Sunday 13 November 2016

Melayu kampung are not Rednecks

I'm not very good at changing myself.

If I love someone, I can never unloved that someone.

The same with my beliefs.

It's hard for me to disbelieve things that I already believe in.

For instance, I believe in a moderate Malaysia.

When the Chinese tsunami happened in 2013, I got angry and tried to change that.

I wrote this the morning after the 13th general election,

However, just five postings later, I had to write this,

Searching for the moderate Johorean inside me

I'm just not good at hating or staying angry.

I believe that it's because of the Malay inside me.

Generally, the Malays are not very good at being hateful.

I believe that it's because of the way they were conditioned by their religion, culture and natural environment.

That's my theory about Malays, at least.

Malays are one of those docile races.

It's just the way they are.

All those fired-up Malays you occasionally saw at rallies and such were actually only riled up by politics.

Some are just trying to be like others (of other races).

When they sympathise with the Palestinians and other Arabs, they will try to behave and even dressed up like them.

Really, it's just the way they are.

Otherwise they would be just nice and friendly.

If no one provokes or incites them, they would not disturb others.

The Malays are also easy at accepting others as their friends.

That's why there are so many races in this country.

Anyone can come here and make a life out of the place, because the majority Malays never seriously tried to stop it.

Malays make lousy racists because of that.

They like to be liked by others.

Generally that is.

You show them that you like them a bit and they will love you for it.

I used to caution a friend at the Japanese embassy that if he continues to say "InsyaAllah" all the time when talking to Malays here, he will likely ends up getting married to a Malay girl and never go back to Japan.

The guy thought I was joking, but seriously,  Malays love to be loved by others.

That's why I disagree with the recent attempt to liken rural Malays to American Rednecks

When Donald Trump won the American presidency the other day, there were those who suggested that the rural Malays should be deemed to be the same as  the rural whites of America who formed the backbone of Trump's support.

They suggested that the Malays in the kampung are as racist and uneducated as that segment of Trump's supporters.

They want those Malays to rely on such instincts in their support for Umno in the next general election.

Obviously, the people who made those suggestions do not really know the real Melayu kampung.

They probably never live in the kampung among those people. I know of one of them who is not even a Malay or even like the Malays.

Trust me, the Malays in the rural areas are not as depicted by those people.

The Melayu kampung are generally just practical people who want to carry on with life the best that they know how.

As I said, they are not racists.

If you are a Chinese, and want to open a shop in their kampung, please do not worry that they will burn it down.

In fact, they will buy from your shop without much prejudice.

Many Chinese from back then made a good living by setting up trade among the Malays in the kampung.

You don't have to fear them, okay.

The overwhelming majority of them are good people.

Actually, I'm really appalled when some people tried to paint an ugly picture of the rural Malays.

It's because in actual fact, Melayu kampung are generally the nicest of all Malaysians.

Go and live among them for a while and you will know that I'm not lying about this.


  1. Annis,

    Whatever you thought on Malays, rest assured Bangsa Johor are not one of them. Neither they are Trump's redneck equivalent. They are above all the races in this country put together. Definitely Bangsa Johor is the way forward to achieving the great malaysian dream.

    1. Fully correct. In fact, the best view of Bangsa Johor and even Selat Johor can be seen from penthouse of any Danga Bay condo. The view is panoramic, however, no halal beverages are available to sip as you admire the view. No matter. A short drive north and you can look for Dato' Mat Maslan in order to borrow his RM2 million cheque for downpayment. He may even cook some nasi goreng GST for you.

      Harap maklum.

    2. 07:16...well put. The Malays will continue to be left behind all the other races, and we will still thank those who cheat us. So blame who? Ourself.

    3. 7:16,

      Danga Bay is not only the pride of Bangsa Johor. Bandar Sri Iskandar is another one. Bangsa Johor proves the critiques wrong by almost single handedly developed these two areas. Their far sightedness has resulted in the progressive and modern Johor not by chance but by design. Halal is certainly not an issue in a way you have have wrongly and erroneously portrayed. You have lots to learn from Bangsa Johor.


  2. Annie,

    Fully agree with you. But even to say that Trump won because of rednecks is too simplistic. He preyed on economic and racist fears but in the end the Yanks will get cheated, because he is anything but the champion of the working man.

    In the same way, the rhetoric of Umno (also equally fake) is that they are defenders of bangsa, agama & negara, when the sad truth is that they are defenders of their own pockets.

    Alhamdulillah, some Malays can drink Starbucks and we have flatscreen TVs. Thank you, gomen! But the stark reality of the bigger picture is different. If anyone wants to really understand the issue, read the book by Muhammed Abdul Khalid, 'The Colour of Inequality'. It's excellent & well researched (and also independent.)

    He concludes that about 93% of Bumiputera households have no savings, and about 66% have no financial assets. About 72% of Malaysians who are without wealth are Bumiputera, while 17% are Chinese and 10.7% are Indians. He finds that the distribution of wealth is skewed, with the top 10% of Malaysian households per capita control 35% of the country’s wealth, while the bottom 40% own only 8%. But this is worst for the Malays, with about 2% of the elite owning about 45% of Bumi wealth. Umno has hijacked the NEP, and is now moving into Phase 2: outright kleptocracy of Bumi assets (KWAP, SRC, 1MDB, Yapeim, MARA, TH, you name it. And GLC songlap comes under this too.)

    So, how did some guy who knows someone who knows some Umno datuk get his BMW 7 Series and lots of other 'rezeki'? Is it because he worked harder, or is smarter, or more gifted, than some pak nelayan in Kelantan?

    No, it's because he's more corrupt.

    That is how the inequality worsens and the poor get left behind.

    Work "hard" enough in Malaysia, and a fat Chinaman will wire US$681 million into your account, while you garu teloq and pick your teeth. Alhamdulillah.

    1. Wow, powerful argument.....ya, it's the ordinary peoples who always get cheated. Rich becomes richer, give us leftovers, we are happy!

    2. 14:09,

      Sadly you have overlooked a more crucial point, i.e. disparity in income between the Bugis race and the Malay race. For example, the former can receive RM2,600,000,000 in his Ambank account, yet he only gives Shahrir Samad a secret cheque for RM1,000,000. The disparity is 2,600 times.

      Most kedekut.

      Harap maklum.

    3. On the other hand, he was very generous with that RM2,600,000,000 when it came to wifey's shopping, no? LOL...scared, I guess? Rite?

    4. Singapura dah umum nak tangkap Jho Lho. Tapi M'sia peduli apa? Kebebasan istimewa Jho Lho keluar masuk Sri Perdana bertemu Najib dan Rosmah serta sering berjumpa dalam dan luar negara adalah bukti nyata adanya hubungan istimewa antara mereka, Jho Lho amat dipercayai merupakan penyumbang idea dan pembuka jalan kepada rompakan besar besaran khazanah negara di Malaysia tercinta ini. Kengganan Najib Razak mengulas, menjawab dan beberapa tindakan songsang yang dilakukan terhadap undang2 dan peraturan sedia ada selama ini di Malaysia adalah signal awal bahawa dia memang terlibat dalam jenayah terancang ini.


    5. Bulayu selalu cekap , Cina manyak tipu ,itu pasat senang bolih jadi manyak kaya .

      Cina ekap itu tatak tipu ,tapi pandai punya pasat and kena tipu punya olang manyak boloh .

      Bulayu selalu tatak celedik maa aa ,bukan kena tipu lea aa.

      Sikalang lagi lamai Cina mau mali Malaysia ,pasat Najib sutak kata , Mali ! Mali ! .

      Bulayu kena belajar buat itu dumpling kasi juat sama Cina lea aa.

    6. Do Malays need to save? There is rumah murah, BRIM, Pejabat Kebajikan and Pejabat Zakat, government sector jobs, UITM so Malays no problem. Keep voting BN and nevermind the kleptocrats, Malays as a community will still get something. Syukur


  3. In the meantime, it seems DS Hadi has waited too long for Lina LGBT to promote RU355 up the order like last time. But the problem is, Lina LGBT has not received orders from the top, like she did last time.

    So PAS is going to sign MOU with PPBM. I am glad. At least their good leaders like Dato' Tuan Ibrahim will speak up once more against corruption and injustice.

    Right now, the bibirpink criminal needs money more than anything else. His Chinese pimps in the MCA will be happy to run to the motherland and cut some crooked deals for him, as long as a good percentage flows their way (I think Lim Kang Hoo's making plenty of $$$ from Bandar Malaysia.)

    Four members from the China Communist Party will be at the MCA AGM (today, I think.) Mr Bibirpink will be there as well, rubbing shoulders. It's as far away from PAS as I can imagine.

    So much for "pelpaloo-an ummah" (one of the 3 Arabic words learned by Ustazah Blobby, the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour of the Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century.)

    Or maybe it was her dedicating a completely inappropriate song to PAS that turned them off?

    BLOBBY BLOG COMMENTER: "I am not sure if you should be using a band like Freedom to try and unite PAS and UMNO. UMNO might not mind the band and its music, but virtually everything about the band would be haram to PAS. Cam ni habis lah, no chance for UMNO and PAS to unite using your suggested musical score."

    BLOBBY'S REPLY: "My bad".

    Just hilarious.

    What a train wreck that lump of pork fat is.


    1. Better for PAS not to go near Umno....esp. the lanun Bugis, he is liar and thief...

    2. Hanya Islam yg mengajar dan mengikat sekalian manusia (termasuklah si kafir) didalam urusan yg baik walau ia seberat biji sawi, walau ia hanya terlintas sebagai niat.

      Setiap kebaikan yang dikerjakan manusia ia telah melaksanakan syariat Islam walaupun si pelakunya adalah si non muslim.

    3. 'BLOBBY'S REPLY: "My bad". Ha ha, was it "My bad" or "My fat"....LOL!

    4. Hudud game was political football created by umno lah. Now becos MCA is helping pirate to steal money from china contracts, they will be able to block hadi's bill.

      Short version: umno played out pas. Simple enuff.

    5. On the contrary, DS Hadi has refused to have any dealings with Lina LGBT in Parliament. And rightly so. Please rest assured that RU355 will be re-tabled as soon as a clause is added to punish those who use SRC International credit cards for personal luxuries.

      Harap maklum.

    6. PAS mempertikaikan tindakan kerajaan yang memilih untuk menolak permintaan Switzerland mendapatkan bantuan undang-undang bagi menyiasat dakwaan rasuah berkaitan 1MDB.

      Timbalan presidennya, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man berkata hanya dengan memberikan kerjasama yang diminta itu, kerajaan sedikit sebanyak dapat memulihkan persepsi antarabangsa terhadap Malaysia.

      Katanya, tindakan senyap kerajaan juga seolah-olah menunjukkan tiada keinginan untuk tahu lebih lanjut siapa di belakang ahli perniagaan Low Taek Jho dan bagaimana wang 1MDB dicuri.

      “Apa reaksi kerajaan terhadap kenyataan unit jenayah kolar putih Singapura yang mengenal pasti ahli perniagaan Malaysia, Low Taek Jho sebagai orang penting dalam siasatan pengubahan wang haram yang melibatkan 1MDB?,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

      Unit jenayah kolar putih Singapura minggu lalu mengenal pasti Jho Low sebagai orang penting dalam siasatan pengubahan wang haram dikaitkan dengan dana 1MDB menerusi pendedahan penyiasat dalam perbicaraan kes pengubahan wang haram berprofil tinggi membabitkan seorang bekas pengurus bank swasta Switzerland, BSI, di Singapura.

    7. I agree Hadi got played out. Big time. But then he wasn't smart to trust the pirate, no?

    8. Bro., Hadi has about pronounced fatwa on the majority of Malays as KAFIR! He's been shitting on the Malay people a long time...waiting for his big-time dedak to arrive - 93 million RM bro...bukan main hudud bro.

  4. Ada sebahagian kecil rakyat Malaysia yang berani ikut sikap 'ubah'. Tapi sebahagian besar tak bermoral dan pengecut. Asalkan bagi dedak, apa-apa pun boleh. Tambah lagi, guna alasan agama dan kaum, mereka akan pastikan kaum Bugis yang masih memerintah, walaupun pemimpin tersebut merompak dan meliwat mereka.


    1. Asalkan bagi dedak, apa-apa pun boleh. Ye la tu. MO1 masih boleh menyanyi dan menari dengan gembira dalam pesta riang ria menyambut tetamu negara. Seolah-olahnya tiada apa yang berlaku. Malah sebelum itu, dia dan keluarganya berkelana ke negara China bukan untuk menarik pelaburan, tetapi menambah hutang negara.

      Ketika kerajaan sepatutnya lebih berhemah dalam berbelanja dan berusaha untuk mengurangkan beban hutang negara, Najib telah menyebabkan kerajaan berhutang lagi sebanyak RM55 bilion dengan bank dari negara China untuk membina landasan keretapi paling mahal di dunia. 

      Tatkala biasiswa mahasiswa dipotong, subsidi minyak ditarik balik dan peruntukan kepada kementerian-kementerian dikurangkan, kontrak pembinaan projek mega bernilai puluhan billion ringgit ini diberikan kepada sebuah syarikat dari negara China tanpa melalui proses tender terbuka.

      Inilah cara pengurusan ekonomi Najib yang langsung tidak menghiraukan kebajikan rakyat. Ini tidak termasuk perjanjian-perjanjian lain yang bernilai RM144 bilion kesemuanya, yang kebanyakannya adalah hutang, bukan pelaburan. 

      Hutang 1MDB pun masih belum nampak jalan penyelesaiannya, Najib menambah lagi hutang negara berjumlah ratusan billion ringgit yang akhirnya terpaksa ditanggung oleh rakyat.

      Apabila pemimpin yang korup salah urus ekonomi negara, rakyatlah yang menderita. Hasil kutipan GST dan cukai pendapatan tidak dikembalikan kepada rakyat, sebaliknya terpaksa digunakan untuk membayar hutang negara dan menampung pembaziran oleh pemimpin yang boros.

    2. Boleh dok menari dan menyanyi sedangkan rakyat menderita dengan bebanan sara hidup, kehilangan perkerjaan, tiada kerja dsbnya. Manusia jenis apa kah yg sekor ni. Berdosa mendoakan keburukan kepada orang, tetapi bila kelakuan dah macam dirasok setan, apa lagi yang dapat dikatakan. Dia seperti mencabar kita, apa sesiapa dapat buat aku berkuasa, kuasa yg diamanahkan oleh kita dan Allah SWT.

  5. Kampung folks. Are just that. Kampung folks. As you have correctly said. Be nice to them. And they would be doubly nice to you. They are not rednecks. The rednecks are the urban gangsters. And you know who they are.

    1. the rednecks are the red shirts , and their leader just got a red nose. And that was from the police! Good job , PDRM , make this scumbag work for his rm3 million dedak fm Najib!

    2. 20:01, it's more than 3 million. That 3 million for last year one-off only.

    3. Redneck, red shirt, red nose! LOLOL...

  6. And then there are kampung folks who live in the cities. When the choices are limited to the hated and the despised. Unlike the Americans. They will choose abstain. If you think this is just a tale. Do note that I speak as a kampung folk.

  7. Binatang jenis ape si jamal pak rogol nie?

    'Jamal 'baju merah' ditumbuk berdarah ketika cuba merempuh polis'....

    Memalukan bangsa & agama jer, pemakan dedak nie...ishhh

    Kalo Zoo Negara ada kandang 'spare' letak jer mamat nie & konco2 nya dalam....merepek betul

    1. On the contrary, DS Jamal is merely being creative in saving money on red dye. This is called economic prudence. However, the hospitals across the country have no more money to do tests, due to financial excesses of the Bugis-Minangkabau empire. The contrast is great.

      Harap maklum.

    2. Polis tumbuk saya. Polis tumbuk saya. Then. Budak YB Zuraidah tumbuk saya. In a span of less than 5 minutes. Much better than the 1MDB Tale. Good good. Keep it up.

    3. Ha ha ha, yeah you're right, 8.28.

      This ikan bakar chap will never win an Oscar for acting. What a whiny idiot.

      "Polis tumbuk saya" he yelled at least five times...actually I think ikan bakar whacked his nose on a policeman's shoulder when he fell, but then he was the one provoking them!

      Guess this is "Padan Muka 101", LOL : )

    4. Membela najib tidak bertempat, buat kacau. Dalam banyak skandal yang berkait, najib tak boleh mahu pun tidak pernah menjawab persoalan salah lakunya ini. Di parlimen pun najib tidak boleh disoal kerana dia memang betul2 bersalah. Siapa saja cuba membicarakan isu 1MDB akan dikenakan tuduhan palsu demi menjaga kuasa tidak hilang. Tuhan maha adil, tiap yang bersalah akan menerima akhibatnya nanti. Dengan doa dan permintaan rakyat, najib dan kuncu2nya pasti akan tewas jua akhirnya. Ya ALLAH kau laknati lah mereka2 ini kerana menipu dan menyelewing duit rakyat dan negara. Amin!!!!


  8. Why did Obama play golf with MO1?

    a) So MO1 would support TPPA...but now Trump don't give a damn to TPPA

    b) So MO1 would support efforts to curb China in South China Sea...but now MO1 is kissing China's feet

    So, camne?

    MO1 xde modal lagi, o...hanco!

    1. Tell that to RPK, his theory is that Najib already told cabinet that trump is his BFF so no more DOJ. Well, in his dreams!

    2. I would never trust a word that hot air balloon says, 20:03. RPK is a dedak-eating joke. All his posts are about sex and then suddenly he'll try to be pious and lecture people. What a complete hypocrite this filthy old man is...right? Yuk.

  9. It was ANTI ESTABLISHMENT (republicans + democrats) votes that propelled outsider trump to victory...

  10. Hye annie,

    Hope this song comforts your uneasiness

    Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe

  11. Malays are peaceloving people but it doesn't mean you can step on their heads.
    Perkasa,baju merah and other so called racist NGOs came into existence because someone was trying to step on their heads

    Prof Kangkung

    1. 06:51.....if you don't know the difference between Perkasa & red shit, you are a moron. Perkasa is real and was not formed for money, but red shit is 100% rented crowd arranged by the balaci of Najis like Annuar Musa, Noh Omar & KJ and fronted by the ikan bakar fellow. Oghang Pelda pon dapat 50 ringgit naik bas tahun lepas.

      Don't show your ignorance in public please.

    2. The boogeys can steal my meal and his redshirts can fan hatred...but I'm Malay spirit still breathing true

    3. Anon 06:51,

      Anyone with experience in juvenile court can tell you that, very often, a delinquent boy with antisocial behaviour is from a broken family.

      He would beat up other boys, become very violent, with very reliable ude and unruly behaviour, and almost uncontrollable.

      Scratch deeper, one may find betrayal by his own parent(s), mistreatment, and neglect by his guardian.

      Many years ago during 80386 computer era, there's a game called 'The Lemmings'. In many aspects, Malays behave like Lemmings. They would just blindly follow their beloved pemimpin to wherever their beloved pemimpin might bring them.

      They cannot live without a pemimpin, and as Islam says nothing could happen without approval from God, so automatically the Malays thought that their pemimpin is the chosen one from God.

      So there you go. When the pemimpin by his actions and inactions has betrayed the Melayu, the Melayu gets angry and felt hopeless.

      But peaceloving or not, the Malays would not despise their pemimpin because that would make them feel shameful before other races in Malaysia.

      "We have a thief as our leader but so what? Who are you to tell us what to do!" They yelled.

      But being buggered by their own pemimpin is not such a nice thing after all, so they would behave like a delinquent boy, antisocial, violent and unruly towards other races.

      Their message is clear. "Kita malu tapi engkau lagi malu, hahaha!" and they yelled with tears.

      And the hidden message to their pemimpin from their violent act is this: "papa, tolonglah jaga aku betul betul, aku dah tak tahan ni!"

    4. I agree with Anon 08:23.

      Prof. Kangkong...
      Perkasa (2008) is the youngest of those 'so-called' racist NGOs... such as DongZong (1955) and Hindraf (2007).
      Perkasa came into being when UMNO seems... no longer able to safeguard Malay's interest after BN lost the political support from Chinese community.

      And... KJ does not support Perkasa. Therefore, Perkasa should have nothing to do with Red-shirt. If Perkasa members were to support Bersih, it must be due to 1MDB-Jho Lows/Najib's Billions of debt and RM2.6 Billion in Najib's personal account.

      Harap Maklum.


    5. Yes unfortunately there are non-Bumi politicians and their chauvinist voters brashly ridiculing Article 153 of the Constitution, Sdr Prof

      There will no peace for all if this continues

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Zin you focus on the mice outside your window but don't see the raging elephant inside your room. Typical chauvinist weakness...

    7. Sdr RD.14 November 2016 at 10:52,

      Yes you are right. Notice that Perkasa does not go to street. They have proper political bureau and proper organization. It is professional body.

      Actually KJ is connected to red shits, his Umno Youth macai are sponsoring and supporting them, e.g. Armand. To confuse public, some now wear black. But same actually. The other big sponsor is Ismail Sabri. Pls talk to the inner circle of people. They can confirm. It is all paid for by Najis al-Penyamun, of course.

      The video of Jamban Yunos kena hentam by PDRM gone viral, more than 500K views. The comments (in BM channels) are proof, red shits are harming Umngok's image badly.

      So...people like Otak Kangkung...better stop insulting Perkasa by comparing it to "rent-mob" Red Shits with No.1 jakun tolol dedak eater Jamban Yunos.

    8. Trump would have referred to the Red Shirts as Professional Protestors. Perkasa is a reaction to Hindraf dan mereka yang sewaktu dengannya. Everyone can speak. But how you speak matters. Are we speaking to resolve an issue. Or are we speaking nak cari gaduh. Each and everyone is a friend. Till he or she choose to become enemy. Yet for some enmity is a temporary concept. For the Muslims. Remember too Saiyidina Khalifah Omar Al Khattab Radhi Allahu Anhu. Who he was before Islam. And who he was during his rule. Remember Baitul Maqdis. And how he treated his vanquished enemies. Thank you Annie. For the space.

    9. Understanding baju merah:

      The young children are from a programme that Jamal Ikan Bakar gets $$$$$ for, called 'Kelab 1Malaysia' that is supposed to rehab mat rempit. He takes the money and uses them as rent-a-crowd. The confused looking people have been paid Rm30 to Rm50 each and have no idea what they are doing there.

      Let an expert guide you:

    10. Baju Merah ni semua dah jauh sesat jalan. Budaya Melayu Zaman Baru ialah menjadikan keutuhan suatu bangsa yang didukung oleh suatu sistem kepercayaan dan tamadun. Melayu tanpa asas kepercayaan yang betul dan rujukan tamadun yang hebat tidak mungkin bakal menjadi bangsa contoh. Konsep umat yang diolah secara sempit dan terbatas juga meletakkan bangsa Melayu dalam kebekuan. Melayu yang dilonjakkan oleh konsep khayra ummah atau umat terbaik bakal merintis perubahan dan tamadun. Ia bakal menjadi umat contoh terutama dalam bidang ilmu dan perubahan. Baju Merah tak faham langsung erti sebenar "perjuangan".

    11. Nak bohong x pandai pun Si Jamal babi nie. Celah mane org tumbuk dia walhal budak2 dia je kiri kanan depan belakang. mula2 ckp 'polis tumbuk sy'. pastu nama org lain pulak di petik nyer..fitnah2.'dasar geng pemakan dedak 50 rggt dgn nasi bungkus. Poorahhhh.

    12. article 153 mentioned that the one to safeguard whatever mentioned in the article is the YDP Agong.

      it did not mention Zin or any Tongkol or anyone other than YDP AGONG.

      So if there's any violation to the article please get to the proper channel.

  12. Trump will not take the USD400,000 president's salary.

    1. Ya 9:12, but his kiddies still have control over the family business AND the white house.

      You are going to see scandals aplenty.

      Maybe he should make Pandi his new AG? LOL : )

    2. 10:09. True. But take it one moment at a time. We are here to learn a point. Observe each dot. And to where it is leading.

  13. "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, makan kangkung,

    Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, jual nasi lemak,

    Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, bawak Uber,

    Sha la la la la, sha la la la la....aku KAYA!!!"


    1. "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, polis tumbuk saya!"

      "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, polis tumbuk saya!

      "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, polis tumbuk saya!

      "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, polis tumbuk saya!

      "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, .....budak Zuraida tumbuk saya!"

      "Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, .....I want my mommy Rosie!"

      Kih kih kih.....lawak P Ramlee, si Jamal pak Tongkol nie.....hehehe

    2. Now Jamal got one more twist. He was not saying "police punched me"...he was saying "police, I've been been punched!" Too bad the video doesn't say "Polis! Saya kena tumbuk!", it says "Polis tumbuk saya!"...

    3. Binatang mabuk ketum ler si Jamal tu.


  14. The real or perceived challenge against Article 153 of the constitution is the elepahant(?) that delivers GE14 to Kampung Malays and our Sabah and Sarawak Bumi cousins
    ( not either fatsos)

    Just add Bill 355 for peninsula Muslims
    both urban and kampung Malays the subject of this thread

    M Zin, Kg Melekek Luar
    Alor Gajah DPH

  15. Well, they may not be red necks but they are nevertheless not any less stupid.

  16. Do they still live on tree? Or they climbed down and became Pengurus Jaga Jamban at some MNC (Tesco is also an MNC, so jaga jamban at Tesco in Kelantanistan, also fits the bill, I guess)?

    Fucking monkey can fuck off.

  17. 12:29. You compared the Red Shirt hero wannabe to our Jakun bretheren. We need to learn. That someone's stupidity has nothing to do with race. Whether his or others. I have said again. And again. That racism is in the individual. It is not about the West or East. North or South. The Whites. The Blacks. The Coloureds. It is about our lack adab. Remember. When a non Orang Asli feels superior to an Orang Asli. Any difference to the Orang Putih who used to say Orang Melayu malas. Have we now become the new Orang Putih.


    1. Yes it is the top national challenge to empower the Jakuns, our Sabah and Sarawak Bumi cousins economically to in-sya-Allah the level of Klang valley, Sdr ANON 17:34
      ( even Singapore)
      even if it takes more than a 100 years or $'00 billions

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  18. How a person can do it selambaly. That police report. Without the slightest hesitation. The Red Pahlawan claimed that the Yellow Team tumbuk him. Oh. Sunday is gloomy. They are selamba.

    1. The only yellow shirts were reflective vests on PDRM.

    2. it's konpom policeman lah who punched jamal dedak. someone did frame by frame. But aku tabik polis tu. if you look at video, he attacked PDRM first. So padan muka.