Friday 1 May 2015


Quiet night where I am now.

Just resting...

It feels good to be able to relax and not think too much about anything.

Actually, these days, I don't really care too much about a lot of things which used to be very important to me, previously.

I'm now focusing on taking care of myself and fulfilling my personal responsibilities.

I think I have done all I can about the others.

That should be enough for me to go on with a clear conscience.

Anyway, I believe I'm already out of the fight ever since I was ejected from my pro-establishment side.

Now, I consider myself as just an observer.

My political leaning is still pro-establishment but I no longer feel like going out of my way to support it.

The message I got recently was that, only the privileged were entitled to fight for the establishment.

Quite understandable decision by the powers that be, considering that I'm just an insignificant FOC anonymous blogger who from time to time caused them some discomfort with my writings.

So, I'm recalibrating myself.

Maybe after I'm done, I can claim myself to be a truly politically neutral blogger.

Probably this blog will be a better read then.

As for now, I will continue to observe.

If something is wrong, I will say it's wrong. If something is right, I will say it's right.

It doesn't matter which sides are doing the wrongs and rights.

I believe I have actually done that to a certain extent all these while, but admittedly, I had been biased in support of the establishment.

I will try to be more balanced after this.

Okay, I'm going to sleep now. Tired...

Good night.


  1. I think your heart is in the right place. When Tan Sri Shahrir said he would stand by the party no matter what, "blind devotion" springs to mind. When Tun M spoke, people can feel the former PM's love for his country and the rakyat. Long live Tun M.

  2. only yesterday when i was sad and i was lonely you showed me the way to leave the past and now its tears behind me. tomorrow maybe even brighter than today since i threw my sadness away only yesterday.

  3. Forget reporting the good, people only interested in the dirt. How about some sponsorship for Annie with a million hits per year?

  4. Annie, can you take Helen fucking ang along with you? That bitch has nothing but hate and hate in her.

    1. Ah huh, freaking fiend from Hades spewing hot lava again!

      Go to Hell on your own terms ...

    2. Hannah Yeoh supporter are you?

  5. Anon 01:18

    Rileks bro..there is always two sides on tjhe coin.another person terrorist is another person freedom fighter.btw can u take yb subang as well with you bro.

    1. Haha.well said bro

    2. Fat fucking Helen Ang vs yb Subang? One sits behind a computer all day spewing shit and is butt fuck ugly. Guess who? Amir, get your head out of Helens arse and smell the coffee.

    3. I am no supporter of YB Subang. However i do agree that if one were to read Helen Ang's blog you would find that she is full of angst and hatred. Same stories always being re-cycled to instigate people against the Chinese and Christians. She seems to forget that she is a Chinese and that many of the faults she perceives in the Chinese she complains about endlessly are inherent in her psyche as well. let's not forget that previously she was aligned with Harris Ibrahim and also spewed similar filth against the BN.

    4. hey anon 17:36 & 21:09

      what helen got to do with this posting? please discuss things pertaining to what annie post...ok

      is that so hard to understand?

      but if you wanna complaint...go complaint to your mama or you can choose to go and complaint to ambiga...she seems to be so caring nowdays for people like you.

    5. 21.53 - let's not name Helen Ang and Ambiga in the same post aye? Ones a failed journalist and spins daily for a political reason. The other is real and stands in the public eye for her convincions. Then again, maybe it's best fat Ang stays out of sight.

    6. It looks like Annie only puts up her blog guidelines for show and as a blog admin sadly fails to follow her own house rules.

      Didn't Annie herself say that comments must not be "Overly obscene", “Out of topic” and “Overly malicious to innocent people”?

      How is it that Anon 2 May 2015 at 01:18’s “Helen fucking ang” and “That bitch” is not obscenity to Ms Annie? What about Anon 2 May 2015 at 17:36 cursing “spewing shit” without even using asterisk?

      Like the Anon says “what helen got to do with this posting?” Definitely out of topic.

      And what about Annie’s other guideline that commenters must not be “Overly malicious to innocent people”? Probably to blogger Annie, calling someone “butt fuck ugly” is not being malicious at all but a term of endearment.

      It beats me why Annie allows her comment space to be hijacked by DAP cybertroopers whose agenda is so very obvious.

  6. This latest on prepaid card:

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    Alasannya syarikat telco amek masa nak konfigurasi sistem. Masa nak naik harga dulu cepat je diorang naikkan harga. Takde pun alasan bagai. Bila nak turun harga banyak pulak alasan. Macam ni lah. Skang bulan Mei. Kitaorang akan start kira berapa lama telco amek masa nak turun harga balik kepada asal. Entah alasan apa pulak kali ni kalau harga top up tak balik semula ke harga asal.

  7. When human mind are too engrossed in religion and forgets what life is all about, they become instant Prophets or Satans.

    Only dunggus listen to their prophetic versions of what God told them.

    1. tebing tinggi2 May 2015 at 11:37

      Anon , 9:51

      Your signature are everywhere recently , I wounder what's you are propagating ?.

    2. I need a job.

    3. I need the money to buy adult Pampers.

  8. Today we are governed my the most corrupted and unscruplous politicians starting from the top. They couldn't care less about the rakyat's well being except for their own coffers. When Tun asked simple questions like where is the money, all the monkeys and donkeys from the zoo aka UMNO starting shouting.

    On a lighter note, if you check the meaning of arrogance in google translate, it will give the answer of UMNO. That explains why they disregard your intention to highlight the wrongs and rights because there are more wrongs than right(or perhaps none).


  9. but i rather and choose to listen to the Prophet than to listen to what an online dunggu like you got to say.

  10. With GST, the Malay community now bears an increased responsibility in contributing to the nation's tax revenue.

    MCA Wanita chief Heng Seai Kie has told Chinese in the country not to oppose the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as the system will see the Malays paying more.

    She said two demographic patterns of the Chinese community, namely being of high income and having few children, should be enough reason for them not to oppose GST.