wall?

    5. It's not Lina LGBT, it's Zahid Komedi Kaki Pukul who will represent the most corrupt party in the world. But let's see what Adenan will say after this : )


  6. Cuba Najib lontarkan satu cabaran kepada rakyat Malaysia .....kalau berjaya keluar ke jalan beramai2 satu juta orang secara aman, beliau akan letak jawatan....dan jangan ada sebarang ancaman atau gangguan, saya yakin kehadiran akan mencecah 5 juta melebihi penduduk KL !

    Akhirkata - TAHNIAH! kepada mereka yang bersemangat waja ( walaupun luaran mereka ini orang biasa saja, muka tak ganas, tak pandai silat atau kungfu ) yang tetap hadir walaupun berdepan dengan pelbagai kemungkinan tindakan dari baju merah mahupun pihak berkuasa )

    Keberanian 40 ribu anda akan beri semangat kepada jutaan rakyat yang memerhati melalui sebaran media sosial semalam. It's not a lost cause.... there is still hope for the rakyat ! Itulah mesej paling penting yang telah anda sampaikan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia !

    PS - Saleh Keruak dan macai2 Umno taknak komen kehadiran Baju Merah ?

    1. Wishful thinking.nak suruh Najib letak jawatan BN perlu dijatuhkan.peluang terbaik menjatuhkan BN ialah melalui satu lawan satu.
      The idea looks good but almost impossible to implement.Macam cerita tikus nak gantung loceng pada kucing.who is going to br sacrificed in the pursuit of power
      Prof Kangkung

    2. why would wait for najib......please go ahead....
      bersih 18k saja ada hati nak 1 juta :)

    3. najib is not the problem.
      the problem is that every malaysian need to realise they need to work together with the ruling government rather then sabotaging their own country.

    4. Anonymous @ 22 November 2016 at 03:17,

      //the problem is that every malaysian need to realise they need to work together with the ruling government//

      After 50-odd years of virtually every Malaysians working with the ruling government (by voting them in every election), we have ended up with virtually nothing.

      Our nation is being robbed blind and only a small handful of cronies are enjoying the fruits of YOUR labours.


    5. How many rallys and demo in Filipin
      before they manage to get ridd of MARCOS
      - FIVE OR 500 times...........????????
      Same goes to Indonesia, Iran, Libya and Mesir.
      How many rallys and demo they had to go
      through before they manage to get ridd
      of their KLEPTOKRAT....????

      Rome cannot be built in one day.
      Same goes to perjuangan.
      Kenalah berusaha sampai jaya!!!!

    6. Kepada pembaca semua, kita menyumpah sorang tidak menjadi kesan besar pada RAJA PENYAMUN UMNO & GENG. Sebagai rakyat yg cintakan negara, kita semua mesti buat solat hajat momohon pertolongan ALLAH selamatkan Malaysia.

  7. Annie,

    Didn't even know that RPK had written anything nasty about Suat Ling Lim.

    I have virtually stopped reading his blog because he seems to write lots of nonsense nowadays, probably to fit in with his rejuvenated PAS support.

    Maybe he feels his age and hopes that by going back to supporting PAS will give him some credit in the afterlife, who knows.

    I find that religion has a strange way of rotting the brains of perfectly normal functional people.


    1. Don't think RPK has any more real religious commitment than Fat Soh herself, or Umno for that matter. Sudden repentance? No lah. It's just politicking with religion.

      Given RPK's long track record of lying, BS and fitnah (which is all against Islam) it would be quite fake. And his site is all sex, sex, sex now. Cheap tabloid stuff. He's a human toilet basically.

      Moral of story, never trust anyone who becomes a complete turncoat after the age of 50. Sure sign of dedak lah. There's plenty of bloggers who have pally pictures with Tun and then went for Jibby dedak later. I won't name names, hehehe...

      Well, a prostitute is always a prostitute.

    2. A prostitute is always a prostitute. Yes. Some are also failed ikan bakar sellers. And now...Noh Omar's pet pig has received instructions...

      "AMPANG, Nov 22 — “Red Shirts” leader Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos claimed his four-day detention has "inspired" him to launch a campaign against the Pakatan Harapan government in Selangor that he will call “Bersih 7”.

      The Umno Sungai Besar division chief, who was released on police bail today, said the campaign was so named because it will contain seven demands including clean governance and the push for the Selangor administration to fulfil its election pledges."

      LOL...rule no.1

      Noh Omar is a moron.

      But good I guess. Between them, these 2 idiots will keep Selangor disgusted with Umgnok.

  8. 20:11

    Religion frees us from the trouble of this world. Accepting the temporal nature of this moment and the next and next. There is clear guidance for humanity.

    Thus, instead of loading our perplex on religion, we need instead to question the initial assumption "of perfectly normal functional people".

    The likes of those that claim to represent religion must be evaluated against the manner of how they lived by it. Their words and actions should be measured and not wrong the innocents.

    To uplift a just society we must first be just ourselves. In our theorising and our generalisation. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous @ 21 November 2016 at 22:41,

      //Religion frees us from the trouble of this world.//

      Drugs and alcohol do the exact same job and perversely, are more forgiving than religion - think about it.

      The more drugs and alcohol one consumes, the worse it is for oneself - just like religion :)


    2. i also dun think rpk bertaubat...he is parrot for umgnok....race & religion is their always propaganda

    3. Islam jatuh bukan Yahudi..tapi kerana pemimpin mereka yang korup, menyamun duit rakyat siang malam, alim ulamak dan hafiz pun ramai tapi putar belit ayat quran dan fatwa untuk dunia, rakyat mereka pulak bodoh macam keldai yang senang diperdaya dengan Fatwa.
      Nak jahanamkan Islam tidak payah pakai Yahudi, umpan sikit duit, upah Ulamak buat Fatwa Songsang dan biarkan mereka miskin keparat..biarkan mereka taksub dengan Firqah2 mereka puak dan akhirnya mereka berbunuh2 sama sendiri.

    4. 8:01

      I am sorry that you took it literally. Arguments could be put back and forth. But at the end of the day what matters are our internal intentions. Seek that which pleases us. But do no harm. Even when one can't benefit others. Thank you.

    5. Anonymous @ 22 November 2016 at 12:37,

      //I am sorry that you took it literally.//

      There is nothing for you to apologise over.

      I am just not very sure how you want me to take it.

      If you meant something else, just come out and say it instead of dancing around making oblique statements.

      Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to conduct discussions - less room for misunderstanding.

      Not everybody is good at solving cryptic philosophical statements - I know I am not.


    6. Pas sesat jalan ke?

      “Nik Abduh juga mungkin lupa pesanan almarhum ayahandanya bahawa menentang kezaliman adalah sama darjatnya dengan berada di atas sejadah. Almarhum hingga ke akhir hayat istiqamah menentang Umno,” ujarnya.

      Terdahulu, Nik Abduh dalam entri “Catatan di Tepian Kubur” di Facebooknya semalam antara lain turut menyebut tentang sokongan yang benar dan paling tepat terhadap Pas seperti dapat dilihat pada keputusan PRK di kedua-dua Parlimen itu.

      Mengulas lanjut, Faiz berpendapat kenyataan Nik Abduh yang tidak bersetuju dengan penentangan terhadap kerajaan sehinga tergadai Islam juga adalah satu pengakuan beliau yang akan terus menyokong Najib dan Umno.

      “Kenyataan tersebut juga jelas satu propaganda untuk mengaburi orang Melayu kononnya perjuangan menentang kezaliman tidak penting dan syarie jika diperjuangkan bersama orang bukan Islam.

      “Saya menyesali kenyataannya yang berbaur perkauman atas nama agama. Rakyat Malaysia tidak kira latar belakang agama dan kaum harus bersatu menentang kezaliman pemerintah negara terhadap rakyat hari ini,” tambahnya lagi.

  9. There is hope yet. For Amanah YB Khalid and others. Not tolerating a male's smug play on a word.

  10. RPK..he himself a joke..screw up big time..AGAIN!!..a good reminder for you Annie

  11. On the other hand, be careful of national interests...


    "The landscaped lawns and flowering shrubs of Country Garden Holdings Co.’s huge property showroom in southern Malaysia end abruptly at a small wire fence.

    Beyond, a desert of dirt stretches into the distance, filled with cranes and piling towers that the Chinese developer is using to build a US$100 billion city in the sea.

    While Chinese home buyers have sent prices soaring from Vancouver to Sydney, in this corner of Southeast Asia it’s China’s developers that are swamping the market, pushing prices lower with a glut of hundreds of thousands of new homes.

    They’re betting that the city of Johor Bahru, bordering Singapore, will eventually become the next Shenzhen.
    “These Chinese players build by the thousands at one go, and they scare the hell out of everybody,” said Siva Shanker, head of investments at Axis-REIT Managers Bhd. and a former president of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents.

    “God only knows who is going to buy all these units, and when it’s completed, the bigger question is, who is going to stay in them?”

    Construction soon outpaced demand. To sell the hundreds of new units being built every month, some companies took to flying in planeloads of potential buyers from China, prompting low-cost carrier AirAsia Bhd. to start direct flights in May connecting JB with the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

    On the first such flight, 150 of the 180 seats were taken by a subsidized tour group organized by Country Garden. Almost half of them ended up buying a residence, the developer said in an e-mail."

    This will be the fate of Bandar Malaysia too.

    1. 09:19

      but Bandar Malaysia is even worse.

      so if you can fly 150 PRC into malaysia and half (75) can afford to buy this expensive property, we can see who will control eventually.

      but Bandar Malaysia is malay reserve land, sold for kacang putih to 1MDB, over-valued, used to raise bonds, the bonds proceeds are diverted to jho, hippo and pinklips, and then the land is sold to china.

      Who are the winners?

      a) PRC

      b) jho, hippo and pinklips

      but we are the victims.



      Ayuh bangkit, pemuda2 semua!


  12. Maria Chin is being kept in solitary confinement in a small cell, without windows with a cement floor to sleep on.

    I would like to ask the Police to either verify or deny this. But the other point is the Police (who are supposed to be gagah perkasa and all that) have arrested a defenceless woman and locked her up inside a windowless cell under a law that was crafted to catch terrorists ?

    Terrorists like the Abu Sayyaf who kidnapped Sarawakian seamen off Sabah and were paid RM10 million ransom (despite RM12 million being collected) where the Minister of Home Affairs made a public statement that became quite embarrasing.

    The Abu Sayyaf have not been caught.

    Instead we have our gagah perkasa Police arresting a woman who has done nothing even remotely "terrorist".

    I want to ask the Police : do you really feel that you have done a great job?

  13. (From The Economist, world's most widely-read financial magazine)

    "Nothing to see here: Billions are stolen; only a whistle-blower goes to jail

    IT IS more than two years since Malaysians began asking awkward questions about 1MDB, a state-owned investment firm from which billions of dollars are missing. But Malaysia has yet to prosecute anyone in connection with the scandal, perhaps the gravest in its history. Instead, on November 14th a local court handed a prison sentence to Rafizi Ramli, an outspoken opposition politician who has done much to educate the public about the affair. If Mr Rafizi’s appeal is rejected he will spend 18 months in jail.

    Mr Rafizi’s offence was to leak details from a report into 1MDB’s dealings which had been produced by Malaysia’s auditor-general, but which the government had declared classified. Mr Rafizi had publicised a brief passage from the report to support speculation that the state firm’s massive losses could have delayed certain payments to Malaysian veterans (the organisations involved reject this claim). The government had initially promised that the auditor-general’s report would be released to the public in full, as is the convention. Now it is using the Official Secrets Act to silence those who refer to it."

    Don't worry, foreign investors only read Utusan.

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    1. Annie this is spam lah. posted by some indian company. you leave it, they will spam you again

  15. wow you follow RPK blog ? why you are willing to go down so low to that level annie ?

    1. because it's only by being dirty that you can feel clean after.

      Walking thru RPK's torrent of s*** reminds us not to go near filth like that again.

    2. I am an avid reader of RPK's MT. I have been a regular visitor to his blog since 2009 whrn he was in the opposition camp. I used to be Mahathir's fan but not even once had visited his Just don't like his writing style and most of the comments are ass licking.

    3. Sdr 22:29,

      Indeed that is your right. However the mention of "ass" reminds us clearly that RPK may need a change of adult diaper after soiling himself in fear and changing his name to 'Julian Khoo' to avoid being sued. Such bravery can only be truly rewarded by you restoring his dirty rear end to pristine condition, ideally with your tongue.

      Harap maklum.

    4. Anon 22.29...........are U kidding...???
      Never visit U know all
      the comments in chedet's blog are ass licking!!!!!...HEHEHE.
      Mesti U guna teropong ajaib.
      Once in a while I masuk blog-blog like
      Rocky, the fellow who rambles, mykemut and
      others. Of cos I don't read their articles,
      just the headlines.
      Biasanya, blog-blog ni takda comments
      from visitors.
      In fact, my comments tak pernah disiarkan.
      So I don't go there anymore.
      Berbeza dengan blog chedet.
      Semua comments disiarkan - ass licking as
      well as ass bumping. KIHKIHKIH.
      Nampak bezanya blog bertelor dengan yang
      tak bertelor.....?????

  16. Annie.

    The Fat Boy of Pulai strikes once more:

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — The Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) does not apply to acts of terrorism alone and has a wide definition, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said today.

    “Sosma is not for terrorism alone. It can also apply for anything that disturbs national security and sovereignty,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

    He was commenting on the detention of Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah under Sosma, where she can be held up to 28 days without trial.

    Maria was arrested by police on November 18 and is reportedly being held in solitary confinement."

    This is exactly what the govt promised would not happen when they passed the amendment.

    They lied yet again.

    Why am I not surprised?

    1. I hope she will be charged for treason which is punishable by death penalty. In China, this Nyonya would be long gone (shot by firing squad). Under Mahathir, she would be ISA'ed. Najib is just too kind!

    2. Sdr 22:21,

      The kindness of DS Najib is legendary. While his own son only received US$280K from 1MDB funds, the anak tiri received a spectacular windfall of US$100 million to make the Islamic movie, Wolf of Wall Street. Treason of this scale is punishable only by having a particularly unattractive female hippo sit on his face until he suffocates to death. Firing squad is too painless.

      Harap maklum.

  17. "Bersih 7" kat Selangor pale otak Jamal Jamban nih.

    Tidak sahaja pembangkang menjatuhkan maruah Datuk Seri Najib tetapi orang UMNO sendiri seperti Datuk Jamal Temberang telah melakukan perbuatan yang menyebabkan Najib berada dalam keadaan serba salah yang pada akhinya menjatuhkan maruah Najib sebagai pemimpin negara.

    Ini tiak boleh disalahkan Jamal kerana Najib yang memileh orang seperti ini untuk menjadi penyokongnya dijalan raya.

    Jamal telah membuat tuduhnan palsu dan membuat lapuran palsu kepada polis mengatakan Datuk Zuraida memukulnya.

    Bolehkah polis hanya mendiamkan diri bila orang membat tuduhan palsu. Ribian orang telah tahu perbuatan menyalahi unang-undang ihi.

    Jika orang lain dikenakan tindakan membuat lapuran palsu apakah Jamal akan dilepas dan akan terus dibiarkan berharajalela seolah-olah pihak berkusa tak ada kuasa keerana dia bertopengkan UMNO.

    Akibatnya adalah kepada Najib. Itulah akibat menggunakan orang tak terpelajar dan ulaq ayak sebagai kuda tungangan.Polis mesti kena ambil tindakan supaya tidak terlihat memihak kepada UMNO walaupun melakukan jenayah.

    1. Jamal Jamban nih kimak betoi nak cemarkan nama bapa kemerderkaan TAR:

      Di sebalik ramai yang memberi reaksi terhadap kesan perhimpunan tersebut, cucu perempuan mantan Perdana Menteri, Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tunku Munawirah Putra pula menzahirkan perasaan kurang senang terhadap gerakan Baju Merah apabila menggunakan imej datuknya itu pada baju mereka.

      Menerusi laman sosial Twitter, Tunku Munawirah mempersoalkan tindakan pemimpin gerakan tersebut, Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos meletakkan gambar bapa kemerdekaan itu pada baju-T kumpulannya.

      “Oi Jamal hang nak buat apa dengan gambaq Tok aku tu. Haishh! Loqlaq #BERSIH5,” tulis Tunku Munawirah dalam entrinya.

      Ye, hang ni LOQLAQ betul.....

  18. Orang Melayu kian tersepit. Kos sara hidup menggunung. Itulah rintihan yang sering saya dengar saban hari. Takpelah. Ambik jer duit judi haram Cina. Pastu 'no problem' lah kalo nak bercuti di Korea, baby shower, bachelor party, iPhone terbaharu, kopi di kedai kopi hipster dan reload prepaid untuk data agar boleh meroyan di Internet menceritakan betapa kaya mereka ini.

  19. Yahudi don't give a shit about malaysia anymore lah. Under Crooked Lying jibby, we have become a feeble emasculated nation with no more clout.

    Under Mahathir, who was much admired by the Third World and Arab nations, the Zionists swung into action against him.

    But now, which foreign leader of influence has visited apart from paid-for-play Obama, Mugabe, Erdogan, Duterte and the Chinese who are eyeing our resources?

    Jibby must be prosecuted and jailed for the billions stolen from 1Mdb.

    As for the rest of Umno, I leave it up to them to backstab each other. Maybe after all the internecine killing, some good men are left standing to return the party to its founding ideals.

    *once BN voter, now never under Jibby*


  20. Menurut orang dalam gambar itu, bernama Nik Abduh, dia kata :

    'negara tidak akan musnah sebab rasuah, tetapi hanya akan terbantut. Negara akan musnah apabila rakyatnya sudah tidak solat, minum arak, berzina, berjudi.'

    Betul ke ni?